Thunderbird is not digitally sign or encrypt a message even if everything is set to do

I'm unable to digitally sign messages. Unfortunately, I can't find all the problems other than the fact that the message is simply not signed on the receiving end. Here's all the information I thought useful easily: CERT is found/load via device Open

When I click on 'Write' composing an email in Thunderbird, empty e-mail fills the computer screen in its entirety. How to open upward more small yet? Thank you.

When I click on 'Write' composing an email in Thunderbird, empty e-mail fills the computer screen in its entirety. How to open upward more small yet? Thank you.

Impossible to get notifications by e-mail on the desktop

I get notifications to send inside thunderbird, but I want email notifications ding and pop up on my office before I open thunderbird. I have 10 Windows, and I put the default mail in Thunderbird. Is it possible that I can have desktop notifications?

When I start FF no sign on the screen does not appear and no emails are downloaded

Error console has error: TypeError:tab is not defined chrome://messenger/content/tabmail.xml line: 1072

Is there a way to "select all" e-mails?

E-mail programs, I have used in the past had a box to "choose all" emails so that I can easily delete emails and save the ones I wanted. Is it possible to do on Thunderbird?

Option on the left under e-mail to open pdf for example disappeared

Hello, normally when I get an email with for example a PDF file included, I had two options. Under the mail I van save the file added, and to the left, I had the opportunity to 'open' without saving it. This option left is missing and I can't find ho

What are some good 'Add-ons', so I can change Thunderbird to use it to send mass e-mails? (200-300-400, at the same time)

What are some good 'Add-ons', so I can change Thunderbird to use it to send mass e-mails? (200-300-400, at the same time)

Since the upgrade to you Bird 45.5.1am cannot access the calendar. Don't have re-installed lightning but no tabs or menu items added. Have restarted you bird & PC reboot.

Since the last update to Thunderbird 45.5.1 cannot access the calendar (where I hope to recover all my appointment with the doctor for 2017). Have reinstalled Lightning (then restarted you bird, & also tried a reboot of the PC) and although if I have

I had already created a calendar, but now there is no tab at the top click on, I can't on my agenda.

Someone gave a response try Ctrl/Shift C to bring up the calendar. He has not worked for me. I tried to turn my computer off and restart and that no longer works. Thanks for your help.

Addresses not showing as unread on arrival

I TB configured to display the messages as unread (in bold) until is displayed for 5 seconds - this works pretty well. However, if a message is received in response to an email I sent, which is displayed as read, and not fat. This allows it to be eas

Why Firefox I cannot install MailTweak?

I came across a "" site that gives instructions on how to download a file called "mailtweak - 0.16.xpi" Firefox does not allow me to download and I don't find it in the list of Add-ons for Firefox. Please notify

Inbox turns the type gibberish fonts

I can receive emails perfectly, but sometimes they change in my Inbox in unreadable text, which I have called gobbledygook above. This occurs in a block of messages, not all those received.

e-mail password is no longer works and cannot change it in the settings not to use Thunderbird

After using your e-mail program on my Mac, I get an error message now my password is incorrect (which it isn't). I searched your 'help', but he only directs me to reset my password for my Mac. One would think confirming / changing his password would

Where are the ARCHIVES, SENT, DRAFTS, files? Not in the profile/mail

Try to pass my profile to a new computer. ARCHIVE, DRAFTS, SENT, have thousands of emails, but are not in the folder/Mail / / Profile. So where are they hidden, and how to get them in the new computer? What a Royal PIA. Spent almost all the day blow

Why can't stop the Thunderbird homepage to appear when loads of my mail, I just want it to go to my email accounts

Thunderbird 50.0 guard bringing the local folders page and the splash screen for the integration system guard appearing whenever I load Thunderbird. I said to ignore integration integration of the system and whenever I load Thunderbird I tell him to

remove an e-mail address from thunderbird

I have an old email address that I don't want in thunderbird

For Windows 10 pro: Thunderbird: how to leave email open on the server?

Thunderbird works fine on my Dell PC with Windows 10 Pro. However, when I open my email, they are deleted from the server. How can I change the settings to leave them on the server. I searched the Options/server settings and don't see any where to ap

When I do a search (ctrl + K) and enter an e-mail address, an e-mail message comes that I deleted and references the contact that I also deleted.

E-mail on the screen as shows are for this e-mail address, but the email is not really there and shows that there is an attached jpg file. How does this email appears and it's not really on my pc more as I deleted it? I also deleted the contact from

My 4 emails STOPPED. W/account ERROR keeps coming back.

My four emails stopped working. My AVG shows that it is scanning my emails, but nothing shows up in my email

The only real Solution to the problem of component folder missing in Thunderbird for Linux

Dear Thunderbird for Linux users, Apply the recommended solution that follows. It is the only real solution for the missing files pane in Thunderbird for Linux. All the other solutions do not work. In/home /. $ nano remove-all - Type in the fo
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