4 IPad keeps going to power off of the screen, the screen is cracked but do not know if I need to replace the screen button or power?

4 IPad keeps going to power off of the screen, the screen is cracked but do not know if I need to replace the screen button or power?

Press the sleep/wake and Home buttons and hold for at least 10 seconds.

If this is not enough, take a look at these articles Support from Apple:

If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch does not respond or does not turn on - Apple Support

Use iTunes to restore the iPhone, iPad or iPod to factory settings - Apple Support.

As a final step, try recovery mode. Turn off your unit, then plug it to your computer with the hold home button. Hold down Home button until you see the logo on the screen of your iPhone iTunes. After that on your computer, you should see the iTunes window saying that your iPhone needs to be restored to factory settings. Click Restore.

More info here:https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201263

If these steps do not work, contact Apple and ask for help.


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    Disable saving energy mode in Windows 10

    1. Click Start
    2. Type power and press ENTER to open it
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    1. Battery: It will accordingly when the system is on battery Mode (load is not Plugged)
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    Its usually a faulty motherboard. So the only option is to get the Board replaced.

    You can try doing a power cycle and if still doesn't work then a replacement of the Board of Directors.


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    First, you will need to make sure that the printer is under warranty.  You can do it here.  So, if you are in warranty, you must contact HP at 1-800-474-6836 and the United States in computer science, international users click here.

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    Read the documentation that accompanies and/or to communicate with the computer manufactures Technical Support.

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    Download iTunes from http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/ and reinstall.  Apple have eliminated a update in the last 24 hours (which very badly, they identified as a separate release or generation) which sets store flashing screen which affect the initial version (9 December) of

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    Is it possible to avoid these problems? I have no idea what could be the cause, or if it is even possible to fix. Any help is very appreciated!

    Just something you do on disable, or do not turn on. What do you do in those moments?

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    I get a security warning that my firewall security is disabled.

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    Hello ChristieEvans,

    You are referring to the Windows Firewall or you use a third-party software?  I have included a link below that I hope will help to ask a question.

    Microsoft KB:


    Thank you

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    Hi cindytown,
    The "Automatic Setup" dialog box is displayed on a black screen as the monitor is automatically set on the current entry.
    Auto setting will not happen if you press the monitor button, while there is no active video input signals, or attached cables.
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    my laptop keeps going mode hibernation for no reason

    Hi Alanbyrne1982,

    Welcome and thank you for viewing on the Microsoft Answers community forum.

    It seems that the Hibernate your computer option is turned on. To resolve this problem, I recommend you to follow the steps mentioned in the link mentioned to turn off the hibernation below feature.

    How to disable and re-enable hibernation on a computer that is running Windows Vista:


    In addition, mentioned below are instructions to change power options where the computer goes to sleep instead of hibernation.


    Please try these and keep us updated on the status.

    Take care.

    Kind regards

    Cedric M

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Wireless connection keeps going to "limited connectivity".

    I use Windows Vista and my laptop keeps going into "limited connectivity" and can only be fixed by restarting the laptop. I tried to disable TCP/IPv6, but only helped for a while and has never really solved the problem completely. Now, he's going to more frequent and it happens several times a day. I also turned off all power save features that allow the computer to turn off the devices. Please help me because this is getting more and more frustrating.


    Follow these steps:

    Control Panel - device - networks - WiFi - Manager write down of the brand and model, and then double-click
    on the drivers Tab - get the version number. Then double click on update drivers (this can do nothing
    that MS is far behind the drivers of certification). Then make a right click on the device and UNINSTALL - REBOOT - it
    will update the driver stack.

    Now, go to the system manufacturer and search for updated drivers, this will be your fallback. Then go to the Site of the manufacturer of the device
    and look for the even more recent drivers.

    Download - SAVE - go to where you put the driver - CLICK RIGHT to it - RUN AS ADMIN
    (repeat on the site of the manufacturer of the device)

    Look at the sites of the manufacturer for drivers - and the manufacturer of the device manually.

    How to install a device driver in Vista Device Manager

    I would also turn off AutoUpdate for drivers. If the updates Windows suggests a just HIDE as they
    are almost always old, and you can search drivers manually as needed.

    How to disable automatic driver Installation in Windows Vista - drivers
    http://TechNet.Microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc730606 (WS.10) .aspx



    Connect as long as administrator - Start - type in the search box - COMMAND - find on the list above - CLICK RIGHT - RUN AS ADMIN

    type or copy and paste to the command prompt and press on enter after each



    nbtstat - RR

    netsh int Reinitialis

    netsh int ip reset

    netsh winsock reset


    That refreshes your IP stack

    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • The program monitor keeps going black in first Pro CC

    PC - first Pro CC - AMD Fire Pro (13.101 - 130604 a - 158071E - ATI)

    I'm working on a project and the program monitor keeps going black in first Pro CC while I'm working on the script. I got like 28 GB of memory granted to the program and update the latest version of the driver for my graphics card. No idea why this continues to happen, but the only way I can get around it is to reboot. When I go to close the program hangs and I have to stop it in system preferences.

    Under a crazy period if you can help? Thank you

    Hi Jonathan,.

    We have not seen a response from you because you have created this thread. Please let us know if you have solved the problem completely. For others on this thread, a few things were useful to solve the problem of 'black screen '.

    1. If your computer is underpowered and outdated (especially your CPU and GPU), he will expose the problem of 'black screen '. Consider upgrading your components or by switching to a newer computer.
    2. If your computer is newer and has components that are well within spec (core i7, 2 + GB VRAM for your GPU, etc) and you get the problem of 'black screen', it is likely to do with your GPU drivers or you have two GPUS and the Control Panel has the GPU badly activated for high quality graphics features. Control Panel for your GPU is probably pointing to the GPU to lower power of two.
      • Note that even if you have a considerably amplified GPU, it may be an old one that does not support drivers for a new version of OS X or Windows
    3. The GPU is problematic, in general. Choose file > project settings > general and set the converter to Mercury Playback Engine Software only
    4. Avoid the update to OS X 10.11

    Other workaround solutions include:

    1. Open the reference monitor: window > reference monitor
    2. Turn off the track (eyeball) power off, then on again. (Note: this may take a few tries)
    3. If you have already updated to OS X 10.11, OS X update to the current version
    4. Restore previous versions of video drivers video drivers
    5. Rolling back to a previous operating system
    6. Restoration of an earlier version of Premiere Pro

    I will mark this message as the correct answer and will add that other solutions users can have about it. Send me a PM if you think that your solution should be listed.

    Thank you

  • Monitor keeps going sleep


    I have a desktop HP Pavilion Elite HPE-063uk, product number PC: VG251AA, serial number {content removed}, with Windows 7, my monitor continues to go to sleep, and a message saying VGA NO SIGNAL appears. The only way to wake up, it's turning the pc on the power button (the F2 key or "half moon" if she awaken but does not work).

    I checked everything, since the "save power settings (which is on off)" screensaver (excluding schools) and no matter what I can find on the HP help and support, resolution of problems, tests of this and that, even connected to another monitor and restored to an earlier date, but I can not solve the problem.

    Please can you help. Thank you.

    Hi vitolaterza,

    Are you the no VGA signal after the computer goes to sleep? If so, it's normal.

    Disable all options of sleep mode; Make sure that everything is set to never sleep.

    Check the cables at the back, you only need a video cable to the screen.  Also go to hp.com and download the latest BIOS and graphics driver.

    Here is a link to download the drivers.

    Let me know if it helps.

  • I have a reconditioned Ipad4 64 GB and me put in place today, but it keeps going blank and then showing just the Apple. Have tried to quit, but does nothing:(delesde idées)

    I bought an iPad 4 64 GB with 4 d and have put in place today, but the cry keeps losing information and goes blank. When he decides to turn back on an Apple appears but then nothing? Did have to operate for an hour today. Not the owner of an iPad happy that I have improved my original iPad to do this. Help, please

    Where the iPad was purchased at?

  • OfficeJet 4620: printer keeps going offline

    OfficeJet 4620 - printer keeps going offline.  If I turn it on and turn it on, it's online for a while, but it disconnects again.  My IPad can't print on it. My Windows laptop, 10 shows as offline.  I can open his web page by entering the IP address in a browser and can ping it, but it also shows offline.  It is very annoying to have to reset the printer whenever I want to print to it wireless.  Is this to say that the wireless antenna is going wrong?  Should I buy a new printer?

    I found what caused my problem when troubleshooting the installation of a new printer. I have 2 range Extenders. They had the same ssid as my router. One of the reports of tests of the new printer had a warning about it. I changed the range extenders in order to have all 3 different SSID. Now when the ipad & printer are that both connected using the ssid for the range extender in the room with the printer, there is no problem of ipad impression. My old printer is fine.

Maybe you are looking for