Active window disappears when the mouse is moving quickly to the right

Did not previously this same problem. I work in the window..., web page, word doc... accidentally push the mouse to the right... the window disappears, and does not reappear until I move the mouse in return. Buttons are not clicked, this only occurs in response to the mouse is moved rapidly to the right (have not tried quick moves to the left.) However, happens not every time, but several times a day. Very annoying. Happened since then that Windows 7 was installed. Thank you for the help


I think that you are referring to the Aero Peek feature. See if OPTION 2 - turn Aero Peek On or Off with the Preview button in the task bar of office help in the tutorial below:

Aero Peek - turn on or off the

Kind regards

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  • < div > disappears when the window is too small


    I have noted on many professional websites that if you change the width of the page (with the right border of your window) it "reduced" or "extends" appropriately.

    If you make the window too narrow, the right border of the window covers just what is beyond some fixed point 'X '.

    I'm working on a page with three < div > s in a larger < div >.

    When I shake the page on the left, with the right edge of the window, all contracts properly.

    except when I get to a certain point, the internal s < div > disappear.

    What is the name of the property professional sites that allows content is just 'hidden '.

    below a certain width X, instead of jumping on a page?

    Thank you!

    We would need to see the page to tell you what is really happening. As I see it, it is possible that the divs are not endangered, they are just the float blows below the visible content. What you get when you scroll down right here? Otherwise, there could be a mobile request on the page that is initially a new stylesheet load to a certain minimum screen width and the DIV in question are hidden by the new CSS rules. Can you show us the page?

  • menu Spry disappears when the window browser pulled/stretched manually


    my menu spry seems to disappear when the browser window is pulled/stretched manually expand beyond a certain point. He himself the stack when the window manually reduced to a narrower format. This is regardless of the float property, either to the right or left.

    I'm still at the stage of construction of the building/dev...


    float: right;

    width: 60%;



    Thank you!

    There are two problems here.

    1. when the browser is an average width, any adjustments in place, no problem

    2. when the browser is reduced in width, there is not good enough real estate menu bar, so the last item of the menu, and then double to the high slot the MenuBar

    3. when the browser is expanded, the bar of menus is able to escape alongside the image of c2c_logo, but because you set a top margin-38px, the menu bar springs out of sight.


    1 give the menu bar more real estate to remove white space next to the actual image, which makes the smaller image or the default method, change the image to a background image. The latter will provide the best way to provide the necessary space for the menu bar.

    2. After doing the above, you will notice that the menu bar disappeared once more, the top margin should therefore be adapted. The top margin will be in the region of 120px


  • Satellite U840T - mouse disappears on the right of the screen and down

    I have a problem with my Satellite U840T screen

    The mouse disappears on the right of the screen and the background in the black bars at the top and then the left side of the mouse cannot go to bars.

    In the display settings, everything is good, I think.

    Thank you for your help


    I confused m.
    Your question isn't described very well.

    What do you mean exactly by: mouse disappears on the right of the screen and the background in the black bars at the top
    Do you mean the touchpad or the cursor?
    The laptop's touchpad supports the (multi-touch) gesture control feature, and this feature could be configured in the settings of the touchpad:
    + Control Panel-> mouse-> device-> settings settings tab.

    You will also find the option called shots of edge which opens the charms, app Switcher bar and toolbar Application simply by moving your finger between the edge of the touchpad to the centre.

    In this case the cursor is not visible.

  • How is it that some machines running windows vista, when the router is updated or changed, they show "limited or local only" when you reconnect then wireless.

    problems with wireless Vista "local only".

    How is it that some machines running windows vista, when the router is updated or changed, they show "limited or local only" when you then reconnect wireless... nothing else was changed on those computers and other devices can connect ok?


    Each router is assigned to the specific address (called IP address or IP address). And each router maintains its own database (called as base of router) to follow the networking devices communicate with him. When the router is changed, the particular router is unable to detect the device, especially the network card to communicate with the computer.  Since he does not have details of the database of network devices, communicate with him.

    • You are able to access the Internet?

    Try the steps mentioned below and check:

    Method 1:

    Step 1: Enable or disable a network adapter and then check:

    Step 2: Run Network Diagnostic tool and check:

    Network connection issues:

    Method 2: Wi - Fi and in Windows network connection issues:

    Reference links:

    Of network connectivity status incorrectly as 'Local' only on a Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista-based:

    Setting up a wireless network:

    Connection to wireless with Windows Vista:

    Hope it works.

  • In a text box - Guidance Notes that disappears when the user types on?


    I'm looking for a way to add Guidance Notes in a text box - that disappears when the user types on?

    Thank you very much




  • No toolbar. Tools Windows me gives the right toolbar, but still miss me the top and right those shown in the tutorials?

    No toolbar. Tools Windows me gives the right toolbar, but still miss me the top and right those shown in the tutorials?

    Thank you. He started working after I updated the software, I only got it yesterday so I don't know why she needed to be updated. But guess it of life, all work very well now but

  • The mouse pointer & open windows disappear off the screen to the right

    The mouse pointer moves beyond the screen to the right and is not visible, as if the office is extended beyond the edge of the screen. Open programs or programs visible on the taskbar sometimes will, when clicked on disappear too out there and then I can't get them on the screen where I can see. If I'm lucky I can get the pointer in the right spot and can drag the back window where I can see it.

    I have a 22 "h - d lcd wide screen monitor. Are there settings that I need to adjust or what?

    Thank you

    You have a second monitor or a television plugged into the video card? You will need to go into your control panel of the video driver and adjust it for a single screen.
    You can also try the automatic adjustment of your monitors.


    Dustin Harper
    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.  Microsoft News, support, FAQ, and much more!

    "greendean" wrote in message News: ef666882-7a8d-4900-8090-9772b7d7ab3e...

    The mouse pointer moves beyond the screen to the right and is not visible, as if the office is extended beyond the edge of the screen. Open programs or programs visible on the taskbar sometimes will, when clicked on disappear too out there and then I can't get them on the screen where I can see. If I'm lucky I can get the pointer in the right spot and can drag the back window where I can see it.

    I have a 22 "h - d lcd wide screen monitor. Are there settings that I need to adjust or what?

    Thank you

    Dustin Harper * address email is removed from the privacy * Windows and Support Page

  • Touch pad to turn off Windows 7 when the mouse remotely installed as I could in Windows XP

    In Windows XP, I could go to control pannel, mouse and click to Disable Touchpad when another mouse was attached.  It would be automatically on the touch pad if no mouse was attached USB.  I couldn't locate any method or the answer that allowed a change of software touchpad in Windows 7.

    I had an old Dell D820, installed Win7 and couldn't find a way to disable the touchpad and keys/stick.  Based on other suggestions, I went to the Dell website and downloaded the drivers Vista (Win7 drivers not available).  As soon as he installed and rebooted, I had an icon in the Sys Tray (by the clock) that I could then select a setting to turn off when the external mouse connected.  So for those who said it is a pilot thing, I agree with them.

  • submenu hover but submenu displays navigation bar disappears when the cursor is moved to select the item

    Help, please!  My navigation bar includes the submenus which show on hover.  The submenu disappears when I move my cursor to select one of the items, so I can't click on any one of the submenu items.  Can anyone help?  Please?  Here is my code:

    < ! DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional / / IN" "" > ""

    " < html xmlns =" "> < head > .

    < meta http-equiv = "Content-Type" content = text/html"; Charset = UTF-8 "/ >"

    < title > Untitled Document < /title >

    < style type = "text/css" >

    < / style >

    "" < link href = "... / navbar.css" rel = "stylesheet" type = "text/css" / >

    < script type = "text/javascript" >

    function MM_swapImgRestore() //v3.0 {}

    var i, x = offline. MM_sr; for (i = 0; a & & I <.) Length & & (x = a [i]) & & x.oSrc; i ++) x.src = x.oSrc;


    function MM_preloadImages() {//v3.0

    var d = document; If (d.images) {if(!d.MM_p) d.MM_p = new Array();

    var i, j is d.MM_p.length, a = MM_preloadImages.arguments; for (i = 0; i <.) Length; i ++)

    If (a [i].indexOf("#")! = 0) {d.MM_p [j] = new Image; d.MM_p [j ++] .src = a [i] ;}}


    function MM_findObj (n, d) {//v4.01

    var p, i, x;  if(!d) d = document; If ((p = n.IndexOf ("?")) > 0 & & parent.frames.length) {}

    d = parent.frames [n.Substring(p+1)] .document; n = n.Substring (0, p) ;}

    If (!) () x = d [n]) & & copyrights) x = d.all [n]; for (i = 0;! x & & i < d.forms.length; i ++) x = d.forms [i] [n];

    for (i = 0;! x & & d.layers & & I < d.layers.length; i ++) x = MM_findObj (n, d.layers [i] .document);

    If (! x & & d.getElementById) x = d.getElementById (n); Return x;


    function MM_swapImage() {//v3.0

    var i, j = 0, x, a = MM_swapImage.arguments; document. MM_sr = new Array; for (i = 0; i <(a.length-2); I += 3).

    If ((x = MM_findObj (a [i]))! = null) {document. MM_sr [j ++] = x; if(!x.oSrc) x.oSrc = x.src; x.SRC = a [i + 2] ;}



    < /script >

    "" < link href = "... / large - quilt.css" rel = "stylesheet" type = "text/css" / >

    < style type = "text/css" >

    a: link {}

    color: #071f75;


    a: visited {}

    color: #0099ff;


    a: hover {}

    color: #00cc;


    a: active {}

    color: #cc3300;


    < / style >

    <!-[if IE 6] >

    <! [endif]-->

    < / head >

    < onload of the body = MM_preloadImages('..) «/images/nav_bar_guild_ro_home.gif ','... / images/Calendar_rollov er_01.gif ',' /images/nav_bar_guild_ro_general.gif ','... f/images/nav_bar_guild_ro_members.» GI ','... /images/nav_bar_guild_ro_community.gif ','... /images/nav_bar_guild_ro_contacts.gif «,» . (/ images/events_rollover_01.gif ') ">"

    < div id = 'wrapper' >

    < div id = "top" >

    "< div id ="logo"> < a href ="... / index.html "" > < img src = ""... / pictures/thanks "width ="280"height ="172"alt ="logo"/ > < /a > < / div > <! - logo - >"

    < div id = "quilt_top" >

    "" < img src = "... / images/quilt_top.png" width = "550" height = "209" alt = "Duvet" / > < / div > <! - quilt_top - >

    < / div > <! - top - > <! - top - >

    < div id = "bar1" > < / div > <! - bar1 - >

    < div id = "bottom" >

    < div id = "nav" >

    < ul >

    "" "< li > < a href ="... / index.html "MM_swapImgRestore" onmouseover = "MM_swapImage ('home button',",'... / images/nav_bar_guild_ro_home.gif ', 1) "> < img src =" "... / images/nav_bar_guild_home.gif" alt = "home button" name = "home button" width = "148" height = "129" border = "0" id = "home button" / > < /a > < /li > "

    "" "< class ="subNav"li > < a href ="... / general.html "MM_swapImgRestore" onmouseover = "MM_swapImage ('general',",'... / images/nav_bar_guild_ro_general.gif ', 1) "> < img src =" "... / images/nav_bar_guild_general.gif" alt = "rollover nav buttons" name = 'general' width = "205" height = "129" border = "0" id = "general" / > < /a > "

    < ul >

    "< li > < a href ="... / meetings.html "> dating < /a > < /li >"

    "< li > < a href ="... / showandtell.html "> view the & amp;" Say < /a > < /li >

    "< li > < a href ="... / library.html "> library < /a > < /li >"

    "< li > < a href ="... / retreat.html "> pension < /a > < /li >"

    "< li > < a href ="... / blogs.html "> items < /a > < /li >"

    "< li > < a href ="... / fundraising.html "> fundraising < /a > < /li >"

    < li > < /li >

    < /ul >

    < /li >

    "" "< li > < a href ="... / members.html "MM_swapImgRestore" onmouseover = "MM_swapImage ('members',",'... / images/nav_bar_guild_ro_members.gif ', 1) "> < img src =" "... / images/nav_bar_guild_members.gif" alt = button 'members' name = 'members' width = "198" height = "129" border = "0" id = "members" / > < /a > < /li > "

    "" "< class ="subNav"li > < a href ="... / community.html "MM_swapImgRestore" onmouseover = "MM_swapImage ('Community',",'... / images/nav_bar_guild_ro_community.gif ', 1) "> < img src =" "... / images/nav_bar_guild_community.gif ' alt = 'button community' name = 'Community' width ="215"height ="129"border ="0"id = 'Community' / > < /a >"

    < ul >

    "< li > < a href ="... / kids_kwilts.html "> < /a > < /li > children Kwilts"

    "< li > < a href ="... / storybook_quilts.html "> stories < /a > < /li >"

    < li > < /li >

    < /ul >

    < /li >

    "" "< class ="subNav"li > < a href ="... / adresses.html "MM_swapImgRestore" onmouseover = "MM_swapImage ('contacts',",'... / images/nav_bar_guild_ro_contacts.gif ', 1) "> < im g src =" "... / images/nav_bar_guild_contacts.gif ' alt = 'the button contacts' name = 'contacts' width ="185"height ="129"border ="0"id ="contacts"/ > < /a >"

    < ul >

    "< li > < a href ="... / board.html "> Council < /a > < /li >"

    "< li > < a href ="... / bees.html "> bees < /a > < /li >"

    "< li > < a href ="... / carriere/portfolio/index.html "> resources < /a > < /li >"

    "< li > < a href ="... / quiltshops.html "> Quilt Shops < /a > < /li >"

    "< li > < a href ="... / otherguild.html "> other guilds < /a > < /li >"

    < li > < /li >

    < /ul >

    < /li >

    < /ul >

    < / div > <! - nav - >

    < div id = "main_content" > <!-TemplateBeginEditable name = 'main'-> main <! - TemplateEndEditable - >

    < / div > <! - main_content - >

    < / div > <! - low - >

    < / div > <! - wrapper - >

    < / body >

    < / html >

    I stayed until the end, and here is the HTML and CSS code, you must


  • Patchwork shops
  • Other guilds
  • main


    #nav li.subNav:hover ul {}

    display: block;

    position: absolute;

    top: 370px;

    border: none;

    background-color: transparent;

    do-family: "Times New Roman", Times, serif;

    do-size: 16px;

    color: #CA0F20;

    text-decoration: none;

    margin-top: 0px;

    right margin: 0;

    margin-bottom: 0;

    left margin: 0px;

    padding-top: 0px;

    padding-bottom: 10px;

    z index: 95;

    text-align: center;


  • How to make text disappear when the mouse is over a button?

    Hello, I'm completely new to Flash, and well I need help. I created a page that contains static text in the Center.

    Page has buttons on the side and when I rollover a button text is displayed, but the problem is that when I rollover a button, static text in the Center is here and I want to hide as I can't read anything either because the texts are overlapping.

    How can I make the text in the centre disappear / hide when I rollover a button and how do I make it reappear when the mouse is the off button?

    I hope what I said makes sense.

    You can assign the code onRollOver and onRollOut buttons to the dispappear of text, but you will need make the text a movieclip with instance name that you can use to target to make it invisible.  In the example below, the button has an instance name of "btn" and the movieclip of text has an instance name of "text_mc".

    btn.onRollOver = function() {}

    text_mc._visible = false;


    btn.onRollOut = function() {}

    text_mc._visible = true;


  • Creation of DVD Windows closes when the file is moved to the work menu

    "try burning .avi files to dvd using create DVD windows and when I drag the file to the creation of dvd or even to open it manually through the import that it cancels and closes saying ' stopped working '.

    Hi emwercs,

    Follow the instructions below that may help you solve the problem of Windows DVD maker.

    Method 1:

    Create DVD Windows stops working due to incompatibility with one or several codec files that are obsolete or incompatible with the project or the DVD Maker software itself.

    (Obsolete or incompatible) Codec files must be located and renamed to resolve the issue.

    1. open the start menu and type event viewer in the start menu search bar. Open event viewer from the menu.
    2. in the case of Viewer click Windows logs in the left panel
    3. click on application under Windows Logs logs
    4. search for the error messages listed in the event viewer window Central Panel and double-click on the error to check if it log is linked to the creation of DVD.

    Example of error log:

    Signature of the problem
    Problem event name: APPCRASH
    Application name: DVDMaker.exe
    Application version: 6.0.6000.16386
    Application timestamp: 4549b5b0
    Fault Module name:
    Fault Module Version:
    Timestamp of Module error: 459bb828
    Exception code: c0000005
    Exception offset: 00008b 89
    OS version: 6.0.6000.
    Locale ID: 1062

    5 locate the fault Module name, it must be a file with the extension or dll.
    6 once identified the name of the file, try to locate the file in the C:/Windows/System32 folder.
    (Please click on view the content if the files do not appear automatically).
    7. If the files are not listed in the System32 folder, find the file with search containing the files and system files.
    8 find the file and rename it.
    9. check if the problem persists. If the problem persists and the error message appears again, find the new file which is the origin of the problem of event, error log viewer.

    Method 2:

    You can also uninstall any third party burning programs and software of the codec of programs and features that these could cause the error.

    Check whether the problem is resolved.

    Please post back and let us know if it helped to solve your problem.

    Kind regards
    KarthiK TP

  • The "Show bookmarks" icon disappears when the display of the menu bar. How can I see both?

    Accidentally, I dragged my mouse over the link to bookmarks on the right part of the bookmarks toolbar, and he disappeared. I restarted the browser in safe mode and bookmark link was back, but the menu bar was not visible. When I do the menus visible bar, the bookmarks link disappears again, even if the rest of the bookmarks are visible. How can I get the favorite link so the bar menus visible at the same time?

    Right-click on an empty space on a toolbar, and you will get the Customize option. You will get a pane with icons that can be dragged the toolbar. The tabs list icon is the one I think you have dragged. You can also use the reset option [restore default set]

  • BlackBerry smartphones disappear when the icons/folders/data of low power - how to recover?

    I bought a "BOLD" 6 days - my first smartphone - there to replace a 4 year old Nokia.

    The installer went well and I associated with several e-mail accounts in the phone.  All the seemend very well until this afternoon when the battery power has fallen sharply, low power icon came and then the screen went white and locked upward.  The phone was on but just sitting on my desk, when he does this.  The phone wouldn't stop or anything once the screen went white.  I plugged in the charger and it is now loaded.

    However, many of the icons on the home page and expanded home page disappeared - messages, all messaging files, browser, call log, etc.  I can't find them anywhere.  In addition, all the e-mail settings for the 4 accounts that have been implemented have disappeared as are all of the messages that had been saved.

    Backups of the messages so I am not concerned to retrieve their content in the phone itself.  However, how can I get the icons back so that I can access the features of the phone?  This is a common occurrence when the battery is low?  Everything seems to happen 40% white screen in 3 hours during which the phone was not on active service in terms of excessive electricity consumption.

    I can't find anything to help in the guide of the user or the site.  Thanks for your comments.

    Hello and welcome on the Blackberry Forums

    Please reset the unit, remove the battery for 30 seconds and install again.

    To optimize the memory and battery read this link

  • Jump 8 windows cursor when the finger on touchpad

    Just bought a 1015E Asus laptop.  The cursor jumps around when a finger is on the touchpad when the finger is stopped.  I tried the sensitivity setting and increase pointer is selected.  Problems continues if I change the sensitivity and if I deselect enhance pointer.  I think that it is driver related. If I take my finger on the touchpad or the finger is in the lower left or lower right click typical of the areas of the touch pad it keeps jumping around.  Thanks in advance.


    Thanks for your posting in Microsoft Community

    Concern seems to be a hardware
    This type of isuse happens chipset and energy management and the touchpad is not properly installed or defective hardware
    Some laptops may have a button around the touchpad or an icon in the system tray that allows you to temporarily disable the touchpad.

    If you have other devices of entry as a mouse, keyboard, graphics tablet, etc., try to unplug these devices to ensure that they are not the cause of your problem.
    Make sure that your laptop has the latest Bios Update

    Please contact asus team or visit the website to download driver download above driver and install
    If the same question post here for more information


    1. Click Start and select Control Panel.
    2. Double-click the mouse control panel.
    3. Click on the large icon of the Touchpad that is in front of you.
    4. In the main menu of the Touchpad, click on the button of device selection.
    5. Place the Stick pointing to Disable radio button.
    6. Place the radio button buttons pointing to Disable.
    7. Click OK.
    8. In the main menu of the Touchpad, click the button of the Touchpad settings.
    9. Uncheck the tap click checkbox.

      Note: You can move the sliders Touchpad speed and tactility to the parameters of your choice.

    10. Click OK.
    11. In the main menu of the Touchpad, click the scroll button & Zoom parameters.
    12. Clear the check box turn on Zoom.
    13. Clear the check box enable the circular scrolling.
    14. Uncheck the enable box.
    15. Click OK.
    16. In the upper right corner of the main menu Touchpad, click the X to close the control panel.
    17. Close the Control Panel window.

Maybe you are looking for