Alpha C dev problem - alpha device blackberry 10 dev program is over...

I got this message after I upgraded to the latest firmware and now it won't go away, even after a reboot. Also tried to re - load the firmware, but no luck.

Help, please.

Update on this problem:

My problem has been resolved, but it took a replacement of the device to solve.

I'll be shipping the defective unit to BB, so I hope they can figure out what went wrong and prevent other developers.

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  • "Alpha device blackberry 10 dev program ended? What's wrong?

    Today, after I turned on my dev alpha device I've seen this screen, I could not get into the operating system, what to do? ALSE satisfy everybody do this?

    Others have had this problem this week.

    What has worked for others is to close and restart your DevAlpha device, and the message must clean up.

    Some had to do this several times.

    Don't forget, these devices have been set for a 'dead' date which was extended until the end of this year.

  • Problem Switch devices blackBerry Smartphones

    I tried to transfer my account to Vodafone my curve to a Torch 9800 using the function "Switch Device" in the desktop software. The message on the screen of the torch at the end said that the backup has been corrupted. I tried this several times on two different laptops using the Windows Vista operating system and Windows 8 so suspect it is either a software problem or handset.

    The handset of the torch is not new, it has already been used on the O2 network, but was never closed. I realized a security wipe combined and a return to the factory settings using desktop software before trying to switch.

    After trying the unit pass, even if he says it's corrupt, works features more but trying to set up my email I receive either of the following problems.

    1 using the icon of installation I am asked for a business account and password. As I use BIS not BES I guess it's of no use to me. When you leave the configuration of the phone screen freezes requiring power to return to the main screen.

    2. If I try to activate the e-mail account in the 'Options' menu in the individual e-mail account folder I get the message "cannot open the e-mail setup application. Contact your wireless service provider.

    I tried the support of Vodafones forums and they suggest that it is a combined software problem.

    Any help to fix this would be appreciated. I'll also post this same message in the 'Desktop Software' forum

    Go to your phone's browser and type

    Let us know if that helps.

  • How to install a .bar file hosted in a remote server on device BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha

    I port an Android application for BlackBerry using Android Runtime. I can install this application successfully using Eclipse. Now, I want to only those files ( in a remote server deployment and download the .bar using a file browser and install it to another device BlackBerry Dev Alpha 10. I was able to download but cannot install the .bar file. What should I do?

    In fact This is the kind of method I get. Google Chrome Extention (PlayBook App Manager) did the job perfectly.

  • The framework of the call works on a Dev Alpha device?


    The framework of the call (to share of text or files to an application via the share button) works on a Dev Alpha device?

    It's my bar file - descriptor.xml - I want to register my app for the menu to share with the text:

      default false  John Deer AppIconsForPublish/appname_1280x768_splash_landscape.jpg  100  AppIconsForPublish/appname_114.png John Deer1234567890
     VIEWER bb.action.OPENtext/csvtext/xlstext/plain  
      APPLICATION  bb.action.SHAREtext/csvtext/xlstext/plaintext/*  

    Is there something missing?

    Thanks for all your comments!


    I should start by individual tests and see if it works.

    I leave you a few samples I saw and work:

    Share your app from the text:



    Share the link with your application:


    This one is for opneing my app with local files with these extensions:



  • BB10 Alpha device not for Linux

    Hi guys! I got a camera of Alpha BB10 of the Jam. Barcelona

    I use Kubuntu Linux x86_64.

    When I connect Alpha device using the USB port, a device screen tell me about the installation of drivers, but only for Windows or Mac. Kubuntu detect device as an audio CD, but cannot climb.

    This means that I can't use Alpha device under Linux, only for Windows or Mac?

    Best regards.

    I found that its really the USB auto detect which merges in Linux.

    For detection of basic working properly, I just go into the config 'Storage & sharing' menu and change the option "USB connection" to "Auto detect" to "connect to Windows.  Now, every time I plug the device you in a Linux machine picks it up very well.

    FYI, the USB connection is basically IP - on USB.  This is not different from WiFi, except to work a bit more smoothly.

    When you enable the 'development' Mode, your computer will probably be re - detect the device to a different (and essentially constant) IP:

    PS I do all my development on Linux work, when possible.  (there are a few preview QML bugs that occur mainly on Linux, which could lead me to go to a Windows box instead of temporarily screwing with my video drivers, but it's really just a question when DIY/prototyping UI bits)

  • Password problem ID Q5 Blackberry blackBerry (URGENT)

    Hello! I am currently experiencing a problem with my Blackberry ID. It seems that I can have forgotten the password to my ID I asked a password reset to my email address which is also my ID. The problem is that I don't use email more and have not used for some time and as such cannot access the email to get the reset link sent. My ID is [email protected] I really need help ASAP! coz I can't lose all my info

    Well, there's good and bad here. First of all, be glad you're not on OS 10.3.2. With this operating system on the device and in your exact situation, you would have a brick for a device. 10.3.2 has the new feature of protection against theft that locks the device until the password is entered. There is no way around it, not even a wipe.

    However, with 10.2.1 at least, you can wipe your device and start over with a new BBID. You will need to create a new BBID and connect you with that. All the apps that you have purchased will be lost and you will need to redeem them and your BBM contacts will be lost. You will not be able to restore your backups, because as is necessary the unit to be connected with the same BBID.

    Live and learn... keep it up on your BBID. It is important. Have an account with an email, that you no longer have access will often lead to loss of that account if you have forgotten your password... not only your BBID account but any account. You must keep track of passwords and email addresses, just right to face your house keys and a car. It's just the times we live.

  • Problems sync outlook blackBerry Smartphones and blackberry Pearl 8110

    I have a similar problem with my Blackberry Pearl 8110, Desktop Manager 5.01 and Outlook 2003 SP3.

    When I try to synchronize my contacts from my Blackberry to Outlook, the process gets thru 'Read in the device address book' 90 and 90 files without problem.  It starts the process following "Treatment Device Address Book" and gets 86 90 files and stops and a pop error message window: [title bar] Intellisync. It has a red circle with 'X' white and says "Unable to read data from application." with an ok button.

    I uninstalled Desktop Manager 5.01 twice, deleted the folder Intellisync following "KB11703" with no luck.

    In the Intellisync [C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Research in Motion\BlackBerry\Intellisync] folder I found this file: PtTrace.log (see below):

    Tue Dec 08 22:10:40 2009 - Intellisync Log file.

    {22:10:40.593: create an empty table C:\DOCUME~1\SonicXP\APPLIC~1\RESEAR~1\BLACKB~1\Intellisync\{10A31DA6-8BF9-4767-9C2E-E4C4F4FF2310}. CFG\TABLES. ITB a.\startup.cpp line 500
    {22:10:40.609: empty table file C:\DOCUME~1\SonicXP\APPLIC~1\RESEAR~1\BLACKB~1\Intellisync\{10A31DA6-8BF9-4767-9C2E-E4C4F4FF2310}. CFG\TABLES. ITB a.\startup.cpp line 519
    {22:10:42.656: create an empty table C:\DOCUME~1\SonicXP\APPLIC~1\RESEAR~1\BLACKB~1\Intellisync\{C0116ED9-D020-4BF3-A38E-08A5B02C2528}. CFG\TABLES. ITB a.\startup.cpp line 500
    Tue Dec 08 22:10:44 2009: error 0 x 83110005.-2096037883.0 a.\syncconfigmanager.cpp line 1137
    Tue Dec 08 22:10:45 2009: error could not load CXLServer1.dll in the product directory... 4005.\callback.cpp line 3610
    22:11:07.343: start Session ILX, Source = Microsoft Outlook, target device =
    22:11:07.359: from Standard synchronization
    22:11:07.406: Phase = 10, user = XXXXXXXX: reading data from the device address book
    Tue Dec 08 22:11:18 2009: error could not retrieve the field on the device.4238 to the RIM: DeviceIConnector.cpp line 780
    Tue Dec 08 22:11:18 2009: error 4018.4018 to la.\sdk_data.cpp line 2494
    Tue Dec 08 22:11:18 2009: error 4018.0 on line 208 de.\cilfield.cpp
    Tue Dec 08 22:11:18 2009: Birthday.4018.0 error at line 463 la.\cilrec.cpp
    Tue Dec 08 22:11:18 2009: error 4018.0 to la.\ciltrans.cpp line 589
    Tue Dec 08 22:11:18 2009: error 4018.4018 a.\ilx_sdk.cpp line 256
    22:11:18.625: translation unit status: user = XXXXXXXX, rc = 74, Phase = 10, TrErr = 4018, SysErr = 0 to the 596 ligne.\xlatev3.cpp
    22:11:18.640: end of Session ILX, time = 11,000 seconds

    Don't know what to do, I hope I don't have to do a factory reset on my phone.  ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPERICATED! Thank you!


    [It was an original message on 03/03/2009 and I still have the same described problem above.] sdgardne replied to my post:

    Try the steps in this KB:

    • KB02048 "Unable to read application data" error when configuring or synchronization of data from the organizer with BlackBerry Desktop Manager

    Honestly, it sounds like a bad record... If you can refine what folder and delete it, maybe then things move on.

    But the KB02048 is therefore more accessible because RIM has either deleted from the Knowledge Base or?


    I couldn't find a solution for this, ANYWHERE so I just decided to fix this problem just upgrade to the new version of the BlackBerry Desktop version software. And now, ALL my contacts synchronize with a problem.

    Also from the beginning of this problem and now I have also improved my Outlook 2003 to 2007 and then to 2010.

    So I do not know if the combo of doing all this software update fixed the issue of the contact crupt but its market not now and that's what I need.

  • HP Pavilion p 15-200nq: I have all sorts of problems in Device Manager...

    Hi, I bought a laptop pavilion p-200nq, I installed windows and now I can not install the LAN, wi - fi, network and I have all kinds of problems in devices like Device Manager unknown ethernet cotroller, network controller, pci device and video controller...

    I don't know if it is where I have to post but... I have a lot of problems... I don't understand.. need help


    You should be able to use the W7 x 64 drivers and software from the HP Pavilion 15z-p000 CTO Notebook PC on your model.  Do not use the BIOS or firmware files but because they are the specific model.

    In addition to the information above, you will need to also install the AMD Chipset drivers and reboot in order to install the smbus and usb3 controllers.

    First driver on the list.

  • problems of device drivers after reinstalling windows xp family

    I had to reinstall my windows xp home edition due to a virus. Now I am having several problems with device drivers. I can't find a video controller (vga) compatible, more there is a big question mark yellow on the other. What should I do?

    I have a hp pavillion ngn350 I had the motherboard and everthing updated 2 years ago, so when I do a check of the system it appears as a wind msi 120, my operating system is windows xp home edition. also whenever I try to play a computer cd game called the sims I get a message on directx 9.0 and I have the latest. My audio drivers does not show a problem in the Device Manager, but I don't have his and no drivers work. I tried to download realtek hd audio, but it still does not work.

    Get the Mo material card (chipset), go to its website mfg, get the chipset

    utility installation, this is the software and drivers for the components to run...

  • Problem with LINK blackBerry software

    So today, I went to try to sync some songs on my phone via Itunes, I plug my phone into the computer as usual and start link only to find out that my phone and link won't talk to eachother. I tried to uninstall the link and re install, I got error 1376, I followed the instructions to fix this problem and nothing has worked, I still also have Desktop Manager 7.1 on my laptop, will not uninstall either. I thought that maybe there was a problem with my phone so I reset which and there has been no change. I plugged my phone on my wifes computer and everything worked the way it's supposed to.

    My question is how Devil can I get rid of the two programs above when nothing of what has been recommended before does not work, there is no problems with the registry on my computer files. my laptop is running a 32-bit version of windows 7. I'm definitely at my wits end with this, and it's starting to make me reconsider what phone I'll go with when I update in a few years. I've never had a problem with the blackberry programs before, so it's extremely disappointing.

    Try this:

  • Question of synchronization to blackBerry Smartphones: there is a problem connecting to BlackBerry App World. Please try again.

    First of all, I have never had this problem before when you try to install the apps from the app world.

    I am trying to download WhatsApp Messenger through App World by clicking Download, and then by clicking on the button 'Sync '. I'm then prompted with the error "synchronization problem: there is a problem connecting to BlackBerry App World." Please try again. ».


    App world tells me on the right side of the page that my machine is connected (which is) via the USB port. I tried the phone turned off, taking the battery for more than a minute to be sure, restart the phone, restart the computer and try again with no luck.

    I also tried several browsers, Chrome and Firefox.

    I found this page which tells me it could be a firewall issue,

    I therefore disabled my firewall and still had no success. This gets really annoying, and my blackberry seems to have stupid questions like this forever.

    Anyone got any ideas on a solution possible?

    Thank you.

    I tried in IE and it works. Went back to Firefox and Chrome, and it does not work. But the interesting thing is a friend tried his blackberry on my computer and it works fine in Firefox.

    EDIT: I found the problem, I deleted the App World Plugin from my computer and reinstalled Firefox and it works. Why it does not detect that I use a plugin obsolete?

    Anyway, problem solved.

  • Problems of Smartphones blackBerry with Facebook Places

    Hello world

    Having problems with my Blackberry Curve 8520 to update Facebook places - read the manual online and it explains how to turn on the GPS, but if I try, I don't have the option to turn it on... Any advice?

    Found the answer.

  • Problem with the blackBerry Smartphones SMS Inbox

    I had problems with my Blackberry Torch 9860 sms Inbox.  The time and date that are on my phone are correct, but when I go to my sms Inbox, the date is showing that "May 22, 2043" and each message arrives at "12:08" no matter what time it really is.

    This is an easy fix?

    Thank you!

    I ended up remove all the messages of this 'day', so he would not appear in the Inbox and now when I send or receive that he puts the messages in the right time.

    I have nothing else it seemed to have settled himself.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones big problem in my blackberry Desktop Manager 7

    Hello Mr President.

    I have problem with my blackberry Desktop Manager 7

    After I installed, I found languge as box does not understand a thing

    I have uninstall and install so many times and its same ebglish or Spanish is even too

    my system: windows 7 64-bit

    I wish to receive reply soon because I have problem in my phone, whatever i do update my phone

    Hello vmarjorie56

    Thank you for your question regarding the problem you are having with your BlackBerry Desktop Software installed.

    What is the full error message and when precisely it occurs?

    Thank you.

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    Help please! Starting a new job and I was wondering if the Lenovo Thinkcentre M32 is capable of having two monitors. Or how to know. And if yes what cords do I use? Thank you

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    Ripping my hair out on new HP laptop running windows 8.1.  Big jump from Vista.  No cd player.  I would like to transfer documents on what etc. created in MS Works to the new computer, but I'm puzzled, completely.  So do not have the program to be tr