AnyConnect Mobile and Premium SSL free licenses


I currently have a pair of ASA5510 HA, if I understand the 2 free premium licenses can be used by the mobile client, as long as the ASA has the license for mobile clients?

Can someone confirm that my interpretation is correct, or I have to buy a separate license to the premium one long with the license mobile client to enable this feature?

Thanks for your time.


That's right! I did the same action on an ASA5505. In this case, you only need the anyconnect mobile license.

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  • ASA 5505 SSL VPN license update

    Hi all.

    Our ASA 5505 with DATABASE default license allowing only 10 simultaneous vpn sessions (including 2 Anyconnect + IPsec). attached a TXT file with the license information. This Firewall is's use only for vpn access, and we less vpn tunnel vpn IPSec-L2L, anyconnect client SSL and IPSec client access configurations vpn to the top and race walk,.

    We are in terms of upgrading vpn license to archive IPSec 10 and 10 Anyconnect and 1 anyconect mobile VPN sessions in time. so my questions are;

    1. can I buy "ASA5500-SSL-10 =" accounting and to upgrade our ASA 5505 without having to buy "L-ASA5505-SEC-PL =" license of pus of security.

    2. asa use to upgrade only Anyconnect SSL vpn license while keeping 10 vpn IPSec comes with the base license.

    Thank you & you expects value comment

    Thank you


    1. Yes.


    If you want to keep Clientless SSL VPN you do not want to continue with the addition of the ASA5500-SSL-10 = part. If you can do without client (including the conversion the two existing ones), more economically, you can opt for Security Plus and AnyConnect Essentials licenses. (US$ 800 vs price $1250).

    In both cases, the Mobile requires the AnyConnect Mobile (ASA-AC-M-5505) license.

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    See you soon

    Click on the inventory icon.  When loading, click the Configuration tab.  In the links to the left of this tab should be one to enter the license key (possibly "Licensed Features", but since I entered my series, I only am not 100% positive if this title changed.

  • Installing AnyConnect Mobile licenses

    I want to clarify how exactly a Cisco AnyConnect Mobile license is applied to an ASA. Does as a PAK and then a license key is created? Y at - it a separate to enter specifically for the mobile command?

    The mobile license was delivered as a PAK who was converted into a license key.

    But today, you buy the mobile license more, instead you buy 4 AnyConnect more or APEX which includes the mobile service.

    If you already have Essentials or premium, you can get the license migration until the end of the year.

  • AnyConnect Mobile license


    I have 2 questions about the mobile Anyconnect license?

    1. Why is there a mobile separate license for mobile devices for SSL VPN on an ASA firewall in addition to the regular essentials license, but when using the SSL VPN on the latest IOS routers, that a license is required? (I can connect to the IOS router with our mobile devices without error message)

    2 is supported for setting up Cisco IOS ssl vpn on demand router? (Trying to implement access remote jabber)

    1. it is a business of Cisco and just something we implementers should work with. For what it's worth, AnyConnect 4.0 is licensed differently and do not require a separate mobile license.

    2. I don't know about that one.

  • Disable/remove Anyconnect mobile on SAA license?


    Recently installed the Anyconnect mobile license to allow users of iPhone/iPad to connect to our SSL VPN from Cisco ASA. However, we want to turn this feature off. Is it possible to remove or disable this license or may not allow users to connect successfully to our Cisco ASA Apple iOS environment?



    To remove the license, keep a copy of the current activation key you have. In this case, you want to reactivate the AnyConnect mobile license, then you can just reactivate using the current activation key.

    To actually remove the license activation key AnyConnect, send an email to [email protected] / * /. Include a copy of 'see the version' and advise them that you want to get an activation without the AnyConnect Mobile license key. Once they provide you with the new activation key (which excludes the AnyConnect Mobile license), you can enter this new key on the SAA.

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    Never be afraid to ask. This forum has some of the best people in the world to help.

  • Question about the license of Cisco's AnyConnect Mobile


    I was reading on anycconnect, and I have a doubt,

    Do I need Cisco AnyConnect mobile license if I establish a vpn with the ASA windows desktop using the anyconnect client?.

    or these licenses are needed only when I use anyconnect on mobile platforms (iphone, ipad, Android)?

    hope someone clarify this point for me,

    Kind regards

    Juan Pablo Hidalgo

    It is useless to AnyConnect Mobile licenses for users who connect from a Windows desktop computer. These permits are only required for users with mobile platforms.

  • Cisco Anyconnect mobile licenses


    We need to buy 1200 anyconnect Apex licence, I read the ordering guide

    for anyconnect but he's confused, I have to mention that we have 2 ASA 5545 - X in cluster mode,

    I don't know how to order. It's the way that I think is true, but I'm not sure.

    part number                                                   Qty


    L AC-APX-5 YR-G AC-APX-5 YR - 1 K - S 1

    L AC-APX-5 YR-G AC-APX-5 YR-100 S 2

    Thank you.

    It would be OK for a 5 years AnyConnect Apex for 1,200 users license.

    Note the Mobile feature is included with Apex or Base Anyconnect 4.x licenses.

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    Kind regards

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    Hi sanderv79745096,

    Please read this article: mobile Lightroom not available for education for home use memberships purchased from Kivuto

    Creative memberships purchased c (Kivuto) third-party Cloud does not give mobile access to Lightroom.

    Kind regards


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    Hi [email protected],

    We are sorry but it is not possible to reset the trial but you can try and use it on another machine with a different identifier (if possible) Adobe.


  • Configure AnyConnect (Mobile) on ASA5505

    I found some tutorials and guides on how to Setup on an ASA5505 AnyConnect, but I wanted to check before to make sure I was going to the right direction.

    Installation program:

    I have a very simple installation and the basic objective.  I have currently just a laptop on my ASA5505 E0/1 and then the ASA is configured with a static IP connected to the Internet.  I have ASA correctly configured and you can browse the web through the laptop.

    I also AnyConnect and AnyConnect Mobile licenses as well.


    I want to configure on the ASA5505 AnyConnect and simply to establish a successful connection to a device mobile android running AnyConnect necessary software on the market.


    There are plenty of guides for specifc set ups, but as described, I want to keep it is as simple as possible.

    It would be a good guide to complete this?

    Also, I am more comfortable with the CLI. Is it easier to use the ASDM Assistant for this?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hello Joffroi,

    Please check the question as answered so future users can learn from your own resolution

    Kind regards


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      Model A1662.

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    Buy a SIM free iPhone means that you are not eligible for the lower prices iPhone associated with a contract or plan of payment of the carrier.

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