Apple software password?

I was going to update my tablet, and then he asked a password... I put in my password apple and my apple ID but no work. I never put in place a code of access at all?


You don't have a password set to unlock the iPad, or to the settings > general > Restrictions?

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  • My Apple ID PASSWORD fails to install OS9.2.1?

    He I am connected to my new iPad, said an upgrade of the security software for os9 is necessary. When I go to 'install' from the settings section, it asks for my password, so I get my Apple ID, but it keeps the default, I know I hit it properly, why it asks for a password here? What password? I thought the apple id password for everything?


    Try using the password of your iPad, not the Apple ID one. The Apple ID is used for the App Store, iTunes, etc..

  • Why am I being asked to update my apple ID password?

    So lets get started...

    On my iPhone 6 and 2 Air iPad I have experienced this problem and happens when I turn the two devices off during the night and the following morning. I get two guests when I go into the menu settings (1). Audit of the Apple - ID enter the password to john.deere @... in a frame, with the options of 'Not now' or 'settings '. -"Not now" just takes you to the home screen - when I click on 'settings' it prompts saying "the apple for [email protected] update ID '.

    I can't update my apple ID password, so I'm curious as to why this product. I get my regular apple ID password and a few seconds pass and puts me right back in the regular setting menu. In my view, there is no need to update my apple ID and I wondered what that the * happens! (both devices doing this) except my Macbook. Did some research a few and even called apple.

    My specs:

    MacBook Air (2015) El captain

    IPhone IOS 6 (REG) 9.1

    Air iPad 2 iOS 9.1

    Until now this what I did with no results:

    Called Apple - they said that it is / can be a bug with the software... suggested a complete restoration of the devices - did this.

    Signed in and out iCloud on devices, restart and difficult to start - no luck.

    Connected to iTunes, manage devices, checked to see if something was out of wack - nothing seemed obvious.

    Checked side macbook things with security or anything like that in this sense, until here nothing.


    Thank you


    You probably have a weak password, and Apple is asking you to change it. The other option is not to put off power at night.

  • I had a problem with my iPad 2 Air when I changed my Apple ID password, the problem is, it shows me a Massage says ENTER the PASSWORD, and then said your PASSWORD will be used when the signature with the new device, but when I but the code it shows fail m

    This problem happened to me and it belongs to iCloud and I have used so important, please can someone help me?

    Hello. The access code on your iPad is the code four or six numbers you will need to enter to unlock the device. It has nothing to do with the verification of your Apple ID or two-step. Are you able to unlock your phone? If you are, then please describe the steps that lead to your problem. Since you have changed your Apple ID password, you will need to go to two settings > iCloud and settings > iTunes and app store and sign out of your Apple ID, then connect back with the new PW.

  • Why my keep asking my apple ID password

    Why my phone keep asking my apple ID password

    What did you see if you can stop what is happening? Have you logged off and on for the shops and iCloud account?

  • Mail and apple ID passwords were lost

    Hello. My aunt lost password AppleId and mail. When I try to separate his devices unit ask me enter password for apple ID to disable "find my phone". Can I untie all devices without password from apple ID?

    Hi VladislavVasilyeu!

    I see that you have problems disabling the discovery feature My iPhone on the iPhone of your aunt.  It is important to be able to disable find my iPhone, so I'm happy to help you.  She will need to regain access to their account information, and I've included instructions below.  The second link explains find lock activating my iPhone featured more in detail.

    If you forgot your Apple ID password

    Find my iPhone Activation Lock

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    See you soon!

  • After that I changed the apple ID password I can not connect to facetime

    After that I changed the apple ID password, I can not connect to facetime

    Update your password for Facetime, too.

  • Can not uninstall, repair, or get rid of Apple Software Update

    Dear friends,

    I tried to install iTunes on my computer for the last 3 hours and I had no breakthrough! First of all, there was an error under the title "there is a problem with this Windows Installer package... ». So I deleted all of the apple software, but could not remove or change Apple Software Update. So with assistance from registry and app cleaners cleaners all removed every trace of him and he does not appear in programs and features in my control panel 10 more, but when I use "Microsoft program install and uninstall Troubleshooter" he is still there, but even this powerful cleaner can not do something with it, delete or change. I tried to install the iTunes again, but now I get the message: 'There is a newer version of software update already installed Apple', which is totally ridiculous, because I am trying to install the latest version of iTunes and the USS already there can not have a newer version! I have no idea what to do next any ideas? Thanks in advance!


    Make sure that you AV or firewall does not block it.

    Try clicking on the install RMB and selecting 'run as Admin '.

    If it does not create a new admin account in windows and login to this account.

  • Update Apple software for iTunes, update

    Today on my Windows 7 64 - Bit, Apple Software Update detected an update for iTunes; but it would not be installed without error.  Not able to reproduce the error code, I believe that the error was on the download.  Finally, I installed the updated version by using the manual download under Tools feature; but Apple Software Update acted special on my attempts to update automatically.  When starting it in the menu start, Apple software update would open in two windows after the initial failure to download and install.  Quick Time Player and iTunes opens and do not yet detect updates.  I hope that I did not install anything that is damaged within this new update.

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    Restart WINDOWS 7 and press F7 to go in safe mode, and then try

    If it works, you may have something installed preventing the execution

    If this is not the case, delete what you have for iTunes and DL again.

  • How can I change my apple id password if I forgot my security question

    How can I change my apple id password if I forgot my security question, someone change my email security and rescue and icant reset...

    < re-titled by host >

    You must ask security team account Apple to reset your security questions. To contact them, click here and choose a method; If this page does not list one for your country or if you are unable to call, complete and submit this form.


  • At the end of the creation of an e-mail account, that the program will ask a software password security device, I don't know what it is or where to find it.

    At the end of the creation of an e-mail account, that the program will ask a software password security device, I don't know what it is or where to find it. To my knowledge I don't have a 'software security device. I use Windows 7 on an IMac.

    Apparently, you have defined a master password at one point. The password protects passwords that Thunderbird remembered.
    You can reset the password. More information in this article.

  • Apple Software Update will NOT work after upgrading to Windows 7

    Apple Software Update will NOT work after upgrading to Windows 7

    flyboy340 wrote:

    Apple Software Update will NOT work after upgrading to Windows 7

    More information is needed.

    Which machine you use, OS X are you running?

    Windows 7 running in BootCamp?

    The OS X app store is not present at all?

    AppStore is present but the update tab does not?

  • The Apple software update will not install updates

    Each time the Apple software application to be updated by Apple Software Update, the error in the picture below opens and I get it over with to have to do a manual reinstall.  Here, the image shows the most recent upgrade to iCloud and iTunes, but I also got QuickTime are doing the same thing.  It would seem that each manual installation to reinstall a new copy of the GSS, but he keeps having the same problems. Please help diagnose this problem.  The "Download only" option in the window pop up works, but it would be nice for ASU than him.

    An update of the software is pretty useless if it is not updated of software.

    I suspect that all is not well with your copy of the GSS. You can try to fix it, but I suspect a complete tear down and reinstallation of any software Apple will be needed.

    For general advice, see troubleshooting problems with iTunes for Windows updates.

    The steps described in the second case are a guide to remove everything related to iTunes and then rebuild what is often a good starting point, unless the symptoms indicate a more specific approach.

    Review the other boxes and other support documents list to the bottom of the page, in case one of them applies.

    The more information box has direct links with the current and recent if you have problems to download, must revert to an older version or want to try the version of iTunes for Windows (64-bit - for older video cards) as a workaround for problems with installation or operation, or compatibility with third-party software.

    Backups of your library and device should be affected by these measures but there are links to backup and recovery advice there.


  • Can my credit card information be stolen even if I already changed my apple id password?

    I have therefore been phished by a scam e-mail saying it's Apple and I bought the package of netflix. I entered my password a scam using my iphone. Then in a few minutes, I realized that it is a scam, so I changed my apple id password within 10 minutes after that. Is it possible that they already took my card information credit including credit card number (and perhaps my security code) of my apple ID? Do I still need to worry? Is it still possible for hackers to use my credit card? Thanks and sorry if I have bad English.

    That part of your card number must display on the screen of your account payment details, and the security code should not show at all (it does show that when you type in it). You can contact your card issuer and get it cancelled and replaced if you want 100% safe.

    That you have entered your code that you can eventually get more e-mail phishing and potentially not only iTunes, so be careful with emails you get - type in the address of the site on a browser if you want to check any account that you have a site/store, do not use links in the emails.

  • Error message on one of my two Windows 7 PC, 64-bit. "The Apple software update server could not be found.  "Check your internet settings and try again.  Can someone advise?

    These last messsage of error on one of my two Windows 7 PC, 64-bit. "The Apple software update server could not be found.  "Check your internet settings and try again.  My second Windows 7 PC Apple Software Update works normally.  The Apple software update version is  Can anyone tell how to fix this?

    I have the same problem and I don't want to lose my content. App Apple Software Update doesn't work

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