Authorization/access to files on Linksys E1550

I installed a wireless router Linksys E1550 at home and I moved a drive external storage from your old computer (which will be soon disappeared) to the router via the USB port on the router.

I can see the drive and the files on the router on the old computer and the new computer laptop, but I can't do anything with them. When I look at the permissions for a given file, it says: "everyone" has read and execute only.  "root" has total control, but I can't access the 'root' user ID  I went through the properties of configuration and folder/file router using the username "admin" and the router recognizes it is there, but it doesn't allow me to add "admin" with "Full control" permissions to one of the elements.

It won't even allow me to add new files, even if I installed sharing for the entire partition.

Any help would be welcome.

Thank you



Although the concern that you have explained that you need to format the storage device... First, then take the backup of all the data that you in this storage device then format the storage device according to your requirement... You can assign access permissions on a file or folder as the requirement...

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    Hello everyone. I tried to fix something that I screwed up a long time ago. Here's how it started. I have this drive external DRIVE that I keep my photo archive to. I was going to somewhere that I don't remember now, so I wanted to keep away from curious eyes. So I right click on the main folder and 'share with... '. Nobody ". I applied it to all subfolders and files, etc. So of course when I was there, I couldn't access my files either. He says I don't have permission to access. It's understandable. Then, some time later, my computer crashed and I had to install win7 all over again. That's when I realized that I blocked my own photos in a way. I couldn't access the files without changing the status of property. I've changed the status to everyone instead of specific individuals. I could access the files. OK boring part is almost finished.

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    Thanks in advance for your help. I promise you that I won't go anywhere near file sharing again.

    OK, I got it, I changed the owner again at all for the entire disk. now I can access all the files. It really scared me for a minute there. Thank you once again.

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    I hope someone can help me with a question to get my
    files on a hard drive that was in my old computer.  I recently bought a Dell XPS 8500 with
    Windows 8 and using an external drive for the old disk source system hard, I
    tried to access my files, but access has been denied.

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    Take control of a file has been a learning experience since very little talked about this with Windows 8 forums.  So what better way to learn than try it on my own and surprise surprise it worked and was much simpler than what everything I read without having to download any third-party programs.

    My files are on an old main drive I removed from my old computer that died.  Using a hard drive Docking enclosure Aluratek I could see my files he laugh at me because I could not access it.  That is until I click with the right button in the file and I changed a few things.

    That's what I did and maybe it will work for others as well.

    Right-click on the file you want to take charge.  Click Properties in the lower part.  On the screen that opens, click on Security at the top and then Advanced down when the open security setting.

    You should now have some Advanced security settings staring you.  This topic you should see the name and then owner listed under it.  Click owner.

    You must Select a user or a group in front of you.  Look down and click Advanced.  Another window will open and on this window to your right next to the box of common queries , you should see a button that says find now, click on it.  A list should appear in the search results.  In this list, I found my name that I use to connect to Windows 8 with.  I double clicked on that and it is up to Select a user or group.  Click OK.  Advanced security settings , be sure to check 'Replace all entries authorization child with entries from this object object' if there are other files in the folder that you want to open.  After having done and again in the Properties box, click OK .  Return to the folder or file and you should be able to open it now.

    I did all this mode without failure and find that Windows 8 is the fun part.  If you have Windows 8 and you want to start safe mode, press F8 will not Mode without failure.  Win + R and type msconfig.  This will open the System Configuration box.  Click Start , and then check in the boot options, starting with a minimum check also.  Press on apply and then OK.  After doing all that in Safe Mode, to get by doing the same thing again.  Win + R at the same time, msconfig and then start and uncheck the startup and restart the computer.

    Hope this helps anyone who ran in the same frustrations that I did.

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    I had turned off as long as I could before moving to the home of iPhoto to Photos. I now use of El Capitan, with Photos and finds it difficult to find the photo and movie files that I import. In the program there, but when I search by name, they will not be displayed. The Terminal solution for show hidden files (defaults write QLEnableXRayFolders AppleShowAllFiles YES) does not work. I export the files from Photos to a new location and then can see them in a search. Is there a way to fix this? I remember he was in earlier operating systems, but am not having much luck right now.

    Thank you.

    Yes - there is access via the media browser (in the lower left corner of the Panel source in each window open/attach/upload under Support == > photos == > Photos) or as you would via export - still not access you it directly with the finder (and you should have never done that in the past - now with many operations in the background and iCLoud is simply not possible as only the program of database SQLite Photos) the status of the contents of the library)

    This is for iPHoto but is most often still OK for Photos - How do I access the files in iPhoto


  • Why can't I access my files?

    Why I can't access the files of my own music apple?

    I was so happy to hear about apple's music, I have 400 + live music and I was so excited that I could access all this out of the cloud.

    I am frustrated because this doesn't seem to be the case.  Most of the artists and music albums apple has grayed out and inaccessible.  Some music I can access are not files I uploaded to the cloud.  For example some studio albums that I listened to hundreds of times are now recorded live versions through music from apple.

    I'm VERY unhappy with this service because it took a long time to load to the cloud and dick around with my phone... and ultimately, in my view, service has been distorted.

    I do not have access to * MY * files * I * uploaded to the cloud.  I was under the impression that why I was downloading was so that I could get access to a duplicate of * THE VERY SAME FILE * I had downloaded.

    My hope is that someone at apple sees this and recognizes each new *-poor customer loyal mac released product (since the beginning of the 1990s) will be less likely to pay the absurd Apple price tag is to launch on a technology that is not the height of the hype of the brand.

    Apple music requires iCloud.

    To add songs, albums, and playlists of Apple's music in my music, make sure to turn on iCloud music library on your device.

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    Applied Bootcamp, running El Capitan and Windows on MacBook Pro 9.2 10.  Fine.  This is all OK.   But...

    I want to access my files of Notes from the Mac side.   I can get to the in the Applications folder when running in Windows.  I understand that I can read Mac files in Windows.

    I can't get to the actual Notes files indicated in the content of the folder in the Mac partition.  (Running in Windows 10.)

    Can someone help me with this please?

    Missing Manual instructions ok, so far, but are not real files to open.  ???

    Thank you, Mark

    Windows cannot write to the readers of Mac format.

  • Is it possible to remote access to files on airport time capsule without a great second computer mac at home?


    I read the articles on access distance to another mac, but what I need is to remote access to files on airport time capsule without a great second computer mac at home.

    Only Mac... Mac you will use for remote access to files on the Time Capsule... is necessary.

    Set up and use Back to My Mac

  • To access the files from the computers on the same network.

    We recently bought two Macs and an airport Time Capsule as we were told that it would allow us to access the files from one computer to another. Run us a business out of our home and require both Mac to be able to access the files from each other or have at least a common location to save etc. Both Mac is put back up automatically and lift you under the "Shared" section of the Finder. The airport shows also here as well. I don't understand how to get this to work so that I can share files easily. Any help would be appreciated.

    Open the system preferences sharing pane, start sharing files if necessary, and then use the connection to the server command in the Finder menu go.


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    As far as I know, the only true collaboration is through the browser.

    You can give feedback to Apple via numbers > provide comments on the Mac or here for iOSnumbers.


  • Can't access my files doc as a user unique vs administrator user?

    I have created my user access on Vista as administrator and load programs, files and doc files to my hard drive.

    Having some problems on programs not able to run in administrator mode, I created a unique user account.

    Disconnected as administrator and logged as a user, and now I can't access my files and folders of the doc, it is not visible in the c drive.

    How to access these files from the doc in addition to completing the session as a user and login as an administrator?

    Here, any help would be great

    See you soon

    It is very easy to give the users rights to other folders by right-clicking on a folder or a file and selecting Properties, then security (re para below I just checked prior to this announcement and there is a link on the Security screen 'learn on the access control and permissions'. If logged in as an administrator, then you can do what you like, connected as a user for you only the things you 'clean '. However if it is simple to do, you should also understand its effects. If your machine is used only by yourself or people that you are happy to have provided full access to the hard drive then you don't remove no permission and that you are confident, no one will remove/mess with the files they don't own then begin.

    It would be a good idea to type "permissions" in windows 'Help and Support' and spend time following the topics that seem to be relevant. A quick google didn't find an idiots guide - everything seems to be 'network' based and has too much information. I think that following the instructions in this Microsoft Knowledge Base article [how to configure file sharing in Windows XP |] will allow you to get what you want in the safest way. I am new to Windows 7, but have no reason to think there will be much difference in the "screens". You can prove me wrong and get or find a solution much better to [Windows > Windows 7 Forum > files, folders, and search |]


  • I am trying to open a file and make me notice that the required index.xml file is missing. Is it possible to access the file? I don't know why this happened.

    I am trying to open a file in Pages 09 and am getting notice has the required index.xml file is missing. Is it possible for me to access the file? I don't know why this happened.

    You open a file with Pages ' 09 Pages 5.x.

    You need to right-click on the file and open it with Pages 5.x (the one with the orange document icon).


  • Can I access a file on a server where the path is password protected?

    I have a file stored on a computer in a remote location.  This file must be consulted in several test computers to update the results of the tests.  I need to access the file to collect the results.  Currently I have to connect to the remote computer via the file manager and say file manager to save the password so that LabVIEW will be able to access the test result file.  Is it possible that LabVIEW can do this?  I don't want the test computers to stay connected to the remote computer, as someone can possibly accidentally damage the file.

    Thank you.

    This question has come up before. Have you tried a search? You can use the "net use" command through Exec System to set up the network share, and then you can disconnect. Do a search on 'net use', or simply type 'net help use' at the command prompt.

  • I'm unable to access the files on my external hard drive

    I have an external hard drive and can't read the files. The device appears on my PC, but no file shows when I go to the device and equipment. My PC is not recover this unit and only not recognize it as a USB device. I can see this under the folder hardware and devices, but there is no entry. Is there a way to access the files or retrieve files? The material of the driver is up-to-date.


    Try to connect the external hard drive on another computer / USB and check.

    If you are able to access the files on the other computer, and then try to update the drivers for the chipset of your computer.

    You can visit the website of the manufacturer of the computer to get the chipset drivers.

    Thank you.

  • Not able to access the files of Windows 8 on a Windows XP-based computer on a network"requires a user name and password"

    I have a similar problem since an update of MS on a computer laptop XP and laptop W8.  Using a LAN cable, I can access the files from the XP laptop in the laptop W8 but suddenly not the other way around;  requiring a stranger Enter username and password .  MS is gradually becoming more and more hostile user!

    Separated from

    Check this link and make sure that the settings are carried out in accordance with article.

    Watch the video of the link

    Thanks Peinium Dicki ,
    I had to renew the password of guest on the XP computer account then the LAN has worked well.
  • Streets & trips 2008 an attempt was made to access a file without a name beyond its end

    I am trying to download an attachment, but get the error "attempt was made to access a file without name, beyond its end".   suggestions?


    Check with streets and trips in support of the community and Forum.

    Streets & Trips

    Streets & Trips - help and Support

    Streets and travel community

    Streets and travel Forum

    Support for MapPoint, streets & trips and Highway

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

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