Battery empty CMOS on Satellite Pro L

My Cmos battery seems to have lost power, took the laptop share for change, but seems to be soldered on the motherboard, what I do?


Have you tried to load the CMOS battery properly? Leave laptop on the power supply more than 48 hours and it must be fully charged again

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  • Battery 'empty' XP on Satellite Pro 4270

    Hi all

    Although the battery is quite new, it is displayed as 'empty' in my Satellite Pro XP 4270. When cross-checking with an another Satellite 4270 Win98 battery works well and indicated as '100% ' in the Toshiba power saver utility.

    Is there a special utility (such as electricity-saving) must be installed for XP? There is no given special driver vor 4270 / XP on the support pages of Toshiba and in view of the Act and so forth is recognized properly - except for the battery.

    Any suggestions or experiences wellcome,

    Kind regards


    the problem is that your machine is too old and was never shipped with XP. So if you didn t find utilities powersaver for XP on toshiba page then you won´t find anything. The machine has never taken supported for XP.

    Welcome them

  • Can I get the battery 9-cell for Satellite Pro U400 - 13G?


    Can someone tell me if it is possible to get a battery 9 cells for Satellite Pro U400 - 13G.
    And if it is then what is the part number?

    Best regards Anders

    You know the Web from Toshiba website Options & accessories?

    See this page:> peripheral services & -> PS Options & accessories

    There you will find all the compatible options.

    AFAIK this battery could be compatible with the Satellite Pro U400 series:
    * Battery Pack (Li-ion, 9 cell, 6000mAh) PA3537U-1BRS *.

    Good bye

  • Need to find the cmos on Satellite Pro 2100 battery

    I have a laptop that is not keep date/time settings and I need to identify the laptop to find the correct instructions to take apart.

    The brand is a Satellite Pro SP2100, model PS210E006P9-EN number, but I can't find this brand/model on the Toshiba site. The closest I can find is Satellite 2400-103, part number: PS240 - T 014, 1, that seems identical.

    I tried to use the identify tool of Toshiba to detect what is the laptop, but that fails to provide results.

    I also need to find out what food is for this unit as the current is defective and exposed wires.

    The adapter of current with her is PA3201U-1ACA, the problem is that this card has another card on the end to fit the power plug to the back of the laptop. The connector at the end of PA3201U is too thin to fit.


    This laptop is very old and the name of this machine is: Satellite Pro 2100 PS210E

    > I have a laptop that is not keep date/time settings and I need to identify the laptop to find the correct instructions to take apart.

    Usually the CMOS battery can be charged. You must connect the power adapter and the laptop must be powered for about 12-14 hours.

  • 'Bad RTC battery, check the CMOS' on Satellite Pro 6100

    Hello... I just got a Satellite Pro 6100 and when it is started I get an error message:

    Check the system. Then press the [F1] key

    I can still use the laptop for about 15 minutes, but then it crashes. I did some research and discovered that it is the power supply Board. But my laptop is out of warranty and the reminder is now officially over.

    Y at - there someone who can help me?
    Thank you

    Published by: admin

    Hi Liam

    Hmmm... I think it s not a Council but the battery of the CCF.
    Take a look in the user manual. There you should find something that exactly the message is displayed if the battery RTC (BIOS) is not charged.

    The RTC battery, you must connect the power adapter and should run the laptop for about 24 hours.
    After that the main battery has been charged, then the RTC battery starts to load.

    It will take a little longer.

  • Battery draining fast on Satellite Pro C50-A - 1 HR

    I have a new Satellite Pro C50 cell phone-A - 1 hr. (He had one week only) with installed Windows 8.1. The battery loses at least 30% of the overnight charge when completely closed and seems to pass pretty quickly when I use it also. It is true that I used it a lot, to try to familiarize themselves with 8.1 (I had Vista before, steep learning curve). Can someone tell me if this behavior of the battery is normal, please?

    I need to plug the power supply cord, whenever I use it, concerned that if I use the laptop for a week or more, the battery would be dead!

    Can anyone help please? Thank you

    then you don't need a new battery... I had this problem once and I fixed it by getting a new battery. also, you can apply for coverage then maybe they can replace your old battery with a new one :) good luck.


  • What is the battery model number 9 - Satellite Pro A300

    What is the model number of the battery 9 cells for the Satellite Pro A300? I'm ready to make the leap, but I can't find the battery.

    Thank you



    The part number should be PA3537U-1BRS

    But on the site of Toshiba, you can for options and accessories and there you can also find the part number: of Services & devices-online Options & accessories PC-online home page

    Good bye

  • Battery not charging on Satellite Pro L300D

    I've had this laptop about four months and had just returned a repair under warranty (replacement of the motherboard). He had light use since I bought it.

    On his return, I ran a Windows 7 upgrade as installation clean but noticed that the battery charge more than 60%. I did turn the laptop today to try and run the battery down completely, then I might give it a full charge overnight.

    All I get now when plug adapter is two pulses on the battery in the notification area icon and the message * "available (plugged in, load)" *-the icon remains on 'empty' despite being left for several hours.

    It sounds like the battery is damaged or must recalibrate and if so, how?

    Thank you

    Try to start your laptop with power current only and when the OS starts put the battery inside and watch what happens with the State of the battery.
    Have you contacted the service and reported on this subject?

  • Satellite Pro 6100: very slow recharge battery

    I bought a new battery pack for my Satellite Pro 6100 because my old Battery Pack loaded very slowly, about 5 per cent in 12 hours. But it turns out that my other one has the same problem.
    The problem may be the charger or the laptop.
    I already tried to unload the batteries fully.
    Can someone help me.


    It is not easy to tell what can be the problem, but if you use the new battery pack and the problem is there, it is possible that electronic power on your laptop is not working properly.

  • Cannot find a replacement battery for my Satellite Pro L450D - 12 X

    Cannot find a replacement battery for Toshiba laptop Satellite Pro L450D - 12 X part number: PSLY6E-00C004MP anywhere.

    Most of the battery available on internet as on eBay comes with the parts number PA3534U-1BRS, tried but did not work for my laptop. Links or information where I could buy the replacement battery for part number: PSLY6E-00C004MP would be appreciated.

    See you soon

    According to the specifications of the laptop, you can use PA3534U-1BRS PA3534U-1BAS battery with your laptop.
    Where to find them? I put t know where you live but try to use the part number of battery as a search term in Google for your country to find an online store where you can order.
    At least you can order it directly from the service provider of Toshiba in your country.

  • Satellite PRO 4600: What battery is compatible

    Hello, your product PA3107U-1BRS battery is compatible whit Satellite Pro 4600?

    Thank you

    I found the info that these two batteries are designed for your device:


    Use them and you will be sure that you have a right.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A10: RTC battery is low or CMOS chesksum unstable

    I have a Satellite Pro A10.

    When I turn everything first laptop computer on I get RTC battery is low or CMOS checksum is unstable - press F1 to set date/time. When I press F1, I get a beep and it's everything that happens. I'm unable to had to set up or do anything at all with the installation program.

    I kept it plugged in for 24 hours, but still the same results. I replaced the CMOS battery with a new. But even once, I get the exact same results.

    All that happens when I press F1 and a sound signal. Is this a sign that I have probably a problem with the motherboard?

    You can access the BIOS and could try to set the default settings, and then save the settings and start again.
    If it doesn't, then it must be another reason for this message.

    My first thought was that this error pops up because the BIOS battery is empty.
    Usually such charge as described in your ad should help get rid of this message.
    But it seems that there is a more serious problem

    I m not quite sure what this could be, but the hypothesis that a motherboard could malfunction is not wrong.
    I think that a fault of mobo might this causes too.

    But in my opinion a mobile technician must check to make sure what's wrong.

  • Help for Satellite Pro M10 RTC CMOS battery replacement

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro M10 PS630E-G206C-FR
    Removing the main battery causes a failure message from RTC battery from the beginning to the top and loss of CMOS date/time.
    I tried to charge my main battery in full and then leave the machine in charge while it is turned on (I said it is a method for the CMOS battery)-without any result.
    My questions: do I have to replace the RTC battery (ie: is it refillable welded or a CR2032 battery shows or similar).
    If a specific type, the best source?
    And also, where it is (I'm comfortable with disassemble my laptop having replaced the LCD cable already)
    Thank you

    Hi David

    Do you need help? What you mean exactly, step by step disassembly procedure? Maintenance manuals are not public documents and I'm really interested if anyone can offer assistance to you.

    When you want to swap the portable RTC battery almost entire must be dismantled. Believe me that is not the procedure of 10 steps and to do something like this, you need the disassembly instructions. I recommend you to check how it will be service charges because that when they disassemble the laptop they can clean at the same time and the laptop will be as good as new.

    If you want to do it yourself, it is very important to use authorized by Toshiba replacement batteries or real. Battery wrong installation may cause a battery explosion, or other damage.

    Please be careful about this.

  • Re: Satellite Pro L670 - can I turn off the sound when the battery is empty?


    Is it possible to disable the bios beep when the battery is empty or the laptop's Hibernate?

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L670.

    Even when the sound in Windows is turned off the laptop do a annoying sound.

    Thank you!

    Maybe it sounds silly, but I put t understand why that should be disabled. When the battery reaches the critical battery level you will be informed about this and portable must be connected to the power running or you have to save your work and turn it off.

    Do you really want to work until the battery is completely discharged?

    Anyway, AFAIK this notification level BIOS cannot be disabled.
    Let's see if someone else is better informed than me.

  • Satellite Pro A40: location of the CMOS battery?

    is anyone the location of the cmos battery on the a40 sat pro that I need to change it.
    The laptop is a few years old, so I hesitate to send to the dealer for him as will be fairly high costs!

    Thank you

    I put t know exactly the place of the RTC battery, but you should see if you Remover keyboard and lid.
    To remove the RTC battery you need to disconnect the cable from the connector PJ8490 on the system board RTC battery and then Peel the insulators and remove the RTC battery.

    But note: When replacing the RTC battery, be sure to use genuine battery or spare batteries allowed by Toshiba. Battery wrong installation may cause a battery explosion, or other damage.

    PS: Just for the record: the RTC battery recharge takes about 8 hours

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