Satellite Pro A40: location of the CMOS battery?

is anyone the location of the cmos battery on the a40 sat pro that I need to change it.
The laptop is a few years old, so I hesitate to send to the dealer for him as will be fairly high costs!

Thank you


I put t know exactly the place of the RTC battery, but you should see if you Remover keyboard and lid.
To remove the RTC battery you need to disconnect the cable from the connector PJ8490 on the system board RTC battery and then Peel the insulators and remove the RTC battery.

But note: When replacing the RTC battery, be sure to use genuine battery or spare batteries allowed by Toshiba. Battery wrong installation may cause a battery explosion, or other damage.

PS: Just for the record: the RTC battery recharge takes about 8 hours

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  • Satellite Pro A40 fell on the wireless network card; Damaged PCMCIA slot

    This morning my Satellite Pro A40 (Celeron 2.6) fell 40 cm. He fell right on the wireless network card that has been inserted. This card is still alive and so is the rest of the laptop, but the PCMCIA location is little damaged. I can insert PC cards almost completely, just the last piece (when the pins are) wrong.

    I removed the cover near the CPU, and there, I could see the inside PCMCIA slot; I could see the main part and the last part where the pins are. That little part as is pushed upward, as you can see in the pictures.

    I think I'd be able to fix myself this PCMCIA slot, but I can't remove it. I removed all the screws on the rear plate, but he is still blocked.


    PCMCIA slot

    The PCMCIA location; on the left, you will see the part with the pins, which is pushed upward. It's also what I see when I look at the pins in the PCMCIA slot. as they are pushed down, but I don't think they are folded.

    Wireless network card

    Wireless network card; It is a little damaged but it still works.

    Does anyone have an idea how I can remove the back plate, or another way to remove the PCMCIA slot and fix it?

    Hi Steve

    Well, I can give t well you not answer how you can just remove the PCMCIA slot.
    There are a lot of screws and to my knowledge, it is necessary to remove all covers and screws that are placed at the bottom of the unit and inside under the keyboard.
    Please check this specific device. Perhaps you have overlooked a few screws.

    But if it is impossible to remove the PCMCIA slot of the unit, I recommend to ask the service partner for a detailed instruction.

    Good luck

    Good bye

  • Re: Satellite Pro A40 - connection to the local network


    My names Andy and not bieng a total beginner computer, I tried to install all the drivers for my laptop model a SPA40 old fathers PSA45E-001VM-EN. (European model I think) everything looks ok, except that I can't get the ETHERNET driver.

    When I go into the Device Manager there is NO controller network displayed in the list and there is a yellow exclamation mark against two controllers ethernet ib the OTHER DEVICES tab looking here, I downloaded the atheros wlan xp file -, broadcom wlan xp - installed and nothing changes, we used to be able to go on the net and with the wifi card in the pci slot wireless go so I know its capable I think it's just the order of drivers and the drivers themselves,

    Then someone can point me in the right direction before as I have send myself crazy with this...

    You can

    regards and thanks in advance



    The drivers that you downloaded are WLAN Card and has nothing to do with the connection to the local network (Ethernet) normal

    I think you should check the Web from Toshiba site to download the latest LAN driver. You can find the drivers for Satellite Pro A40 in * archives *.
    ttp:// h

  • Adjustable 430CDT Pro - how to replace the CMOS battery?

    Two questions, if I could.

    1. the old new 430CDT - does anyone have simple instructions that go I would find the CMOS battery and replace it without destroying the computer in the process? I suspect that it is hidden under the keyboard, but have no idea how to do to remove that. (I'm not very super-friendly upward on computers.)

    2. How can I get back in to old posts and give points for helpful answers?

    Thank you!

    > 1. The old 430CDT yet - does anyone have simple instructions that go I would find the CMOS battery and replace it without destroying the computer in the process? I suspect that it is hidden under the keyboard, but have no idea how to do to remove that. (I'm not very super-friendly upward on computers.)

    I m not very well, but I doubt you could get access to the only keyboard removing CMOS battery.
    Usually it s placed on the motherboard but it s need to disassemble the whole laptop and believe me. It's really complicated and mostly impossible for some who never disassembled a laptop

    So if you ask my opinion: contact a technician in downtown and ask for help.

    > 2. How to bring back the old posts and give points for helpful answers?
    You must mark the post as answered, and then you can assign points to other users.
    Click on your username and you will get the list of your discussions.


  • Re: Satellite Pro A40 - cannot find the boot order in the BIOS

    Hi, we have a very old A40 Satellite Pro with a new hard drive.

    We are tryng to change the boot order in the BIOS to recognize the CD player ready for the windows disk. However, there seems to be no option to change the BIOS not boot order, and Yes, we tried the road from Toshiba which suggests press C during startup until and F12 to select the drive during boot, or what kind of work.

    Please can someone help?

    PS: The current message on the screen during startup is THAT BOOTMGR is missing

    Hi karl1966,

    Have you checked if the CD/DVD drive is recognized correctly in the BIOS?

    Maybe your drive is noisy and you should try another. I put t disc you used but try with Toshiba and Microsoft Windows disk recovery disk.

  • Satellite Pro M10 - location of the mini-pci slot?


    I have a M10 Pro of the Satellite with a mini-PCI Intel Pro 2100. Now, I wanted to put in a new card, but I can't find the mini-pci slot? I opened all the way down, but there nothing. Where is it located and what is the best way to open the laptop? I guess a lot of screws must come out...


    Well, as far as I know the mini-PCI card is under the keyboard. In this case, you will need to remove the unit covers. But if you open Notepad, you will lose the warranty.
    In my opinion, you should contact the ASP for help and detailed descriptions.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A40 - cannot reinstall the OS

    Hello world.
    I can not intall Windows XP 2000 2003... or other Windows NT on my Toshiba satellite SPA40 technology.
    The computer cannot copy some of the filies as OEMBIOS. Dl_ DVD...
    When I insist it stops with this blue screen with "If this is the first time... disable the BIOS cache... '. ', then the computer is blocked.
    Please help me


    Have you changed some settings in the BIOS?
    I recommend you set the BIOS to default settings.
    Alternatively, you can try to disable the external cache feature.
    If this doesn't help, try to upgrade the BIOS

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro S300-120 does not start after replacing the CMOS battery


    My friends laptop - a S300-120 - was having a few problems.

    I replaced some parts about this before, including a screen crack with no problems.

    However, he began to refuse to start saying "out of battery CMOS, Press F1 to enter setup". Of course you would have to do this, set the date and time, except & restart only to get the same message. We have replaced the CMOS battery with a with the same serial number and now the laptop will not boot.

    It does one of two things.

    It is one) seems to turn, turn to the top disk & CD player, cooling fan is 100%, then flashes the POWER ON led once, twice by orange, and then green to 1/2 second intervals, with no response from the keyboard or LCD.

    Or (b) turns on, turntable, does not turn up to cooling fan, POWER ON witness remains stable, no response from the keyboard or LCD.

    I re-assembled the laptop several times & can not find all the missing fittings or obvious signs of damage.

    The only thing I can think is that the motherboard has been damaged - somehow find replacements is delicate.

    Any ideas?


    (> It is a) appears to turn on, turn the disk & CD player, cooling fan goes to 100% and then flashes him

    POWER ON led once, twice by orange, and then green to 1/2 second intervals, with no response from the keyboard or LCD.
    Usually, if the voltage in abnormal feeding malfunctions when IN DC will be blinking orange.

    In my opinion, it looks like a problem with the motherboard :(
    Eventually, you will need to replace the mobo ;(

  • Replace the drive DVD/CD-RW on my Satellite Pro A40


    Does anyone know if a Toshiba DVD/CD-RW drive with model number SD-R2412 will be compatible with my Satellite Pro A40? If not, anyone know where I could find? Some muggins broke the CD drive on my laptop by bumping the case off a cargo cover. As a result, I can't claim on the warranty... statement of accidental damage... bah. :-(

    A friend of mine, think the new drive can need CSEL or M/S setting... What is it exactly and I need for an A40 Pro Sat? The laptop model number is PSA45E - 0184H - EN

    Thank you!!


    Sorry, but I can't tell you which model will fit your laptop because there is not a public document on this subject. I know that your drive is set up and if the warranty is still valid you should not o alone because you can lose your warranty. I also found information that your device may also use a DVD-R, - RW drive. These types of information have all authorized partners. Try to contact them. I'm sure they can give you correct information on this subject.

    Good bye

  • Hardware card NETWORK does not appear in the Device Manager on Satellite Pro A40

    Satellite Pro A40 with XP home. The Integrated NIC does not appear in Device Manager.
    I booted Knoppix on CD, which correctly identifies the load hardware ethernet drivers, etc., and I am able to access the internet, so I know that the hardware is OK.

    Can anyone help?

    Do you mean the LAN card?
    What status of LAN card appears in Device Manager?

  • Satellite Pro A40: Is it possible to format the HARD drive without disk

    I am passing on a Satellite Pro A40 to a brother. It is in very good condition, but has slowed down over the years. I want to get rid of my data (I have on a new machine) and speed up the system by formatting the hard drive.

    The machine didn't come with a disc for Windows XP, or a recovery CD (just a CD "tools and utilities"). I'm sure the drive HARD will be partitioned, and I can format the drive without such a disc.

    If this is true, how should I do?
    Thank you.


    I can't believe that you do not have recovery media.
    The laptop must be supplied with recovery CD, Tools & Utilities CD, and WinDVD.

    But back to your question;
    If you insert a new HARD disk, you will need to use the Toshiba Recovery CD or the original CD of Microsoft Windows to install the operating system.
    The new drive is not partitioned HARD and doesn't have any OS pre-installed!

    If you n t have the original CD of Microsoft OS you can contact the service provider allowed in your country and you can order it.

    I hope I could help

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro A40 guard stop with the ATI driver error message

    My girls having some problems with her laptop and get back to Uni at the end of week for me to have a look on.

    Basically, he keeps closing sometimes with an ATI graphics driver error message. I had updated the memory last Christmas and resinstalled from scratch.

    My first impressions are it is overheating and I probably need to clean the fan, was wondering if anyone had any ideas?

    Thank you very much
    Keith (South end)

    Satellite Pro A40 is about 3 years old and it is possible that the unit needs to be cleaned. If the appliance is used intensively, I assume that there is more dust inside. By overheating of the appliance stops suddenly without any warning.

    As a first step the device. I don't know if it's the right idea to do it alone, but if you are familiar with laptops, you can give a try. After having done that, your daughter should carefully watch what happens the next few days.

  • Satellite Pro A40 can't connect to the WLan using the Win XP

    Hi all

    Newbie on your site so thank you in advance for your answers ;-)

    Picked up a Toshiba Satellite Pro A40, completely formatted and installed a legal XP Pro.

    Trying to connect to the internet using a Netgear wg511 card works on my other laptop, it will not connect even though I installed the driver for it?

    It comes up with 'limited or no connectivity problem occurred because the network has not assigned a network address of the computer.

    Any ideas please?

    Thanks Mike


    First of all, you must update the WLan driver.
    I put t know what wireless network card has been installed, but you can find WLan card details in Device Manager-> network adapters.

    In addition, I recommend to disable all the security settings on the router and then try to connect to the wireless network.
    If you will be able to connect to the Wlan, you can enable security settings (Wlan encryption, mac address filtering, firewall, etc.) again.

    Last but not least, you can try to use this command in a DOS (CMD)
    Ipconfig / renew

    Big names

  • Satellite Pro A40 - how to enter the BIOS

    I can get to safe mode, last known good configuration, but I forgot how to get BIOS. Please notify for the satellite Pro A40

    What and press ESC F1 immediately after power on

  • Satellite Pro A40 psa45e - error code: what is the problem of flashing

    I just bought the laptop above Satellite Pro A40 (psa45e - 0184 h - en), which came with a generic power.
    The great laptop worked until the other night.

    The light on the power supply is on, output is 15 Volt, turns on the laptop at the front, an orange light comes on and blinks 5 then 2 then 1, I guess the 521 error code.

    Unplug everything and the light goes out then two green lights turns on, then laptop has started twice and started upward (running xp) but then freezes.

    I guess the power supply stopped working and the chip has noticed the problem.

    Can anyone confirm the fault error is feeding or is there something else wrong.

    Need to know before you buy the Toshiba power, I don't want to lose more money.

    Help, please...

    How much is your generic AC adapter?

    The amps must be the same or greater than what your laptop needs. You can view the Volts + Amp requirements based on the laptop (serial sticker).

    So if the laptop needs 15v 8A... you need a 15v 8A or 9A 15v or AC adapter / higher CC.

    If the amps are too weak, in the custom of mobile devices get enough power and could cause damage.

    You should get yourself a good Toshiba adapter for peace of mind. Cheap generics can be more trouble than they are worth.

Maybe you are looking for