BlackBerry Smartphones Blackberry ID help please

Hi all

New here.

My problem: I have a BB Curve in 2012 and used my Email and password to get a BB ID. This phone is old now and not in good condition. Someone gave me a BB Torch 9800 in much better condition and I went to my provider and had the SIM card and my data has gone through. My problem is that the original email and the password with which I had the BB ID no longer exist. I see again the original mail on my old phone, but the password is lost.

How do I connect to update my BB ID and change the e-mail address and the password on my new phone?

BBID credentials are completely separate from your email credentials. BBID system and your email system are not bound together... they are separated. BBID, you can use any valid e-mail address for the ID and a password that you choose that. You can do some reading here:

Good luck!

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    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    I suggest a search of message:

    • KB21879 How to search messages unread on the BlackBerry smartphone

    Good luck and let us know!

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    3G or WiFi is the only service on this device which will allow the data at the same time as a phone call.  There's no other way.

  • Smartphones blackBerry Email help please!


    Recently, I had to send my curve away from setting the led screen and received the same phone as a loan. She has set up my e-mail account and everything worked fine and dandy.

    Now, a month later, I got my blackberry back. The woman at Sasktel backed up the loan and restored it on my Berry. My bbm contacts, everything has been restored correctly.

    But I get no emails. Both my accounts are set up and all my previous emails are there until she me back on since the article ready to mine. How can I fix it? What I have to go to Sasktel and ask them to do?

    Thanks for any help and suggestions!

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    Looks like the employee of Sasktel has not set up your active device on BIS.

    Try the links before for help.

    Thank you


    Change of KB04322 the phone smart BlackBerry PIN in your BlackBerry Internet Service account

    KB00510  How to register your device

    KB11935. If you receive an error message when you try to change the smartphone BlackBerry PIN in your BlackBerry Internet Service account.

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    Skype has not released a version compatible with the PlayBook.

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    good so im a new user for the blackberry storm and I searched through the service book... I know that some things are important from the looks of what I have on the list.  but I'm curious to know if I delete anything I don't use or want on my phone, like the tones of the ASBL, a looser radio, Flickr, AIM, YHO, GT, WLM, Blackberry maps, etc... all the things that I do not have any affiliation,... could adversely affect my phone if I delete those out... or not?

    Hello and welcome to the Forums of Support

    If you delete these unnecessary service books, they will just get pushed to your device.

    Do not worry them, they take up very little space.

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    Thank you

    A flash? An arrow in a circle with the arrow pointing down at 7:00?

    The notice says you have an application that you previously downloaded or purchased in App World > My World, which is ready for an upgrade on your device. Look there for the upgrade.

    To clear the notification on the screen, find the alert message in your main folder, read or delete it.

    You see the notification icon in the list below?

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    Using BB Desktop Manager 4.5. I have about 75 contacts with notes in the field notes in Contacts in Outlook 2007. I looked at the areas of cartography in the address book, and I don't see one for the NOTES field in Outlook 2007. I have checked the transfer of all the elements and put prospects for the maker of conflict. I see that the address and updated phone numbers but there is no notes...



    Did you update your Desktop software? I think you said you were on 4.5... current version is 4.7...

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    Thank you, Xan, but the problem has been resolved - the hard way. You can see on my other thread of crisis, I have linked to the BB desktop software and I saw an update available for my OS, I clicked on apply and as this was happening, my connection failed. I kept getting the message that it wouldn't reconnect (aaaaaaarrrggghh!), and my camera ended with the message "error 561, reload software.» I posted a notice 'aid' here, but then the clouds parted and a miracle happened. I tried to reconnect, and the software reloaded. Hallelujah! I restored the backup I ran on the desktop software 3 days earlier, so I reinstalled my applications to my world and my Iconify links. so my download Panel is filled again. I would like, there was an easier way to solve this, but, oh, who cares? I got my BB!

  • Virus blackBerry Smartphone app? Help please!

    3 applications appear randomly in my Bold 9700 download folder, haven't downloaded or modified permissions for what it is. No option to remove them, they are marked 100% games, sync music bubble bash 2.0 and virgin media. Have tried to change the records to be deleted, but no luck! I know that bb is virtually virus free, someone else has had this problem or have any ideas please?

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    Please check here:

    • Home screen > Options > (Advanced Options in certain levels of OS) > Applications

    If the app in question is not on this list, it is not installed. On the contrary, the icon is a shortcut for "teaser" pushed to you from your wireless service provider. You can't really get rid of those. On the contrary, what I do is to create a homescreen folder called "Alternative icons" (some call it "Junk") and to settle all these icons. In this way, they are out of the way. On the other hand, if the application in question is on this list, then click on the X button and delete the app.

    Good luck!

  • BlackBerry Q10 help please


    I have a BB of Q10. I did a cleanup of security and after doing this, I got an error on the screen (

    I tried to reload my software from the link of blackberry, now I have a blank screen with a red led will blink twice and repeating.

    The blackberry link does not end and gives me this;

    Software update has encountered an error.

    An error occurred while updating your device software.

    Encountered unknown error (A:0x000000A2)

    I also tried to go on my Local C drive > program files > common files > reasearch in motion > application loader

    Then, I get this msg:

    The Blackberry Desktop Software doesn't have a Blackberry Device Software for the device you have connected to the computer.

    Contact your wireless service provider or system administrator.

    I am at my whits end... HELP PLZ

    @Angie3 Hi try using the manual method using the autoloader, How - to's:

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    Call your carrier and ask them to check and reset the settings from your Sim Card.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Blackberry Curve will not let me edit / change my email before a transfer... Help, please. :(

    BlackBerry Curve will not let me edit / change my email before a transfer... Help, please.

    Hi angeloberdos and welcome to the community of BlackBerry Support Forums!

    This has always been a feature of the BlackBerry smartphone. Contents of the sent email cannot be changed before sending.

    Thank you.

  • BlackBerry smartphones can not connect BB to the laptop... help please!

    Hi, I need help please

    I plugged my BB to lapotp via USB cable... the pop up to connect through the usb mode was on my phone screen but I mistakely selected "don't ask me this question again"... now I can't access my BB info on laptop... iv tried to remove the battery. restart the phone and the laptop, using a different USB port on the laptop & try tp select option don't phone via my computer... no chance with one of them... is there anyone that could help me with this problem?

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    Here's a knockout who treats sequences of menu commands you need to perform:

    • KB13564 How to enable or disable the mode on the smartphone BlackBerry mass storage.

    I hope that it contains something useful!

    Good luck and let us know!

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    Try the following and see if it's what you need:

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    Go to Blackberry Hub

    Press top left menu

    Tap Settings

    Go to your Gmail account

    Press the sound notification

    Now choose 'none' form the list of available sounds

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