BlackBerry Z10 screenshot on Z10.

I discovered how to make a screenshot on my Z10 (now the volume buttons up and down at the same time). I hear the shutter of the camera, but I can't locate where the images are underway. They are found in my pictures folder. Any ideas?


If you have "BlackBerry Balance" (separate business and personal parts) activated remember to search in the business part of your screenshot because it's stored there ONLY (for security reasons).


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  • Capture screen blackBerry Z10 image problem

    Hello! I use BlackBerry Z10 for awhile and often use it to take notes and capture screenshots using the two volume keys. (top right of the phone).
    Usually the screenshot is saved in the images of the individual screen tab. But since I did a cleanup of security in order to overcome the problems of the hanging, the image is recorded on the work tab of my phone and I couldn't share it on fb or WhatsApp. Can someone help me to put the images on the tab (screen) personal

    Thanks in advance,

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    Here's a knockout who deals with this situation:

    • KB33788 Photo taken 10 BlackBerry smartphone is not found in the app screen shots

    I hope that it contains something useful!

    Good luck and let us know!

  • BlackBerry Z10 Help! OS

    best regards, I have a problem and you install a beta on my blackberry z10 stl100-2 and now I can not degrade the official version

    Do you mean that you have installed the beta on our device?  Let's be clear, the BlackBerry does not have beta versions of developer to the user.  You have installed.

    You will have to wait until the official release.  Everything I read, you cannot downgrade to an official release.

  • BlackBerry Z10 antivirus

    a good free antivirus is available for blackberry z10

    You'll have to sideload if from here.

    Here is an Antivirus on the BlackBerry App World, but it's not free.

  • BlackBerry Z10 Default earpiece/Headset Bluetooth / output Audio Plug

    During the drive, I have a kit hands free bluetooth (speaker jabra) and I have the audio output taken mini plugged into my car for audio (stereo / music).

    During audio playback to my car, it uses the audio Jack very well, the problem is when I receive a call, I want to use the bluetooth headset device instead.

    Now when I receive a call, the audio of the call is routed to the mini taken and I have to manually select the helmet after answering the call which is a pain in the...

    Is there a way to set the default device for different outputs.

    for example

    Use the mini as the audio device output by default when the music plays.

    When I get a call, use the headset as default device bluetooth for phone calls.

    When I hang up, swinging back to the mini taken (because it is the default device for audio)

    In addition,

    I ordered the bridge thinking music that he could solve my problem.

    Will I have the same problem with it when 2 bluetooth devices are connected? for example, the audio gateway and my bluetooth headset.

    Should be able to assign the bluetooth services specific to the results of the default value.

    for example Audio > mini plug if it is present as a default value if no, he can use bluetooth

    Calls > bluetooth headset.

    Hope that makes sense.


    The Blackberry music gateway solves this problem (kind of) works better... when the two jabra or any other headset device is connected and the music gateway is connected it muffles call correctly and works correctly...

    The new problem is introduced only if you have a headset (bluetooth or hands-free headset) that also supports music services. (The two compete to connect to theses services)

    I suggest buying a hands-free device that does not support music services (only a helmet) and then you should not meet for the problem below

    Read this new thread to see the solution to this new problem, if it still exists.

  • BlackBerry Z10 is stuck inside the camera!

    On the z10 blackberry, sometimes you can't get out the camera... for some reason any the shot does not do anything and you're stuck out there. The only way out is by clicking on the photo album and then get out of there!

    BlackBerry z10 is full of bugs!

    Hey everybody. We will all stay on the topic and helps answer that the question has been addressed initially. Thank you! ~

  • Reloading the blackBerry Z10 Z10 software stuck on logo Blackberry, continuous restart loop, did not help...


    Here to find the solution for my beloved BlackBerry Z10 STL100-3

    One day, precisely 26 May 2016 my Z10 battery Blackberry went below 5% or something, I rushed to connect it to the charger but before doing so; It is just off. I plugged in the charger for several hours, but it went to reboot mode as he went to the course passed. It just kept flashing empty battery symbol.

    Problem: BlackBerry Z30 stuck in a reboot loop


    1. when it is connected to the wall charger, the red LED flashes for a few seconds, the display shows "BlackBerry" name. After that,.

    a. device either goes to a restart mode, the icon reload Blackberry OS, the charging progress are shown and about 60-70% progresses he new go to the mode (flashing empty charging symbol) load

    b. or device is standing right in the mode, load with screen showing beteer empty, load, seeing to the top flashes still with the typical color of LED for empty-drained/low battery levels.

    2. keep on charging for several hours, or even overnight will not help to restart. And he remains in charge mode with b symptoms of "scenario". Start button / stop fails to start the machine and after several attempts, it flashes only 'Blackberry' on screen and again charge mode.

    3. as soon as the connection to BlackBerry device link gets detected for a few seconds. And the screen displays the name of "Blackberry", "scenario one" described above occurs. And he just repeats.

    4. that the device is detected for a few seconds, being fast enough to select the option "Reload" when Blackberry link shows that it connected returns with the message "software update has encountered an error.

    After meeting thiis reboot loops question on 26 May 2016, I searched rigorously blackbery support forums and other web pages a di a factory reset/software reload on my device. I lost all my data, but did not care as I wanted my Z10 back to life.

    Now its been 2-3 months I see my Z10 stuck in restart loop and hoping that maybe it lights up or I will be able to find the solution.

    Kindly help.

    Hi J Sanders,

    Z10 was connected to the wall charger and all the tips/advice you mentioned have been tried. He could not start device.

    Before trying the ADF, to check if battery is dead or defective; I kept it in my brother Z10. The battery was load and after a while, he turn the unit on its own.

    However, the pile of work of Z10 my brother could not initialize my camera. I guessed corrupted software connection or the battery could be a problem.

    I carefully observed battery connection ports, specifically the part that establishes the conncetion of metal tabs of the battery with the unit (given in the image

    I found one of the metal connector stuck / out partially / fits loosely / spring-movement irregulars / and is not able to communicate perfectly with the metal strips of the battery.

    I tried to solve this problem by manually removing the metal connector. After several test, I managed to do it.

    I put my battery in my Z10, he acknowledged, and red LED flashed, name BlackBerry flashed, Blakberry OS Reload icon flashed-has increased 100%, Blackberry 10 name flashed and Z10 began. Device came to operational status.

    Current operating system version is

    No SIM or media inserted in it.

    Charge the unit and check if all functions work fine.

  • BlackBerry, BLACKBERRY Z10 Z10 Os Downgrade


    my name is Ghislain

    I m from Pakistan. I m using Blackberry z10 stl100-2 last night I reset my mobile but my mobile is not on and just the red light flashes, then I try to link blackberry but no installed os not on software update so I'm looking App Autoloader Blackberry os 10.3 and install on my mobile now my phone works, but some applications like photos video, video clip and some applications do not work properly I want to just install my previous OS 10.2 on my mobile please help me for this

    Thanks in advance

    Unfortunately, ignoring all warnings with that you should have to be made, you have now activated your device in a developer test device. There is no intended for general purpose OS 10.3.3. 10.3.3 OS out there only are strictly for the application development process, and they are severely constrained in their functionality. It is an intentional situation, hamper the OS for the developer of the app to specifically test some things. That's why these OS developer packages are never intended to be installed at someones "daily driver".

    In addition, the 10.3.3 Developer OS includes a similar restriction 10.3.2. a... Once you move to the 10.3.3 level, you cannot fall back to previous levels or 10.3.2. It is blocked, just like 10.3.2 is blocked to prevent falling back to 10.3.1 or an earlier version.

    You're now stuck on 10.3.3 while BB released a production version of the OS 10.3.3. There is no way around that. The only thing you can do is try to make the OS as functional as you can through these tips:

    It will not be perfect, and it won't be complete. Some things may work for you, and others could not. But it is not what it will be until BB releases a bunch of OS 10.3.3 production.

  • BlackBerry Z10 who developed the Facebook app?

    Dear all,

    Who developed the facebook app for blackberry z10. What is RIM? or Facebook?

    RIM developed Facebook for Blackberry z10

  • BlackBerry App Timeplay - blackberry Z10

    When I go to timeplay in the worlds of blackberry it says "not available on this device", and I have a blackberry Z10 :'(

    TimePlay has not yet been published to the z10... You should contact [email protected] and ask them when they will release it.  I sent several emails and messages to providers and almost all of them are updating their applications to the z10...

  • 100 - 1. is BlackBerry Z10 BBZ 10 STL it supports 4 G in INDIA?

    lunch supernet Vodafone in India with 1800 mhz (FDD - LTE). There is such no information on LTE in my phone.

    Gaelle says:
    Sorry for this kind of mistakes! Sir, I have just a question supporting FDD (LTE) 1800 mhz band 3 in my BlackBerry Z10 model no: - STL100 - 1?

    OK... so you were wondering on the capabilities of your device. As the States previous post, as well as what I gave to you in post 3 above, the answer is no.

  • BlackBerry Z10 Ayuda! Videos sin pasar al audio PC

    Hola a todos! The problem that I have that're estoy pasando videos some of mi Blackberry Z10 al PC y estos some videos tienen sonido y in otros not to escucha, habiendose el mismo dia recorded. ¿A than can be due? Hay than into account than in mi BB so to escuchan, cuando falla al pasarlo estre PC. MUCHAS gracias.

    Buenas noches @angel_cg

    Bienvenido a los

    Estas conectándo en modo masivo o storage you BlackBerry smartphone?

    Config / Acceso y storage-> activar Acceso mediante USB-> luego masivo USB storage mode.

    Los videos are stored as memoria en? O Micro SD device?

    Saludos, comentanos...

  • BlackBerry® Z10 problems receiving e-mail on PC at home

    I have a Blackberry Z10 and I can send emails to any computer in the world to the best of my knowledge. When I try to send e-mail to the PC at home isn't going not to spend.

    The Z10 and the PC have the same email address and when someone sends me an email it appears on the PC and the BBRY.

    I talked to Suddenlink, they tell me it is eather a problem BBRY or AT & t. AT & T tells me that this is a problem Suddenlink and support BBRY let's just say that English is not their first language.

    Thanks M-G-K

    machine guns-gun-kelly wrote:

    I have a Blackberry Z10 and I can send emails to any computer in the world to the best of my knowledge. When I try to send e-mail to the PC at home isn't going not to spend.

    The Z10 and the PC have the same email address and when someone sends me an email it appears on the PC and the BBRY.

    I talked to Suddenlink, they tell me it is eather a problem BBRY or AT & t. AT & T tells me that this is a problem Suddenlink and support BBRY let's just say that English is not their first language.

    Thanks M-G-K

    This is not a fault BLackberry, when you send an email to the same address, the e-mail appears in the sent and Inbox on the Z10, it also gets sent to the computer.

  • Warranty BlackBerry Z10 Z10 blackBerry

    Hello! I would buy a new SIM free BlackBerry Z10 (from Carphone Warehouse, which is the official seller of UK BB according to the page Web of BB). But I come from Hungary, and now I'm here in England, so if I buy a BlackBerry Z10 here, can I valid my guarantee also in Hungary, is it possible to do? Thanks for your replies!

    As far as I know, Carphone Warehouse is not official for the Blackberry, just dealer one of the authorized dealers so that you know that you are not buying a stop on the black market. The warranty works only in the country where it is pronounced, so that 3 gave me a unlocked Z10 (I do not know how or why, but I am not it!), I always get a 2 years manufacturer's warranty.

    If you left in the United Kingdom to return to Hungary, that your 2 year warranty would still be valid, but you wouldn't be able to get it fixed by bringing back to the United Kingdom and Carphone Warehouse so they can pass it to the Blackberry fix dept to get it sorted

  • Help BlackBerry Z10 mobile Nokia z10 please.

    not quite sure what happened to the title... just went like this while typing of my pb.

    in any case, I switch from classic nokia to z10. I have hundreds of contacts, some of whom many numbers of emails, etc.. There are too many to fit on one sim card and they would also all be shortened to 14 characters.

    However, I can export my contacts into a CSV file nbu GOLD. A way to get this info on my z10 easily?

    Be very useful if there was a FAQ to help users of each of the other brands move with ease to the new blackberry.

    Thank you?

    Thanks for the quick response.

    You can remove contacts from Hotmail, once the synchronization is complete, make sure that you disable sync contacts in the account settings.

    It is just a workaround, so you can get all the contacts on the BlackBerry Z10

  • BlackBerry Z10 Facebook app is full of *.

    The facebook app for blackberry z10 was supposed to compete with the iphone one (courses, it was a joke).

    no possibility to chat

    no control over what type of stream to get (most popular or most recent)

    and no ability to add a place to retrieve

    the Z10 version is worse than my old 9900!

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