Check in a project without media

Hi all.

Probably a very simple answer to this question, but something I have not been able to work on myself.

I currently have a library containing a single project which takes up 100 GB of storage on my external HARD drive.

This project is complete, so I want to archive in case it is needed in the future.

I reduced the size of the library en masse by deleting files of rendering.

Now, I created a library called "Library Archive" on another external drive, then selected the initial project, and then file > copy to the library project.

I select the 'library of the archives', I did not checked 'include proxy support' etc, but it does increase the size of my library of archives to 7 GB.

I want to only save the project without any media - if I need to use the project in the future, I can re-import the original media.

Is there a simple way to do this?

Thank you.

MMake a new library on the same drive as the original.  In the properties of the Library set an external file to the media. Copy the project that you want to check in the new library.

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    1. what version of Windows Media Player is installed on your computer?
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  • Collect project without changing the file structure?

    Hi all, anyone know if there is a way to collect a project without overlapping of images in a folder (film)? I organize my pictures in a folder with the files to the appropriate subcategory, I work, but like to use collect in order to reduce my folder of images at the end, as often, I have tons of items to choose from that I, or items left behind by the previous revised project, in the end, States I always end up with a folder of images in a folder of images. (I know that I have worked with all my images to the same level as my project, but what a waste.) I don't work that way.)  How other to face this? Looks like there must be a simple way that I'm not aware of. Thank you for your comments!

    If you just want to clean up your ASP project so that only the images used in the project remains in the project Panel, then simply use the Reduce function. The collect function has no option to recreate the same folder structure you have in the AE project Panel.

    If you want to manage the content of your files by removing the assets then you must use the collect function and then find a way to reorganize the structure of your file on your hard drives. I only use the collect function when I say someone to work on a project that has been approved. If they have access to the original images I'll let worry about duplicates on their own system.

    For all of my clients, all assets (videos, photos, pictures, scripts, notes, project management, billing - everything to do with this customer) go into specific folders and the original documents and the revised documents are never deleted. I have a carefully designed project of numbering and system files I used for many years going back to my days of working with film. Basically I have folders arranged like this by job under each customer number so I can watch my logs of project or an invoice or an e-mail with the project included number and go directly to resources for this job years later.

    • Docs

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      • Production notes
      • Search
    • Video
      • The original film Date data / scenes
      • Intermediaries / scenes
      • Rendering of effects / scenes
      • 3D rendering / scenes
    • Audio
      • Production date / scenes
      • Scratch titles
      • Audio processing / scenes
    • Project files
      • After Effects / scenes
      • First / scenes
      • Illustrations
        • Air currents
        • Approved

    You get the idea. Personally and I learned this the hard way, I have never intentionally remove any work product or communication that I used to create any work for any client, I just organize files in a way that puts all the work approved in the approved appropriate folder and that the customer has access to the work approved.

  • Delete a source code control RoboHelp project, without opening HR


    I use HR 11 and Visual Studio source code control.

    I need to take an archived version of my HR project and open it to the changes that are not in the current project.

    When I unpack my archive, it automatically links to the source code control and downloads the latest version of the project.

    It supersedes the current source code control project and even change the mapping of the source control path must match the project archives.

    So what I need to be able to do, is open my archives project without source code control interface. Is there a file I can edit linking the project to source code control? I can't even open the project in HR because it distracts the mapping of source control.

    Thank you.

    It is fairly easy to do. See Rick's excellent post: October 2004 - ban witchcraft do not forget to remove the CPD file however.

    Kind regards


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    Hi again,

    If you have a Standard Action, then just add a literal Assign cpCmndCC with 1 line. You can also follow what says Lieve, just add a short blade and apply the action on the second slide. Also if you have objects on the slide which advance to the next slide and then not using OnExit measures.

    Thank you!

  • Is there a way to spell check a PDF file without converting them in Word or by paying an annual fee?

    Is there a way to spell check a PDF file without converting them in Word or by paying an annual fee?

    Not with player not because it isn't a PDF editing tool.

  • How to check what version of flash media server is installed on

    Hi all.

    Is it possible to check which version of flash media server is installed on my computer?

    'Open flash Media Administration Console' from start-> all programs-> Adobe-> Flash Media Server... and then sign in using your credentials that gave you when installing. After login, click on "Manage servers" and then click on 'License', you will be able to see which version and which edition of FMS is installed.

    In addition, Flash Media Streaming server, Flash Media Interactive server and Flash Media Development server are no versions and editions.

    Kind regards


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    In my quest for answers, it seems there is a HUGE problem and its annoying that there is no tech support (without pay) for something that should work.

    Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions, I'd like to hear it.

    I had already installed, uninstalled, downloaded the latest version and installed the Manager of office without success. When I connect my phone via USB this register as its connected, but when I use Explorer to find the drives, the drive is there, but what it says "insert disc". So I removed and used SD reader.

    However, I checked and it seems that the mass storage option is "off". Turn worked to connect the phone to USB and find the storage disk. Thank you!

  • 2015.3 - How to archive a project without proxies?

    Does anyone know how to exclude Proxy copy of images of projects archived using Project Manager?

    I mean, it's - the proxy files are not copied anymore, but when I open the project checked - it tries to connect to the proxy files that no longer exist. Is there a correct workflow to get rid of these before check-in?

    I'd appreciate any help!

    There is currently no way to permanently detach Proxies, but there is a way to stop the LinkMedia dialog asking for Proxy clips. When you receive the dialog box link media asking the location of proxy servers, click on offline everything and then save your project. When you reopen the project, he should ask is no longer for the missing Proxy clips.

  • Copy a project and media for the new hard drive


    I have a very large project stored on an external hard drive and would like to copy the whole thing, including the original media linked to a new hard drive... because I'm afraid that my old one may cease to operate quickly. How can I go on the copy of my project to a new hard disc as well that all sounds, music and video are related?

    Thanks for your help.


    You can create a library of transfer in the user interface and move the top project. (It it will copy as you move it to a new drive)

    If you also move the media, it will break the links between the project and the media (audio and video). When you do that, use the command create a link (on the file menu). If you point to the good volume, it should find the media and offer you the ability to link again.

    Good luck.


  • Check parts is original without opening the machine


    I'm about to buy a T450s from a guy and I want to check if any part is replaced. I want to ask if there is only one way of shows all Crus on site (or any number of parts) on the machine, so I can check with FRU showed on Lenovo parts Look Up?

    Or is there a better way?

    Thank you very much

    There is no way to check parts of the chassis like the keyboard or the palmrest without taking apart, and even in this case, you would have trouble in you making sure they are original parts if they have been replaced by the same FRU.

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    A common operation in the lab I work in is:

    Take a basic VI and change it to specific experimental purposes. The way we have done in the past is using the "save under...". "and selecting: 'Open additional copy' (and adding this file to the unique project that we use for all our work of LabView; probably a silly thing to do from the outset, only seen one project). However, we recently encountered a few problems with this (surprise, surprise) because a user has modified a Subvi, which was referenced by several rappclc. So, we decided instead start using individual projects and duplicate any relevant hierarchy to avoid changing the common files.

    The first time that we tried to do this, we used "save under...". "and"Double hierarchy,"then save the new files on a new project. However, the duplicate files were added somehow the original project as well. The result is that there are several conflicts that whenever files are responsible for each project. The obvious way to solve this problem is to delete the overlapping of the original project, but I can find no way of simply remove them without deleting the files! This is a serious nuisance. Any ideas anyone?


    Thanks for the reply. I guess that's the way of the brute force to go, I was wondering if there was a more generally including remove the individual references, or several files. Thanks also for pointing out the mess of the icon.


  • Windows XP without Media Center MCE?


    My uncle has an old PC that has Windows XP MCE 2005.
    Ater a problem with its GFX, he brought a repair guy, who changed the GFX and re-formatted everything.
    It seems to have reinstalled XP MCE 2005, but I can't find anywhere Media Center.
    I tried to find the installation files from the recovery/windows XP cd, but none of the exe files appear to be.
    Any ideas?
    The version says that Windows XP MCE 2002 and SP2 is installed as well. (Which has been confusing because the disc says 2005 and 2002, said the PC, but after some reading, I realized 2005 is just 2002 with Service Pack 2)
    The brand of computer is Medion, similar to the model, I don't remember, but it's a fairly old machine.
    I also have the recovery DVDs of Medion which, once started inviting the Windows XP installation.
    I was expecting just don't not to re - install everything again.
    Is it possible to lift the Media Center and running? I tried everything to my knowledge and that you still can't find a way to do this.

    The first thing you need to switch your system to XP Service Pack 3, you can download and install from here:

    About your Media Center, you see it written anywhere, once you click Start > all programs?

    A check more than you could do:

    1. click on Start > run.
    2. type %SystemRoot%\ehome\ehshell.exe and press return (enter key).

    Media Center opens for you?

    I don't have much experience with XP Media Center versions. One thing I know about this version of XP is that it was probably distributed only through OEMS. As far as I KNOW, if you reinstall XP Media Center, Media Center program should be listed under the option all programs in your Start menu. If it is not this way, the most likely cause for this would be a bad installation of the operating system. Do you have the means to contact your manufacturer and see if that's what it should be in your computer as well?

    If you want to do a clean install of Windows XP, here is a good tutorial on how to do it. It has screenshots as well. Take a look:

    Hope this information helps. Nice day!!

  • Windows Media took control of all my programs Ican can't open a program EmailXtender without media player displays the error message, how can I solve this

    I stupidly d/load a game when I open rar file it was running ok when I left the game I couldn't open any file, apparently, I have to put the media player as a host for all my programs. be grateful for the help to correct. I can't restore the system as he want to open via media player.

    PS I am a novice

    If I understand your problem here is what I would try.

    1. open the control panel.

    2. click on and open default programs.

    3. find the file extension judging by your message is a .rar file types list and click to highlight.

    4. click on change program.

    5 Select the program you want to open the file. If its not listed, you may need to search for it. Make sure that the box always use the file selected is checked and click OK.

    I hope this helps.

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