compressed backup size differ between the band and hard drive

It is out of curiosity. EE on OEL 5.6 DB (64 bit) + Compression Adv.


The disc and sbt_tape are configured for compressed backupsets

compression algorithm is set to 'HIGH '.

If I backup to disk, it takes 1.5hrs and produces a backup 10 GB piece.

If I backup to tape, it takes 5 hours and produced a 27 GB backup piece.

I look at 'top', it seems that 1 core working 100% with the majority of which (> 90%) being "user" (that's to say not i/o-bound or wait)

(part of the 10 GB backup tape backup takes < 2 min over a link to 1GigE)

Has anyone else seen this type of difference in size when they perform a compressed disk vs. tape backup?

Is this supposed to happen?

Should I be worried?

Thank you very much for any information.


After several Reading the Famous Mwill integrate, it seems that "compression unused block" is shot in for the DISCS.

RMAN backup concepts

So, Yes.  An algorithm different is used between the DISCS and SBT_TAPE.


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    I have a Satellite L70-A-139 youcef.
    And at the back of the laptop, there is a cover that is fixed with a screw.

    Wil I void the warranty when I unscrew and take a look?
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    No, the mandate must still be valid.
    There is a removable cover at the bottom of the unit as shown here:
    [Toshiba Satellite C70 / C75 / C70D / C75D / L70 / L70t / S70 / HARD S70t drive replacement procedure |]

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    I think this info should be mentioned in the user manual too.

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    See nothing else that a set is a set of sql statements that join the single or multiple tables and shows the data... However views do not have the data themselves but point to the data.

    Whereas the materialized view is a concept used primarily in the Datawarehousing... these views contain the data itself. Reason being, it is more easy/quick access to the data. The main objective of Materialized view is to perform calculations and display data from multiple tables by using joins.
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  • HP touchsmart 300-120: the replacement and hard drive and memory


    I get the error message "bootmrg is missing. I have tried everything to solve this problem and finally told me that I needed to replace the hard drive. Since I have to replace it, I want to upgrade. I would like to know what the greatest memory and hard drive, I can go for this model... HP TouchSmart 300-1020.

    Thank you

    Good to hear that diagnosis proved to be positive.  You just saved yourself some time and money.

  • Cursor flashing at the start of the system and hard drive not working do not on the other computer

    Original title: I need help with my Hardrive

    Recently I had problems with a hard disk of computers. So I'm going to give guys the full story, I fell on this computer, it's actually my mums computer and it had a blue screen at startup error. I'm sorry, but I don't remember that the error was called on the top of my head, basiclly I quikly searched online and alll they say should use fixboot. So I did and the computer booted Windows XP very well. So the next day, when I was starting the machine (just to let you know, it would be the first start since I used fixboot, other than the right after that, I don't know if it would make a difference).

    In any case, while trying to start, there was just a slider, or as underscore that retain just flashing in top left corner. I thought that maybe I should reinstall windows on another partition so my files would be safe. I did it, the installation program had no problem with it, but when I booted up I got the same line of flashing underscore / cursor in the upper left corner.

    I thought that maybe I should back up the hard drive using my other computer so I tried to plug in the hardrive in my work computer and the hardrive started to heat up and as if it worked but any hardrive was getting into my computer, I refreshed it, started the computer upward once again, nothing.

    So my question is what is the problem with this hardrive and how I save? I'm ready to do anything, use the live CD, using another computer. I have precious moments of family on the hardrive.

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    Hi Joemost,

    As you have important data on the hard drive. We recommend that you contact the vendor of hard drive to diagnose hard drive or visit the nearest tech store to save your data.

    There are chances that the boot files are missing on the computer and also you could have not connected the hard drive as a slave when you connected to the other computer. Once you have saved the data, you can repair the existing windows and check if it starts successfully.

    Try these steps to repair install Windows XP:
    a. start the computer using the XP CD. You may need to change the boot order in the BIOS OF THE system for the CD starts before the hard drive.
    b. on the "Welcome" screen, press ENTER to start the installation of Windows.
    c. accept the license agreement and Windows will search for existing installations of Windows.
    d. Select the XP installation you want to repair in the list, press R to start the repair.
    e. the installation program copies the necessary files to the hard disk and restart.  Do not press any key to boot from CD when the message appears. Setup will continue as if it were a clean install, but your applications and settings are preserved.
    f. when the installation is complete, check if Windows starts correctly.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    How can I access my memory and hard drive to add memory and upgrade to a larger disk?  I do not see on the bottom cover access ports, which suggests low overall coverage needs to be removed, but there is always something that is in the manual of th, and I can't find a service manual.

    Please click the links provided which might come handy below

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    Thank you

    K N R K

    Although I am an employee of HP, I speak for myself and not for HP

  • Organizer delete the catalog and hard drive?

    I take multiple pictures of the same thing with the intention to keep only one. How can I delete the ones I don't want to catalog and hard drive using Organizer?

    charlesp73927950 wrote:

    I take multiple pictures of the same thing with the intention to keep only one. How can I delete the ones I don't want to catalog and hard drive using Organizer?

    You highlight the files to delete (Ctrl-click to select) and simply press the delete key. You get a dialog box with a check box to specify whether you want also deleted from the disk.

  • Discover the value of zoom - full size (difference between the Id and AI)

    Hi all

    Something that bothers me in CC, which I do not remember in CS4, is that differences in view zoom factor for a 'real size' perceived between Id and Ai.

    For example: I'm on a PC with a monitor that is running at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and your screen with a diagonal of 24 ". AI when I hold an A4 paper sheet against the screen and change the view zoom factor, 128% is the zoom level for which a work plan A4 on screen aligns upward with the sample of paper.

    However do the same thing with the Id, the zoom factor seen is 96%! ???

    Anyone has an idea why this is? I use the same format of document 300 DPI on both. Have no UI scaling applied.

    I'm sure that when I was using CS4 this Id was the same 128% like setting.

    Would be nice if they were the same.

    Thank you


    However do the same thing with the Id, the zoom factor seen is 96%! ???

    From CS6 100% zoom level is the actual print size, so if you set your rules and inches and the zoom to 100% level a prominent thumb be measured like a thumb. In Photoshop and Illustrator, the 100% zoom level continues to be a 1:1 ratio image pixel screen.

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    I would like to learn OBI Apps I'm Consultant OBIEE. While getting some travel queries. Please guide me on this path.

    Thank you

    Dimension ends with D and dimension staging table ends with the DS. Its very nomenclature everything used in the warehouse projects.

    Table _DS will connect directly to the source and will be the largest part of the detials.
    Table D will have the primary Key(Called as ROWWID which will be the foreign key in all the fact table which ot refres too) as well as the table _DS detials.

    Mark correct or useful if this can help,

    Kind regards
    Rayan Vieira

    Published by: Rayan Vieira on June 5, 2013 16:36

  • The RAM and HARD drive upgrade


    I put my laptop, at level

    8.1 Windows 64-bit, Intel Core i7-4700MP @ 2.40 GHz

    Currently 12 GB of Ram - 8 GB & 4 GB Kingston DDR3

    Currently 1 TB Toshiba HDD

    I'm looking to upgrade the 4 GB of RAM to a 8 GB, I just don't know how many pins each room has. Any guidance where to find this without disassembling the machine would be very handy! -I think it's a 204pin?

    Also looking to add a second hard drive on my machine, what is the maximum size that can take this laptop? Ideally I'd like an another 1 TB HDD (same brand) than my current. Is this possible? Then the hard drives of 1 TB overprinting two system?

    EDIT: Is it possible to have the other as an SSD? Although that can't really benefits to have as a slave instead of a master drive.

    Thank you very much



    Manual - Page 2


    RAM: Yes, 204pin SODIMM SDRAM desired. You can buy the memory stick to the exact configuration & preference even brand that is already installed on your computer laptop & listed in the service manual, so that it works correctly.

    Configuration of the RAM: 8 GB DDR3L 1600 MHz PC3L-12800 1.35v SODIMM SDRAM

    Run this tool to know the configuration & Details of RAM already installed.

    Page 51 details the procedure of replacement, fairly simple.

    HDD: According to the manual, it has double drive HARD support. You can put another 1 TB 2.5 inch 9.5 mm SATA HDD. You can buy additonal material of hard drive Kit (HP PRTs number: 720237-001) to install on secondary Bay for data storage.

    I would have preferred a faster 7200 RPM HARD drive with the cache higher like this , if you want more storage.

    Alternatively, you can replace the current HDD with SSD of similar form factor (2.5 inches SATA 7 mm or 9.5 mm thick) and make as boot drive by moving the drive toward SSD HARD integer before replacement & put old HDD to secondary storage Bay. SSD would defintely thrust upward performance drastically, but they are expensive - I would say worth the cost.

    Page 48-50 details the replacement procedure. Its relatively simple to do.



  • Satellite 2800-200; is it possible to upgrade the memory and HARD drive capacity

    Hi all

    my computer is a Toshiba Satellite S2800-200 (old) and I wont to ask if it is possible to upgrade memory capacity and disk.

    Thank you

    Of course you can upgrade these laptop parts.
    The laptop seems to be equipped with an internal memory which is not removable.
    According to the website above, you can use only one memory for an upgrade slot.
    You can use the 144-Pin PC100 SODIMM 128 MB module. It's max.

    I m not 100% sure on the HARD drive, but as I m not trunk not the laptop came with 10 GB HARD drive. Generally, a 20 GB HARD drive should be possible.

    Good bye

  • Portege 7220cte: I want to move the RAM and HARD drive

    Hi all...

    I read on the internet that the 7220cte is particularly picky about his type of RAM.
    I want to improve it with an extra 256 MB. (From what I have found he needs a 16chip of low-density extra-flat 144pin sdram PC100 16 x 8)

    I can't figure out if it's just the PA3051U that is compatible or PA3069U is good as well (seems to have the same features, but its a little cheaper)
    And it will be good for example?

    How does one know if she has available to low density 16 x 8 or another, if she did not mention the specs? they say only PC100 256 MB Sodimm...

    I found a few PDF Toshiba with the list of the original expansion, only the PA3051U was listed... that's why I got scared.

    Also I would like to add a hard drive, nobody knows if a drive of 80GB 2.5 "will be compatible with the bios... ?

    M a n y t h a n k s...


    First of all, please note that the Portege 7220CTE memory can be improved up to 320 MB. The laptop supports the 64 MB internal memory. This type of memory is fixed and cannot be removed or upgraded.

    There is only one slot for expandable memory, and you can put max 256 MB module.

    I found this site which provides the module for Portege 7220CTE specifications:

    As you have already said that the laptop takes supported modules SODIMM 144 pin PC100 and in my opinion each strip memory SODIMM 256 MB 144-pin PC100 must be compatible.

    Hello and goodbye

  • Satellite A100-906: Question on the processor and HARD drive temperature

    Hey guys,.

    I want to ask u for the level of normal temperature of this laptop? I want to know the temperature of the CPU (1,2) and the temperature of the HARD drive, because I think that my laptop is overheating and it is a problem for me :/ (my temperature is now around 50 for the 2 hearts and nearly 40 for hard disk) Is this ok or? Ty ;)


    Believe me, the 50 degrees C for the CPU and C 40 degrees for the disk HARD is a normal temperature! It's rare!
    On my laptop the CPU temperature increases up to 60 degrees C if no application works.

    But be aware that the temperature varies.
    If you run different applications on the laptop, the performance of the processor will be increased and the temperature rises.
    That is a fact.

    There is nothing wrong GUY ;)


    Hi, I'm going to do a clean install of win. 7 home Premium and I would like to upgrade the Bios and installing a hard drive SSD 120 GB and 2 GB of ram.

    Desktop PC

    5226Model #: CQ5226UK
    Product #: VS273AA-ABU
    Serial No.:[personal information deleted]
    Software Build #: 94WEv6PrA3
    Service ID #: 111-709
    PCBRAND: Presario

    3200AAJS-60M0A0 320 GB WD HARD DRIVE

    Intel pentium dual core 2.6

    PC built Sept 2009

    I looked at the Hp site but could not find an update for my bios.  Mobo is Foxconn Eton 1.0 and the Bios is FRIEND 5.05 25.09.2009

    A scan utility (Bios Agent) indicates that there is an update, but they require payment for flashing the bios.  In case I have some concerns, and many would prefer to download Hp or Foxconn.  I looked on the sites Web from Foxconn and FRIEND, but they require a lot & a lot of information that I don't have and don't know where to find them. I was hoping someone might have the same PC to give me information.

    Also to install the disk SSD drive I brobably would need an adapter to allow the reader to 2.5 inches to fit into the drive 3.5 "bracket. Apart from this, the connectors on the SSD drives all seem to be the same.  is this correct please or will it take a SSD and a specific to my PC case and my existing hard drive adapter.

    Thank you

    Hi thanks for your help, advice and information: my PC was purchased in January 2009 is a little more than 4 years.  The upgrade would cost 130 pounds. I could not buy a decent PC with 4 GB ram and an SSD for under £500.   I do not download music or movies, or make more than a small base video editing so I'm sure that with these improvements, there will be more than enough for me.

    One thing doesn't bother me.  It seems that when buying a PC Bios updates are available for the first 2/3 years, but not thereafter.  It would not have occurred to me to look for an update of the bios, during this period just simply because I thought that they were issued only when necessary to take into account improvements and new technologies so thanks for that. you live & learn.

    I'm trying to teach me the 'nuts & bolts' repair and fix PC problems and I guess that's the main use for my PC.  Experiment with a new £500 Pc would scare me to death.

    I'm on Linux Ubuntu 13.1 without any problems on my PC Dell 9 years and XP Pro on my HP Pavilion 13, so maybe I can do my Compaq last a little longer.

    Once again thank you very much.  its part of the process of learning.  see you soon

  • Satellite A205-s4707: High Temperature of the touchpad and HARD drive


    just bought a toshiba satellite A205-s4707 notebook PC series and my problem is that my touch pad becomes heat when I use to a few ours.
    Is - this normal, also my drive hard temperature reaches 135 degrees fahrenheit.

    If you can help me with my problem will appreciate

    HM, I Don t think it's a problem because your machine is not working properly, doesn´t it?

    I mean, you really have a system very powerful which is packaged in a minimum of size.

    Please compare your machine with a desktop computer and you will recognize that you have some cooling devices well less than a desktop computer with a similar performance. So, Don t worry, it's normal that a laptop gets a little warmer.

    If something begins to melt, then it s critical. :) But sometimes won´t. ;)

    Welcome them

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