Digital Test on VAL("") failure

The following will show how to cause a failure on a digital Test that contains a number not valid.

In the post to your message box Expression:


The digital test that follows has the usual Data Source code:


However, this will replace any entry is entered for "NAN" reporting of results achieved. String "NAN" by VAL() converts it to 'not a number '.

This example uses parameters, but would be better as a Local.


Solution in the first Post.

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    I am able to import and export the limits of the digital with expressions and several digital tests with expressions.

    What about using the charger of property for expressions within limits for multiple digital tests?

    Step.Result.Measurement [0]. Limits.LowExpr doesn't seem to work (unless I need to get one for each of the 9 several tests in my sous-suite).


    HM, works now.

    I had 5 multi-stage limit (0-4). Adding entries for all 5 seems to have done the trick.

    The entries are of the form: Result.Measurement [x]. Limits. [Low |] Expr-top]

    Header row:

    Result.Measurement [0]. COMP, result. Measurement [0]. Limits.Low, Result.Measurement [1]. COMP, result. Measurement [1]. Limits.Low, Result.Measurement [2]. COMP, result. Measurement [3]. COMP, result. Measurement [3]. Limits.High, Result.Measurement [3]. Limits.Low, Result.Measurement [4]. COMP, result. Measurement [4]. Limits.High, Result.Measurement [4]. Limits.Low, Result.Measurement [2]. Limits.LowExpr, Result.Measurement [2]. Limits.HighExpr, Result.Measurement [1]. Limits.High, Result.Measurement [2]. Limits.High, Result.Measurement [2]. Limits.Low, Comp, Limits.High, Limits.Low

  • How to store the results in several digital Test

    My VI returns two double individual (not in a table), output power and frequency

    I am configuring a multiple digital test in TestStand but struggling to store readings.

    Using the following, I get an error.

    Output power of VI: Step.Result.Measurement ["Measurement 0"]. Data

    VI output frequency: Step.Result.Measurement ["Measurement 1"]. Data

    Would appreciate some advice.

    Thank you

    Got, it works

    Results were to be stored in Step.NumericArray [0], Step.NumericArray [1] and not Step.Result.Measurement ["Measurement 0"] as I've had.

    Thank you

  • To a result NULL of Labview TestStand to a type of digital test limit.


    I am looking for a way to pass a null value as a result in a limit test multiple digital test type.  My tests are written in Labview.

    The tests now pass a value of '-' 999 to TestStand to signify that this measure has not been made, but this requires additional processing and code in our data analysis tools.  Passing a value zero would simplify the tool and reduce the workload.

    Thank you


    You can switch NaN instead.  At least, I think you can.  TestStand supports NaN, but I never spent through Labview adapter, so I'm not 100% sure if it will work.  NaN is treated in tests limits labview as follows (hat tip to James Grey here):

    (NAN > x) == false
    (NAN == x) == false
    (NAN< x)="=">
    (NAN == NAN) == true

    I don't know how it would be dealt with when writing a good database.  I guess it depends on the data base and values of what digital special supports.  A quick search shows that NAN (not sure if he would lift an error or that) does not support Sybase, MySQL stores NAN as NULL in numeric fields, SQLite stores NAN as a special string code, Access stores in the form of NAN.

    So you should always write a step for translate NAN for NULL values, but I think it would be easier to write and maintain than an arbitrary number.

  • Test for success/failure of archiveLogFile() servermanager method

    When you try to check a log programmatically using the servermanager archiveLogFile() is there a way to test the success / failure of the action. I tried

    adminObj = createObject("component","cfide.adminapi.administrator").login("topsecret");
    serverObj = createObject("component","cfide.adminapi._servermanager.servermanager");
    result = serverObj.archiveLogFile("logfilename");

    However, the result is undefined.

    Thank you!

    This function has a returntype Sub, that's why.

    Instead, you need to read something like a directory to see if the file has been renamed.

  • Pavilion dm4-1075br: Test Battery ID failure


    I ran Test Battery HP (F2 at startup) and its results were: "A primary FAILURE -" and as ID of failure: "GG6FK1-000814-FEGH4J-C0E703.

    Does that mean exactly?

    Thank you.


    Id failure indicates that your battery main books begins to fail (usually, this is due to the amount of charge it can hold now compared to the ability of origin) and must be replaced.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Multiple TestStand limited digital test next tep

    I am a multiple test limits digital step stype of coding and I have a fundamental question/problem that I don't see a simple solution to.  If I'm measuring and comparing 4 differnet settings, I have 4 different steps to guide out of depending on the result.  How you code this optimal in Teststand?

    It is excellent.  Thank you very much.

  • Several digital test with labview cluster?

    Is it possible to make a numerical limit several test with the values of a cluster of a labview vi?

    So-called step "Multiple numerical limit", the data must be numeric. If the cluster already contains only numeric fields.

    Given that, I would throw the cluster within the module in a table (table Cluster). The downside of this is that all the fields of the table share the data type, so all are single or double or I32...

    Other solutions will not work with the default step type, but you can create your own type of step to accept a multiple similar to the digital cluster, which only accepts an array.


  • H8-1414: boot diagnostic hard drive test fail with "FAILURE ID: 90EF6C-00811-9XPK0K-60RC03.

    I ran diagnostic quick test for my hard drive boot and he responds with the message

    "FAILURE ID: 90EF6C-00811-9XPK0K-60RC03.

    Could someone tell me what the error id code?

    Thank you!

    Thanks to anyone who might help. I bought a new hard drive today and I'm about to install. Best wishes to all!



    When you request support, please provide the HP model name and/or product the full number of the computer in question.

    It is generally an indication that the hard disk has failed or is about to fail. Please see the HP document entitled 'Hard Drive failure errors' for useful information about SMART errors. I hope that you have already created your personal set of HP recovery disks. If you can, save all the personal data and you want to save the files.

  • A SMART Test the disk failure

    Computer does not start load Windows normally. During the diagnosis, I received the following message is displayed:


    Error: A SMART Disk test failure

    Tests: st3750528as (9up2y6fc)

    This means that my hard drive is defective or is it a software problem?  Make a recovery disk will help?

    TangoK, welcome to the forum.

    This error message means that your hard drive has failed.  If you can begin, should make a backup of your personal data.  You need to replace the drive by a large or larger for system recovery media work.

    For future use, when the application for aid, you must always include the make and model (e.g., p6-xxxx) of the computer or the monitor. This information is necessary for us to review the specifications for them.  We would be able to provide you with guides to help you to restore the system after the drive is replaced.

    Please click on the Thumbs up button '+' if I helped you and click on "Accept as Solution" If your problem is resolved.

  • Test hard drive failure.

    What does the

    failure ID # Q4PAX3-5K77AE-XD003A-60RM03

    What means?

    Tried to locate it on the site of HP and was unable to find something that makes sense. I have a feeling, this means that the hard drive is on its way. This sensation is due to a blue screen that I had just before I ran the test. I forgot to get the info from her. I will update with her when the following happens >. >.

    Edit: Product ID is XY975UA #ABA

    Thank you

    Whenever the Short drive fails with error code 24 figures indicating that the hard drive has failed and that needs to be replaced to solve the problem

    This problem could be due to an Application or a driver conflict, virus issues, corruptions of files due to incompatible applications, incorrect judgments, update failures due to conflicts, mounted sudden power so portable, sudden falls etc...

    HP will offer a replacement HDD if the laptop warranty is Active, otherwise you can buy a SATA hard drive in a nearby retail store

    Please make sure that you get at least equal as long as the original one in order to use recovery disks. If you need you can buy a bigger, but not smaller hard drive capacity. For example, if you have a 500 GB hard drive you can improve it to 750 GB hard drive, but not 320 GB hard drive

    Please try the troubleshooting below indicated once the steps:

    Step 01. Remove the battery and unplug the power adapter AC.

    Step 02. Press and hold the power button for more than 30 seconds

    Step 03. Plug the AC power adapter / (leave the battery for now)

    Step 04. Press the power button and check if the unit is operating normally

    If the steps listed above is not enough, then you can try reinstalling the hard disk on your laptop

    If the problem persists again please Contact HP if your HP laptop is under warranty, HP could replace the hard drive and provide recovery media to restore the operating system to factory after the replacement (if you have not yet created recovery disks/USB support)

    Note: Back up all personal data on an external drive if possible. Otherwise, you can connect the HDD defective via SATA USB adapter with another PC or a PC even after replacing the HARD drive & put in place of the operating system and try to copy / retrieve files. You can also check out the link below for additional help

    Please click on the link in order to identify, prevent, diagnose & recover against any failure to drive on HP Portable Hard Drives & Solid State Drives:

    You can check your warranty here to check the status and click here to order a new hard drive

    Hope this helps, for other queries in response to the post and feel free to join us again

    * Click on the star of CONGRATULATIONS on the left to say thank you *.

    Make it easier for others to find solutions by checking a response "Accept as Solution" if it solves your problem.

    Thank you

    K N R K

    Although I am an employee of HP, I speak for myself and not for HP

  • for the bios HDD test what is failure id: 9GE399-559609-XD6U3G-60R103 average?

    My computer laptop girls crashed after watching a movie she downloaded from the internet, the screen only I get is launching repair of windows 7 and windows boot screen 7.  If I go to repair screen about half an hour later I get a blue screen, and if I go to the windows start screen I get a black screen.  I tried deleting antivirus programs but no avail, any suggestions?



    This is a code generated by the "F2" diagonistics integrated. In this case, this means that the HARD drive has gone wrong and needs to be replaced.

    If you see a failure code after the full system diagnostic tests, write it down and contact HP support. Otherwise, the agent may ask you to go through the process of diagnostic test again to get the failure code.

    The failure HP code contains four fields of six characters each, such as XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX, where X is an alphanumeric character.

    Have a failure code does not mean that your computer is still under warranty. The date of start of guarantee on the computer determines if it is still under warranty. The agent can help you with this when you contact HP.

    The BIOS displays error codes and messages. The error code consists of two parts. The first byte represents the field replaceable unit (FRU), and the second byte represents the test that failed. If you receive an error code, contact HP with the help error Code

  • Combining results of the previous steps in digital test

    I am relatively new to TestStand. Here's what I'm trying to do.

    1. Call VI A with numerical limits, make measurement, store the value in the local order.

    2. Call VI B without numerical limits, measure, store the value in the local order.

    3. Calculate: A - measure B. difference the result with numeric limits.

    I need to create a very simple VI with two entrances, a subtraction function and an exit in a time limited digital LabVIEW to implement step 3, or is there a more recommended way to do it?

    Thank you.


    Here's what I'd do:

    Call VI as a step in the action.  The measure in a local store

    Call VI B as a step in the action.  The measure in a local store

    Use the None adapter to create a numerical limit step.  Set the Data Source to Locals.AValue - Locals.BValue

  • Use the return value to do step digital multiple success or failure


    I use a multiple digital step to check several measurements by an external DMM through a function created in CVI.  I would like to use the return value of the function to replace the global status of the step. The reason is that the return value indicates a communication error, while steps are being taken, and which would lead to a "fake" fake or false 'Pass '.

    What I would do is more or less this >

    If the return value is 0, then check if the measuremets are between the limits

    If return value! 0 = there was a communication error so step continues to operate independently of the measure.

    I tried combining multiple digital step with a step of pass/fail, but it does not work.

    I also trie to change the expression of the status of the multiple digital steps but basically ignores him.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you


    Why don't you just make that return the value limits for multiple numerical limit stage.  Comparison of the EQ value and the low limit to 0.

    That would make the most sense.

Maybe you are looking for

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