Disk error hard satellite L50-B-235

Laptop stopped recognizing Bluetooth, so restarted, but when you start it says something to check a disk and repair the hard disk, which then laptop crashed before completing. Would not start once again, it is:
1 past age on the toshiba screen then tell no boot device
2 load the login screen, then past ages in front welcome saying windows preparation and loading a temporary profile. When he made a mistake shows saying Windows detected a hard disk problem. Back up your files to prevent loss of information and then ask the computer manufacturer to determine if you need to repair or replace the disk. It will then crash after 10 to 30 minutes and the blue screen with my critical_process_died error, which restarts always shows described in 1.

I have Windows (updated 8) 10 and the laptop is less a year. I've tried various searches on google and fixes, including:
Update of system drive where Windows is is locked
Check disk either from the start menu or the command prompt in the temporary profile
Changed the boot order and then back again
Several reboots
Open to the top of the unit and removed, then replaced the hard drive

Nothing worked, I do not have the recovery media and not really means for the moment. This could be a real hard disk problem (it heats up during boot ups) which would mean it needs to be replaced? If Yes is that these can be purchased with Windows installed on it?

While I update to windows 10 I have a probem with the use of the hard drive because he moved to the use of 100% and the laptop just crashed.

I search in the Admin Panel and I discovered that I have a service called host system: local system (private network). I tanslate it Spanish which is the language was my laptop.

Also I have a problem whit the video card because systems always use the graphic istead intel video card (AMD one). I tried to solve this problem in istalling the graphic control of AMD program, but the program doesent work better because the use of the hard drive is always more 100% and the experience of the computer laptop full length.

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  • disk error hard laptop computer hp Pavilion dv6

    I get three disk errors hard when I do drive hard main self-test: hard drive 1 303 fast and complete 1 305 hard drive and hard drive 1 smart 301. Also, I can't open windows normally, it will just go straight to the repair start and even that does not work! I don't have the chance to back up my files and I don't want to lose them. Help, please!
    Thank you

    The hard drive has failed and needs to be replaced. Once you have replaced the HARD drive you will need to perform the HP system recovery so that Windows and hardware drivers are reinstalled correctly.

  • What is ' disk error hard master 3d "problem

    When I start my computer, it always tell me "3d master hard disk error, press F2 to resume." sometimes I need to reboot several times to start, sometimes I can't start. What is the problem with my computer? Please help me, thank you!

    I would like to run CHKDSK to check the hard disk for errors.  Click Start-> computer.  Click the C: drive, and then click Properties.  Click the Tools tab, and then click check now.  Click on the Scan for bad sectors recovery attempt, then click Start and click OK.  Be aware that it can take up to several hours depending on the size of the hard drive.

    I hope this helps.  Good luck.

  • B440 M2 SLES boot fom SAN 11sp3 fails with "disk error hard gruber" on NetApp FAS3240 lun

    Hello, gurus

    I'm doing POC for client trying to deploy SAP.  Try B440M2 starting VIC1280 2 x directly from 3240 NetApp via FC.

    Prepared 450 GB lun 0 on FAS3240, he mapped OK. In the political profile of UCS for created B440M2 service startup to boot from lun 0.

    SP3 GUI SLES 4 SAP 11 installation ISO found thin installation, lun 0 path very well, but, when the system goes to the reboot disc it does not start

    with a few «grub error hard drive» 2.2.1(d) UCSM.

    He works the config? Or, get sth to make B440 SLES LUN 0 with OS just install.

    Rgds, Yuri

    When your installation detects the lun and installs, okay, that means, this FC zoning, and lun mapping/masking is ok.

    Boot failure: something might be wrong with your boot strategy?

    Can you please send your startup strategy? and the vhba of your PC?


    -is - this classic SAP or HANA?

    -have you checked

    Installation of Linux on a LUN SAN Bootable

    This section describes how to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) on a SAN LUN logical disk or a RAID using Cisco UCS Manager GUI and the KVM Console.


  • Satellite L50-B-235 psktge - ACPI\TOS6205 running Win 7

    I have the same problem but on toshiba satelite l50 - b 235 psktge
    I do not know what necessary ACPI\TOS6205 driver for win 7 x 64 no bluetooth don't stack

    I installed the intel filter still same problem driver bluetooth

    can someone help by sending me what driver needed as downloaded and tried to install btstack but still yellow! mark on equipment and devices
    I was on the page of the toshiba driver for my computer laptop still cant find driver needed
    hoping someone can help solve the problem as a technician of toshiba and currys not useful


    the laptop was equipped with WLan Intel module that also supports the functionality of BT.
    You must install the Intel BT filter driver package as well as the battery of Toshiba BT for Win 7.

    Here you can get the latest BT stack v9.10...

  • Caps lock error & keyboard - Satellite L50-A-1F2

    Hello world!

    Can someone help me solve these problems with the SHIFT key?

    * 1st problem: *.
    The led on the key caps in my Toshiba Satellite L50-A-1F2 is always on.

    * 2nd problem: *.
    I did some tests using MS Word:
    When caps lock shift is not active, I can write without problem.
    When shift caps lock is enabled, I have problems with some keys (all in the same "column"): 3, D, E, C.
    When I press on:
    3: I get the symbol ' - '.
    D: the cursor moves to the line below
    E: I get the symbols TM; Sometimes it activates Intel graphics deal
    C: the cursor moves to the beginning of the first line.

    Thank you in advance for help you!

    Usually the CAPS LOCK key can be turned on and off by pressing the same button once more.
    If this isn't possible, I'm afraid that this could be a hardware problem m.

    But new Toshiba notebook s supports the special feature called the special function mode key.
    This mode allows you to use the FN keys without pressing the FN key extra.

    I put t know if this mode may affect the functionality of the CAPS LOCK, but its worth a check.

    However, I would recommend you to connect external keyboard and check if the same problems of CAPS LOCK would appear. In case the external USB keyboard would work correctly, the problem of LOCKING of UPPER is related to malfunction internal keyboard.

  • Disk failure hard satellite L650-12N - replaced with SSD - how to recover?

    My HARD drive has failed, so I bought a 256 GB SSD Crucial CT256MX100SSD1. I installed it in the laptop and went to use the recovery CD. It's the bit score correctly as far as I can tell, but to cut a long story short, I think that the recovery disk is missing a few vital pieces of information (read below - I may be wrong).

    So, how do for Satellite L650-12N new recovery discs?

    Thank you

    After the partition, it then says "copy files of database recovery.
    some random jargon

    Then he said: «unpack the OS and system/WinRE»
    Set of RECO...
    It says "copy F:\ZZImg\11353XSP.swm to V:\HDDRecovery\SWImg 1/10
    1 file (s) copied.
    Copy of the CRC files
    1 file (s) copied.
    Copy F:\ZZImg\11353XSP2.swm to V:\HDDRecovery\SWImg 2/10
    1 file (s) copied.
    Copy of F:\ZZImg\11353XSP3.swm to V:\HDDRecovery\SWImg 3/10
    1 file (s) copied.
    Copy of F:\ZZImg\11353XSP4.swm to V:\HDDRecovery\SWImg 4/10
    1 file (s) copied.
    Copy of F:\ZZImg\11353XSP5.swm V:\HDDRecovery\SWImg 5/10
    1 file (s) copied. »

    at this stage it says ' insert the next recovery media (containing the F:\ZZImg\11353XSP6.swm file)!
    but the backup I did only has one drive.

    Hmm, for me, it seems that some image packages are missing.
    According to your message, the recovery image must contain 10 packs, but the first recovery disc provides only 5 packages.
    Should be so 2nd drive providing other packages to complete the recovery procedure.

    I m wondering if you already used the recovery disc (CD) in the past.
    Are you sure that this recovery disc has been done correctly 100%?

    From my point of few recovery disk is defective and to recover the laptop, you need a good way to return to work.
    Usually this can be ordered here:

  • Disk replacement hard satellite M20

    I had a problem with my satellite M20 Ref PSM20Q-00PZ6

    The original HD (Toshiba MK4025GAS) is totally dead.

    I bought a new one (toshiba MK6025GAS), the same 60G instead of 40.

    I had never recognized by the bios, unless I have set it up on another laptop to change its size to 8.4 G.

    How can I configure it to be recognized as a 60G?


    It seems that the BIOS cannot recognize the disk properly due to the size of the HARD drive. Unfortunately, I put t found any details on the size of HDD supported, but in my opinion the 60 GB of HDD is not supported if the BIOS recognizes the HARD drive correctly.

  • disk error hard dv6t, failure of hard drive not

    I am currently working for my intermittent problems of girlfriends with his laptop HP DV6T 3100.  The unit occasionally freezes and crashes, and then retrieves and returns to normal.  Occasionally of the boots to a hard drive error.  When it does not read the hard disk, the BIOS test pass.

    For a brief period he not tell the reader at all, but after I pulled the drive and put it in an external enclosure, another machine was able to read and to test the hard drive, which showed no signs of problems.  Smart function and the test was well outside, and I was able to start another machine out of the outer casing, which had none of the symptoms.

    I reconnect the SATA cable, he taped down as Ive read that this model has some problems holding the SATA cable in.  I also replaced the cable a few days ago and the machine is still issues regularly do not start, or when it does, gel on what anyone who accesses the hard drive because then more a minute or two, IE: Windows Live Mail, showing recently used documents in the office, or download files from Chrome.

    From what I can tell, it seems to be a problem with the hard drive on the Board controller, but I'm not familiar with how HP defines the unit upwards, or with Windows in general, as I'm an Apple guy.  Is there something else that reveal ask this question, because I don't think it's the hard drive, as it works perfectly out of the machine.  No details on this issue would be appreciated, as so far been relatively useless HP support, claiming that it is certainly a hard drive problem.

    Hello romanaz1987.  I understand that you encounter some problems with the hard drive in your friend DV6T.

    I share your diagnosis - which seems to be a problem with the hard disk controller.  The reason why I believe that it is only your steps of troubleshooting narrowed down the issue well enough.  The hard drive is known for work that you are able to use it in an external enclosure without problem.  In addition, the next thing I would try personally would have been reinstalling/replacing the SATA cable and you did both.  So, that leaves either the motherboard or controller hard drive as the culprit.  Unfortunately there is no way that I know to further diagnose the issue without taking the laptop to a technician.

    How long have you tried using the hard drive in the enclosure?  Given that the problem is intermittent, it may be useful to use the hard drive in the enclosure for an extended period of time.  It'll still exclude strange intermittent problems with the drive.

    I suggest take this laptop to a local technician, if she is no longer under warranty (you can check here).  A technician will be able to more practical tests that don't translate well on the forums.  If you are still in warranty, then you should definitely, contact HP support and let them know about the problem.  If you are in the USA / Canada, the number is 1-800-474-6836.  However, if you are in another part of the world, you need to visit HP's Support around the world to find contact information for your country.

    I'm sorry you have encountered this problem, but if you have any questions feel free to ask.  Also, I hope you have a nice evening!

  • Disk replacement HARD satellite 1800-400,

    Prices differ as much here, so I think to replace my broken HD Toshiba (I believe that is / was 20 GB) with a new HD. Can I use one of the new 5400 RPM type disks, or if I hold with 4200 RPM normal ones?

    If I do, should I first replace the old BIOS?

    Maybe you need to consider the noiselevel to a 5400 RPM hard drive?

    Update the BIOS? ... Never change a running system ;)

  • Disk failure hard satellite L850 - claim under warranty in Sri Lanka

    My brother bought me a Satellite L850 of UAE UNITED a month ago.
    But I'm in sri lanka.

    The problem is now the hard drive does not start and it says to replace the hard drive.
    I have the card with me.

    My question is can I claim the warranty in Sri Lanka?

    Please help me soon as soon as possible.
    Thank you.


    If you have not purchased the additional international interest, portable computer s hardware problems can be set only in the country where the phone was purchased.

    But AFAIK that parts such as HARD drive or memory are set at the user level.
    Maybe you n t need to send the laptop to UNITED Arab Emirates for a fix, but maybe the guys would be able to send you a HARD drive under warranty conditions.

    Here you can get all the details on the FSA available worldwide.

    I recommend you to contact the ASP and ask for assistance

  • What disk capacity HARD Satellite A20 S-103 supports?

    Hello everyone and sorry for the bad English ;)
    I want to improve my laptop HARD drive but I don't know what cell maximum supported size?
    It's a Satellite A20 s-103, with Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz processor.
    Can you help me with this?

    I think buy a 160 GB Samsung HARD drive! :)
    Its very important question for me, and I couldn't be able to find an answer yet.

    Sincerely! :)


    For me, the upgrade for the 160 GB HARD drive is questionable.
    I don't know that the BIOS recognises this large size m.
    I know that the laptop should recognize the unique sizes such as 30 GB, 40 GB, 60 GB or 80 GB.

    Of course, you can try to connect the 160 GB and it would be very interesting to know the results. Please report the details...

  • Cannot access the HARD disk drive HARD - Satellite P300 recovery

    Hi all

    I want to perform a Toshiba product recovery, using the partition on the HARD disk. I did it before and no problem.

    But when I press F8--> computer repair--> selection language--> then I have to select a user (Administrator / my name/guest) when I select the administrator, it says that my account has been disabled, when I select the user with my name (Kenneth) he continues to the menu where I can choose the different options for recovery. If I select the product Toshiba blah blah thingy a screen comes up saying it can't find 01 HARD drive. I did nothing with the partition containing Vista.

    My guess is that I need to log in as an administrator, which is impossible. My user account in Vista is a Director,

    Can someone please?

    I use a P300

    Best regards

    You have made changes on the second partition where is placed folder HDDRecovery?

  • Disk capacity hard satellite 2550S


    I wonder if Toshiba Dynabook Satellite 2550 S supports 40 GB HDD? If no, what is the maximum capacity of the hard drive can detect this laptop? Similarly, what is the graphics card for this device driver, I'm only using standard view type (display portable Panel 1024 x 768 on super vga) thank you.



    Well, as far as I know, this unit is designed for a Japanese market.
    In this case you will not be able to find the drivers for this unit on the European site of Toshiba.
    I also checked the other sites of Toshiba but unsuccessfully ;(
    I guess you must visit the Toshiba site to the Japan. Maybe you will find some information on this laptop.
    What size of HARD drive included in this notebook?

  • Disk error hard 3F0 - but the hard drive is readable from another computer

    I have a HP pavilion DV7-3060us running Windows 7 home 64-bit

    This morning, he decided to not start and gives me an error 3F0 complain about a missing boot disk.

    I have a disc that is cloned several months ago that I put there and that he can use at the moment.

    I put the 'wrong' drive in an external enclosure and checked that I can see from another computer.

    I tried to run a chkdsk on it that 'fixed' some mistakes, but I still get the error 3F0.

    I would really like to fix broken files which do not allow the system starts.

    Any suggestions on how to do it?

    Thanks in advance (and I will credit good answers)

    I don't know what I'm doing, but take a look at this article


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