Disorder of conversion of databases (PSE8 to PSE14)... psedbtools made me close (?), but I still 3 .psess missing files.

I spent several hours trying to convert my PSE8 PSE14 database. I followed the recommendations I've seen in the forums and with psedbtools:

  1. Reconnect all the files missing and optimized (in PSE8)
  2. At ran psedbtools and addressed to a problem of serial number of volume (using volumeid.exe) and several missing files (that PSE himself, in step 1, has not set)

Psedbtools shows still 3 missing files; These are files in my directory of catalog as .psess

C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Elements Organizer\Catalogs\My Catalog\projects\2010 meeting: Don't Blink.psess

Note that each of these files contains a colon in its root file name. So I can't still creates these files (in order to 'false' on the conversion program).

All attempts to convert even the performance:


I have 5000 + photos and video clips in my catalog with a lot of tags. Any help or recommended "next steps" to convert my database would be very much appreciated.

DonPatt wrote:

The latest entries in my pse-conversion-log file:


index of waldo made cleaning

Conversion log: finished

Conversion log: coloured catalogue Original opened. Version of the organizing elements.

Conversion log: Conversion failed

I have no PSE8 Organizer open. Is there anything else I need to do to work around this error?

You can try again after closing your organizer and restart the computer, and then look in the Manager of tasks for services related to the PSE8 and deactivation if found.

If you try the conversion on a copy of the catalog file with project files deleted from the Organizer, you n ' no risk.

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    Thank you



    FDM has always support Oracle DB as a repository.

    To convert the SQL Server DB to an Oracle DB server, you have to re-create the metadata for the application at hand. Currently, the feature export to XML of FDM does not take into account differences in filing structures and cannot be used.

    You must then re-import all files or continue on creating this day with impatience.

    Thank you.

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    I thought that made another program which has an auto-update function may report (wrongly) to Windows or other applications that the installation is ongoing. This includes my graphics (NVIDIA) and my printer (Epson). You leave or disabled the automatic updates for these and other applications and I also left MSFT a drive for good measure and voila! I could install and no mistake. All fixed.

    Maybe I just got lucky, don't know, but you can try these steps if you have the same problem.

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    I guess that you are looking for this:

    Open drive

    Go in Edition > Preferences > General

    Uncheck the option, the online storage see the opening of the files

    Click OK and restart

    Thank you


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    I was wondering if someone else has noted problems when updating of projects until 2015 (in my case of 2013)...

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    Yesterday, I stumbled upon a (perhaps related) issue: the application works very well in the runtime environment, but throws errors when integrate a .exe.

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    That makes me feel uncomfortable and distrusfull. I can't count on the code during production

    Recreate the build script is not an option at this time because it is very complex...

    So... does anyone has seen anything like this before?

    See you soon


    BTW 15.0.1f1 @32 bits

    Oli_Wachno wrote:

    .. .particularly the name of the exe... which should be removed according to the code with a level of additional file structure.

    Why? Your code takes the path of the VI and tapes twice. The result will depend on exactly where the VI is inside the EXE. If your build specification is the 8.x flag set, the VI will be under the EXE. Otherwise, its exact location will depend on the hierarchy of your screw, because the screws are saved with their locations of origin related within the EXE.

    I guess what you should actually use the Application Directory VI, which returns the EXE file, no matter what either call him VI.

    I guess it's possible your 2013 project had flag set and 2015 8.x reset for some reason, but that doesn't seem likely.

  • Disorder of conversion of fonts fake fat in forms / incorporation in PDF files

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    Poster for the firs time naked with me.

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    Don't know what to do. This work will support 14 hours to get 2000 copies made and gives me major pain!

    With the help of Photoshop CC 2014. Police must remain what it is that the customer insists.

    Is there a way I can get this to work with photoshop or is there a work around to do this in InDesign?

    Urgent help is greatly appreciated!


    As you have noticed, you cannot create a text with false style shape. However, there is workaround of sorts.

    Select the text with the magic wand. Go to the paths and convert selection to a work path. Go to edit and select Define Custom shape... Give it a name and click OK. It will now be part of your collection of form for the custom shape tool. Understand what size you want it to be and make sure keep Proportions is selected.

    It is certainly a hack. YMMV.

  • Disorder of conversion of Sun VirtualBox to VMWare

    Hi all!  I'm trying to convert a VM from Sun VirtualBox to VMWare.  Using VirtualBox, I create a device (file OVA), but when I try to use the converter to convert in VMWare format, I get an error message indicating the EGG file can be deployed on the target hardware.  This happens as soon as I click the button 'Next' after selecting the file OVA.  So, if anyone has successfully converted a file VMWare VirtualBox EGGS using the stand-alone version of the Converter utility, I'd appreciate it of course, how you did it.

    Oh!  Some details of my configuration:

    Host: Portable Dell Inspiron model 1318

    Host o/s: Fedora 12 Linux (kernel - 174.2.3.fc12.x86_64)

    Comments o/s: Windows 7 32-bit (CPU host does not support hardware virtualization.)  En_cours_d' running on VirtualBox, would like to convert to VMWare)

    Versions of VMWare: All the latest and greatest (downloaded in the last days).

    Thanks in advance for any help provided!

    Kind regards


    I see.

    Then I would try to create a new virtual from Windows 7 machine from scratch and try if it accepts this vmdk.

    In "creating a new VM Wizard", click your way trhrough it so that it uses the same amount of RAM and the same type of scsi or IDE controller.

    Then when you reach the new disk step assign your existing


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    Here are some temporary database files.

    You will need to decide which files need to be stored according to your requirement

  • How to purge the windows live photo gallery database of missing files

    I recently moved most of my photos on a removable drive from SD. Of course, photo gallery can not find them and I can't point the Pb on a removable drive. Please tell us how do I purge the database of photo gallery of found files.

    Might be interesting to try to rename the Photo Live
    Gallery database file.

    The "Pictures.pd4, .pd5 or .pd6' (according to
    on the version of your photo gallery), database includes
    inches and metadata and is located at the following

    Windows Photo Gallery\Pictures.pd4, .pd5.
    or .pd6

    The file ends with a advanced
    Research of pd4 pd5 and pd6.

    Reach... Start / Search / Advanced search.

    Check the box... "include not indexed, hidden,
    and the file system"enter pd4, pd5 pd6 in the
    Name field

    Rename the .pd5 .pd4 or pd6 file should
    clean your library.

    Try a click right/rename it...      Pictures.OLD
    If you are not satisfied with the results... you can
    Delete the new file and rename the OLD file
    Back to Pictures.pd4, .pd5 or .pd6.

    Photo Gallery will return to what it was the first
    time that you opened it. The gallery will have to re-
    complete and you may lose some tags.

  • Emctl missing file after the installation of database 12 c

    Dear all,

    I installed 12 c ( database in windows server 64-bit.

    Installation completed successfully, I double-check the url em and the connection with the user of the system.

    After restarting the server, started the database and listener but we are unable to find the emctl cmd in oracle_HOme

    Please suggest me some ideas.

    Note: I installed three lacked database of 12 c in all the emctl 3 database.



    Dear all,

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I solved the problem with the solutions below.

    How can I connect EM express?

    EM Express can be accessed thorugh the URL to https://:default.

    A login page is displayed and the user can connect with any credential valid DB.

    or use the following query when you are connected to the CBD or PDB for generating the URL:

    For HTTPS :

    SQL > SELECT 'https://'|| SYS_CONTEXT ('USERENV', 'SERVER_HOST') |'. ' || SYS_CONTEXT ('USERENV', 'DB_DOMAIN') |': ' | dbms_xdb_config.gethttpsport () | "/em/' double.

    SQL > SELECT 'https://'|| SYS_CONTEXT ('USERENV', 'SERVER_HOST') |': ' | dbms_xdb_config.gethttpsport () | "/em/' double.

    For HTTP :

    SQL > SELECT 'http://'|| SYS_CONTEXT ('USERENV', 'SERVER_HOST') |'. ' || SYS_CONTEXT ('USERENV', 'DB_DOMAIN') |': ' | dbms_xdb_config.gethttpport () | "/em/' double.

    SQL > SELECT 'http://'|| SYS_CONTEXT ('USERENV', 'SERVER_HOST') |': ' | dbms_xdb_config.gethttpport () | "/em/' double.

    Its worked for me.

    Thank you & best regards


  • missing files after upgrading to 11g database.

    I upgraded my database to for our applications.
    I installed 11g in separate and updated our database.
    Autoconfiguration enabled, I created appsutil.zip on the application server and copied it to the 11g ORACLE_HOME.
    After having unpacked the appsutil, I see only the scripts under folder appsutil folder.
    Miss me admin, clone files under the folder $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil.
    I need to run adcfgclone after the upgrade of database?
    How can I get these directories?


    do we need to run adbldxml.pl and then autoconfig on the DB layer to create admin and clone files?

    Yes, to create the context file and all the missing directories - in addition to the documentation referenced in one of my previous answers, please see (how to recreate the directory/scripts / / appsutil [377495.1 ID]).

    OR is it's created when you unzip appsutil.zip file?

    Unzip the appsutil.zip only is not enough.

    Thank you

  • I downloaded microsoft security databases, I had avg free on laptop too but have removed, but I don't know if I would have kept it also, I have windows vista.

    I'm not the greatest with computers, so any help would be grateful.

    Security Essentials includes anti virus and malaware scan, generally it's a positive feedback, you do not need AVG also

  • I download the demo version of PSE14 and install it. But cannot open it because failure in you msvcr (p). 110.dll.

    How do I solve this problem

    hv71180833 WKR

    I used the 2012 version and now works, I had the mscvr of 2015

    thnx anyway

  • ORA-20600 error when trying to add the RAC database

    I get the following error when trying to add the RAC database in grid control. Any idea?.

    ORA-20600: the specified target is being deleted

    This database does not exist in the target. But, I still cannot add.

    Check metalink Note: unable to add Rac Database grid control get error Ora-20600 [1218797.1 ID]

    You will have to wait a while and check the status.

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