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10.3.6 using I have a DVD with the video, I want to put it on my iMac, and then burn another DVD. I external drive and note that there are many "burn" command and the copy command, in the Finder, that they do not seem to work.

How to burn a DVD with video on iMac? No copy

Good problem.


Is the video DVD, you have a commercial or one that you created yourself?  If it's a you have created yourself or not a commercial DVD put in the drive, launch utility disk, select the disk and create a disk image of it.  Put in a blank DVD disc and burn the disk for the disk image.

Follow this workflow to help ensure the best DVD video qualty:

Burn to disc with disk utility to the slowest speed (2 x - 4 x) in order to ensure the best quality burn.  Always use higher quality media: Verbatim, Maxell or Taiyo Yuden DVD-R are recommended in these forums.

If the original disk is a commercial disk there DRM protection and you will not be able to copy it.

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  • laptop DVD burner

    My laptop DVD burner doesn't work on my admin account no problem (a years) but not on my account (all inclusive) children. TI spit just the DVD of return. In preferences systems on both accounts I wrote to ask what to do with a blank DVD but it never done on the children and it does on mine.

    Thanks for any help.

    Hello lareianne,

    Welcome to the communities of Apple Support!

    I see from your post, that on behalf of your children on your iMac is not able to burn DVDs. I understand the importance of being able to burn DVDs, I have do this a lot on my iMac. I'm happy to help you with this.

    Use OS X El Capitan: set up parental controls and check the restrictions of parental control to see if burning CD and DVD is blocked, specifically, this section:

    All restrictions

    1. Choose the Apple menu > System Preferences, and then click Parental controls.

      Note: When you open parental controls Preferences, if you see the message "There is no user to manage accounts", see Add a managed user.

    2. Click on the lock icon to unlock, then enter an administrator name and password.

    3. Select a user, and then click a button at the top.

      • Applications: Prevents the child to use the built-in camera. Limit contact of the child with other people through the Game Center and Mail. Specify which applications can access the child.

      • Web: Limit access to Web sites, or allow unrestricted access.

      • Stores: Disable access to the iTunes Store and the iBook Store. Restrict access to music, movies, TV shows, apps and books to only with notation adapted to the age of the child.

      • Time: Set time limits for the days of the week, weekend and sunset.

      • Privacy: Allow the child to make changes related to privacy.

      • Others: Block using the dictation, access to the printer settings and burning CDs and DVDs. hide profanity in the dictionary and other sources. Prevents the Dock to be modified. Provide a simplified view of the Mac desktop computer.

    Best regards.

  • -DVD burn does not work in the DVD player sometimes

    I have a Mac Pro from the beginning of 2008, and it came with a DVD drive (OPTIARC DVD RW AD - 7170A).  I was able to burn DVDs with using toast in the past.

    But lately, the half of the DVD burn won't play in my DVD consumer player.  I get a "Disk error" message when I try to play them, and they do not load.  It's a strange problem, because some of them work and some do not.  I can't tell where the problem is.

    Is there a way to test the DVD player?  Should I just replace it?

    Many brands of blank DVDs gives very inconsistent results when burning. If you use a brand store or generic blanks, that may be the problem.

  • iDVD on the part of an external DVD burner

    The optical drive on my mac mini 2009 died. I need to burn a project to a DVD. I have attached an external DVD burner for mac. I play DVD. How to record from iDVD please?

    I had a similar set on one of my Mac mini.  My internal optical drive still works fine, but I bought an external burner because the Apple optical drive cannot burn the M-DISC.  (M DISC is what we use now.)


    Don't burn your DVDs from iDVD. Instead, use iDVD to create an image file and then burn the image file using the disc utilities. Utility disk will be out and find all your drives connected and it should see externally, (he does with us).

  • By Satellite Pro S300 uses double layer DVD burner


    Sorry for my bad question, but I have a DVD burner double layer on my Satellite Pro S300?


    Do you have your read the user manual?
    In manual mode, you will find information on the CD/DVD drives properties;

    Always is that the Satellite Pro S300 series was equipped with different CD/DVD drives
    TEAC DV-W28S and Panasonic UJ870 are readers of DVD super multi and support media Double layer + r.

    You can also find more information on the CD/DVD drives that are installed by using the Nero Burning Rom. There is an option that shows you all types of CD and DVD that is compatible with the internal SIDE

  • Portege A100 - problems recognizing a new DVD burner


    I'm looking to replace the Panasonic/Matsu * player UJDA750 combo with a LiteOn SOSW - 852S DVD burner. The LiteOn is CSEL and is not recognized by the Portege A100. I tried to change the master/slave/CSEL and Inverse CSEL using E2MS_WIN_SOSW - 852 S .exe (in an Acer Travelmate 220, which sees all configurations), but the Portege A100 still does not recognize LiteOn.

    I ran IDEDIAG using a WinME boot CD and the Matsu * a Combo drive in Portege reports as secondary master. So, I tried flashing the drive LiteOn (using the Acer Travelmate platform) with MTKFlash version 183 c using the a command? "mtkflash 3 w/b PRS9.bin" (using the original firmware of saved), '3' to change the drive to the secondary master. I came across problems here - the flash appears to hang. The drive is always ok, however. I flashed it back to the original ok CSEL using E2MS program in Acer.

    I have not tried bridging the pins 45 to 47 on the LiteOn - I thought maybe it was a last resort.
    -Can help you with the correct configuration for a CD/DVD drive in the Portege A100? There are a bunch of different ones - primary, secondary, tertiary, Quarternary master/slave and CSEL and Inverse CSEL. Portege A100 'sees' the Matsu * a CDROM model CR-176_B of Acer.

    Or - can you recommend me a DVD burner for this laptop?


    The evolution of the master/slave/c-salt settings is not recommended and tell the truth I put t know if its possible. I presume that it of not possible to Flash these settings on medium power.
    In my opinion it doesn't make any sense to do.
    This procedure may damage the drive. Maybe you will not be able to use this drive more and more you will void the warranty!

    I think it s better to buy a compatible device and supported as trying to drive not compatible flash.

    Did you check your user manual? Usually the user manual should provide information on compatible CD/DVD players and supported.

    Good bye

  • Satellite P100 - DVD burner and reader of SD card not recognized by Vista

    Hello everyone,

    I have improved my P100 of Xp to Vista and I can't make my DVD burner and my reder of SD (embeded to the laptop of course!) work.

    I can read CDs or DVDs, but I can't burn a DVD.
    My SD card reader in my device list but not appear in my browser!

    Even more, a 'mass storage' appears as not porperly installed but I have no reference on which device refer to the. Not to mention, I tried several times to install the utilities on the site Web of Toshiba sd but it didn't change anything...

    What laptop Satellite P100-xxx you have exactly?
    The number of extensions and model number would be very useful for further study

    Anyway. to get the card SD works in most cases you need to install the Flash Media driver
    In addition, it would be very interesting to know what SD card do you use.

    With regard to the Vista DVD burning issue;
    How have you tried to burn the DVD? Did you use special software to burn like Nero for example?
    Have you used different DVDs from different manufacturers of DVD?

    From my experience, it would be possible that the player manages all DVD. You try different DVD from different manufacturers. I had a good experience with TDKs

  • HP ENVY 17-R102NL: dvd burner double layer HP ENVY 17-R102NL


    I would like to know what kind of burner is installed in HP ENVY 17 - R102NL laptop computer?

    What is the burner model number?

    It is a DVD burner double layer RW-/ + or not? or another type?

    Thank you

    From the Manual:

    Fixed optical drive, Series SATA, DVD +/-RW Double layer SuperMulti Supports zero power optical drive Supports M-drive 9.5 mm tray loading

    Optical drive DVD +/-RW Double layer SuperMulti 813784-001

    So yes, it will read and burn supports double layer.

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

  • Portege R700 - slow DVD burning

    all of a sudden for some reason any CD/DVD burn on my new Portege R700 has almost ground to stop. It worked fine initially, but now won't have high peaks of 1 MB/sec... it is a REAL pain...

    The problem occurs with both the DVD player built-in and a USB connected drive that has worked well for years, so there must be a problem with o/s or H/S any. am about to update the BIOS but with no real hope

    I did some research on Google and things seem to point to the IDE controller issues. I took some advice and remove / reinstall the controller, but to no avail...

    someone else has the same problem - or, more importantly, a solution please?

    in some desparation



    not easy to say why it is burning so slow. have you tried burning with other discs and programs?

  • Satellite L10 - 114 - it has a DVD burner?

    My laptop has a DVD burner on board. I know he'll make the CDs, but it will make the DVD.

    [Edited by: admin August 6 05 16:38]


    You must have a DVD Super Multi drive, which can read and write all DVD, DVD +/-R/RW and DVD-RAM.

    Good bye

  • S good for Satellite 1400-253 DVD burner need

    Could someone give me the part number for the Toshiba dvd writer/burner
    or offer any compatible dvd burner to fit one

    Computer portable satellite 1400-253 s (ide connection)

    Thank you

    Satellite 1400 is old model of laptop and it comes with several different optical disk drives, but none of them was DVD burner. Currently, these discs were not available.
    Due to this fact, you will not be able to find info on compatibility.

    If you need the list of compatible readers let us know but none of them is DVD burner.

  • Updated by Satellite Pro 6000 with a DVD burner - technical question

    Hi all, I just bought a DVD burner that is adapted to the Bay of selection to replace the old DVD player...
    He came 'naked', so I thought I'd just disassemble the frame of the old drive and put it on the new...

    But: not the slightest Phillips screwdriver will integrate these screws; in fact, they look very special and I do not know how to remove...
    Should I have any instrument/tool special and if so, where do I get it? Maybe I'm too blonde...

    Someone here who can help?

    Thanks in advance! lionesse62


    You need a special screwdriver to remove the module bay select (CD/DVD drive).
    A 2 mm screwdriver Phillips, a pilot of flat blade screw 4mm and a LHSTIX of 4mm screwdriver.

    I think you should visit a laptop computer technician if you n t have the right tool to remove these screws.

    However, if you want to remove the module bay select the Satellite Pro 6000 laptop then follow this instruction;

    (1) turn the computer
    (2) when the lock screw is in the locked position, remove the screws and fix it on the hole to keep her temporarily locking screws.
    (3) slide the lever and pull place the selectable bay module.

    After you remove the DVD rom, you need to remove the connector and the connector cover. The connector cover is fixed with screws of black 2M2x8 liaison.
    The frame is blocked with five super flat head white M2x3 screw.

    As I said, if you can not remove these screws and then ask a technician for help.

    Good bye

  • What external DVD burner would work with Toshiba LX830?

    Try connecting an external DVD burner for Toshiba LX830 via USB.
    Nothing won't work - I've tried 3 writers and different software.

    Is it important that all writers are USB 2.0 and the 830 is USB 3.0?
    The best I have is 3%, then it's just sitting there.

    Can anyone recommend an external recorder that will work with the 830?


    Have you tried to connect this external hard drive to CD/DVD to all available USB ports?

    As far as I know the Toshiba LX830 all in a computer supports 6 USB ports and two USB ports support high-speed USB 3.0 standard.

    So, even if the external USB ODD (optical disc) would not support USB 3.0, it should work in 4 other ports USB 2.0

  • Install external DVD burner on NB200

    It is a first post of time following the purchase of a NB200 using OS WinXP installed standard. With the NB200, I also bought a LG GP08LU10 "External Super Multi DVD Rewriter". When I plug the DVD climb in the NB200 it powers and the NB200 recognizes hardware such as a CD-ROM drive. However, it is disabled. The Assistant added of Harware WinXP running causes the message "this device is disabled (Code 22)".

    A check of the CD that came with the DVD reveals that there are no drivers on the CD only DVD burning and playback software.

    I plugged the DVD player on my laptop Lenovo that is also running Windows XP and unity "plugged and played" as you would expect.

    A search on the web based on product LG GP08 ID creates very little success with one or two it seems to describe similar symptoms, but not solutions. More talk about the installation of a driver, but I was not able to locate a driver on the LG site (or as I said, on the product CD).

    The DVD player comes with a 'standard' USB cable and a USB power cable. Each single cable and two cables with the NB200 plugged into the power supply and it still is not plug and play.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Kind regards


    According to the Microsoft page, 22 error means that the device is either disabled or not started. Eventually he hasn t started in your case.

    There are several proposals for solution.
    One of them told you he must remove the Device Manager and reboot the laptop.
    After that new reboot of the operating system should recognize the DVD drive connected again.

    On the other hand, you could try to remove all USB hubs and controllers from the list of devices USB and should restart the laptop again.
    This help to refresh the USB drivers.

    I not quite sure if deleting upper and lower filters change anything but maybe what it s worth m to try.
    Start the registry and delete the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters completely from the following registry key values:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

    After that, restart the laptop and check the functionality of DVD USB drive s.

  • Need replacement for M70 - 191 DVD burner.

    My DVD burner on my M70-191 (has my * a UJ-8415) refuses to recognize most CD and fails when you try to burn the DVD, with various errors. I've tried different types and different burning software. Re-installed, cleaned up by car drivers. No luck.

    So, I'm looking for a new drive... where can I buy a suitable replacement?

    Hello Steve

    First of all, I think you should buy the same drive. Doing this will allow you to possibly avoid compatibility problems. I have too many Satellite M70 and the optical disk drive is really good.

    I advise to use Google and you will find many online shops where you can order the new ODD.

  • Satellite M50 CD/DVD burning problems

    I recently puirchased a Satellite M50 with the CD/DVD Multi-lecteur. Toshiba literature indicates that it can write both write - once and several CD and DVD - writing.

    While I can burn on CD - RW and DVD - RW (DVD + RW) I can't burn discs CD - R or DVD-R (or DVD + R). The error message is something in the sense of ' does not support the driver (or reader) write once discs.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thank you


    Well, it's not easy to say why you can t burn on some media. Maybe it s a malfunction of the media?
    Have you tried to burn CDs or DVDs from different manufacturers?
    I use TDK media and I m very happy. I found an interesting article on the CD/DVD burning.
    Check this: http://www.pcworld.idg.com.au/index.php/id;1400178792;fp;4;fpid;192

    Good bye

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