Equium A100-147: can I connect my laptop to my desktop hard drive?

My computer laptop satellite has a permanent error when I turn it on: "autochk program not found - skipping autocheck.

I've tried everything I can think (and advice of you internet) to get the data on my laptop hard drive, including the creation of a boot disk (using an external floppy drive) and a knoppix disk and nothing worked.

Now, I suppose that if I can connect the hard drive laptop on my desk, I can get the data in this way? But how can I do?

I bought an IDE 3.5 "to 2.5" adapter disk hard drive, but the instructions indicate that laptop hard drive must have a male connector 44? The hard drive is a Toshiba MK6034GSX and when I removed it I couldn't see 44 pine?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Yes you can do it, but you need USB 2.0 2.5 hard drive enclosure Kit ".
Make sure that you buy a box with the right interface. Your HARD drive is SATA HDD.

If you can connect the laptop HDD s to every desktop or laptop as external HARD drive and you will have access to all stored data.

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  • Equium A100-147: can not play games becauce slow DVD player


    I have a laptop Equium A100-147. I tried many games on my laptop which should conform to the specifications required for example battlefield 2, however, these games does not work and I didn't know why. I then realized that all the games I tried were all on 4 DVD-ROM drive demanding x, and the specifications I provided with my laptop did not specify what kind of DVD player, I had another super multi layer or something.

    It is while I tried the games that were demanding CD-ROM which all worked fine, I then tried a game that was 2 x DVD ROM demanding that worked apart from a small problem with models of characters not displayed, so I took back defective. Then I tried a 1 x DVD-ROM game that worked perfectly.

    Today, I decided to get my DVD specifications, where I found that my laptop should read 8 x DVD - ROM drives.
    So my question is, is my defective DVD player for not playing more than 1 x DVD - ROM games? And can I contact Toshiba or my provider for repair or replacement or my problem would be something else?

    Thank you, Josh


    As far as I know the laptop was delivered with the drive UJ - 841S and the drive supports 8 x DVD-ROM.
    Of course, there must be something wrong if the drive cannot read DVD-ROM media at full speed. The middle is not supported or the drive malfunctions

    What you can do is search for the update of the firmware. Many laptops come with the same drive. See the categories of driver and, possibly, there is a new update of the firmware.

    You can also try to remove the physical drive from the laptop and reboot the device without the drive. Then turn off the appliance, install the drive again and the boot upward.
    The laptop must initialize the firmware again and maybe this will help

    But it seems you notebook is not very old and the warranty is valid. If you need to contact the ASP in your country for more details and possibly for disc replacement

  • Equium A100-147: can I use external monitor with 1920 x 1200 output


    I have an equium A100-147, anyone know if its possible to use my external lcd as office extended to its native resolution of 1920 x 1200, I want to use it for photo editing.

    None of these options to external display currently on the graphics card drivers provide a decent game with the external monitor.

    How can I make it fit on the screen without stretch or compress images with a decent resolution?

    Hi Mae

    As you probably know the resolution you want to use depends on the installed graphics driver.
    If the graph does not contain the 1920 x 1200 resolution you will not be able to use it.

    But maybe after a small modification of the graphics driver you will be able to choose such an external resolution.

    Please visit this thread:

    Maybe the procedure described by Jogi might help.

  • Equium A100-147: can I use an external mouse wired or wireless

    Hi just bought an A100-147, anyone knows if I can use an EXTERNAL MOUSE wired or wireless

    Hi Peter,.

    You should, as far as I know, be able to use two types of mouse; I know that many people find it more natural and easier than the mouse pad integrated, but that is purely a personal preference.

    A wired mouse plug directly into a USB port or a round PS/2 port, check the ports that you have before you buy anything, but you should have no problem with USB.

    Use of wireless mouse a small receiver which plugs into a USB port and would be normally equipped with software to run it.

    I hope this helps.


  • Equium A100 - will be the responsibility of recovery on a new HARD drive disk


    Don t know if anyone can help, I am just out of warranty by a month and I think that my hard drive has failed, or I had a virus that has hit loads of files and the PC is always eager to run the disc scan and still get errors on commissioning, sometimes start even goes just right to start mode then crash again and again the same thing.

    I have the recovery disk, but this is not sort on the question, so if I get a new hard drive the recovery disc will actually load on a new HARD drive? Why don t Toshiba just give us the full operating system to start with?

    Someone has answers or similar questions that could help please let me know.


    Of course, you can use a recovery with new HARD drive media. No problem at all! Swap the HARD drive and install the operating system using recovery DVDs. All that s!

  • Equium A100-147 will not connect wireless Internet!

    For these last months that my cell phone was able to connect to internet, I think I must have downloaded a virus that deleted the necessary drivers for the wireless card to work, it is still all access points, but it does not connect.

    I tried to reinstall the operating system (Media Center) a few times - that didn't work, and now I have some drivers that I got from my computer on a toshiba Web site - they don't work anymore.

    I'm stuck now because I've tried everything I can think of and nothing works, so I hope I can get some good advice on here :D
    Thank you


    I really put t understand why the installation of the OS is so hard :(
    You have received the Toshiba Recovery CD. On this CD all the drivers and tools are already preinstalled.
    You insert this CD into the CD/DVD to boot from the CD drive and the installation will begin. After 10-15 min the installation will end and the laptop should be ready for use.

    Then configure the WLan access again (encryption, SID, MAC address, etc.) and enjoy.

  • Equium A100-147: can not play videos from the site with WMP

    When I try to play videos from a Web site, I get an error message. "Windows Media Player received. Error message Windows Media Player cannot access the file. The file may be in use, you won't have access to the computer on which the file is stored, or your proxy settings are may not be incorrect. »

    My computer settings are set out at the time of purchase. Is this normal?


    I think the error messages says that everything you need to know:
    You can not read the file because:

    -Is the file may be in use
    -you won't have access to the computer where the file is stored
    -your proxy settings are may not be not correct

    The proxy settings must be defined on use web browser proxy settings, you can find the setting when you open the WMP and tab marks the Protocol HTTP and meadows configure network.

  • Equium A100-147: record now and Roxio can't find Recorder

    Equium A100-147 with Sonic, 'Save now' 7 worm, using gives 'NO recorder' and can not find the drive. If no records. I checked the box 'Save' in the properties for the drive but no joy. Also I tried Roxio software but it was also unable to find the drive.

    All of the suggestions.
    See you soon.

    Please check in Device Manager if the cd/dvd drive is correctly recognized.
    Additional if you can find the drive in the Device Manager, you could try to remove it and restart the laptop.
    After restarting the laptop should recognize the device again.
    Then you should check the functionality of the drive.

    I studied a bit on the site of Microsoft for similar problems and found a few interesting sites:

    In my opinion, some registry entries are corrupted.

  • Equium A100-147 would not start

    Equium A100-147 would not start. Only the lights next to the CapsLock F10 F11 keys are on. When the switch is pushed the lights disappear back only after about 15 seconds.

    Help, please.

    Disconnect the power adapter and remove the battery. After doing this press the power for 30 seconds. Wait a few moments, connect the power adapter only and try to start your laptop.

    What happens when you do this?

  • Equium A100-147 replacement hard drive


    I got a toshiba Equium A100-147 by a friend. The only problem is that it comes without a hard drive, because he still destroyed his old hdd to protect its personal and professional data.

    I saw in a local computer store a disk sata hard very good price for only? Â £38 it's a 160 GB w Digital Scorpio 5400 RPM 8 MB Cache S - ATA HDD laptop someone knows if it will work or this laptop does it work-specific hdd?

    Looking forward to any help you guys can give


    Of course you need a compatible HARD drive.
    There are two different standards of HARD drive. SATA and IDE

    You need the HARD drive with the SATA interface. I think the original HARD drive was 100 GB.
    So a 120 GB and maybe a 160 GB SATA HDD should also be compatible.

    As far as I know the HARD drive slot was placed at the bottom of the unit and a screw secures the plastic cover.
    It of really not difficult to replace the HARD drive and I think that the details could be found in the user manual.

    Good bye

  • Equium A100-147 has infrared device?

    I'm having Toshiba Equium A100-147 [00800 EAV] PSAABE... is device a infrared?
    What is the corresponding driver for it? How to activate this device?

    Please help me!

    Can you see the infrared sensor on your laptop?
    According to the specifications of the laptop your Equium doesn t have the infrared device.

  • Equium A100-147 doesn't boot up - no display on screen


    I have a Toshiba Equium A100-147. When I turn, I see as the light of the maximum but there is no display on the screen.
    I read on a previous thread on a similar model that this has been fixed by resetting the computer.
    I understand there is a possibility that there is a problem with the motherboard, but I remain optimistic that a manual-reset would work.

    Is someone can you please tell me how this can be done?

    You can try this procedure simple and short;

    -Remove the battery from the laptop
    -disconnect 3rd external devices and adapter
    -leave the laptop for about 20-30 min
    -then reconnect battery and AC adapter

    If the portable fuel after this procedure, then your have a serious hardware problem and only the ASP can help you.

    I don t want to make a statement on the possible faults, because it of always hard to say what's wrong exactly, but it looks a bit like a motherboard problem.

    Good bye

  • Question on the disk anti-shock HARD on Equium A100-147

    Don't Equium A100 - 147 HDD have the same shock of the A120 series?


    Sorry, but the Equium A120 is unclear to me. Where did you find information on this laptop and HARD shock anti-mecanisme disc?

    I found some info on the new feature called Toshiba EasyGuard.
    Protection of hard drive (HDD) a feature of Toshiba EasyGuard is designed not to damage the hard drive and disks of data caused by the shock, fall or vibration.
    This feature can be found in the device under the section manager system devices as driver of Toshiba HDD protection shock sensor.
    But unfortunately, I don t find anything similar on the Equium A100

  • Equium A100-147 - Native resolution on the external LCD display does not work


    My Equium A100-147 has 1 VGA and 1 S-Video output, so I use the VGA output on an external LCD monitor with a native resolution of [email protected], but integrated graphics Intel 945 card doesn t give me the correct resolution to choose for this monitor, the closest is 1600 x 1200 and some weird widescreen resolutions other that make my monitor see the scaling an ugly picture.

    So I tested another external monitor with a native resolution of 1920 x 1200 resolution closest gave me Intel drivers is 1920 x 1080, even the installation of two drivers of monitors, remove and reinstall the driver and same formatting the machine and reinstall everything from scratch gave no different results.

    I have another laptop MSI Wind with the same graphic card built in and the same version of the pilot, and the laptop detects both the monitor and the good resolutions for them, this isn't a problem of Monitor driver.

    Seems to me that is a problem with the S-video output, which makes this mess, but there is no way to disable it in the BIOS or any other place in Device Manager I still seem.

    Can someone give me some advice for what can do?
    Thank you!


    You cannot choose the preferred resolution because the graphics chip does not support this external resolution or the installed graphics driver is not contained in this resolution. The two cases are possible.

    If you want to know if your graphic chip supports this resolution and then take a look at the user manual and check it.

    If the chip of the graphics card would support this resolution and you will not be able to choose, then that would mean that the graphics driver does not support this resolution.

    But first he must find out what external resolutions are supported by the GPU.

Maybe you are looking for

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