Equium A100 - will be the responsibility of recovery on a new HARD drive disk


Don t know if anyone can help, I am just out of warranty by a month and I think that my hard drive has failed, or I had a virus that has hit loads of files and the PC is always eager to run the disc scan and still get errors on commissioning, sometimes start even goes just right to start mode then crash again and again the same thing.

I have the recovery disk, but this is not sort on the question, so if I get a new hard drive the recovery disc will actually load on a new HARD drive? Why don t Toshiba just give us the full operating system to start with?

Someone has answers or similar questions that could help please let me know.



Of course, you can use a recovery with new HARD drive media. No problem at all! Swap the HARD drive and install the operating system using recovery DVDs. All that s!

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  • The recovery disks will let me install Windows XP on a new hard drive?

    original title: I have a hard drive goes wrong with Windows XP, the recovery disks won't let me install winxp on a new hard drive? I have a disc id and start product

    I have a hard drive goes wrong with Windows XP, the recovery disks won't let me install winxp on a new hard drive? I have a disc id and start product


    For the use of the recovery disc, I recommend you contact the manufacturer of the computer because these discs are personalized computer manufacturers.

    Hope this information was useful.

  • With the help of recovery on the new hard drive disks


    I have an old t160.uk of Pavilion.  The hard disk starts to sound a bit grumpy.  I have a spare I want to replace it with.  Can I create recovery discs using the partition, and then replace the hard drive and reinstall windows xp on the new drive? or the recovery disks only works on the original hard drive?

    See you soon,.

    Hirroshi wrote: what determines if the new hard drive will be compatible with the recovery disk?  Could I connect the new hard drive in another Bay and try to use the recovery disk, before removing my old hard drive?

    Hello Hirroshi, it seems that drives hard very little HP only work in an HP computer, or so I said. I think it has to do with some code that HP puts in the Master Boot Record, but that's just a guess. I read on the Forum that this is the case.

    I suggest that you delete the partition on the replacement hard drive, and then create a new partition and format the hard drive. You should be able to use the recovery disk, if they are not damaged and that you have a valid burn.

    You can try to install the replacement hard drive in the system you propose, and it can work very well. It's certainly worth a try.

    Here is a link that shows how to perform a recovery facility when a hard drive is replaced.

  • Satellite A100 - how to install "Windows XP MCE" on a new HARD drive?

    I have a laptop Satellite A100-495. the cd/dvd does not work and I have a new hard drive. Now, I want to install the original os (windows xp professional, mce).
    I'm trying to put the files of my original restore on a USB cd but never works and I did not find useful clues in any part of the forum.

    Is there anyone out there who can help me?

    Hi, marawe

    It would never work if you just copy the files from recovery Cd on a usb key. You need to make a BOOTABLE FLASH DISK, to do you need an application like Flashbot... Google.
    Download and install it, after that you can make a bootable usb key.
    You should know that your Bios must support boot with a Usb key, I don't know about your knees. Otherwise, you cannot do so. Hope it works

    Welcome them

  • HP TouchSmart 420 - 1000 t CTO: need help with the installation of windows on a new hard drive for HP TouchSmart 420-1000 t CTO (bought in 2012)

    My hard drive is failng in my computer I get the message that "the failure of hard drive" is imminent for several months now.  I did just recovery disks after I bought my computer and that you have ordered a new hard drive.

    I thought that the part of the setup of windows on a portion of the current hard disk that I need to replace.

    I want to just make sure that if I can restore the windows completely and that all programmes provided with the computer are on the recovery discs I want to do it myself - so I need to know I'm doing it correctly!

    Thank you very much.


    PS I found this web page below and I want to just make sure that it applies to me:


    This link in the post seems to apply to the situation.  If you have already completed the defined recovery disc then it should just be a matter of running the recovery disc after the new hard drive is installed.  The recovery disk set will be "restoring windows completely and all programs included with the computer".  Be aware that all other items that were installed or personal data will not be restored.  When replacing the hard drive, do not buy a disc exceeds the limit of 2 TB, such as published in the SPECS for TouchSmart 420-1000 t CTO.

  • recovery after installing new hard drive

    The recovery disc will reset windows on a new hard drive with the key at the back of the pc


  • l hp dv6-6179-er: recovery on a new hard drive

    Hello world!

    I had the problem with my laptop, it is impossible to re - install windows from the recovery DVD, because the hard drive is broken. Is that going to be a problem to set the new hard drive and install the operating system? Is that there should be some error messages or something?

    shakog wrote:

    Hello world!

    I had the problem with my laptop, it is impossible to re - install windows from the recovery DVD, because the hard drive is broken. Is that going to be a problem to set the new hard drive and install the operating system? Is that there should be some error messages or something?

    The recovery disks work on a new hard drive, if they do not post back with the error message.

  • P7-1258: hard drive died on the older desktop. Bought a new hard drive, need to buy factory restore disks.

    Son PC, no backup discs. Hard drive died, bought new hard drive, everything is good, but must purchase the restore disks so that we can he return to clean state software factory. Are they still available? Thank you.  Product # QW841AA #ABA


    To order a recovery media for your PC, click on the link below, then select the OS from W7 in the menu drop-down.


    The link to the order recovery media is the last element of the page.

  • Equium A100-147: can I connect my laptop to my desktop hard drive?

    My computer laptop satellite has a permanent error when I turn it on: "autochk program not found - skipping autocheck.

    I've tried everything I can think (and advice of you internet) to get the data on my laptop hard drive, including the creation of a boot disk (using an external floppy drive) and a knoppix disk and nothing worked.

    Now, I suppose that if I can connect the hard drive laptop on my desk, I can get the data in this way? But how can I do?

    I bought an IDE 3.5 "to 2.5" adapter disk hard drive, but the instructions indicate that laptop hard drive must have a male connector 44? The hard drive is a Toshiba MK6034GSX and when I removed it I couldn't see 44 pine?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    Yes you can do it, but you need USB 2.0 2.5 hard drive enclosure Kit ".
    Make sure that you buy a box with the right interface. Your HARD drive is SATA HDD.

    If you can connect the laptop HDD s to every desktop or laptop as external HARD drive and you will have access to all stored data.

  • Hard drive crashed. Want to get the Win Vista original license to new hard drive

    My laptop is running Win Vista. The hard drive recently crashed. I was unable to recover the operating system. Y at - there no possibility to retrieve the activation key for the Original Win Vista OS?


    You don't give us enough information.

    Vista came pre-installed (Dell, HP, atc) or have you bought a license for sale at retail?

    If it came pre-installed, look for this sticker with the product key on the laptop case or in the battery compartment.

    The key that would be in the operating system that is pre-installed on the drive hard WON'T help you to re - install the operating system.

    See you soon.

  • Reinstall the first elements 10 on a new hard drive

    I had to replace my hard drive and want to reinstall first elements 10. It is registered and

    I have the serial number, but do not know what that web page to get the download

    I figured it out and got the first 10 installed items.  Thanks again for your help.


    Sent from Windows Mail

  • recovery, then on new hard drive

    I put a new disc in and everything went well until I tried to use the recovery disc.  I get the message that this cd contains the software originally installed on a hp pavilion pc. If you receive this message on a hp pavilion call hp support.  Now, I don't know what to do, it is an old computer and security disappeared. The computer is a hp pavilion a800n. Can anyone help?

    Did a quick check and the part number for the recovery software is for the a800n 5069-8794. You can find it via a number of retailers using the part number in a search engine.  This software must be recognized by the system hardware and provide a recovery solution. I hope that the software you were using was the same number of Assembly.  If this is not the case you can try to acquire the software above and it should work with your system. Good luck!

  • Unable to connect to the internet after installing the xp of origin on a new hard drive.

    I get the message not connected area. I know that the connection is ok because I ask this question on another computer using the same ethernet cable.


    Hold down the Windows (between Ctrl and Alt) key and press the Pause break key. What is stated in the "system:"section (specifically looking for anything that tells you what is your level of service current pack, which will be either 1, 1, 2, 3 or nothing shown)? "

    Second, please do the following...

    • Click Start
    • Click on run
    • Type devmgmt.msc and press ENTER, this will open Device Manager window
    • Enlarge (click on +) on the section network cards - what is listed?
    • Similarly, what is listed under other devices?

    In addition, indicate the mark, the serial number and model of your PC, or if it is a custom build, of the brand and model of your motherboard.

    I suspect that you have missing drivers after re-installing. These will be available on the PC or motherboard manufacturer's Web site. You may have received a driver CD with the PC that would also contain the drivers.


  • Portege R500-11Z: recovery disk to help prepare a new HARD drive

    I bought a new hard drive (SSD) for my R500-11Z and I put in an envelope with the USB cable before installation - I want to be able to format the drive and create a new copy of Windows XP before you get out of my existing hard drive.

    I'm looking for ways to use the recovery disk and it SEEMS that it should be possible... EXCEPT...

    I discovered that on the recovery disk there is an executable called recoUNPACK in the Tools folder, which should, in theory, restore the contents of the disc to the hard drive. However, because the new hard drive is plugged into my existing XP set up, he gets a folder called System Volume Information written in it. The presence of this file causes the recoUNPACK to fail. He gets, at 59%, every time, and then survey the error - System Volume Information already exists.

    Any person proposing the deletion of the folder should consider their knowledge of the XP - there is no way to do this, ask Mr. Google if you don't believe me. I also tried this with full of this folder write permissions so that, in theory, could replace recoUNPACK...

    I would be very grateful if someone knows a way of "forcing" crush the System Volume information folder or another way to 'restore' the recovery of my new hard drive disk (other that disassemble the laptop and substitute physically the disc!).

    I have reviewed various options for establishing a USB bootable drive, but as I will adapt it in my laptop I don't want running all versions of XP - so using the recovery disc supplied with my odd R500. All bootable USB I can find only programs, fat32 format, and I would stay in NTFS...

    And the reason why I want to do it this way, it is that I want to continue to use my existing hard drive until the news is ready - its supposed to be an effective way to work... but so far the time wasted, trying to restore the disks could have been better spent undoing the screws on the rear of the machine!

    Thanks in advance

    > However, because the new hard drive is plugged into my existing XP set up, he gets a folder called System Volume Information written in it. The presence of this file causes the recoUNPACK to fail. He gets, at 59%, every time and then lift the error - System Volume Information already exists

    Hmm the right path and the letter of the partition or volume entitled did you use?

    As far as I know that the command should show something like this:

    + recounpack.exe d:\imagename.tpa z: f +.

    (z: is the letter of your external USB drive and may be different in your case)

  • Re: Equium A100 - 2 L - the search for the replacement of HARD drive

    I inherited an Equium A100 - 2L (PSAAQE) of my brother, but he kept the hard drive damaged in the hope of saving its data on it. Can anyone recommend a hard drive replacement, and I need one any attachment or additional connector?
    Looking at various Web sites, I'm puzzled by this disc to buy regarding dimensions (SFF, 1/8 H etc.)

    Thank you

    Hey Buddy,

    No, you need a t n pregnant additional or connector. The caddy HARD drive you need you can use old HARD drive and the connector is soldered to the motherboard. So when you replace the HARD drive, you need only one new, what s.

    Equium A100 has already SATA interface that means you buy a HARD drive with SATA interface, but it of not important if she s SATA1 or SATA2 interface because the two standards will work (SATA2 is compatible downgrade to SATA1).

    So just buy a * 2.5 HARD drive with SATA interface *. Also there is no capacity limit, 500GB or more should work and manufacturing is also independent.
    Just look at some online stores and buy a HARD drive with good price / performance. :)

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