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I bought a new laptop. When asked to put an Apple ID I tried to use the same as the one I have on all my other devices, it says that I could not do that and I was forced to create a different Apple for the new computer ID. Now how do I share the content of my other devices


Try these steps share content with family bought part - Apple Support

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  • my daughter has every music we want to pass the family sharing the will she lose her purchases

    my daughter has every music we want to pass the family sharing the will she lose her purchases


    She will be able to keep all purchases on his account.  See this document:

    Family shares - Apple Support

    Note that "all eligible songs, albums, movies, TV shows, books and applications already bought by members of the family are immediately available for everyone in the family."

    In the future if she leaves the group sharing of the family, she is no longer able to share purchases, but she will always keep its own.

  • Family sharing woes

    I like the idea of family sharing, but is it possible that my 17 year old son can participate in sharing family so he can take advantage of our subscription iTunes but allow him to make purchases with his iTunes account? I have the family facility and everybody sharing

    Hello blmclaws,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I see you want to add your son to share your family enjoy the iTunes subscription, but make purchases with their iTunes account. How the family sharing is set up, all purchases are made with the credit card provided by the Organizer. The exception is that if a member has a credit on his iTunes, usually by a gift card account, then purchases will come from this credit until the credit card of the Organizer is responsible. Thus, in the case of your son, he could buy gift cards and add them to their account before shopping. In this way, the Organizer will not be charged.

    For more information, see the following:

    Family sharing

    Best regards.

  • family sharing iTunes

    Within the family sharing in iTunes family members will be able to see all my photos stored in iCloud? Or they will not see those shared within the family photo album?

    They will see only those shared via iCloud, sharing of photos- Photo Sharing - Apple Support iCloud, iCloud: overview of sharing photos of iCloud, get help using iCloud, sharing photos and albums shared - Apple Support, the family shares - Apple Support

  • Card balance using gift on family sharing account

    I have a family sharing the account into which my 2 wires are connected to my iTunes account.  When they buy something from the iTunes store, it is loaded on my credit card.  How can I get their purchase deducted from the balance on the card gift or credit on my account? Only my purchases are currently being paid on the credit on my account gift card

    Redeem an iTunes Gift Card - Apple Support

  • Hide the * other * family sharing iCloud in-app music iOS purchases?


    I ask this in the name of someone else so I can't test, so I ask if anyone has had this experience:

    The problem:

    iCloud family sharing is implemented.  Application of MOM on the iPhone music on Shuffle and continues to play music of Dad - MOM does not like the music of my father and he does not want in his list.

    Is there a way to hide family purchases shares in other iCloud in music iPhone app?

    Or is it a case of Daddy asking to hide his music buy other members of the family sharing?

    Any thoughts much appreciated!

    Has your mother and your father separated Apple ID?

  • If I buy a family sharing on Apple music music of family members appears on my devices?

    If I buy a family sharing on Apple music music of family members appears on my devices?

    Thank you.

    Hello Copale,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community Support from Apple. I know how it is important to keep your music and other purchases organized, and I maybe some information which will help. When you start a family membership Apple music shared purchases will be available to other members of the family. You are not required to share all purchases and shared purchases are not automatically downloaded to all devices. You are given the option to download.

    For more information on the person of the family memberships share purchases, take a look at the article below, and if you're having trouble, the entire community is here to help.

    Manage your membership Apple music on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac or PC

    Best regards

  • family sharing in iTunes

    Is there a way to family-part between the two apple belonging to the same individual id?

    Yes, there is no reason why you can't invite you to join the family sharing if you have a second ID, people often make this option to retain access to iTunes content purchased through several accounts.

  • Family, sharing, but not IOS apps

    Is it possible with the family sharing enabled for sharing everything but IOS apps? My wife and I are the only two users on the network on the part of the family. But none of us wants to get automatically the other apps.

    Turn on downloads automatic for the iTunes Store, App Store and iBooks Store purchases - Apple Support              Settings - iTunes and App Store - automatic downloads / Apps

    Hope this helps, good luck to you

    ~ Michael M

  • Family sharing ITunes includes Apple's music subscriptions?

    I am trying to decide if I'll subscribe but have not found the answer to this question.

    According to this article, the answer is Yes, but you must subscribe to the Apple music family sharing one.

    Share purchased content with family sharing - Apple Support

  • How can I recharge my personal credit card, being a member of a family shared account?

    How can I recharge my personal credit card, being a member of a family shared account?

    You cannot, with the family share that only cards of the Organizer will be used (if you have a balance on your account that will be used for your purchases, if that card organizer will be charged)

  • iCloud storage family sharing

    I upgraded my iCloud to 50 GB storage but my family cannot access family sharing? Can't share us storage iCloud?

    I am not afraid. If other members of your family need extra storage, they must buy themselves.

  • Trying to give my daughter my old iPad. Set up a family sharing. Cannot delete photos

    This turns into a real pita.  I created a family sharing for the old iPad, which is very low on space, I'm empty I can't seem to get rid of the pictures, it is probably better just to get rid of the entire library, but everything appears.  Can't delete the photos that would take years to do anyway if it worked the same.  Disable all options photo to iCloud and turn their back on did nothing

    It is perhaps best to follow this approach: what to do before you sell or give away your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

  • has dropped family sharing

    has dropped family sharing?

    You have a question?

  • IPhone 4 ios 7 can not get on the family sharing for itunes

    Hi, my son got a new second hand phone. try to get him on the family sharing so he can listen to the music, but whenever he's trying to do a song, his view as a purchase. his name is included, but it has version 7. We have updated the phone on itunes and its not updated it to ios8 one had success with this?

    Thank you

    Hello evechoccy!

    Thanks for reaching out on the share of the family option does not arise with the iPhone of your son 4.

    The reason for this is the iPhone 4 can only go to iOS 7 and sharing of the family did not become an option until iOS 8 and later versions. You can see the family sharing requirements here: family shares - Apple Support

    Kind regards.

  • added to the family sharing with strangers

    I received a notification on my iPhone that I had been added to the family sharing and just assumed that it was an announcement of a new feature of Apple. Shortly after, I received a notification that a name I didn't recognize left my family. I went into my settings and saw that I was on a list with a few people at random. I left the band and changed my password to iCloud. No idea how it happened, or if I need to worry about what anyone?

    Welcome to the Apple community.

    Unless you accept an invitation to join the family sharing, the administrator had to know your password for to add you themselves. If that's what happened, and you don't really know these people, then you must immediately change your password.

    Of course, it is possible that someone invited you by mistake.

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