Filesystem NMH300

Hi all, I want to access the data stored in my HD on a NMH300 using an external interface (USB), but I do not understand what file system is used. Windows and Suse Linux do recognize not (only the partition main operating system like ext2/3). Read other messages may be other linksys devices use raiserFS or XFS.

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Thank you for your response. I tried with EXT2IFS (wonderful tool, thanks for sharing) pilot: he assign letters of

258 MB swap,

133 MB ext2,

Linux raid 297,7 GB

but do not recognize partitions because windows asking me to format the drive.

I also tried explore2fs with but cannot read reiserFs (but confirm that it is a ReiserFs partition). Did you know that other tools that can access a ReiserFs?

Update: I found YAReG GUI frontend for rfstool that read (only) ReiserFs:

Is very slow... but work!

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    I bought a Sansa Clip today and in learning to use it with my Linux (Ubuntu Hardy Heron) system, which is all messed up. I ended up using a partition editor under Linux to completely clean the clamp, then give him a MSDOS disklabel, a single partition covering the memory of 1 GB of this Clip and formatted this partition as a FAT32 file system.  However, as you can guess, this was not good enough.

    I can always connect the Sansa Clip to the computer and can partition and format (file system format) the Clip, but I hope someone can tell me exactly how many partitions to create, size, what files must be placed in the walls, what should be the names of files. Basically, I'm putting back the Clip in usable state through the understanding of some of these technical issues. I'm a computer user experienced enough (Linux and Mac only, not a lot of experience on Windows, sorry) and am not afraid to try anything. (That's why I messed up the Clip so bad.) :-)

    I tried many or most of the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this forum, but this problem is beyond their scope, I guess, because my Clip gives me still a message of error "not enough space for music DB" when it is disconnected from the computer, even immediately after deleting the partitions on the device and creating one or two new partitions (I tried to create 2 one as a partition of 16 MB (, FAT16 and later in another attempt a FAT32).

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    There is no sophisticated Linux users here on the forums of SanDisk, it would be a big favor if make you a picture of the memory of your Sansa Clip using the dd program the command line in a terminal and then available this picture of me and possibly others who intentionally or unintentionally (but for what they thought were good reasons) their little Sansa Clip hose. OR, perhaps, the good people in technical support at SanDisk have a utility to restore the partition/system files-files/system or a disk image? (hope, hope) :-)


    Have not yet heard from the SanDisk technical support, but as so often happens when people post problems in the forums, I finally managed to solve my problem in spite of the lack of help.

    SO, for all Linux users who may have a SanDisk Sansa Clip and are having problems with it, here's a brief overview of the problem and a solution.

    How to restore a watered Clip

    I recently bought a cute and tiny Sansa Clip 'MP3 player '. Hardship of editing under Linux (had old firmware), and after consulting various online here and at and forums, I have read many reports that said the same thing: the firmware update, or if all else fails, reformat the Clip.

    I downloaded the SanDisk "Sansa Updater" application and tried to run the program only Windows under Wine (Windows emulator) under Linux. No luck; suspended program. Then -before I discovered we could manually update the firmware - I reformatted the flash memory of the drive with gparted, a partition-and-filesystem-format-from-scratch program under Linux. It was before I learned that "reformat" on the forums mean 'use the command 'Format' of the element. Stupid me!

    Yes - The Clip is so useless, a cute little plastic brick next to the computer. I contacted SanDisk technical support (still have not heard from them, a few days later) and wrote messages on all the forums begging for help.

    As is the case several times, I ended up helping me. I've done some research more and I tried a lot of ideas. One of them worked. The solution consists of two parts.

    Important note
    Before you try the following steps, if your Sansa Clip has not been completely rendered useless yet, you can use its own settings of--> Format command to reformat the Clip. It's easier and better, and then you can update the firmware manually (see the forums of SanDisk or forums for versions of firmware), or using the program "Sansa Updater.

    How to get a useless Sansa Clip works again

    1. Reformat Sansa Clip flash memory and install a FAT32 file system. You can reformat in Linux using Gparted, but the Clip still won't work because the Clip wants the exact settings that Windows uses when it formats a blank disc. However, reformat the Clip in Gparted will serve to ensure that it will not work absolutely nor be recognized by a Windows machine. So go ahead and this once if you wish. Then connect the Sansa Clip USB2 to a computer running Windows or Vista. Then use Windows File Manager (Windows Explorer) to try to open the drive letter of the USB Windows detected device. Windows will give you an error message saying: the drive is not formatted and offer to format it for you. Choose the FAT32 file system and uncheck "quick format". Then let Windows format the Sansa Clip flash memory.
    2. Once the Clip is in the Windows format, delete ('remove hardware safely' icon in the system tray, then unplugging the USB cable). Then go to and download the "Sansa Updater." This application is update the firmware for the Sansa Clips that are already working, but believe it or not, it can also completely restore the firmware and de-structure of directories and files including the Clip needs to run. After downloading and running or installing the update for Sansa, close the program. Then reconnect the Clip on Windows. It must be recognized and the Sansa Updater program may start automatically. If not, then find the Sansa Updater in the start menu, run it and follow its instructions. It will get your Sansa Clip, then download the latest firmware, then restore your Sansa Clip used-to-be-there's no need to Virgin State, approved, fully updated that works very well with Ubuntu Hardy Heron and even now supports OGG and FLAC!

    Best wishes to all. Hope this helps other users to Sansa Clip.

  • NMH300 - maximum LINEAR 2


    I have a very simple question, but in this forum at the moment, I have not found an answer.

    I just want to know the maximum capacity in LINEAR 2 of the Media Hub NMH300 mode.

    For example: with 2 hard drives WD 2 TB, I use 4 TB within the LINEAR 2 NAS storage?

    Thank you, best regards better.


    You can use 4 TB of capacity to combine 2 TB HARD drive in a linear Mode disk configuration. Like what is said on article: linear 2 Mode will treat both hard drives like a big disk, but you will consider need for storage for the reserved system files.

  • Cannot open/access media importing & NTI Shadow on new installation NMH300


    Just bought and filled new installation on NMH300 using Windows 7/64 bit PC.

    Got a notification of successful after the installation and proceeded to a 2nd disk Raid-1 facility.

    As my 2nd drive is synchronized to the top, I tried to access the importing media both NTI Shadow by statement in Chapter 2 of the user manual.

    However, I could not open/run either of these applications.  Nothing seems to happen when I left clicked that icons, when I clicked on the right button of the mouse on the icons, did not get the menu shown in the manual (Open, Goto online media, etc.).   I got the standard Windows menu display: open, troubleshooting, cut, copy, properties, etc.

    I tried to re - run the installer multiple times, by clicking on connect computer manual one-way, but no change and got the same results as described above.

    Firmware ver: 3.18.4

    Browser ver software: 1.7.41

    Help, please!  All of the recommended suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi BHK808,

    You right click on a shortcut or you right-click the media importer icon in the system tray? With respect to NTI shadow try going to program files, then in the shadow of nti folder and try to start the application by using the application nti shadow file.

  • NMH300 and hard drives with 4 KB sectors size


    Does anyone know if the NMH300 supports hard drives with 4 KB sectors or only 512 b size?
    If Yes, how HDs with 4 k sectors perform?

    I know: XP do not really like the HDs with sector size 4 k. W7 has no problem.

    Thank you for your comments.

    No, it won't work because new hard with 4 k sector disks require new chips of controller hard drive to be recognized. To be sure check just the NMH series hardware tested list .

    See you soon.

  • Error message when you access files on NMH300 Explorer

    Hi, I have a problem here. The error message: "the media center doesn't answer, please confirm the device is turned on and connected to your network." appears whenever I try to access the file on the hub of media NMH300 browser. I tried to restart the unit, back to zero, but in vain. I always get the error message. I use the updated firmware 3.18.4. No idea how to solve this problem?

    Also, I can't seem to restore the firmware to version 2.17 even if I did a reset of the device by pressing the reset on the back of the unit. any help on this?


    Try to press on and press and hold the reset button on the back of the mediahub for 30 seconds then check if its now reset to the factory settings.

    I'm curious, when you started having this problem it was in time when you created a folder under "File Browser"? Maybe the Linksys article below is the right way to create folders on the mediahub or just create a folder using the drive mapped.

    Create and delete new actions displayed in the file browser

    Anyway I hope this helps.

  • Problems installing NMH300

    Hi, I just bought a NMH300 but I have installation problems to work. I have a WD Caviar Black 1 TB (I know that the drive is OK because I also tried to connect it directly to my PC and I was able to format). When I turn the NMH300 on the fan speeds, reduced them, a drive light lights up, the light starts to Flash quickly, after a few seconds the player turns off and nothing happens. The installation disc says that it cannot find the Media Hub. The Green Media Hub on the network port light stays on and the orange flashes a few times. But if I check the log in the router, he has not given an IP address for the media center. I also tried power, he won by pressing the button of reset with no result. Any other recommendations? Thanks in advance and best regards, Armando.

    Problem solved. I called Linksys RMA and it was a defective unit. Just got a new one and works perfectly.

  • NMH300: single drive RAID 1

    Hi all, I have a NMH300 with 1 HD, but in the future, I would like to add a second drive (similar) to create a RAID 1 array. Did you know that if I have to format the 2 discs or I can insert the second disk, and then RAID will be created automatically configuring the raid option in the administration tool?

    Thank you and best regards,

    The 1st disk of Original data will NOT be erased. Everything will be mirrored on the 2nd HD.

  • [NMH300] Try to use Vista backup, but what is the name of user and password to drive Z?

    I use the pole NMH300 media and I want to create a backup process this file copies on drive Z (media Division) and Vista backup invites me for the username and password for the drive Z, which is funny because I never enter a username or password to access this disk , and the more I use a password only to access the media hub File Explorer but I've never had to enter a user name.  What Miss me?

    Thanks in advance.


    The utility of backup Vista encrypts the data on the hard drive using the security feature of NTFS format and I think it will not be able to do that if you go back up to the mediahub since its already a different device with a different file for its Reader format. Vista Backup utility is intended only then to NTFS formatted disks so that it can encrypt/secure data being saved. Just use the NTI Shadow backup tool to backup your files, it's a good tool.

    Backup NTI Shadow

    See you soon.

  • Windows WPD filesystem volume driver

    As I enter my USB for my printer in the drive.
    It comes up with a message saying it is scanning to locate and install driver software.
    then he said: it is install the software device driver.
    then he said: he has encountered an error trying to install it.
    comes with windows WPD filesystem volume driver.
    can you please respond with a solution.
    Thank you

    Hi Blair kiwi,

    Thanks for choosing Windows Vista answers Forums.

    WPD stands for Windows Portable device. This is the driver that allows USB devices for synchronization of media. It is also necessary for ReadyBoost work. The driver is not installed and therefore you get this error.

    I suggest that try you first uninstall the current corrupt driver and restart the computer to reinstall. Please see question similar to:

    Uninstall the drivers from Device Manager

    1. click on Start

    2 type devmgmt.msc in search, and then press enter

    3. in Device Manager, locate the USB device, right-click top and select the option Uninstall.

    4. restart the computer and check.

    You can also contact the manufacturer and get the latest driver for your Windows Vista.

    For more information, you can consult the following link and run the Fixit to solve the problems of USB device:

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Hide a folder in the filesystem by BB10


    I would like to know if there is a way to hide a folder in the filesystem BB10. What I want is to be able to hide or display a specific folder of my application, being of this folder for example, in the folder of photos (or anywhere else).

    Is it possible to do?

    Thanks in advance!

    Seems if you rename a folder or a file with a name that begins with a period, you can hide it.

    I have not tested myself, I found it in the first reply in this thread:

    I'm having a time difficult to understand what exactly would the usecase, you still have the folder "data" inside your sandbox which is the perfect place to hide your files, otherwise, there is the /tmp/ folder that you can use without the permission of "Shared folder", but the files/folders copied it from your application will be visible from a file browser application , but will not read / write from another application.

  • JVM 102 error: invalid code in filesystem


    I use BlackBerry JDE 4.6, when I'm trying to start the emulator, the emulator has successfully launched, but after awhile, I got the following description on the emulator screen, please help me...

    JVM 102 error

    Invalid code in filesystem

    Please help me-

    Thanks in advance...

    clean.bat run once, then restart.

  • Invalid code in filesystem - the Simulator

    This all started yesterday afternoon.   I changed just a few colors in some setColor method calls and when I ran the app in the Simulator (after doing the same thing several times more - with different colours) and the error "JVM 102: invalid code in filesystem ' whenever I run my application.   I tried my eclipse and the simulator of closing, deleting all files on the day and runnign clean.bat and then restarting my Eclipse, but the problem persists, I have same JDE4.7 swtched to 5 and yet sometimes.   Is it possible that a coding error can cause this problem?   It might have something to do with yesterday JDE 6 update?

    More to the point how can I get rid of him? I need to use my Simulator.

    Eclipse 3.5.2 JDE 4.7, latest java, java 1.3, winxp pro 2002 sp3 worm compliance.

    Thanks in advance

    OK, I just realized that the simulator that I used was in a different directory than where I was checking, I looked under C:\eclipse-SDK-3.5.2-win32\eclipse\plugins\net.rim.ejde.componentpack5.0.0_5.0.0.25\components\simulator is written with each deployment of sim but I also have these directories:

    C:\Program search in Motion\BlackBerry Smartphone simulators 5.0.0\ (9530)

    who were also get written also, so after you uninstall * and delete the remaining files under C:\Program Research In Motion\BlackBerry Smartphone simulators 5.0.0------* and reinstall the 5.0 sims, lets see...

  • MP4 player disconnects, error: error of WPD filesystem Volume driver Code 10


    Original title: connection device and after 2 sec is disconnected and there is error of WPD filesystem Volume driver Code 10

    The problem is when I connect my TEAC MP4 Player MP-390 (chip ROCK), it is detected and Windows installs the drivers for it (EM853RB mp4 player usb device) and it connects, it appears in Windows Explorer for like 2 sec then disconnects and begins loading.
    I'm with Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit SP1. I tested it on another computer with the same operating system and it connects normally. It also connects normally on Windows XP (and remains connected).
    I tried this like 2 years ago and did not work and now I need and I reinstalled windows at least 2 - 3 times since and still does not work.
    Motherboard is ASUS P5Q3 Deluxe (latest version of BIOS 2105), Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550, ASUS NVidia GeForce 9800 GT 512 MB latest drivers. All the Windows updates installed. So what is this some hardware/software incompatibility or what, I tried like 10 solutions that worked for everyone without success.


    1. What are troubleshooting you performed?

    2. what anti-virus software is installed on the computer?

    WPD stands for Windows Portable device. This is the driver that allows USB devices for synchronization of media. It is also necessary for ReadyBoost work. The driver is not properly installed and therefore you get this error.

    Follow the steps:


    Method 1:

    First, open the hardware and devices Troubleshooter to run the automated troubleshooting services.

    See: Open the hardware and devices Troubleshooter


    Method 2: Temporarily disable anti-virus and firewall and check.
    Disable the antivirus software

    Enable or disable Windows Firewall
    Note: Firewall and antivirus to protect your computer against viruses and other security threats.  In most cases, you should not disable it.  If you have to disable it temporarily, you should reactivate as soon as you are finished.  If you are connected to the Internet or a network, while your firewall is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.



    Method 3:

    See the following article in the knowledge base for instructions on fixing the code 10 error messages:

    Description of errors related to the 10 Code that generates the Device Manager in Windows on computers

  • Can I get the internal details of the filesystem ReFS?


    Can I get the internal details of the filesystem ReFS?

    Thanking you in anticipation.


    Hi Siddique,

    Please contact Microsoft Community.

    Windows clients want an economic platform that maximizes the availability of data, can effectively scale to very large volumes of data across various workloads, and guarantees the integrity of the data using the resiliency to corruption (regardless of hardware or software failures). REF is a new file system that targets those needs while providing a basis for future innovations. I suggest you read the article for more information.

    Overview of resilient file system

    Hope this information helps. Reply to the post if you need help or information on this issue.

Maybe you are looking for