HP 5520 scan a few laps

Printer will not scan. Printer now says "scanning", but a few laps.  Dr. installed Scan and that does not work either.


Hi Theresa10,

Thank you for your answer!

I suggest you an update of the firmware. Get the latest Firmware and updates.

Also a hard reset could help as well. (With the printer, unplug the power cable to the back of the printer, then from the wall outlet, wait 60 seconds, plug the power cable into the wall outlet and all first, then into the printer. The printer turns on by itself, and then I would you try to copy again.)

If this does not work, please call our technical support at the 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number. Language-country selector.

Hope this helps you and have a great day!

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  • Photosmart 5520: Scan to email: server connection error 403 (with app and scan)

    I scanned to send several times than I can count, but a few days ago, I get nothing other than the error "connection server 403 error." I checked the forums and someone said to go into apps and download the application. It did not work. I rebooted and tried everything, which he expects. Yet, nothing. Is this error to do with something outside as the real servers HPs - or is this something internal that I can fix it? I went as far as I can without resetting to factory settings (which I am fearful because I recently had the country code has changed on this issue and do not want to return to the country of origin), someone has any suggestions other than what I've sifted through the forums already?

    Hey @fruitfly20,

    Welcome to the HP forums! I hope you enjoy your stay here.

    I understand that you have some problems with the scan to E-mail on your Photosmart 5520. I can help with that.

    We can try I couldn't see you is to remove and enable web services. To do:

    1. On the printer, click web services icon that looks like a tablet with a phone beside her.
    2. Click settings.
    3. Click on delete Web Services.
    4. Click again on the Web Services.
    5. Click on accept and Yes.
    6. Try scanning to Email.

    I would like to know if it works. If it does please not then let me know and we can try something else. Even if it solves your problems, so please let other users of the forum know clicking on accept as Solution below my post.

    I hope this helps and I hope you have a nice day!

  • Photosmart 5520 scanning software

    My printer Photosmart used previous scanning HP Solutions software that had the ability to scan to a file RTF using OCR. For the 5520, I see only one option of scanning to a PDF file. Is it possible to add several file format options? I tried to use the HP Soluyions software, but it does not recognize the new printer.

    The software provided for your device does not include OCR functionality
    As you can find listed in the specification of digitization, text files like TXT or RTF are not supported by the HP software:

    You can use a solution of OCR 3rd party to analyze as editable text.

    If you have Microsoft Office suite, there is a good chance of the suite to provide this type of functionality:

    Office 2007 or 2010:

    Office 2003:

    Kind regards

  • HP 5520 scanning resolution

    I bought an all-in-one Photosmart HP 5520 printer that supposedly "up to 1200 x 2400 dpi. However, despite the fact that the scan to computer option is expected to have an option to change the scanning resolution, one such option does not seem to exist - in the General settings or in the scanning settings. Can anyone help on this?

    Hi Boxmoor ,

    The printer will scan at higher resolutions through the HP software on the computer. Since you use Yosemite, however, is not full software functionality available right now, but you can scan through the Apple software. This software should also allow you to scan at higher resolutions.

    I have a document with the specifications of the printer.

    Specifications for HP Photosmart 5520 e-all-in-one and HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 5520 series e-all-in-one printer.

    Analysis of the specifications:

  • Photosmart 5520 scan gives a black and white page

    I scan a document translates a page black Virgin, if I scan in computers or copy. I downloaded and installed the latest update. If someone had the same problem and it is resolved successfully, I would be very grateful for their help. And if someone has an idea what could be causing this, I'd like to hear about them too. Thank you very much

    Hello there @pilotepure ,

    I read your posts on your scans turn empty your Photosmart 5520, running a Windows operating system. I want to add some of my ideas for you!

    Try a copy, if the copy is also empty, there is a problem of printer hardware.

    Try a reset of power:

    Press the power button to turn the product on.
    With the product, unplug the power cord from the back of the product.
    Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.
    Wait at least 15 seconds.
    Plug the power cord into the wall outlet.
    Reconnect the power cord to the back of the product.
    If the product does not light by itself, press the Power button to turn it on.

    Make sure that the printer is plugged directly into the wall, avoiding bars power and surge protectors. This ensures that the printer is full on and can help greatly.

    If copies are turning on fine, run the print and Scan on your PC Doctor and respond with results. Also include what Windows operating system you have.

    All the best

  • HP 5520 scan several pages to 1 pdf doc

    Using the HP Photosmart 5520 HP printer Assistant software I can't scan multiple pages to 1 doc pdf.  It's on Windows 7 with a Wi - Fi connection.  Advanced settings, files tab contains a checkbox to create a single file for each page, but it didn't matter if this box is checked or not because I always get 1 file for each page.

    After each scan, there is only a back or save or option.  If the backup is selected a file is created. any other parameter ignores the scan and start again.  There are no icons that indicate several pages.


    First of all make sure that the checkbox is not checked to scan multiple pages into a single file.

    Then, reduce the resolution to 300 DPI or lower and make sure that the option Preview.

    Now, you should find an Add button under the preview of the scan.


  • Photosmart 5520: Scan to computer


    My printer is saying that there is no found computer and I should make sure that the software is downloaded and that "analysis of the computer" is enabled. I have the computer connected to the printer with a usb cable and the computer or the printer can 'find' between them. I can't find the place where to open the settings of this since I accidently deleted all the icons on my desktop. Whenever I go to the HP-> Hpphotosmart 5520-> Bin folder, I have no help whatsoever. I don't know how to solve this problem, even though my scanner works perfectly a week ago.  I think that my operating system is somewhere along the lines of Windows 8. Whenever I try to open the program, called HPScanDisco, it does not, even if I tried to run as an administrator as well as regularly.

    No idea how to help me?

    Hello @Penwyn,

    Welcome to the Forum from HP Support.  I hope you enjoy your experience here.

    I see that you are unable to scan to PC using your HP Photosmart 5520 e-all-in-one printer due to some problems of software installation.  I want to help you with this.

    To start, I recommend that you run Microsoft Fix it (click here to install).  You can use this utility to remove the old software from your printer.  Note that this program says it is only good for Windows 7, but I tested it on a 8 machine and it worked fine.

    Once that is complete, click here to re - install your printer.  If you find that the computer not recognize your printer, try a different USB port.

    Please let me know the result of your troubleshooting by responding to this post.  If I helped you to solve the problem, feel free to give me a virtual h.o.t. by clicking the "Thumbs Up" icon below and by clicking to accept this solution.

    Have a great day!

  • Photosmart 5520: Scan to PDF file names


    When I scan for PC:

    JPG--> I get file names Scan50001, -0002, -0003

    PDF--> I get file names Aug_ssn_GPunto_lug20140001, -0002, -0003

    The Red prefix is the name of the first scan to PDF, I did, which is repeated at any time.

    Is there a way to change this?

    Thx a lot


    You can change, but it will keep up to your change as a prefix or you will have to appoint one by one afterwards. To change the prefix, please try your computer

    • Click the icon on the desktop printer,
    • Click on scan a Document or Photo.
    • Click on advanced (near bottom right).
    • Click the Destination tab,
    • Change file name,
    • Click Ok

    (The same for each type).

    Kind regards.

  • Photosmart 5520: Photosmart 5520 scan to computer problems

    Scan of the computer decided not to work. I reloaded the drivers (including the latest HP - inkjet ink-SW-OSX - Mavericks_v12.34.44.dmg) without success. I tried to delete the printer and start again. The printer print wireless without a problem and I scan the computer successfully. The network connection is fine. When I went through the installation program, it tells me "a critical error has occurred. Please restart the application and try again". When I try to activate the scan to computer, I get a communication error "unable to communicate with the device. Check the cables and the connection parameters. If the problem persists, try restarting your computer and the HP device. "even if there is a wireless communication between the desktop computer and printer.

    Any other suggestions? Is there a specific driver of El Capitan (OS 10.11)?

    Hi @AdrianCouani,

    I think we need to adopt a different approach and perform an uninstall more complete.

    I know that you have completed some of these steps already, but it is important that complete us the steps in the order presented.  Please follow the steps below and let me know the results of your efforts:

    Scrub / uninstall

    • Open the Applications folder > folder HP or Hewlett Packard > Uninstall HP
    • Click continue, click on one of the printers in the list.
    • * Only perform this step if you have not all other HP printers.  Press and hold the Option, control and command, while now the three buttons.
    • Click Uninstall.

    Manually uninstall the remaining files potentially - I apologize in advance is not a fun task! I'll try to make it easy to follow. Some files described in the following steps may be found, if you can't find one of the files or folders on your computer, do not be alarmed.


    Move the files or folders to the Recycle Bin, drag and drop

    • Macintosh HD/Applications / /Hewlett-Packard folder
    • Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support /- delete all files and folders on HP/Hewlett Packard
    • In Macintosh HD/Library/Caches - delete all files and folders on HP/Hewlett Packard
    • Macintosh HD/Library/Documentation/Help /- delete all files and folders on HP/Hewlett Packard
    • MacintoshHD/Library/Frameworks/HPServicesInterface.framework
    • MacintoshHD/Library/Frameworks/HPSmartX.framework
    • Macintosh HD/Library/Image Capture / TWAIN Data Sources /HP Scan Pro
    • In Macintosh HD/Library/Image Capture/Scripts - delete all files and folders on HP/Hewlett Packard
    • In Macintosh HD/Library/Preferences - delete all files and folders on HP/Hewlett Packard

    Move the Macintoshloginwindow.plist on the desktop. NOTE: Does not delete the loginwindow.plist file during the manual uninstallation may cause uninstall be retained.

    • In Macintosh HD/library/printers/hp - delete the folder
    • In Macintosh HD/Library/StartupItems, drag the following files in the trash, IO HP and HP trap monitor
    • In Macintosh HD/users/username (this should have a symbol of a house next to him) / Library/Preferences, drag the following files to the Trash: * all files starting with com.apple.print, * all files starting with com.hp, * all files beginning with Hewlett-Packard, * files starting with HP or hp
    • In MacintoshHD/users/USERNAME/Library/printers, drag all all-in-one printers listed here in the trash.
    • Drag the icons of HP from the dock and drop it onto a blank space on the desktop. The icon will disappear.

    Close all open windows.
    Turn it back on.
    Empty the trash.

    Reset the printing system

    1. Click on the Apple icon ( ), then click on System Preferences.
  • I've updated to firefox 35.0 and cannot verify add ons are updated a few laps, I tried refreshing firefox and no help

    I can not check to add updates. the juice of the small guard spinning arrow. tried to update firefox and no help. any ideas.

    I just ran the update of the plugin, no problem.

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web link} by holding down the < SHIFT (Mac Options) > key and then from Firefox. Is always the problem?

    Go to the web page. Once the page loads, mouse to the address bar
    and left click the icon. A window to display information of site should
    developed. Select more information. Now select permissions. In the
    menu, find the plugins and set all the of them for Allow.
    This action will have an effect only as a single site.

  • Application manager a few laps/does not - could not connect with the new installation

    Bought a perpetual license for Adobe Acrobat Professional DC and the installer downloaded from licensing.adobe.com

    No creative Cloud applications exist on Mac.

    Some versions of Adobe Reader or Acrobat Professional have never existed on this Macbook Air.

    10.10.5 running

    Installed without error.

    Launch Acrobat and Adobe Application Manager launches rather telling me that I have to sign.

    I click on the Connect button and a new "Adobe Acrobat" window appears with rotating boxes - that never cease.

    I have to force quit the Application Manager, because it becomes completely insensitive although Force Quit does not (do not) then for the name of the program.

    I uninstalled Acrobat and reinstalled but I got the same error.

    I have an internet connection then it should be able to reach the sign to the server.

    Checked the Console logs - is the thing in Adobe Acrobat Update Helper DC.log which shows that he met "errorCode 1001: received an exception when checking for product updates Acrobat update for assistance." Jump to the update of this product". Which occurred once. I force quit the Application Manager at least four times now. No crash log is written to the Console.

    Grateful for any suggestion.

    Thank you

    Hi stephanied48098632,

    3 & 4 in his App environment test solution does not open. Wheel of progress constantly calls.

    Kind regards


  • 5520 - connection server 403 error

    Hi Kyle,.

    I imagine it gets pretty boring to you, since you've heard the same story for over a year...!

    I bought a 5520 a few months ago, it worked fine until a few days ago. Since I can't 'scan to email', not more.

    Can I ask you to send me as soon as possible the instructions remedy please?

    Thanks in advance!

    HI Barton64,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP's Support.  I see that you are no longer able to use the e-mail of your printer Photosmart 5520 scanning function.

    Please start by assigning an IP address manually and manual DNS servers for your printer. I've included a link to an another post which has the steps with screenshots.  Don't worry that the screenshots are for a Photosmart 7510, the steps are the same.  Once you have configured the manual IP and DNS servers, you should be able to connect to web services and use the e-mail scanning function.

  • HPLaserJet pro mfp m125nw: Smartphones using scanning and printing


    I want to buy a printer hp laserjet mfp m125nw pro. But I want to know is - it possible to use android and iOs smartphones to connect to this device for scanning and printing files? If so, how can I do? Is there any application to do this? This device has an internal ethernet and wireless adapter?

    Thank you


    Your printer supports AirPrint and ePrint:


    You can print and scan using few applications especially HP AIO Printer Remote app, print and scan as long as your printer and other devices are on an SAME network. Please use Apple Store or Google Store/game to install the application above and you can use this application to scan (and print).

    Kind regards.

  • OfficeJet 6700: Cannot save a scanned document

    Today I did something I do very often, scan a few pages in a single file. But unlike other days, when I am trying to save the file (which has 3 scanned pages), save button shows idle and I can't save the file.
    The scanner window is always on, I can see 3 pages, but I can't save as save button is not clickable. Someone knows a must?

    The only thing I can think is that this morning I installed MacOS Sierra and life was suddenly big before it came. Still not sure if it's because as the new OS.

    You will appreciate any help, thanks!


    Hello! @HP15CstillWorks, thanks for the reply.

    As sierra os remained last week. HP has not yet the drivers.

    Please wait for a while your communicated will once the drivers are available.

    In the meantime, you can use HP Easy Scan on the Mac.

    For more information, please consult this document: http://hp.care/2c8ckuS

    I'll watch for your reply!

    See you soon!

  • Change of negatives to print on HP Compaq and printer 5520

    I have more than 300 negative 110 and 35 mm that I want to make prints.  Can I do it myself with 5520 of HP and Compaq Presario printer?  How?  (Or if I should buy a different device?)

    Hi markydob,

    Welcome to the HP forums!

    I see that you are looking for a way to turn the negatives into digital files, from where you can print photos with your Photosmart 5520. I will certainly do my best to explain what you need to do this

    Unfortunately the Photosmart 5520 scan photo negatives. Actually, I should say it can not turn them into photos, it would be just negative scanner and you would have a digital version of your negatives. What you will need to get a scanner of negatives/slides, as explained in this Post on the CNET Forum or you can contact local camera/photo shops to see if they can help you in this business as well.

    Hope this helps and hope you have a great weekend!

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