HP Envy M6 1302sa Windows 7

Hi all, I recently bought the laptop mentioned above, first thing I did was clean the hard drive and install a dual boot with windows and linux, linux works 99% in some small problems, but nothing serious. However, windows 7 is a different story, I simply cannot find the drivers anywhere for it and also impossible to reinstall windows 8 that I don't have a disk for it.

ID really hate to go back to windows 8 anyway, as the operating system is not supported by the software to operate, so unfortunately I need to use windows 7. Graphics drivers are not good, I did not usb 1, 3 single usb port 2 works, Mouse touchpad barely on the work and the processor runs at almost 100% most of the time, its permanence above 80 degrees Celsius. That is really not acceptable.

So, if someone can all help me with drivers, vendors, or any information on where I can find drivers thatd be amazing.

Thank you



Hello Josh!

Thanks for posting in the HP support forums!

I'm sorry for the problem you are experiencing.

Your machine is of domestic type and according to this

http://h10025.www1.HP.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareCategory?OS=4132 & LC = on & CC = US & DLC = in & sw_lang = & Product = 5394799

It is only supported with Windows 8.

As class laptop computer business is supported with earlier versions of Windows (such as Win 7).

As a solution, can you please run Windows Update and see if he can update some drivers. In addition, you can visit the link above and try to install the drivers for Windows 8 to see if they can work and solve this situation on your Windows 7.

Other workardound-> you can try with this 3rd party Driver Genius Professional program:


An idea that comes to my mind-> install Windows 7 on a virtual machine using the free Oracle Virtual Box and continue to use Linux (if you like it and if it works for you)

If nothing else helps, official channels to resolve this would be to the order of recovery disc HP for your computer and use it to restore Windows 8 as well as their original state factory of the cell. Instructions for ordering discs can be found here or you can contact HP directlyfor support on the recovery disks.

If it please let me know if I can help you further and do not hesitate to ask for assistance if you have problems.

Please, click on the star of white LAURELS (left). This way you'll testify for advice or help you have received. If your problem has been resolved - click on the appropriate button and accept the solution. ***

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    I recently reinstalled windows 8.1 Pro x 64 and reinstalled all the drivers for the HP ENVY m6-1302sa HP Web page but I'm having trouble installing the latest driver that is listed as an unknown device in Device Manager:

    ACPI\HPQ0004\3 & 2411E6FE & 0

    Which I believe is the Software of HP 3D DriveGuard. The problem I have is that whenever I try to install sp63786.exe , as had been suggested to install by google, I get the following error:

    Unable to install the driver of HP 3D DriveGuard, the material of the accelerometer is not present or taken in charge on this unit.

    This last problem related to the driver any help would be greatly appreciated

    Kind regards



    You do not have the driver for 3D driveguard.

    See if it works and install it manually if automatic installation method does not work...


  • Envy 17 - j020us Windows 7 drivers missing


    I just bought a HP Envy 17 - j020us today. It came stock with Windows 8 is installed and I have, for my own reasons, decided to install Windows 7 above. Long story short, the installation has worked, for the most part. The only problem was that I was missing some drivers. I searched and found http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Operating-Systems-and-Software/ENVY-17-j020us-windows-7-driver... which was very helpful. However, there's still about 3 pieces of material that is not installed, the drivers with the network controller. I have attached hardware IDS and compatible IDS is available upon request for any "missing" material below. Can someone help me find the drivers?

    Network controller - hardware ID:

    PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_0887 & SUBSYS_40628086 & REV_C4

    PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_0887 & SUBSYS_40628086

    PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_0887 & CC_028000

    PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_0887 & CC_0280

    Feature 'Unknown' - hardware ID:

    USB\VID_138A & PID_0050 & REV_0060

    USB\VID_138A & PID_0050

    Feature 'Unknown' - hardware ID:


    * INT33A0

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you


    Please try:

    1. network: http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp57501-58000/sp57976.exe

    2 validity sensor:

    3 Please try: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?DwnldID=20866

    Kind regards.

  • Updated HP Envy M6-1302sa memory


    I have a new laptop of HP Envy M6-1302sa.

    I want to increase the ram of 4 GB to 8 GB.

    I need to know precisely what RAM should I buy

    Thank you very much

    OK tyvm

  • HP Envy 15-ah100na: Windows 7 on HP envy 15-ah100na network problem


    I installed Windows 7 on my HP Envy 15-ah100na laptop that I didn't like Windows 10. I now cannot connect to wireless or wired as the laptop appear to have no ethernet controller or the network is installed.

    Someone at - it a link to where I can download the drivers for the network controllers?

    Thank you.

    You are the very welcome.

    Here are the drivers wireless and bluetooth from W7 for this model of the wlan card.

    This package contains drivers for the Intel Wireless LAN card of supported models running a supported operating system.


    This package contains the installation package driver for the Bluetooth of Intel in the laptop models running a supported operating systems.


  • HP envy 700-414: HP Envy 700-414 Windows 7 driver network controller says I don't meet the minimum requirements

    I recently installed Windows 7 on my hp envy 700-414 and missing a lot of pilots. A user by the name of banhiem gave me a link to download the drivers of a 700-230 hp envy. After I did it, I clicked on another link, it gave me to install the Realtek network controller. Whenever I tried to install the driver, it would tell me that I did not meet the requirements. Other drivers work fine now, except the network controller. The steps on how to fix this error would be greatly appreciated.


    See if this card wireless driver works...

    The package contains the Broadcom wireless LAN drivers and utility which are required to enable the LAN adapter wireless Broadcom integrated in the supported models that run an operating system supported.


  • HP Envy 17-n009a: windows 10 hp envy 17-n009a

    The Integrated Intel Graphics HD5500 reports as being compatible with the blu - ray, (it is not possible to pass the 940 m Nvidia on this machine).

    But the driver of Windows 10 Intel HD5500 reports as not not compatible?

    (Using the latest driver on the HP download site).


    Thanks for the suggestion, but I've made some progress today.

    If I select the integrated graphic card driver, Adviser of Cyberlink Blu - Ray runs using the Nvidia 940 M driver card and the driver reports as support Blu - Ray.

    I had tried previously to run this test by selecting the NVIDIA processor high-performance and driver as reports not supported, which is a strange result.

    Compliance IHE Cyberlink Blu - Ray test only works if the option of integrated graphics driver is enabled.

    I also tried this test using the Intel HD5500 driver and the driver also failed the test of conformity of Blu - Ray. Even if the graphics card reports as Blu - Ray compatible.

    Using the graphics driver integrated all key criteria now give a pass (I'm running with an external USB3 Blu - Ray drive as this machine is equipped with a DVD - RW).

    Even if all the criteria now pass, PowerDVD 15 gives the error 80040111 classic that is usually reported if the machine is not HDCP.

    I provide Cyberlink to see why the HP Envy 17 - n009a is unable to read blu - ray, even if it passes all the criteria of the Blu - Ray Advisor.

    Thanks for your suggestion. Furthermore, Windows 10 940 M Nvidia driver on the HP site for this laptop gives error file corrupted during extraction. I have raised a case with HP about this.

  • laptop HP envy 17 TS: windows driver 10 hp truevision hd for youcam?

    I see I'm not the only one with this problem.  Win 10 update seems to have deleted the driver for my webcam.  I tried to reinstall youcam, no luck.  Has anyone fixed this yet?

    Yay!   Solved!   I have a HP Envy touch screen.  He was originally with victory 8.1 and some delivered the software, which included 6 Youcam, the software to use the built in HP Truevision webcam.  I have not upgraded to win10 no problem.  Then I started having problems with my Start menu and programs it does not.  I could do a click on a few of them, but just click on them to open them did nothing.  I set up with it for a little while and then get frustrated enough to reinstall windows.  I think that I have the place in improved, or refresh - one who starts as new windows and records everything you had in the Windows.Old folder.   When I did this, all my software group has been deleted, including Youcam.   A few weeks later my Start menu stop working again and I had to do the win10 reinstall again.  I don't know what option I did the installation with the second time, but my file to win.old has now disappeared, as well as all the myself programs installed.  Now the webcam did not work.  I downloaded another version of Youcam - my version of software was not free to download and I wasn't about to pay for something that was initially provided with my computer for free, and I had no idea of what I could do or who to call to do not have to pay for it again.  I think it was 2 Youcam.   It was impossible to capture images.  The little light next to the camera, indicating that he was working, so I was sure that it was not a hardware problem.  When I looked in the settings I coulkd see she was using the HP Truevision webcam.  It just did not work.  I tried to make updates, Win10 and Cyberlink.  I uninstalled the webcam, reinstalled, tried to roll back the driver, all that jazz. That didn't fix it.  I looked on the Forum and found other people had similar issues, but I saw none that was remidied it.  Something about the embedded version of Youcam seems vital for the webcam not work at all.   I scoured my hard drive and found in my Program Files (x 86), my Cyberlink folder still had a Youcam6 record.  And the .exe program!   I ran it... and he did the same error "unable to capture.    I think that's when I posted in the forums here.  I was frustrated and doesn't bother with it more until yesterday.  I decided to try once more.   I ran Youcam6 (had to go again in Progran files (x 86) to do, but this time, I made a shortcut).  Same mistake.  I went into the Device Manager and uninstalled the Hp Truevision webcam.  Ran Youcam yet again, no camera detected.  With Youcam always on I went back to the Device Manager and search for new devices and immediately returned to the Youcam window and now it says "we have detected you have Hp truevision webcam, you want to use this device?  I clicked on ok, the box of image capture flashed different colors for a second, then was filled with the image of the room behind me and myself.  It worked!   Just in time, too.   My next idea was to see if drop shot it would help.

  • ENVY dv6-7211tx: Windows 8 for Windows 7 (x 64) "readers are.

    Hello support,

    Due to some compatibility issues with some of my frequently used programs, I decided to move to the bottom of Windows 8 (x 64) back in Windows 7 x 64. Having already made a recovery DVD media, I proceeded to set up the BIOS/UEFI to install Windows 7 from my USB flash drive.

    -Support of Legacy Boot enabled

    -Automatically disabled Secure Boot

    -Chip USB 3.0 Pre-os on 'Auto '.

    -Set the boot priority features:

    + UEFI - floppy USB Flash Drive boot order

    + Legacy - floppy USB Flash Drive boot order

    -Settings saved and left the setup of BIOS

    -Confirmed UEFI setting changes ("press 3010 + Enter to confirm ')

    -Options boot devices entry (F9) to select the boot device

    -Windows 7 installation begins

    When you select "Custom Setup" from the page of installation of Windows 7 offers the 'Upgrade' and 'Custom' option, I'm headed to the hard drive options page (where the user can change/delete/create disk partitions).

    Here, the computer indicates that "no hard disk has been found", and I need to install a driver or to complete the installation.

    In my attempt to solve the problem, I tried:

    -Deactivation of Intel from fast in the BIOS

    -Remove the recovery partition HARD drive

    If you can identify what I am doing wrong or have solutions to this problem, I would be very happy.

    Thank you.

    EDIT: Here are my computer specs-

    ENVY of HP dv6-7211tx

    Intel i7-3630QM

    8 GB of DDR3 memory

    Internal hard drive 1 TB

    Windows 8 x 64 (NOT 8.1)

    Current DVD player

    Specifications of USB media-

    16 GB SanDisk Cruzer flash drive


    Normally this works...

    Download the drivers from this link below (first or second file listed - 32 or 64 bit depending on the case).

    https://Downloadcenter.Intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?AGR=Y & ProdId = 2101 & DwnldID = 23060 & Keyword = Intel + rapi...

    Extract the files on a usb flash drive.

    With the flash player and the installation of W7 media connected to the computer, boot from the installation of W7 media.

    After selecting the install now option, select the training - Advanced menu, Options and select the option load a driver.

    You should now see the storage driver files listed.

    If you check the box, it only includes the compatible driver.

    Follow the prompts and should install W7.

  • 6 - 1220tx envy: drivers for windows 10

    I expect my desire 6-1220tx for windows 10 drivers and the drivers are not yet available.

    product: http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-ENVY-6-Ultrabook/5330919/model/5361015

    I would say it might be time to offer you an upgrade that your machine does not meet the specifications?

  • Envy 15: 10 Windows problems

    Since the installation of Windows 10 my wifi Envy 15 is incredibly slow to render computer useless for Internet usage.  Is there a download to fix this?

    My touchscreen is once more functional.  I can't see or access Microsoft Edge and file Explorer is more listed in my Start menu, but the computer works fine otherwise.  High speed works well again.

  • HP Envy 15 Notebook PC TS: Problem sound Intermittent HP Envy 15 TS / Windows 8.1

    Specifications of the computer:

    HP Envy 15 Notebook PC TS

    Product # E1P05AV

    8.1 Windows 64-bit

    Intel Core i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40 GHz

    2 x 8 GB of RAM

    Map of KBC Version 93.52 system 1963

    Graphics device 1: NVIDIA GeForce GT M 740 V.

    Graphics device 2: Intel Graphics HD 4600 V.

    Audio: IDT High Def Audio CODEC / pilot: stwrt64.sys V.6.10.6491.0

    Question: In the past months, my sound will go off randomly automatically.  If I close the lid and let the computer in to sleep mode or if I restart the computer, the sound comes back.  When the sound disappeared, the volume buttons on the keyboard, so to work with a lag and the mute on the keyboard does not work.  Try to use the sound test, or even navigate the tabs in the Properties section of speaker to accuse also considerably by the sound does not work.

    I noticed other things: I was watching a youtube video when the sound came out, I left the chrome tab that I used for the video and the sound comes back a few seconds later.  He then disappeared a few seconds after I opened a new tab and returned to watch the video.  I had also the same thing happens with the help of a video editing software - quit the application, sound came back, returned to the software, sound went out after a few seconds.  I also had both sound back after going to the speaker properties - Advanced tab and switch format, by selecting the test button and clicking on OK when a message saying "the sound system is in use, taking the test can cause the application to fail" (or something similar).

    I tried to use various utilities for troubleshooting when the problem occurs - the find and troubleshooting audio fix is no problem AND the device is listed as working properly in Device Manager.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled the latest drivers for the IDT HD Audio CODEC several times - no help.  In addition, the problem has been resolved not when I converted briefly to Windows (back to windows 8.1) 10.  In addition, I tried to use the other pilot of "High definition Audio Device" in place and place of the IDT CODEC, but the same problem happened - sound turns off randomly until I rebooted or put my computer to sleep.

    I'm pretty computer - savy but I can't seem to understand what the problem is.  It doesn't seem to be a hardware problem or the sound would probably not come back so quickly or clearly as it does...

    One last piece of information: I noticed that the first time that I reinstalled the Windows audio 24/06/2015 - and also several updates were installed on the 23 & 24 June - watching these updates to see if they are the cause of the problem.

    My father had a speaker bluetooth for Christmas - I tried it out on my computer because it works completely independently of my sound card and it was working fine.

    I bought one of my own for $30 at target - Jam Classic Wireless Speaker - and now I have wonderful sound.

    Does not resolve the issue of the root, but the problem is solved!

    I'm just upset that HP gave me the such a card its crappy that it only lasted 1 1/2 years before give me questions, just long enough to ensure that the warranty expires...

  • Update portable touchsmart HP Envy 15 after windows 8.1 how to remove old files

    I have new envy Touchsmart 15 Notebook PC, I've updated to 8.1, how can I delete old files, as suggested


    See the Microsoft document on the following link.


    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP ENVY M6-1106er: Windows 8 Pro hang up to begin after adding Hyper-V role


    Have a problem with HP ENVY M6-1106er

    After the OEM Win8 upgrade to the Pro version, I added the Hyper-V role for my system and restart the laptop.

    After the restart boot OS freezes on the screen with the HP logo and rotating circles.

    If I disable AMD Virtualization in the BIOS - system starts, but the hypervisor does not work.

    With virtualization enabled in the system BIOS will not start with the Hyper-V role installed.

    Help, please.

    Hello Sir,

    Here's what you need to do.

    1. enter in the BIOS setup and define virtualization as being disabled and reboot the system.

    2. after starting windows 8, enter the control panel and remove the bluetooth driver.

    3. download and install Ralink Bluetooth driver version (SP59632)

    4. restart the system and reactivate the virtualization technology.

    I hope this helps.

  • HP Envy 750se: reinstall Windows 10 - issue of drivers of recovery/HP

    I recently bought a HP Envy 750se desktop PC.  It came with W7 Pro and I upgraded to W10 Pro.  Because of some problems I created when I transferred programs on this computer from my old computer, I now intend to do a clean reinstall of the W10 Pro.  I basically understand the generic steps I must follow to do this, but my question is what I would do (if any) regarding the HP recovery partition.  (FYI, the operating system and recovery partition are found on my SSD of 256 GB.)

    I have not yet created a recovery disk... but of course I can do it.

    If I do a clean reinstall of the W10 can I install HP, etc. of the partition recovery or disk drivers?  And if so, how is that done?  Does make a difference that this PC had initially W7 Pro during the creation of the recovery partition?

    My main concern is that when I reinstall W10, I don't want to create unnecessary problems.

    Thanks for any help.


    Because you went to 10, you can't make your recovery now disks, and access to the recovery for purposes of recovery partition is broken by the upgrade also.

    10 Windows will have all the drivers.

    You can order a support of recovery HP Windows 7 below, or call HP on the phone to order 1-800-474-6836


    If HP has more recovery media for your model, order them here



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