HP Laserjet 1010: Unable to print. error message "unsupported personality: PCL.


I had my old HP Laserjet 1010 installed on my HP ProBook 650 G1 sucessfully. Yesterday interrupted with an error message like "personality unsupported PCL"

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Raimo1 wrote:


I had my old HP Laserjet 1010 installed on my HP ProBook 650 G1 sucessfully. Yesterday interrupted with an error message like "personality unsupported PCL"

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HP will not develop a Windows 10 driver for this printer. The best option is to buy a new printer or get a laptop computer with the operating system prior to Windows 7 because this error occurred on Windows 7 computers due to inadequate software support driver for the printer. Perhaps a simple shooting turn also works as described in the link.

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    Run the HP Print & Scan Doctor program. (link)

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    You can also run the troubleshooting of the printer.

    Open the printer Troubleshooter

    Open the printer Troubleshooter by clicking the Start button, then Control Panel. In the search box, type troubleshooting, and then click Troubleshooting. Under hardware and sound, click on use printer.

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    Your printer 'E-all-in-one printer Officejet 6500 a series (E710)' is supported to work with the printing solution for Android. You know of course that it worked before. Make sure that your phone is on the same network as your printer wireless. The Galaxy S3 can connect to 5.0 GHZ networks, and your printer cannot.  What App are you printing from? He sees the printer?

    Test your printer to make sure that it is not in an error of its own State. From the front of the printer, perform a color copy, it will check that the printer is functional.

    You can watch in this document to see if there is any other information that might help: Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and earlier versions: printing with printing from Android Solution

    Here is some additional information on a similar question: Galaxy S4, HP 8600, error: cannot use this print option

    Let me know.

  • Printer error: "Unsupported personality: PCL.

    I'm running Windows 7 on a Dell XPS M1530.  I have an HP Laserjet 1012.  I installed the driver for the lj 1015 and it worked for awhile, but when I try to print something, anything out of print now is the message: "Unsupported personality: PCL.

    Any help is appreciated.  Thank you!

    I seem to remember (but did not attempt to verify) that:

    • The LaserJet 1012 is a host-based printer, which means that he doesn't understand or support for, the traditional Language of Description of Page (PCL5, PCL6, PostScript).
    • LaserJet 1015 does PCL5support, as well as the Protocol host-based; Therefore, at least one of the pilots may very well be an a PCL5.
    • The LaserJet 1012 probably has a rudimentary ability to treat a small amount of text, gross, and maybe some PCL5 simple sequences, in order to provide a diagnosis / capacity report, but this will work only until the page of the printer buffer is full.
    • Turn off the printer and then again clear the buffer of the page, then it will again appear to understand some non - GDI entry until the buffer is full again.
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    Any help, need a lot.


    1. what version of Windows are you using?
    2 did you the chnages in the computer before this problem?
    I would suggest trying the following methods and check.
    Method 1: Run the fix, install the printer and check
    Diagnose and automatically fix problems printing and printer
    Method 2:
    Error message when you try to connect to a printer in Windows Vista: "the printer driver is not compatible with a policy enabled on your computer that blocks NT 4.0 drivers.
    Method 3: Install the printer in a clean boot state.
    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7.
    Note: Please, go to step 7 of the Kb to maintain the computer to normal startup.
    You can download the latest driver for your printer from the link below.
    You can also check:
    Printer driver is not Compatible if a policy is enabled on your computer.
    Error message when you try to connect to a printer in Windows Vista: "the printer driver is not compatible with a policy enabled on your computer that blocks NT 4.0 drivers.
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    -What does this mean for the future of this printer?  Is dead, or can it be restored?



    Hi, my advice would be a new printer.


  • When I try to print, I get a print error message and it does not print.

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    I can't print to my wireless network.  The printer is ready, but when I try to print I get a print error message and it does not print.  The printer is an Epson Artisan 710, and my computer is an ASUS K52F.


    Have you tried printing so that plugged directly to the printer instead of use wireless. Just want to make sure that the printer is working correctly.

    In addition, what exactly the error message say?

  • Unsupported personality: PCL - HP Laser 1010 printer problem

    I have installed my HP Laserjet 1010 with the software for HP1015 in Windows 7. Yesterday, I was able to print. This morning was an update of Adobe and now my printer doesn't work anymore.

    Can someone help me with this?

    Hi Vijay B,.

    I don't get a message on my computer, but on the paper, and it is "unsupported personality: PCL.
    Your en 1 2 method did not work, but now I have installed another pilot and my printer :-) impressions
    Thanks for your help.
  • Unsupported personality: PCL on print Laserjet 1012 from Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

    I have an HP Laserjet 1012.  My PC has Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.  I used the Laserjet 1015 PCL 6 drivers.  When I printed the first two times, it worked fine.  Now each page just print "Unsupported personality: PCL ' at the top.

    What should I do now?

    Thank you for your ' Experts for a day Tech Support.


    Hi rbarbo43,

    I found the following thread that will help you during the installation of the printer in Windows 7. Let me know if you need assistance?


  • Unable to connect win7 starter to xp printer error message: "not enough server storage is available to process this command."

    When I tried to connect my Win7 starter Netbook on my HP C5280 printer shared in my XP Pro SP3 desktop computer, this error message until I install the appropriate driver

    1 - Win7 allows me to choose the printer in XP to connect to.
    2 - I tried to create or increase the value of "IRPStarckSize" in the registry, in computers
    Thank you for your help


    Thank you for your quick response.
    I solved the problem as follows:
    1 correct the evil of "IRPStackSize": instead, I wrote IRPStarckSize! " in the registry
    2. create / change the value of ""IRPStackSize ' to '25' in XP and Win7 Starter registry "
    4 - restart both computers.
    5 -Add a printer in Win7 starter, using 'Add a printer pop-up menu'
    6 - Select "create a new port. Select "Local Port" as the port type.
    7. in the "Enter a port name" box, type the address in the following format:
         \\ my XP Pro SP3 utilisateur\Mes shared the name of the HP C5280 printer 
    8 - click Next
    9 - Choose the appropriate driver in the list of drivers.
    If no driver available, click the Windows Update button, wait for the process finishes and then look for the
    driver again.
    10. complete the installation by printing a test page.
    Hope this will help other members of the Microsoft Community.
    PS installed anti software virus in my computer have no impact in my case.
  • Photosmart 7525e: print error message on the monitor, but PDF print OK

    W10 64 bit Office current with Windows updates.

    HP7525E connected via USB.  Current with updates from HP and exploit the full package of driver HP

    When I click to print a PDF file, I get a message popup Windows that quickly disappears, but the part of the message says «Error printing...» «or ' unable to print on...» ».  But the page prints OK anyway.  I have today when it appeared has clicked to print a Groupon in mode 2-sided but also chose to print only the current "page (and in my opinion, there is only 1 page).  Do not print in color, btw.

    A ran HP Print & doctor Scan that found no problems.

    Do not restart.

    Close the browser (Edge).

    Launch of the new browser and returned to Groupon.

    This time the same groupon (in monochrome) of printing simple face mode or mode 2 faces, that the error did not appear and the PDF printed fine as before.

    I have seen the error several times before but have not been studied.  I know I saw him several times when printing PDF files.  I don't remember if I saw it when you print other things.

    Completely uninstall Acrobat Reader on your system.  Now, go to Adobe and download and install Acrobat Reader DC.  Try now.

  • The network P2015dn printer error messages

    We print from Excel to a Laserjet P2015dn printer networked.  If printing fails, no error message is returned to Excel (or Word).  The built-in web server reports correctly printer problems.  Using Windows XP.  Can anyone help?

    I'm glad that you enjoy your time! I have to go climb a mountain this weekend, it's all just beautiful here.

    As another suggestion, lets try to use the universal print driver for LaserJet:


    Try the PL6 driver and let me know if the same problem persists!


  • HP Laserjet - 100 MFP M175 NW - error message "wrong cartridge in the yellow location.

    Can you help me? I got a HP LaserJet 100 color mfp M175nw for 7 weeks - I bought new cartridges of HP spare. During the existing rotation of the cartridges. I got the error message 'wrong cartridge in the yellow location', but I was able to replace others (3).  I did not remove the yellow, and the printer was working fine until I started the replacement operation.  The HP refuses to allow me to remove the exisiting yellow cartridge - it will turn on (it seems to stick to the BLACK), after giving me the error message.  She now refuses to print anything. What is the solution?  I had a printer in working order very well suddenly dislike the original yellow cartridge and will not be printed.  Online technical support was helpful but confused and can only recommend a procedure in which I turned off and manually remove ALL the cartridges, using a screwdriver to force to rotate the cartridge door.  Someone has successfully resolved this problem, or have an insight into why it happened?

    I'll try to do a hard rest to the printer in an attempt to clear the error message and return the printer to a known working state and clear the error message. After that, I would try to access the cartridge and see if the printer will allow you to remove and then replace it in the printer.

    1. press the Power button to turn off the product.
    2. unplug the power cord from the back of the product.
    3. disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet.
    4. wait at least 30 seconds.
    5. plug the power cord into the electrical outlet.
    6. reconnect the power cord to the back of the product.
    7. press the Power button on o turn the product.

  • HP Laserjet 1010 does not print

    After you have reinstalled Windows Vista 32-bit and printer HP Laserjet 1010 and update the printer driver does not work.  There is nothing wrong with the printer (everything is checked with the program Microsoft Fix It).  When I click on and open the printer it shows that there is an error.

    Have you installed the printer according to the instructions from HP, who usually does to install the HP software * before * the printer connection, and you used the latest version of the software / drivers from the HP site, or did you just plug?

    And if you have installed the HP drivers / software there is a HP utility test, theres also the option to print a test page through printer Btns

Maybe you are looking for