HP Omen: Y at - it a way to turn off fan on HP Omen lights

On the forerunner of HP, there are red lights that light up in the vents back fan which seems odious when at College. Is there a way to turn off the fan lights, or is it just permenantly on?


In the omen of HP Control Panel, there is a LED brightness slider.

Movement that to 0 and all the lights will be turned off.
Unfortunately, I didn't have to disable just the taillight while leaving the rest on.

I'll look into that, though, in which case it is.

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    And read this:

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    See you soon.

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    I checked all the settings and could not find no option anywhere to disable this feature. What did I miss?

    Thanks in advance!

    I found myself.

    Just in case anyone has the same problem:

    Touchpad control panel, pointing / sensitivity / PalmCheck-> set to a minimum and it works very well.

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    on a mac hold down Option and click the FX - turns all effects on and off

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    How do I:

    1 turn off the backlight of this PC?  In the HP Envy, all I do is hit the sixth backlight the key "esc" key) but it does not work on Omen?

    2. How can I change the red light by default with another color?

    Thank you


    To toggle the backlight by pressing the FN key and pressing F5.

    To change the colors, you must use the control of harbinger of HP. The document how to use below.

    With the help of HP OMEN Control software to customize the game on laptops HP Omen 15 keyboard


    Let us know if that answers your questions.

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    I need to know how can I turn off the automatic updates of Firefox, because I work in a business that requires that.
    In the ideal, of group policy or some ways to disable all the computers on the network

    Some info here (Group Policy)-> http://www.unidesk.com/blog/how-disable-firefox-auto-updates

    Above article refers to-> http://sourceforge.net/projects/firefoxadm/

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