HP Photosmart 6510 alignment Page failure, black ink cartridge not working not

I'm on Mac OSX using the Photosmart 6510 AIO printer 10.7.4. I had problems before printing (black ink would not introduce yourself, sensor said that there was still a lot) so I ordered new cartridges. I printed a report of quality and the color came out great but black came out uneven. Then I used the align parameter and it printed once more uneven black ink and the screen on the printer read "the alignment page failed. It's frustrating, because the printer was used only at the end of last semester and he has not worked since I set up for this semester. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


The steps in this troubleshooting page can help solve the problem.  If it is printing black but spotted I expecially make sure I check the vents and run a cleaning cycle.  If the above does not resolve the issue, see the post here.

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  • Photosmart 6510 print with only black print cartridge?

    Hi, can printing Photosmart 6510 in black & white (not gray, but b & w only) when the black ink cartridge is not empty, but all the other cartridges are? If the color cartridges are not already installed, it will always show b & w?


    The 6510 PS will not work if the color cartridges are empty but the black ink.

    However, I think that it would be possible to print using only black ink but to do ink in the cartridges of colour as well because in case of maintenance color cartridges to do little ink in the print head maintenance routines.  When the head is friendly if there was no colour ink this part of the print head could heat upward too or overheat.

    Anyway, back to print in black only.  You mention that you do not want t p rint in black and white so you know where to look in the driver to get to this option. Then in Word, Excel or any program, go to the print function.  Click on properties. Click Advanced. You should see where you have levels of gray.  If you clock in the option box should reveal the other options will be "Black Only". Select this option.

    As I said you should be able to print using only black, but you will need the color cartridges ink.

    Hope this helps.

  • Photosmart D7260-black ink cartridge not recognized by my PC

    black ink only doesn't recognize my PC, the change of ink, but it's a new night 2016? Already he clean the cartridge, but doesn't change anything. I can print from a USB, black ink, but not my computer, the computer take all colors to black.

    I fix my problem to uninstall my printer and reinstall the entire system with the CD when I get the printer. Thank you, problem solving

  • Photosmart HP 7510: Change what black ink cartridge is used.

    Our 7510 HP ink slots for small and XL cartridges, however it will not use the small cartridge ink. How to change the parameters to pass to the thin cartridge XL, small is running out of ink and I can't find the black ink cartridge (Photo) in stores now. I bought two 'small', one was a XL, not labelled as such and we ordered cartridges from HP on the web and they were too big too. I need to be able to use the XL Black ink cartridge that is installed.

    Thank you..


    First, XL ink cartridges are physically the same size with normal cartridges (same number). The difference is more inks XL cartridges.

    Your printer has 2 black ink cartridges, one narrower called Photo ink cartridge and one large/more bigger called black ink cartridge. When printing in grayscale, the printer will mix all the colors to give B & W. If you want to print black ink only, you must indicate to your printer. Please try

    (a) double-click the desktop printer icon.
    (b) click on set preferences.
    (c) click on advanced.
    d select "Black ink" only for printing in grayscale
    (e) click Ok/apply.

    Note: printer must still all color inks and it will consume a very small amount of ink over the warmng of trial.

    Kind regards.

  • HP Photosmart Premium Fax e-Al: black ink does not print

    Black ink will not print. The cartridges has changed three times. No luck. All other colors work very well.

    All you can do now is to search on Youtube.


    Try here for answers.  Otherwise, the printer is history.

  • Black ink cartridge stopped working

    It looked as if I had simply run out of black ink, so I replaced the black ink cartridge. A new not working anymore. I ran clean print head, aligning the printer etc several times. I went through all the other steps of troubleshooting on the HP website.  I don't understand what the problem is. Can you help me?

    As it is a 5520 I would advise calling telephone assistance from HP, you may need a replacement printer


  • Photosmart 6510:6510: black ink cartridge not working not

    Like all the others, my black ink can work properly, but stops completely after replacing the ink cartridge.  This usually resolves after a few days of unsuccessful print jobs, but did not correct himself this time.

    Others here have reported temporary difficulties, but most satisfied customers have had a mysterious and private solution to their problem.  Please me message or publish a solution so that I can have a printer that works and stop wasting my time using the useless 'tools' which do not solve the problem and wasting my color.

    Hi @TPow,

    I brought your question to the attention of a team within HP. They are likely to ask for information from you to get your information or product serial number. Please search for a private message from a contact HP identified. Also, remember not to publicly post information and series numbers. In the forum next to your handle name, simply click on the envelope to see.

    Thank you.

  • Photosmart 5520 black ink cartridge not working not

    I have the same problemwith Photosmart 5520, black ink, it's not working

    A few hours ago, I bought a new cartridge. Because the return, we were out of ink and... I changed (for the second time since I bought the printer) and after that... the printer does not print black ink more.  I bought the printer at ElGiganten, Copenhagen, Denmark. I wasn't expecting to find unwanted product on the market, the Danmark. I wasn't expecting HP to deceive people so much. I checked here on the site if the printer, it's still in warranty... not even an answer. So I spend almost 5 hours to check all the * solutions * I try, the printer still give me blank pages.

    The ink on the new cartridge is now... 45% or something. How his as possible! If the pages came out completely of white100 euro, in the trash, past time for anything on this site/forum... I do not understand how you are allowed to sell bad products on the market.

    For HP, you have deceived many people including me, I hope you will take away from the market, at least to the Danmark.

    I brought your question to the attention of a team within HP. They are likely to ask for information from you to get your information or product serial number. Please search for a private message from a contact HP identified. Also, remember not to publicly post information and series numbers.

    If you are not familiar with the operating function of private messages of the Forum, this post instructions of a..

  • 6510 leaves suddenly printing black ink - cartridge is new


    My Photosmart 6510 suddenly left black printing.  I replaced all cartridges, including the black a couple of weeks, and it was working fine until I went to print something from yesterday. Color work, but not black.

    I did everything on the link that has been suggested for troubleshooting and the unit is out of warranty of course.

    Are the only changes that took place between the time where it worked and did not work: 1) I installed Windows 8 and 2) I tried to make a copy of a label of the bottle, if the lid did not seal.  The first copy was dark, so I tried again and it's while doing the copy that it has just printed a page of black streaks.

    Since then, no black although when I made the diagnosis, it prints grey black.

    Thanks for your suggestions or help!

    I've tried EVERYTHING!  I finally tried printing on a Pope of photography and it worked, I went to 'preferences', then 'quality of paper' and changed other papers photo instead of plain paper.  I have kept the main tray paper source, but replaced by "draft" so that it doesn't take too long to print.  It prints very well now, but you may need to do this each time you print something.  It works at least for the moment.  It's certainly the last HP all I'll never spend money on.  The last HP laptop, I had was a lemon and through too much with it.  Hope this helps you...

  • Photosmart 5510 EI in a black ink does not print

    After a month absence black ink print more. I replaced a new cartridge. (all original HP). I followed all the instructions of the diagnostic tools and also suggestions in this forum (cleaning of the printheads, ink to smear, reset), but the problem is not resolved. My printer is a little over 1 year and so I'm afraid that leave the repair costs more than buying a new one. What would you suggest that I can do better

    Hi @wvdnoort1

    Thanks for getting back to me. I will send you a private message, please check the little envelope on the upper right of the forums page to check your Inbox of Forums.

  • Photosmart B010 black ink cartridge not working not not after replacing

    I print color but not black after the replacement of the cartridge. What can I do?

    Hi glennbelgium,

    I have linked a document with good to take troubleshooting steps.  Click here  The name of this document is not exactly on the point, but the steps are on point.  I could start by checking that you do not have low ink cartridges and replace those who are weak.  When you get to the step to clean the printhead , I'd do this process 2 or 3 times if necessary.

    Let me know how it goes.

    Good luck!

  • Black ink cartridge not working not

    I have a HP Photosmart 5520 printer all-in-one. It will not print black ink. It has news 564 hp cartridges that I changed once a couple trying to make it work. I ran the test print and work, all colors except black, I've also cleaned. I also tried to unplug and disconnect the wireless and it still does not work. I don't get any errors, it is just like it is printing very well, then comes out blank. If you look closely there is a small amoount of gray that looks like it is trying to print but just don't stand. Help?


    Please call HP Support about this you may need a replacement printer

  • OfficeJet 4620: Black ink cartridge not working not

    My printer was out of ink, and I installed the ink cartridges brand new HP-bought a few weeks ago. The type of ink is 564 Xl. The problem is that all of the color ink prints well, but black, we do not print well. When I use 'Best' option printing, the print out comes out like an old carbon copy (light grey and blurry). When I use the 'project' print quality, nothing prints at all. The printer recognizes that there is ink in the cartridge, but something is happening which is obstructing the way ink is printing.

    Welcome @ames211,
  • My hp C309g printer range fails to align. just changed the ink cartridges. Works on Windows 7.

    has a great. My son worked hard a yuear there to get this printer working... He changed the cartridges of ink a couble of day and now it is not printing.  We tried to realign the heads but it come as "Failed" to align on the screen... Please any suggestions.

    Ok.  Once remove you / reinstall the print head, try to clean the printheads via the printer software.

    If it does not, the new print heads are about $95 or you can taste (unofficial) cleaning procedures listed on these forums.  Search for them.

  • Printing black ink cartridge not...

    So, for those who are still looking for the answer, it turns out that my cartridges had simply dried a little. Revive by diving into the water!


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