HP Photosmart Prem c310 series: Photosmart Prem C310 paper jam when there is no paper anywhere. How to fix?

Network & wireless problem fixed.  Printer now say paper jam. no paper anywhere out of cartridges, only checked everything with a flashlight.  No paper parts anywhere. How to fix?


Hi @Grammy4,

Welcome to the HP Forums!

I understand that you have found a paper jam error with your HP Photosmart printer c310. I'm happy to help you!

I recommend going through this guide to paper jam, a "paper jam" message for HP Photosmart Premium e-all-in-one printer series (C310), as it's good for true or false paper jams!

I hope this helps!

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  • Re: Don't feed the Photosmart C310 paper

    I followed all the instructions, unplugged and repluged, tried to clean the rolls twice with water and a soft cloth, printed from the printer and, replaced all the ink cartridges and clean this area.  Tried different paper, but I'm at halfway through the paper that I had used before.  Paper is not damaged.

    I saw where you gave someone else a factory reset.  Could help you me please?

    Hi @PatriciaSW,

    I can help you with your request to reset. I've moved your post from its original location, but see you tried everything suggested by DocCottle here: Photosmart C310 paper not feeding.

    I'll send you a PM (private Message), but before I do, please see the HP Privacy Statement.

    This privacy statement informs you of our privacy practices and the choices you can make about the way information about you and your online activity is collected and how that information is used. This statement is available on our homepage at the bottom of each web page of HP and HP.com.

    There are a growing number of messages in this forum and elsewhere in the internet with the steps to do a reset on different printers.  Reset to will sometimes fix problems, so resetting is not the issue.

    A few resets require you to enter key combinations to open special menus on your printer that you were supposed to never access.  These special menus are used by developers and staff support for debugging of problems, but they are not intended for inexperienced users and can have unexpected results.  A wrong button push and you might no longer have a printer, but rather an expensive paper weight.  On top of that, if you happen to the 'brick' the printer in this way, it is considered as customer induced damage and voids the warranty automatically. These resets are only intended to be distributed and used as a last resort and under the direct instruction of a representative of the HP technical support. They should not be made lightly!

    Reset the printer: what you need to know

    Please check the little envelope on the upper right of the forums page to check your Inbox of Forums.

  • All-in-one HP Photosmart C4150 says paper when it is not

    All-in-one HP Photosmart C4150 said paper when it is not. I reload paper and press ok and get the same answer

    In general, this is due because the rollers of the printer is dirty, or are not engage as they should. The document below should help you to solve the problem. If this does not work, you can have a sensor or other mechanism, out and need to replace the printer. Let me know what happens.


  • How to fix error: 0xc18a0106, I have hp photosmart 7280, running on hp pavillion W/vista

    Just started to print and scan some documents after is not not home for a few months. 7 months to be exact. I press the go button and received an error message on the printer. ink failure error does not have to be a death sentence for my printer. By the way this is an all in one, so I scan on that too. in this state of affairs that the printer does not work, nor any of the other functions. However, I replaced the inl cartridges and reset the printer only to find a repeat of the afor mentioned error. Seems to be a viscios circle as I have repeated the instructions online for how to fix this. something can tackle the problem this printer URGH!

    Thank you


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    Same thing here.  Looks like Windows did an automatic update during the night, and now nothing iCloud associated work (calendars, contacts, etc.)

    I also noticed that the error message: "could not load file or Assembly ' MOM." Implementation ' or one of its dependencies.  The system cannot find the specified file. "It started after restarting the Windows Update as well.  I imagine that the two are related in the same problem to iCloud.

  • I had a paper get stuck in my printer 1310 series. I disabled the jam but it is still showing as a paper jam and will not display 6 documents in the queue

    I had a paper get stuck in my printer 1310 series. I disabled the jam but it is still showing as a paper jam and will not display 6 documents in the queue

    If it still shows paper jam and you know that there is no paper, just turn it works, and it should realize that there is no paper.

  • C310 printed fine when first installed the printer... now I can't print

    I have the new C310 series printer. The installer went well. Print test page, word document and a photo... all great.  Now, a week later, when I try to print what it's that sounds as if it was printing (I hear cartridge move, sounds normal 'printer') but leaves out blank. It is the new printer, new brand of ink cartridges, etc..  Any suggestions? Thank you

    This can help:

    Install a firmware update

    Looking for a firmware update that could help solve the problem:

    1. On the product control panel, tap the Setup icon ().
    2. Support on the Web .
    3. Tap the updates .
    4. Touch of the product updates .
    5. Tap Yes to update. The update can take 10 to 20 minutes. Do not turn off the printer until the update is completed. The printer will stop and automatically start up.

    This procedure comes from this document:

    Troubleshooting print quality problems

  • Photosmart 6520: Photosmart 6520, plain paper, quick project

    during the last eighteen months, I did most of my black and white and color printing "pre-printed, quick project" under Presets. I also had the possibility of Photo paper, plain paper, Best Paper and plain black and white. I went on vacation and since returning I lost this election. I now have the choice of the project B & W B & W or color (sic!)

    Printing on plain paper, quick project is ideal for most of my impression that frequently included spot color. In order to print anything with color now, I have to use a lot more ink. I'm assuming that something has been updated while I was away, I can turn the clock back? I use Microsoft Office for Mac on an iMac and MacBook Pro. On the MacBook, the printer is Photosmart 6520 series but grayed out and Photosmart 6520 series (5AE5SCE), which is what shows on my iMac. (I got the MacBook Pro with me on vacation) Help please.

    Oops, sorry for the confusion...

    Just keep the color and enable Fas project listed, plain paper should already be default, or you can select in the form, then save the settings as the required preset.

    Kind regards


  • Photosmart 7520: PHOTOSMART 7520 STOPPED PAPER FEED

    Printer keeps giving "out of paper" message and there is a lot of paper in the tray.  Try to 'doctor' and crossed throughout the stage, including the cleaning of the rollers.  No help.  Research in the field of paper I see a piece of plastic on him come straight down when the print command is given.  The rollers on this piece are not moving and no paper is advanced.

    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope that you are @PJC,

    I saw your post on the topic "on paper" you are having with your Photosmart 7520 and wanted to meet with the steps of troubleshooting for this issue. See the link below and if the measures do not fix the problem, contact HP to discuss replacing the printer.

    If you have trouble, let me know and I'll do my best to help.

    Hit the "accept as Solution" if we reached a solution and the "thumbs up".

    to say thank you for my help.

    Have a wonderful day

    HP technical support are available by clicking on the following link:


    (1) once will open the support page please select the country in which you are

    located. Then enter your model of HP on the right number.

    (2) then choose the 'Contact Support' tab at the top and scroll down to the

    bottom of the page "HP Support - Contact" to fill in the form provided

    your contact information.

    (3) Once finished, click the "Show Options" at the bottom right.

    (4) Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page and select ' Get phone

    number. "A file number and telephone number will now fill for you.

  • Photosmart 5510: customer paper size

    Hello world

    I have never posted on a forum before, but I'm about to have a magma down! I try to print my wedding invitation. they are a custom size of 19.7x13.9 cm., I tried to add the custom paper size by following the instructions on the other posts, but this has not worked. paper/output is missing from the advanced settings.

    help would be greatly appreciated because I alsways bought of HP printers, but if I have to buy a new one for that I won't buy HP I'm worried sick have the same problem.

    Thanks in advance

    Hi @lilrhi,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I see you are trying to print on paper 19.7 x 13.9 cm with your printer HP Photosmart 5510, on Windows 7. And I'm happy to help you!

    According to the specifications of the printer, it is not a supported paper size. The paper sizes supported for this printer are:

    Type of paper

  • How can I create custom with the Photosmart 6510 printers paper sizes

    I want to use paper sizes personalized with Word or Photoshop.

    I have a Photosmart 6510 printer all-in-one.

    While I can find the custom size tab layout in Word and can set this size, I don't seem to be able give the new size a name or save it.

    Is it possible with this printer, or is there a workaround to avoid the message 'paper mismatch '.

    Thanks for the ay help I can get.

    I'm sorry not to come back earlier.  I stumbled across a work around for this problem.  Use a different print driver for the printer.  I'll link the instructions below.  Again, sorry I don't come back with the workaround as soon as possible.

    How to assign other drivers to print in different Versions of Windows

  • Photosmart D7560: The Photosmart D7560 no paper feed

    I bought my printer a few years ago and I have not much used.  I tried to use it today and the paper will not feed.  I tried to adjust parameters, thinking that it would work and still no results.  I even tried the cleaning mechanism cartridge and he gave me the same answer, ' load paper '.  I don't know what is happening.  Help, please.

    Welcome to the HP community @TWhite1980 !

    I saw your post on the 'paper feed problem' you meet with your Photosmart D7560 printer, and I want to help! I would like to start working on this problem of cleaning of the rollers in the printer, as over time, dust and paper debris can build up on the rollers and create this exact problem, you have a.

    To see the proper instructions on how to clean the rollers, click on this link and scroll to the bottom for "third step: clean the rollers ' and follow the steps. You can also try to reset the printer and control of any document that you will see in this guide. (Also use standard simple letter to test print paper size or the copy after you are done troubleshooting).

    A Message appears 'jam or jam' for printer HP Photosmart D7560 h

    Please write me back and let me know the result!

  • Photosmart 5524: Sweep ends only when go HP printer Asst. ; used to scan automatically

    Just for the last 2 weeks or so, when I go to scan a document to my computer with a Wi - Fi, the message ' computer does not, check network connection is displayed. I have virtue to solve the problem and the analysis, after going to the Printer Wizard, manage the scan of the computer, and then disable and then allowing once again the analysis to the action of the computer. Why is this and I go back to auto scan the prinetr again? Is this something to do with the recent Microsoft updates?

    Hey @Palmyra3,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I understand that you are not able to use systematically the "computer scan" function on your HP Photosmart 5524 e-all-in-one printer to your computer Windows 8.1. I would like to help you today with this problem of communication of intermittent scanning. Now, because you are able to go in and manually enable the option 'analysis of the computer' and it works fine (temporarily) we know that your software and drivers are correctly installed and that you have no such conflict of wireless communication. I think a background on your computer or a firewall program can cause the conflict of communication bidirectional scan.

    To solve this problem today can I please have you click here. When the page opens you will be taken to the paper Support HP for a computer"not found" or an error message "Connection error" message.

    The steps that I want you to pass by are going to be a little out of order that the document States. Please run through:

    Solution 5: Search for critical updates, hotfixes, and firmware:

    The only available for your printer update is update the firmware of the printer HP Photosmart 5520. If you click on the link provided you can upgrade the firmware for your printer and test again the front scan function.

    Solution 6: uninstall the software, run Disk Cleanup, turn off background programs, configure the firewall and then reinstall the software:

    Please start by step 4: turn off programs running in the background and again test the scan function. If everything works fine now that a program running on your computer background is at the origin of the conflict. You can leave your disabled if you want as the background programs. Programs on your computer will work fine, they just used automatically running in the background of your computer.

    If the problem persists, please browse: second step: delete unnecessary files and folders with disk cleanup, step 3: restart the computer, and fifth stage: Configure the firewall under Solution 6

    If the issue still persists, as the race through Solution 2: download a tool to fix the problem automatically

    Please let me know if the steps I have provided resolve your problem of communication of scan. Good luck!

  • HP Photosmart C6180: hp photosmart c 6180 turns off when it is connected to the network and blinks green photo

    When my Photosmart C6180 is related to two wireless and ethernet network after any number of hours it stops itself down and the green light on the front panel by the icon of camera flashes.  You will then have to push the power button to turn back.  Not very practical for a network printer. Router is a Linksys WRT 1900 ACS.

    Hi wjabdella,

    Thank you for your answer!

    In the post I provided on the hard reset, he mentioned: sometimes, when plugged into a surge protector or battery backup, the quantity of electricity is not received by the printer.  Power problems can cause printing problems.  It is particularly important to be plugged directly into a wall outlet with wireless connectivity problems, "sleep mode" and other power problems.

    So by unplugging the power and waiting, it resets the printer almost to its original state without making a complete factory reset and lose any other information.

    Don't forget to come back to this thread and check "Accept as Solution", if I have successfully helped solve you the problem. If you want to say 'Thank you' to my effort to help, click on the "thumbs up" to give me a Kudos.

    I hope that answers your question!

  • Photosmart C3150: Check paper/Check print cartridge

    I replaced both ink cartridges; However, the "check paper/check print cartridge" lights continue to blink at the same time and there is an 'E' in the box next to "Copies". While the printer is not new, it has barely been used and still in the box. Can someone please advise about other options I could try to solve the problems? Thank you

    In the paper here troubleshooting steps can help solve the lights flashing Photosmart c3150 printer.

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