I can't get the charger 10 elements to work with Windows 8.1.  Is there a solution?

I can't get the charger 10 elements to work with Windows 8.1.  Is there a solution?


Never mind.  I thought about it all.  Thanks anyway.

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  • How can I get the editor 12 elements to work with iPhoto.

    I tried to put 12 items to be my external editor in iPhoto. I was able to select in the Advanced preferences, but when I right click a selected photoand external editing, the Editor opens but the photo does not work.

    Same thing for RAW and jpeg, in the iPhoto library, or in a folder.

    Any ideas? Thank you to


    Most likely, you have chosen the logical file rather than the correct file. The current editor is buried in the content of the Support files folder in the PSE 12 folder:

  • How can I get the age of Mythology to work on Windows Vista, every time I put the disc in the computer installation screen dosnt pop up and nothing happens

    Moose title: How can I get the age of Mythology to work on windows vista

    every time I put the disc in the computer installation screen dosnt pop up and nothing happens the disc passes just for a bit and stops, and the cursor hangs a bit and I can't get the disk to the computer unless I restart the computer

    Hi rew55545,

    (1) is this problem limited only to the age of Mythology disc?

    (2) what version of the game you are trying to install?

    Method 1: Run the fixit available in the link below and check if that makes a difference

    Your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media


    Method 2:
    run the fixit available in the link below to resolve any problems with DVD player.

    Hardware devices do not work or are not detected in Windows


    Method 3:  Select the boot and then check if the problem persists

    Follow step 1 in the link below,
    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    Important: n ' forget not to put the computer to a normal startup follow step 7 in the link.

  • Can't get HP Desk jet 722C to work with Windows 7 64 bit

    I have an old HP Deskjet 722C I have used successfully for years, most recently with Vista Home Edition 32 (as well as with my XP laptop). I can't work with Windows 7 64 bit. There is no Win7/Vista drivers on the HP site for download. Bed in installs but does not print. The printer is found and installed, but nothing comes out when I try to print.

    Note that I have a parallel to USB converter on this printer, I have used / use with XP and Vista successfully.

    I see a lot of threads print say download the driver and run it in 32-bit mode to Vista. Since there is no driver to download I can't do. Convenience store is empty as well. Any other suggestions.

    Thank you

    Welcome to the Microsoft answers site.
    HP C 722 Desk jet is not compatible with Windows 7 64 bit, then I suggest you contact the manufacturer.
    You can also check the compatibility, here is the link:


    Thank you and best regards,
    Azam - Microsoft Support

  • How can I get the addon "Colorful tabs" to work with the addon "classic restaurateur theme?

    I have the colourful tabs addon. But after the addition of the addon Classic theme restaurateur (to retrieve my tabs on the bottom), the color tabs addon does not work. My tabs are now all the same color work addon of the tabs colorful so that all tabs are different colors, so to say to which tab is the one that you use the right then the active tab puts a thin line on the tab bar of the same color as the active tab. So if you have 5 tabs open and they are all the diffierent colors, whether the tab your page in the Green, then you will see a thin green line on the screen (sort of like a horizontal border line). I can see a colored line (different from the color of all the tabs are now) under the tab bar. If I click on a different tab, change the color of the line. I can't tell what color my tab SHOULD be if it was just work, so I know that this addon is installed and working, but not to the poster for a reason any. Is it possible to fix this?

    I'm under Win 8.1 (64) and 30,0 FF. Thank you

    If you only use the extension of the CTR for the tabs at the bottom, then there are other ways like code in userChrome.css or an extension like tabs on background that might work better.

    You can move the tabs on the lower position, just above the navigation area without the use of an extension cord with code to userChrome.css that basically, you just give the tab bar a higher value of - moz-box-ordinal-group (most toolbars have a default value for - moz-box-ordinal-group: 1 to show them in the order of DOM).

    @namespace url("http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul"); /* only needed once */


  • My version 10.4 of Mac is not compatible so I deleted Firefox completely. How can I get the old version (one that works with my system) back?

    I have a Mac OSX 10.4.11. I installed the new update of Firefox and when I tried to open it, he said that it was not compatible with my compatible with my computer. I deleted it and now I would like to know how to install the old version of Firefox - or any version that works with my system. Thank you!

    Please change the download page for other people do not have this problem. He said that the new version works with Mac OS 10.4 and more - I checked before downloading. I'm happy, there is a solution, but the download page does not. Don't use other people waste their time like I did.
    When you download 3.6.24 new version downloads right thereafter. I closed it, but this looks like a glitch.
    Thanks again for your help and to continue to support the old version. Firefox is a great browser.

  • Can not get the Google domain name to work with Adobe-accommodation

    Hello world

    First of all - I am a novice in that kind of stuff so any help is much appreciated, while I watch through this. I am the owner of my domain through Google domains and I try to the host through the Adobe Business Catalyst with my custom domain name: outercoastseafood.com. I changed what I thought was the correct DNS settings in Google, but after waiting 48 hours there is still nothing available. Google settings are:


    I also have a Microsoft email account that uses this field which seems to work fine. I looked at the field on intoDNS and got these results: http://www.intodns.com/outercoastseafood.com

    Any help or ideas are appreciated!

    Thank you


    Please remove 1st two records and leave ns1, ns2 and ns3, wait a few hours and it should be good.

    unless this is done, use the url to access the site


    Let me know if you have any question.

  • How can I get my Canoscan n670u scanner to work with Windows 8?


    I've upgraded from Vista to Windows 8 and was happy to see Win8 instantly detected my trusty Canoscan n670u scanner and recognized as a connected device. It is, therefore, correctly identified, in Device Manager, I tested the scanner via Device Manager and diagnostics is well spent - it buzzed away, and the screen displays a message about successful test. Large.

    However, when I use the Wizard Windows Fax Scan & and click new scan, I get the message no detected scan.


    I tried to acquire an image using Onenote. The scanner passed through calibration, apparently successfully, then as he was about to start scanning, came to a stop with an error message.

    Help! It's a good piece of hardware. What I don't really understand not is Win8 apparently automatically detected and installed the drivers for it, but will not let me scan anything. ???

    Any suggestions?

    AH HA!

    He fixed the this morning.

    I have downloaded the Vista version of the "Canoscan Toolbox" software on the Canon's Support site (http://www.canon.co.uk/Support/Consumer_Products/products/scanners/CanoScan_series/CanoScan_N670U.aspx?type=download&page=1), installed and run the Compatibility Wizard. Success!

    Scanner works fine, although the software seems to forget default each I close.

    I don't care.

    Thanks for your reply though - if someone else asks that you can point their to this!

  • How can we get the MPEG-4 files to work in Windows Media Player v10?

    I see that MPEG4s are not necessarily supported in v10, but she mentions 'decoders compatible DirectShow MPEG-4 packs' by 'Ligos LSX-MPEG Player' and 'EnvivioTV.  When I consult Ligos, it does not seem that they support or provide decoders MPEG longer and I can't find something at Envivio.

    Other thoughts?  Get everyone up to v11 might be an option, but I'm also looking for other alternatives.

    Thank you!

    Only WMP 12 has built-in support for MPEG-4. For WMP 11, you should always install the codecs/plugins extra for MPEG-4 support.

  • How can I get the nested case statements to work with listagg?

    I have a statement below that does not work as I want it, here is my code:


    cases where o.personal_label is not null


    listagg (cases where s.subcodevalue like '% MON %')

    then s.subcodevalue |' '|| o.personal_label

    of other s.subcodevalue

    end,': ')

    the Group (order of s.subcodevalue) as subcodevalue

    on the other

    listagg (s.subcodevalue,': ')

    the Group (order of s.subcodevalue) as subcodevalue


    of mtm_styles_new s, order_mtm o

    where INSTR (o.extras, s.code) > 0

    and o.bodyfitting = s.bodyfitting

    and o.division = s.division

    and s.subcodevalue is not null

    and o.ORDER_MTMID = 'somevalue '.

    It should bring the following

    * MY TEST: RPP

    or the following if the first case is not completed:


    I get an error message saying 'missing keyword', but cannot make out where, can someone please help me here?

    The following works fine as long as it is not a nested case statement, but I need to nest the case statement:

    Select listagg (cases where s.subcodevalue like '% MON %')

    then s.subcodevalue |' '|| o.personal_label

    of other s.subcodevalue

    end,': ')

    the Group (order of s.subcodevalue) as subcodevalue

    of mtm_styles_new s, order_mtm o

    where INSTR (o.extras, s.code) > 0

    and o.bodyfitting = s.bodyfitting

    and o.division = s.division

    and s.subcodevalue is not null

    and o.ORDER_MTMID = 'somevalue ';

    Out alias 'subcodevalue as' the case at the end of the case body.

  • How can I get my Dell 720 printer to work with Windows 7 on a Dell Inspiron 6400, because I can't find the correct driver?

    My Dell Inspiron 6400 'Windows Vista' has been updated for "Windows 7" and the Dell 720 printer has stopped working.

    There are possible solutions here...






    The HP page says that XP drivers. Then you can try to use XP Mode, if you use Windows 7 teacher or company or buy a Windows 7 compatible scanner. "A programmer is just a tool that converts the caffeine in code" Deputy CLIP - http://www.winvistaside.de/

  • How can I get HP 3050 multifunction Scanner to work with Windows 7?

    When I hit the scan button and then start scan the printer reads "not installed on the PC" the functions of the printer and fax work via the computer.  I went online and found three sets of drivers for Windows 7 64-bit

    PCL 6 x 64

    Post Script x 64

    PCL 5 x 64

    How do you know that one to download?  If I download the wrong one, will be I live to the top of the machine?  Help!

    The problem is not that you should download one of these 3 drivers Windows 7 already comes with the driver. The problem is that HP Universal drivers don't support scanning in the same way that you're used to. If you look at the "Software" section near the bottom of the HP driver download page , you will see a link that says "HP Color LaserJet and products LaserJet AiO/MFP - use the Scan and the software of Fax on Windows 7" with a link 'get software' on the right which will take you to the next page of the instructions: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?&objectID=c02539136 .

  • I can't get the sound or video to work on Skype, where he had previously worked.

    I can't get the sound or video to work with Skype where, previously, he had worked very well.


    Sign in to Skype and make a Test call.

    Who will give you the steps to solve the problems, or contact the Skype Support.


    See you soon.

  • How can I get my xbox 360 controller to work with my computer... Im running the 64-bit version of Vista... my computer does not even recognize the hardware?

    How can I get my xbox 360 controller to work with my computer?... I can't even recognize the hardware? Im running Vista 64 bit on a quad core rig any help would be appreciated... Thank you

    Hello Ghostdogaln.

    How do hang you the controller?  You must either use a * wired * controller, or use a wireless controller with receiver game Xbox 360 for Windows.

    If you use a wireless with a Play and Charge kit controller, it will not work as long as the USB cord only actually plug into the battery for the controller itself. Paul Smith - MVP for Windows desktop experience... I crawled off NNTP - for now. Detachment Aldershot, United Kingdom. On the internet at windowsresource.net and dasmirnov.net. Please post back to let us know what works and what does not. :-)

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