I want my homepage built into the YAHOO toolbar

I tried many times download FireFox 33 with a Yahoo toolbar, and it will NOT download. Had loaded it into this computer a few weeks ago, I lost when I had problems with infection. Help!


You get the Yahoo toolbar from their site here?


I think that it is often more up-to-date than the version on the Mozilla Add-ons site.

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  • downloaded the yahoo toolbar to see my yahoo Favorites but I can't connect to them, why?

    I downloaded the yahoo toolbar because it was the only way to keep them. Done that got the red flag down there and got a pop up sign in French - pressed sigh in and keep lifting the same pop. I can't get any help for yahoo or Firefox on it, it's like they don't want to hear from us. I need my favorites, and they just can't get to them.
    Help, please

    I'm not very familiar with MacOS, unfortunately.

    Instead of using Yahoo for your bookmarks, if you can get the toolbar works on any browser, you can copy your Favorites from Yahoo to store bookmarks of your browser. On the plus side, no need for the Yahoo toolbar. On the other hand, your bookmarks are not synchronized at Yahoo to make them usable in different browsers.

    Which makes the transfer is to export the toolbar (for example, in Safari) to HTML format and then import using the import HTML your browser feature.

    In case it works without the toolbar, here's the URL for the page of export (from the toolbar US): https://us.data.toolbar.yahoo.com/v1/bm/tools?.intl=us

  • Lost the Yahoo toolbar, how can I reinstall it?

    Firefox kept crashing. Asked me if I want to upgrade to a more secure version. After downloading, I lost the Yahoo toolbar. How can I install it?

    Download the Yahoo toolbar from toolbar.yahoo.com

  • How to remove the Yahoo toolbar?

    I don't want the yahoo toolbar that I prefer Google. How to remove Yahoo toolbar and replace it with Google?

    Thank you

    Hi Bencall,

    The Yahoo! toolbar is an add-on. Take a look at Knowledge Base disable or remove modules article for steps on removing.

    Hope this helps!

  • Firefox won't let me have the yahoo toolbar

    I lost my yahoo and the toolbar file. I downloaded a new yahoo mozilla toolbar and I thought that would solve the problem. I managed to recover the file toolbar. Today when I went on line he said without adding on a were will. So I don't always have the yahoo toolbar. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm not a computer person

    Hi, try this signed Yahoo Toolbar add-on.

    If you still have the menu bar of Firefox (with file on that), then right-click in the tab bar - but not on a tab, and then select menu bar.

    If your question is resolved by this or another answer, please take a minute to let us know. Thank you.

  • I can't download the yahoo toolbar. Help.

    I had installed yahoo toolbar and then I lost it all when trying to install Windows 10. I put Mozilla back on my laptop, but when I try to download the yahoo toolbar the message came that there is a connection problem (it was after that Firefox says it will not install it). The site that I tried to download is https://toolbar.yahoo.com/?.intl=us. No luck. Help, please.

    I don't know why but some users cannot install toolbars to Web sites of third parties (such as Yahoo and LastPass) when the original download URL is redirected to another URL.

    In this case, it starts like:

    https://us.toolbar.Yahoo.com/_ylt=AkypkOgcRYp9hr2TbG1teUc0RAUJ?.Intl=us & .redir = 1 & .cpdl = tyc9 & .promo = & sethomesearch = 0

    But the server redirects to Firefox:


    If you can not understand what blocks Firefox follow the redirect and fix this, you can download the toolbar using another browser. You can save the file as in downloads, for example. Then you can load it in Firefox using one of the following methods:

    • Drag and drop the file as on a Firefox tab open
    • On the addons page (Ctrl + Shift + a or tools > Add-ons), click the "gear" above the list of extensions/plugins and choose "install module file".
  • Why does the Yahoo toolbar on the 38 version? I have only a quick link, mail.

    It's exactly the same problem with previous versions, the people were from. I've done all the tips provided to support, and it is NOT FIXED! It is EXTREMELY annoying. I liked my Firefox until this happened. More than a little disappointed.

    It seems that the extension of the Yahoo toolbar has been broken for many months, based on feedback from the user.

    Best thing to do is to contact the developer of the extension of the toolbar Yahoo and from ashes to support. https://toolbar.Yahoo.com/?.Intl=us

  • How to fix the yahoo toolbar

    My yahoo toolbar is not editable, and is essentially useless. The button refresh does not work, and none of the icons (apps) are ones I used to have. Yahoo instructions suggest using the sign, which doesn't seem so. I've seen other people with similar problems, but mine is with Firefox version 20.0 and Windows 7. My computer is new, and I used sync to keep my settings in Firefox, bookmarks, etc, which may or not be related to the problem. Yahoo help was better and more personalized. Now I can not even find a way to communicate with them. Someone elsewhere on this site gave a phone number, but I've been waiting forever. Any ideas?

    One of the earlier answers suggested a reinstall of Firefox using this link
    You don't have to uninstall Firefox.

    I tried on my first computer and it worked. Now, I did to the laptop and I ' m back in business. When I restart Firefox it does not update to a newer version. What I have not done is shut down my computer so, I keep my fingers crossed. I don't know who it is - the fault Yahoo or Firefox, but I hope that they prevent this from happening again. I am lost without my Special icons on the Yahoo toolbar.

  • Remove the Yahoo toolbar in Firefox 12

    I can't get rid of the Yahoo toolbar in Firefox 12. It does not arise in extensions or add-ons.

    I have eliminated all programs of Yahoo (toolbar, IM and update programs) in the Control Panel Add/Remove programs.

    I restarted Firefox in safe mode. There is still no Yahoo modules or Extensions that appear.

    I then went to help. Troubleshooting information | See file

    I clicked on the record Show.

    There is a folder called "Yahoo! Inc.". When I open Yahoo Inc., there is another folder called ytoolbar. I deleted Yahoo! Inc. when Firefox was open and it was closed. As soon as I restart Firefox, the file of Yahoo Inc. is recreated.

    I can't remove the Yahoo Inc. folder permanently.

    It is an invasive program.

    How can I get rid of him?

    The problem is resolved. I deleted a subdirectory in the Extensions folder, even if no extension was visible. Here is a screenshot:

    Here's where the folder:

    The subdirectory highlighted contained a lot of Yahoo. So I just blew the whole subdirectory. The other key point is that the subdirectory is born at the date of installation of Yahoo.

    Problem is solved.

  • There is an area in which I can't use my mouse to click on. It is about 1 1/4 inches high. On my Yahoo home page, it begins at the lower end of the Yahoo toolbar and get down from there. This area exists on all sites, that I'm on Firefox.

    This area exists on all sites, that I'm on Firefox. If I switch to IE as my browser, I don't have the problem.

    Recently, the Yahoo toolbar and the extension of Babylon have been reported because of this problem. They appear to overlap invisibly on the top of the display of the web page. If you have one or both, uninstall or disable them/it or see if an update is available that solves the problem.

    If this answer solved your problem, please click 'Solved It' next to this response when connected to the forum.

  • How can I get rid of the Yahoo toolbar when using FireFox?

    For some unknown reason, the yahoo toolbar gets somehow on my computer. How can I get rid of it please?

    • Go to the Firefox tools-addon-extension button
    • Select the yahoo toolbar and remove
    • Restart Firefox and try
  • I uninstalled Firefox 7 because it was not compatible with the Yahoo toolbar. They will never fix this? I need my Yahoo.

    I've upgraded to Firefox 7, but it is not compatible with the Yahoo toolbar. I uninstalled my previous Firefox back. They will never fix the Yahoo toolbar addon?

    Why not ask Yahoo? It's their toolbar.

  • The Yahoo toolbar ended up on my browser and I get a notice of certificate 3 times error everytime I open Firefox. How to remove this toolbar on 4.0.1?

    On Windows 7 when I launch Firefox, I get a Yahoo Toolbar 3 times certificate error and have to close it until I can move forward.

    See: How do I uninstall the Yahoo toolbar

  • Windows 7 Ultimate, computer laptop Acer Aspire E15 built into the camera problem.

    I have a strange problem.

    I am running

    The laptop model is

    and first of all, as you can see - Acer only provides drivers for this model of laptop for windows 8, which is crazy because for ex I am running windows 7 on it or what do I do if I want to downgrade to windows XP, how to get drivers for my laptop?

    So my web cam driver was automatically installed with windows, BUT there is a problem.

    My camera only works with Skype and Firefox/Chrome.

    Skype recognizes it normally:

    but no other software can find and use the camera.

    webcam7 even after choosing the webcam as a source gives just a black screen:

    In addition to this, the windows software standard that normally comes with the windows called Camera - does not exist.

    The camera appears under devices.

    I tried to uninstall the driver. Install a new one. I tried everything I could find online, and nothing seems to work.

    It's almost a new laptop and it's crazy that I can't use such a common feature as the webcam.

    I'll send the same message to the customer of the Acers and see what is going, they say, but I reached a wall and do not know which can then do?

    TNX for taking the time to read this and any effort to help in the future :)


    Please provide a detailed description of the issue with the screen shots.

    I certainly understand the inconvenience caused to you. However, I appreciate really all your efforts towards the resolution of the problem.

    In order to understand the issue more clearly, I'll ask you to provide me with the following information.

    1. You did it all hardware or software change on the computer?

    There could be a possibility that this issue would have occurred due to the damaged in the system device drivers.

    I want to provide you with the information that most Acer computers are preinstalled webcam application supplied by the manufacturer with the device. Uninstall and reinstall this application has helped many users of Acer for this problem to be solved.

    I suggest you follow the procedure recommended in the article given below for that matter Acer support.

    Webcam error message: camera not found

    http://Acer--UK.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/A_ID/9909/~/webcam-error-message :-camera-not-found

    I hope this information is useful.

    Please let us know if you need more help, we will be happy to help you.

    Thank you.

  • Can't get rid of the yahoo toolbar in firfox 12, does not come under the extensions or programs or apprearn or... Even uninstalled firefox and reinstalled!

    Some program installed a yahoo toolbar that I don't want.

    I read all the messages. Nothing shows under Tools - Add ons - extensions!

    Nothing appears in the Control Panel - programs

    I even tried to uninstall firefox. I rebooted. When I installed firefox, once again, he was there!

    How can I get rid of this thing?

    Thank you... Mike

    Follow the suggestions mentioned in the following articles:

    Check and tell if its working.

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