I want to totally delete the Babylon toolbar. I'm not standing on the unchecked platform, I want to remove it completely. How?

When I want a new tab, the page opens with babylon - although I have the unchecked Babylon toolbar. I never use of Babylon and want to remove it completely.


Remove the program.

http://support.Babylon.com/index.php?_m=Knowledgebase & _a = viewarticle & kbarticleid = 79

Remove toolbar add-on.

http://support.Babylon.com/index.php?_m=Knowledgebase & _a = viewarticle & kbarticleid = 78

Reset the setting of the home page.

http://support.Babylon.com/index.php?_m=Knowledgebase & _a = viewarticle & kbarticleid = 77

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    Please click the button solved it next to the answer that solved your problem of Firefox support, it appears when you are connected, so this thread is marked as resolved to help other users who may have this same problem.

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    I deleted the files in my trash, I need back them, how can I do this?


    You may be able to recover the files deleted using the component of previous Versions.

    1. open the Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder where the files are stored.

    2 right click the folder and select the restore previous Version in the menu.

    3 in the previous dialog, select a version with a date and time before when you deleted the files.

    4 select the copy button. Select the desktop as the location for the copy , and then click the copy button.

    5 go on the desktop, open the copied file and search for the files.

    If the files are there, move them out of the folder copied to the desktop. You can then delete the copied, previous version of this folder.

    Let us know the results.


  • Manager disc Snap-in for the MMC. Is it possible to change the order of columns. Or remove columns completely?

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    useless in this form.  If there is no way to change maybe someone at Microsoft may include this option in Windows 9.


    I would like to inform that you can not change the order of columns or remove columns completely as it is by design. However, you can display or hide items in the console window.

    Hide columns in Diskmanagement:

    a. Click Start, type diskmgmt.msc and press to enter.

    b. click view and select Customize.

    c. you can select or clear the check boxes to show or hide items in the console window.

    I hope that helps!

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    It is not currently possible to delete the watch app, which is an integral part of the iOS.

    • When you look for the icon manually, remember that you may be moved to a folder or to a different home screen:

    • To find the application, displaying the homescreen on your iPhone:
      • Sliding down on the center of the screen > in the search at the top of the screen box, type 'Watch' > when the watch icon is displayed, tap to open the application:

  • I posted an article in your comments. Now, I want to remove it. How can I do this?

    Tonight, I posted an article in your comments. Now I want to remove it or change it, but I can't find a way to come back to edit. How can I do this?

    No problem. I contacted an Admin for you. He should have sent you a message just now.

  • I want to remove unused programs, how do I know which ones to delete it so I do not perform the actual function of the others?

    My new laptop Toshiba seems to be slow since I loaded a diving 3 the other day '' only '' scrubber to clean and wipe the file off-farm. The wheel turns just

    I was looking for in my programs, and there seems to be a lot of programs with the same or very similar names. Windows files with the same name properties there.
    I car washer 3 is not installed to see if it was the cause all of a sudden my laptop takes more time to reflect before loadin well not the same amount of time to get connected, in files on the internet, etc.
    What are the things I can do to get my laptop which works best?
    would you please not talk high tec, I am not computer savy.
    [Moved from comments]

    Please do not let your Windows version a secret.

    If you see a program on "Uninstall a program", you should be able to uninstall it without affecting other programs, with a few exceptions.  Do not uninstall the drivers unless you will not use the material. If the manufacturer included demonstration programs, those must be sure to uninstall.
    If you are wondering, why not ask about specific programs here?
  • Should I delete the extra partition created after reinstalling windows? and how?

    I have recently reinstalled windows on my laptop and now there is a new created partition that looks empty but show that some used space. I want to know what it is and how I have to delete it? Can I create all nudenumber of partition according to my wishes and I can name them VAC for me?


    Thank you for your response.

    You can hide the partition, please follow the steps below:

    • Right click on my computer.
    • Click on manage
    • In the list of options click on disk management which will be located in the bottom left section
    • All of your hard disk and its partitions will be displayed in the right part
    • Right-click on the partition that you want to hide, and then select "change drive letter and Path»
    • Click on 'Remove' and then click 'yes '.
    • Your car will now be hidden in my computer

    How to view the drive:

    • Go to Disk Management with the right button on the hidden partition [will not have a drive letter of the drive hidden again choose "change drive letters and path"]
    • Click Add and select an appropriate drive letter.
    • Click Ok
    • Now, the player's display.

    Let us know if you need help more with Windows.

  • I stupidly deleted the original calendar on my new email tbird. How can I get that back?

    There is an option to download a 'Lightning' calendar, but I prefer to return to the original schedule, which was on the mail server, when I started using it about 2 weeks ago.

    You have seen this calendar in Thunderbird? Then it's lightning. If it has been published and you did nothing in particular for work, then it is local, not online.

    If you've seen the calendar in your browser, then it will be online.

    I suggest just "Download" you or re - install Lightning and see if it was the thing you saw earlier. If it isn't, delete it, nothing is lost.

    Tools | Add - ons | Extensions of. If Lightning is listed, try it the reactivation. I expect to tell you if there is an update.

    If it is not mentioned, simply type the lightning in the search box at top right of the window modules, press return, choose from the list shown modules you.

  • Say I have use a bookmark to access a web page. Subsequently I have manually delete the reference on historical Panel - also removes the current bookmark. Never happened with vn!

    Sequence of operations leading to the problem:

    !) Existing bookmark to go to the requested web page.
    (2) later, the I delete manually the reference panel historical at this bookmark - command 'delete '.
    Search 3) via the bookmark panel list some time later, I noticed that the bookmark I would have used previously was deleted. I did not went to the Bookmarks panel and deleted explicitly point. The deletion is certainly due to him removing point of reference in the history panel.

    This behavior started recently - and I think with FF for Android exit 31 or 32. Certainly is not happened with versions before clearing the historic bar on historic Panel were introduced. I am now on version 32.0.3

    Question being entered on desktop machine so 'guessed' version info irrelevant, so I've manually entered version info, etc. below...

    Thank you, Rob.

    HI dislexic_wobmat,

    It seems that this problem is fixed in the next version of Firefox beta.

  • e-mail to delete the file disappear randomly reappear and disappear again. How can I stop?

    E-mail in my file delete disappears and reappears randomly. Need help to stop this.

    Hi ChuckBalsor,

    I imagine the inconvenience that you are experiencing and will certainly help you in the right direction to solve the problem. However, I would be grateful if you could answer a few questions to refine the question in order to provide you with better assistance.

    1. You use any application to access email or using the web to access e-mail?
    2. If you are using web to access email, browser you use to access?
    3. If you use any application then what application you use to access the e-mail?
    4. You did it all change important before the show?

    Get back to us with all the necessary information and we will be happy to help you further.

    Kind regards

  • I accidentally deleted the camera windows on surface RT. application, anyone know how to recover it or download/reinstall?

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    It's so easy...

    Open the store, type camera (or use the camera of charm and the type of research).

    There you go.

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    Have 2 versions of Windows should not be the cause of the freezing and slow.

    However, to remove a second version of Windows, go here http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=888023

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