Ieee 1394 host controller Texas Equium A60-692 does not start


I have a Toshiba Equium A60-692 about 2 years old. On rare occasions the above will install and also the network/ethernet card etc with it when it starts. But 99% of the time it fails to start upward.

Tech from Toshiba tell me it's the CMOS battery, but time slept OK for the last week so maybe it could be something else. Other strange things are can only recognize the drive HARD to start from what IDE Standard is chosen in the BIOS options (Enhanced IDE option and I think only used normal overall, ups causes boot errors). Also a green screen with weird graphics on occasion. Also the speed of the processor can be reduced, as shown in the properties of my computer.

Any ideas from anyone as worried of wasting time to unsolder the battery if this isn't the problem. Could this be a fault of the motherboard that is irreparable? I am a relative novice if need help someone here. This made me!


I think you might be right. Eventually he s a small part on the motherboard that could malfunction.
If I m not mistaken the controller IEEE 1394 Texas Instruments could be the Firewire port and it s part of the mobo

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  • Equium A60-173 does not start after the BIOS update

    Hello people,

    I downloaded a BIOS updated toshiba for my Equium A60 - 173 and while it was loading on, restarted my laptop. Now, whenever I turn it on, the power light comes on for a few seconds, there is nothing on the screen and then it turns off again. I'm really worried, I've done some serious damage. I know a bit of the BIOS, but not that much. I need help, this is how I put a BIOS on here if I can't turn it on and the current one is damaged. Is it possible to get the loaded BIOS on without being able to turn it on?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.


    You could try to remove the battery, wait 2 minutes and then go back, however he only its not very likely that your BIOS update was not successful. If I remember correctly when I flashed my A60-181 this process takes about 10 minutes. If your laptop prematurely reloaded until the program has finished, I'm afraid you have no choice but to send new to Toshiba to be fixed.

    Richard S.

  • How can I get the Bus IEEE 1394 Host controller driver to show up in Device Manager?

    I try to activate my new Firewire Interface M-Audio Solo and I encountered a small problem.
    I recently bought a PCI card on eBay and I hope that it is not defective because even if the blue light on my Solo M-Audio lights when I insert it into the firewire port, I don't see this pop up on my computer screen. In addition to this, I discovered that the Bus IEEE 1394 Host controller is not installed on my computer (Windows XP)...
    Can anyone help please?

    Of my experience with the installation of port expansion cards (USB, Firewire, etc.), they always require facilities suitable driver to work properly.  The card comes with an installation disc, or have some sort of instructions for you inform to download the latest drivers for the device from the manufacturer's website?

  • Equium A60-692: Texas controller ieee 1394 host controller starts is not getting started

    I had unfortunately no response about the foregoing. I have Equium A60-692 and installed the new copy of XP.

    Before that, I inherited machine with power stuck on the password. Former owner had left standing for several months and said this seems to cause this not tentatives not this setting. I managed to use a rider based on the to remove, but now I think it was a symptom of more serious problems (but maybe I did something BIOS?)

    The controller seems to be when the machine is hot (strange). Fact that average anomaly map mother re ccomponent ventilation cold?

    Any help here, because I have tried everything I can.

    Have you set the BIOS to default settings?

    Hmmm... What about the question of hot/cold? I imagine that certain welded components can lose connectivity when the laptop is cold.
    In my opinion, you should install driver chipset when possible. Subsequently disable device firewire in Device Manager. I mean that this port is probably not so important to you. Isn t it?

  • Equium A60-155 will not start


    I have an Equium a60-155, that I knew that she works for a while, but recently I came with a new poroblem... my laptop guard turn off without notice and loses all power.

    The battery has been dead for some time and lasts about 5 seconds, but I've been using the AC adapter.

    Recently, she stops and even the LED lights for the power/battery adapter / is not on.

    At first I thought it was the fuse in the adapter which could have been blown so I replaced it, and it started to work again, but then after a few minutes, it stops and lost all power.

    I had this during the last days and I noticed that it regains power when I unplug the power adapter from the mains supply and remove the fuse and put it back in but his lasts only for a few minutes.

    I don't know if it is a hardware problem or I just need a new adapter. Someone at - it similar problems and can offer any adivce?


    What do you think that the laptop is overheating? I don't know, but if so the laptop would also immediately turn off m.
    So, try to clean the laptop with a jet of compressed air to blow the dust from the cooling fans. So you don't have to disassemble the laptop.

    If it doesn't help it's really hard to say what the reason is for this maybe you should bring the laptop to an authorized service provider. Technicians can check the laptop.

    Good bye

  • Equium A60: BIOS does not recognize the CD-DVD-ROM

    Hi, the CD-DVD-device is not recognized by my Equium A60. It has worked fine for over a year, but now, even if the machine is running and the light comes on and goes off, it is not recognized by the computer.
    It is not in my computer, nor in the list of hardware devices. When you start the computer, the BIOS don't recocgnize it or.

    It seems that it is a hardware problem... Any idea?

    Thank you

    The device appears in the device as an unknown Manager? If the drive is not displayed in Windows Explorer, that the method on this page may help;en-us;320553

    Try it!

  • A60 SP does not start

    I have a satellite pro A60 which was working fine yesterday, but today will not start. The first time that I turned it on this morning it showed the home toshiba screen, then the screen went black with a cursor flashing at the top left, but would not respond. Then, I pressed the power button to turn it off.

    Now when I try to turn it on, I just get a black screen, and there is no answer. Any ideas? I'll be able to avoid loss of data from the hard drive?

    Hi Jamie,

    When you turn on your laptop see you or hear any activity at all? The Red Toshiba start screen appears normally during the initial POST, that is when the BIOS is loaded and components are tested.

    You should then notice some activity HD (possibly preceded by optical drive) as the operating system itself is loaded from disk.

    How your laptop hold?

  • Satellite A60-106 does not start

    Can anyone help? When I turn on my A60 106 it happens with a text screen that says Windows (XP) will not start and a few basic instructions. There are 5 options listed - Safe Mode - Safe Mode with network - safe mode with command prompt - known last good configuration - and start Windows normally. None of them work, computer goes to the Windows XP logo normally then flashes to the toshiba logo, after what the power seems to cut and it is up to the text with the options screen. Which if left constantly looping. All the ideas!

    Hey Warren,

    Whenever I encountered this behavior it is always caused by a defective hard drive. Indeed the system cannot be loaded because the required files can be read from the HD.

    You can try to re - install your recovery CD system in the hope that it is just the files that have been corrupted, but if this also fails then a new HD will be required.


  • Code 10 for TI OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller-reinstallation does not start Windows XP 2002 Service Pack 3

    Have reinstalled several times-software not Windows approved driver IT will not start

    How does this relate to the features of Windows Update?

  • How to fix a conflict driver VIA? Via the Audio drivers and OHCI IEEE 1394 Host controller?

    Because this motherboard (ASUS P5Q SE2), uses VIA VT1708S 8 - channel High-Definition Audio CODEC.

    And my PCI Firewire card is also VIA - according to Device Manager. It is running Vista. If I connect my DV cam (which has a mini-port FW on it), then turn it on, the entrance FW in Device Manager says there is a problem. But if I disconnect the cam, then restart, the FW entrance goes back to normal. I've seen this prob before, where someone else had the same prob (but firewire was aboard).

    I tried updating the FW driver through the Device Manager, but there isn't a newer driver available. I know that the FW card is fine. It was in my mobo previously (P5Q SE/R), which uses the Realtek ALC 1200, 8 - channel high definition Audio CODE, without going through. So, any ideas on how to resolve this conflict?

    Looks like I found the prob / cause. ASUS drivers Via for the sound. The latest version from the ASUS site

    I uninstalled them so I use the audio drivers by default Vista. The sound and the FW work. I plugged the cam DV again, made windows sound and it connected right away. Must be something in the audio drivers causing the conflict (such as an address / IRQ entry or something in the inf file).

  • Equium A60-173 does not work after bios update

    Computer laptop girls. A lot of windows screen blue/broken files. Who sets. Site Web de Toshiba says 1.8 bios c can stop it again - Web site also announces 1.90 bios. To go with this...

    Tried to Flash the Bios 1.90 which you have to do in the (stupid) windows. Naturally it hangs during the "preparing for the bios update", with only 15% of progress. WAITED a very long time (30-45 minutes) - no progress took place. Had to turn off the machine and had clearly not worked.

    Now the machine will even not respond to the switch. I was expecting a momentary start - but it's like the power switch has been disconnected. Actually attaching the power supply does not even turn on the power light!

    Can a flash failure turn off the machine so much?
    Or would it be another fault (as well!)?

    Thanks for the tips...

    > Not waited a very long time (30-45 minutes) - no progress has occurred. Had to turn off the machine

    Looks like you broke upward from the procedure of updating the BIOS and it's deadly!
    I put t see any other possibility as to contact the ASP in your country for assistance!

    Maybe you are a lucky man and module ROM on the motherboard is not damage and must be flashed only
    Please note that the update of the BIOS is risky! If you use an incorrect BIOS or update wrong procedure can damage the MB

  • Equium A60-155 will not start on the recovery CD


    Just got a computer satellite phone of second hand from a friend who has been upgraded - gave me for free because it doesn't seem to work properly (he thought was a problem of HARD drive).

    I replaced the HARD drive (with one I formatted on my desk but an envelope that I have for it) and have the recovery DVDs, but I can't do anything with the machine... when I turn on I only get to the Toshiba logo screen and does not go any further (with the exception of time weird when I get a blank screen)... now the C button or trying to get into the BIOS (tried hold ESC F1) (, F2 or F12) does not work.

    I opened the machine and everything is correctly connected - the DVD player also seems to be spinning and reading the disc, but nothing loads of it.

    Anyone know what this could be and what I can do to fix it, or is it a lost cause?

    Thanks for any help!


    Hi, EIB

    I assume that this satellite has installed Toshiba BIOS and therefore, it should be possible access the BIOS by pressing ESC then F1.

    You said that this laptop does not have the Toshiba logo screen it seems we can't get the MESSAGE correctly well I m sorry to say but in my opinion the portable hardware malfunctioning.

    Maybe something wrong with the jury. and not with the HARD drive

  • Equium A60-155 does not work on AC

    Laptop works on fully charged battery, but not on sector. Will be not charged battery.

    Seems the ac power input does not work. I have two identical laptops.

    Ideas please


    Hi Zak

    I really don't know what you expect now. Maybe some magic formula for solving problems. If the AC power input is defective, it must be repaired. All that s!

    Can you do it alone?

  • Equium P300-19O does not start

    Hi all

    I have an Equium P300-19O, which I have had the problem. Now the pc doesn't even start not at all. When I turn it on, there is not even a power light and it doesn't do anything.
    Could someone of you please advice me to solve this problem and resuscitate Equium P300-19O?

    Best regards


    > Could someone of you please advice me to solve this problem and resuscitate Equium P300-19O?
    You must understand the hat on this virtual path that nobody of can say for sure what is wrong there and we can only speculate on the potential problem.
    Who knows what's wrong there. Maybe there is a problem with electronic control gear.

    Unplug the power plug, remove the battery and leave it for a while. Try to start the laptop with AC power only.
    When you connect the AC power supply is LED on indicator system turned on?
    Is there a reaction when you press the power button / stop?

  • Equium P300-190 does not start after battery

    Hi all

    The battery died on my laptop, Toshiba Equium P300-190 and power off.
    I have pluged in the output, but it won't start. The light is not yet on the front of the PC.

    Please shed some light on this problem on the issue that can be resolved.

    Thanks in advance



    Try this:
    Remove the battery and unplug the notebook sector.
    It takes a few hours (in my case, I left the laptop throughout the night disconnect battery and network.)
    Then reconnect the two parts and check if the laptop lights

    If it s hardware problem without gravity, then the laptop must turn on, otherwise you will need professional help

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