Impossible to change the wallpaper, the location of the image does not display images.

Original title: photo location not display images

I'm trying to access my pictures folder and select a background for my office. But when I search for the location of the image and select the folder of the screen does not display images, even if the pictures are present in the folder. The screen shows only 'solid colors.
I moved to the location of my pictures, sounds and video to another folder. Then, the default folders are different.
In Explorer when I just click on the photos forlder ther is a location tab saying my it's the default folder.
One last thing.
If I go to explore and navigate to the folder my pictures, right click on a picture and select 'Set as wallpaper', then it displays the content and the folder.

Any ideas?

I got it working again.
And that's a good reason to not mess with the registry.
I have used a tweak registry to hide the libraries in the Explorer navigation pane. Once I've restored it Windows seems to have found the files for my photos. I then re - hid libraries and everything seems to work ok.


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