Intel Corporation Z580 - graphic adapter WDDM1.1

Update Windows suggesting that I download:

Intel(r) HD Graphics of Intel Corporation - WDDM1.1, graphics WDDM1.2 graphics adapter - 4000

Should I add to my ignore list?

In simple terms, only update the driver from windows update, because the official driver of the lenovo site is best suited for your machine, and other drivers may cause issue with the brightness. So you can add it to your ignore list.

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  • Problems updating graphic adapter Intel Corporation - Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1 WDDM1.2,


    I have several lenovos windows 7 with this update

    Problems updating graphic adapter Intel Corporation - Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1 WDDM1.2,

    I'm trying to fix it with the original driver?

    all the solutions out there?



    You can download the driver from the Intel website (search on your model number of graph, then Windows 7), read the notes first check it is correct for your hardware, uninstall the graphics drivers (Windows will return to a default basic driver), restart and install the new drivers.

    If this does not work, the Lenovo Web site will be older (but certified to work) drivers for your system model.

  • Intel Corporation - Graphics, graphic adapter WDDM1.1 adaptor WDDM1.2 - Intel HD Graphics 3000 download size: 58.9 MB update failed! / Error number: 8007000D windows encountered a problem.

    Intel Corporation - graphic adapter WDDM1.1, WDDM1.2 - Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics card

    Download size: 58.9 MB

    You may have to restart your computer for this update is taken into account.

    Update type: Optional

    Intel Corporation Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1, software update WDDM1.2 graphics adapter was released in December 2012

    More information:

    Help and Support:

    Error (s) found, code: 8007000D / said info. Get help with this error.
    Windows Update has encountered a problem. No solution to this problem, 4 Download attempt failed.
    Please help, thanks.

    Maybe try to reset the updates of windows for win8 from here...

  • nVidia - Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1, other hardware - NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630A

    nVidia - Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1, other hardware - NVIDIA GeForce 7025 / NVIDIA nForce 630 is 172.5 MB

    Hello = D

    I would ask for advice, if I should download this new update of the SM (Microsoft Window Update). And I have no problem with my driver. I'm just asking if it's necessary for me to download this update :D
      Thank you =)


    As a general rule, if your product works very well, and the update of the driver does not provide a previously unavailable feature, don't fix what isn't broken.

    What you don't say, is whether your current driver is Microsoft Windows 'Approved' / 'certified '. What is my personal opinion, I am a firm believer in "if it ain't broke, don't fix it.". I saw that too many products otherwise good (video cards, sound cards, etc.) get sacked because someone downloaded and installed a new driver more than one that worked very well.

    As long as your machine works well, leave well enough alone would be my advice.

    Let me know what you decide.

    Kind regards


  • Updating the Intel Graphics adapter; Error 80070103 - HELP Update Windows!

    Hi, I am trying to install an optional update for my HP computer through Windows Update, titled, "Intel Corporation - graphic adapter WDDM1.1, WDDM1.2 graphics - Intel(r) HD Graphics. If I do not install this update, my screen flashes every once in a while and then say "Graphics card Intel for Windows 7 is is crushed, but recovered". If I try to install the update, it sits there for a minute or two, then said the update failed; Error 80070103, Windows Update encountered an unknown error. "Help, please!

    Hi, I am trying to install an optional update for my HP computer through Windows Update, titled, "Intel Corporation - graphic adapter WDDM1.1, WDDM1.2 graphics - Intel(r) HD Graphics. If I do not install this update, my screen flashes every once in a while and then say "Graphics card Intel for Windows 7 is is crushed, but recovered". If I try to install the update, it sits there for a minute or two, then said the update failed; Error 80070103, Windows Update encountered an unknown error. "Help, please!

    You should only as a last resort, to install the drivers of devices offered by Windows Update. I suggest that you go to the link below and search for the latest drivers for your display device.

    From Intel's Download Center.

  • Laptop HP Envy m6: wddm1.2 graphics adapter

    Hello.  I'm updating of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.-Graphics Adapter WDDM1.2 - AMD Radeon HD 7660 G in my systems update. It continuous indicates failed. I need to update this software to update my Netflix app because my Netflix app will not update as well as a few other applications. Please let me know how to fix my laptop for this update. I tried the troubleshooter and everything has been fixed, so I don't understand why this update will come not through. Thank you.

    Hi @sonyakim0701,

    Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A place where you can find solutions for your problems with the help of the community!

    I stumbled upon your post on the laptop and wanted to help you! I looked in your question on your HP ENVY m6 Sleekbook and issues with the graphics. I uninstall the graphics drivers in Device Manager, reboot the laptop. What do you see here? Try to update the driver of 7660 G AMD Radeon HD.

    I'd be happy to help you if necessary because there are many models of HP laptops, I would need the model number.
    How can I find my model number or product number?

    Please let me know.

    Thank you.

  • Intel Corporation updates driver for Intel(r) HD Graphics Family gives code 80070103

    I tried to update the Intel Corporation Driver for Intel(r) HD Graphics Family updates

    and it keep giving me a code 80070103

    You can follow the same process for Windows 8.1. Please refer to the steps below:

    1. Open Windows Update by hitting on any fly in the right edge of the screen (or, if you are using a mouse, pointing to the corner bottom right of the screen, move the mouse to the top), on the charms, select settings.
    2. Select change laptop settingsand then click on update and recovery.
    3. Click on Windows Update, then check the updates.

    For your references, you can also check this link: Windows Update or Microsoft Update to install updates Web sites.

    Keep us informed.

  • How can I disable the integrated graphics card Intel so I can adapt the best graphics card Optiflex 270

    I have a FSFY27J that I under stand is a Dell optiflex 270.

    How can I disable the integrated graphics card Intel so I can adapt the best graphics card

    Thank you


    Hi Walter-W,

    If your system is an OptiPlex gx270s you top AGP slot to set up a discrete video card. The integrated video card is automatically disabled when you connect the discrete video card.

  • HP 4740 s: Standard VGA Graphics adapt (this device cannot start. (Code 10))

    I have the same problem as this guy asks. However, the file that is provided by the answer has been damaged. If this file can be reuploaded correctly, that would be appreciated. I know this is quite old but I want to solve this problem. If there is a new solution, it would be also greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your help!


    Because it is the switchable graphics of amd/intel driver, it's the only one you can use.

    It's a custom driver and it's the only one that works on your laptop.

    If you download the file, use 7 - zip to unpack in the folder and run the file setup.exe from there.

  • graphic adapter reinstalls itself

    graphics card problem

    • When I install a graphics card for my ati radeon graphics card 6470 m I opened the Device Manager and it shows that there are two cards one is the Witch of (TM) Radeon HD 6470 M I have the graphics card and the other is the Intel(r) HD Graphics Family and the problem is every time I uninstall the other it re install yourself again
    • and in windows notation it apears as my graphics card and his side is only 4.5 and anything else is more than 5.8 so please how can I uninstall and a place I can download an adapter for my real graphics card so it appears as my primary graphics card


    There are methods above in detail.

    Check with your system manufacturer or the manufacturer of the motherboard. Another good source of information
    would be supported for the new video card manufacturer.

    Drivers and Support ATI

    ATI Catalyst drivers

    AMD/ATI Forums


    Maybe you would benefit from help in your native language.

    See this page to select your language:


    Or sorry that it is area English.

    On the top of this page for answers click v (English) in the United States and set on your tongue.

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • 4730 proBook s: Standard VGA Graphics Adapter and Base system device drivers

    Hello, I have a problem with my device manager.  I need to fix or update/install drivers for a Standard VGA Graphics Adapter and Base system device drivers. I can't find anything useful, I please help.

    Best regards


    You need this driver for the card reader (base system device).

    In order to provide the correct graphic driver, I need to know if your laptop's graphics card Intel or AMD/Intel switchable graphics.

    If there is just a standard vga card listed, then you probably need just the driver intel graphics.

    If there are two adapters listed standard vga, so you need this driver.

  • Windows 7 photo viewer broken by the software update of Intel Corporation display published February 2012

    I tried the optional "Corporation - display - Intel (r) Intel's HD Graphics" offered by Windows Update.  The patch installed properly.  I also installed all the patches from Microsoft in the most recent update at the same time - my system is up to date with all patches from Microsoft for Windows 7.

    The Intel driver is identified as "Display Intel Corporation software update released in February 2012" with driverid = 20470193 (but doesn't link to winqual included).

    After I rebooted the system, I noticed that the Photo Viewer Windows 7 (Microsoft utility provided for the display of image files) was broken.  It would display usually several images, but after a few, trying to go to the next image would cause him to hang, with an error message and an error logged in the system log files.  The error logged has this information:

    Log name: Application
    Source: Application error
    Date: 14/03/2012-16:14:01 (typical, I have hundreds of this recorded error)
    Event ID: 1000
    Task category: (100)
    Level: error
    Keywords: Classic
    User: n/a
    Computer: hp-8200
    Name of the failing application: DllHost.exe, version: 6.1.7600.16385, time stamp: 0x4a5bca54
    The failed module name: igdumd64.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x4f3aac44
    Exception code: 0xc0000005
    Offset: 0x000000000030eb06
    ID of the process failed: 0 x 1284
    Start time of application vulnerabilities: 0x01cd021efd7da64e
    The failing application path: C:\Windows\system32\DllHost.exe
    Path of the failing module: C:\Windows\system32\igdumd64.dll
    Report ID: 3cc05019-6e12-11e1-8a89-2c27d725ab74
    The event XML:">
        0 x 80000000000000


    The failed igdumd64.dll DLL is part of the Intel driver patch.

    I was able to revert to the version of the prior pilot with no problem using Device Manager (you cannot remove this hotfix with the usual methods to remove a patch provided by Windows Update, because it's a device driver).

    Once I have returned to the older version of the driver (with the old DLL) flaws with Photo Viewer problems went away.

    I don't use many intensive graphics applications, but I would not be surprised if this driver breaks things.

    I can't find any documentation on what, if any, problem known this updated driver is supposed to fix.  But he clearly presents problems that did not exist with the driver components, it replaced.

    I fully understand that driver development is a challenge, but this driver was clearly not enough tested if it succeeds in breaking simple things like photo viewer.

    The driver in question is provided by Intel and the same update available on their web site.  I could certainly follow your collective advice and completely uninstall the graphics driver (which unfortunately would my system using generic VGA graphics, completely ruin my desktop display) and then download the driver from the Intel web site, but I sincerely doubt that the outcome would be different.  Returning to the already installed driver seems to have "fixed" the problem with the update.  And I scored the driver Intel "fix" hidden in Windows Update, so that I won't be tempted to install again, since it's apparently a bad solution to a problem not specified.

    For what it's worth, the system in question is a HP Compaq 8200 "CMT", which has a motherboard Intel manufactured with integrated graphics Intel hi-def.  I don't have a graphics component snap.  Graphics drivers who settled on the system worked fine for my needs.

    Intel has released an updated version of this driver in February 2011, which, at that time, caused a wave of reports (many of them in this forum) driver Internet Explorer 9, in break with defects occurring all the same Intel supplied DLL. The driver that came with my system seems to have had this problem.

    If I was smart enough to understand how to report directly to the Intel they gave Microsoft a bad driver, I would, but as the component that is broken by the pilot part of a standard software for Windows 7 from Microsoft, I chose the problem here.  I'm sure that most of the Windows 7 users that could see a similar problem will seek a solution here, and for me, the solution was to return the driver (using the same procedures that were presented as the solution to the previous February 2011 broken Intel HD graphics driver "fix").

  • VGA graphic adapter code 10 standard

    I have HP Pavilion g4-1357tx, running 32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate Edition.

    In the Device Manager > graphics cards > Standard VGA Graphics adapt, the status is "this device cannot start (Code 10)".

    What could cause this? What should I do to fix this?

    Another question, I also AMD Radeon HD 6400 M on that laptop, but my laptop cannot detect it. It only detects Intel HD Graphics Family and Standard VGA Graphics Adapter. What should I do for AMD Radeon could be detected?


    Try the following.

    First of all, download and reinstall the Chipset driver at the following link.

    Driver Chipset.

    When this has completed, restart the laptop.

    When windows has completely recharged, download and install the AMD software on the link below - as you have switchable graphics, this will also reinstall the Intel driver.

    The AMD Software Installer.

    Yet once, once done, reboot the laptop.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Problem with the latest graphics drivers Intel 82830 M graphics Satellite 1100

    I have a 1100 Satellite with the Intel 82830 M graphics card. The latest driver is version 14.7 which I just installed - icon of graph in the right lower corner of a multicolored square changes a blue screen when you install this, and the mouseover text says "Intel(r) Extreme Graphics.

    However, since installing it, my screen freezes everytime I start a game, or if I go into display properties & change anything. A hard reboot is required. Also, the startup process takes 2 - 3 times as long since this upgrade.

    Everyone knows about this problem? Does anyone know of a solution? I've seen a few posts on other forums about this, including some say that this problem came from XP Service Pack 2. Can anyone confirm this?


    I assume that you have installed the driver for graphics card on the Intel site and you do NOT use a graphic driver Toshiba, which has been designed especially for the use of the laptop.
    Well, Toshiba recommend that you use the drivers from Toshiba. In this case, you should try to use the recommended graphic driver that you can download from the Toshiba driver page.

  • B5400 Intel HD 4600 Graphics questions.

    About 2 months ago, my graphics began to act, decide randomly crash and graphic access block application. It is said expressly:

    "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered.
    "Intel HD Graphics display driver drivers for Windows (r) stopped responding and has successfully recovered".

    everything twice in quick succession followed by another message:

    "The request has been blocked access to the graphics hardware.
    .Exe application has been blocked from access to the graphics hardware.

    This problem several video games and media players. I tried to download the updated drivers, but he seems to have made things worse with accidents that occur much more frequently even does not happen when I watch the video on a Media Player (initially it does that games and 3D applications). However, the Lenovo solution center software says that everything goes well on his tests.

    With the help of a laptop Lenovo B5400, Intel HD 4600 graphics card.

    I just wanted to post an update, incase someone gets the same question. Finally, it was indeed a problem Windows 10, although I have no idea what exactly about it was the issue, not was not pilot since resettlement did not help (even tried several versions). Formatting and installation of Win8.1 fixed the problem, have not had any problems for 5 days and same test of stress on the GPU without problem.

Maybe you are looking for

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