Issue of logging with time


I'm working on this project which is expected to connect the whenever data current x seconds has been reached that is defined by the data recorder area.  I would like the graphics and displays for update as often they like as just write to file when the time is up.  I'm rather new lab mode so I didn't know how to lift these separate operations.

Thank you



I can't look at your code right now, but a thought that occurs to me is a structure of the event inside the loop of data acquisition and set your timeout however often you want to write to the file.  Then place your file IO in case the timeout.  Someone will probably have a better idea...


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  • Have problems and questions with Time Capsule were addressed in any significant way. Reluctant to buy according to your comments.

    Have problems and questions with Time Capsule was dealt with in a meaningful way? Reluctant to buy according to your comments.

    Apple did not have any material changes to the time Capsule to nearly 3 years. The only change that has occurred in the last 18 months or so is a firmware update to address security issues.

  • How to view the log with the identifier of Eloqua UI/API?

    I am trying to import customer contact Eloqua system using a restful api in Java.

    He got 500 Internal Server Error when call POST Api/rest/1.0/data/contact.

    In fiddler, we know that answer pleased as below:

    Internal server error

    There was an internal server error.

    The error was logged with log identifier 551654381.

    Please provide this identifier to log technical support.

    I want to know how to view the log of 551654381 ?

    Anyone who has the experience to import contacts using the Restful API or API bulk?

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    Hi Tim,.

    The API error log is not available through the UI Eloqua, is accessible by Eloqua support only.  If you supply the ID error when you connect to a service request with the support of Eloqua, it will make it easier for them to diagnose your problem.

  • Group records with time

    Hi all

    This is our requirement.

    We must combine records with time.

    for example: period = 3
    10 5/1/2012
    20 2/5/2012
    3/5/2012 30
    4/5/2012 60
    12 2012/5/7
    8/5/2012 23
    45 8/5/2012
    100 12/5 / 2012
    5/2012/13 55
    5/2012/15 99

    == >
    1/5/2012 10-> 5/1/2012 Group (5/1/2012 ~ 3/5/2012)
    2/5/2012 20-> 5/1/2012 Group (5/1/2012 ~ 3/5/2012)
    3/5/2012 30-> 5/1/2012 Group (5/1/2012 ~ 3/5/2012)
    4/5/2012 60-> Group 5/2012/4 (4/5/2012 ~ 2012/5/6) *.
    7/5/2012 12-> Group 5/2012/7 (5/7/2012 ~ 9/5/2012) *.
    8/5/2012 23-> Group 5/2012/7 (5/7/2012 ~ 9/5/2012) *.
    8/5/2012 45-> Group 5/2012/7 (5/7/2012 ~ 9/5/2012) *.
    5/2012/12 100-> Group 5/12/2012 (2012/5/12 ~ 14/5/2012) *.
    13/5/2012 55-> Group 5/12/2012 (2012/5/12 ~ 14/5/2012) *.
    5/15/2012 99-> Group 5/15/2012 (15/5/2012 ~ 5/17/2012) *.

    After amount to combine with period = 3, the result will be
    60 1/5/2012
    4/5/2012 60
    2012/5/7 80
    12/5/2012 155
    5/2012/15 99

    Here's the example script
    create table XX_SALES(XDATE DATE, XQTY Number);
    insert into XX_SALES VALUES(to_date('20120501','YYYYMMDD'),10);
    insert into XX_SALES VALUES(to_date('20120502','YYYYMMDD'),20);
    insert into XX_SALES VALUES(to_date('20120503','YYYYMMDD'),30);
    insert into XX_SALES VALUES(to_date('20120504','YYYYMMDD'),60);
    insert into XX_SALES VALUES(to_date('20120507','YYYYMMDD'),12);
    insert into XX_SALES VALUES(to_date('20120508','YYYYMMDD'),23);
    insert into XX_SALES VALUES(to_date('20120508','YYYYMMDD'),45);
    insert into XX_SALES VALUES(to_date('20120512','YYYYMMDD'),100);
    insert into XX_SALES VALUES(to_date('20120513','YYYYMMDD'),55);
    insert into XX_SALES VALUES(to_date('20120515','YYYYMMDD'),99);
    We can solve this problem by using the loop now:
    to find the XDATE_G and it's rank in the loop and the XQTY in the range of the sum.
      V_DATE_TO   DATE := NULL;
      V_QTY_SUM   NUMBER := 0;
          V_DATE_FROM := REC.XDATE;
          V_DATE_TO   := REC.XDATE + 3 - 1;
          SELECT SUM(XQTY)
            INTO V_QTY_SUM
            FROM XX_SALES
             AND XDATE <= V_DATE_TO;
                               '-----qty: ' || TO_CHAR(V_QTY_SUM));
        END IF;
      END LOOP;
    Is it possible to solve this problem by using analyze sql?

    Thanks in advance,
    Best regards

    Published by: zhxiangxie on April 26, 2012 14:41 fixed the grouping expected data

    There was an article about a similar problem in Oracle Magazine recently:

    See the section on the 'grouping beaches '. They needed a total cumulative who started once the total reaches a certain amount.

    You need a total cumulative which starts again when the date changes to group and the dates of beginning and end of each group must be determined dynamically.

    This can be done with the analytical functions.

    Here is a solution-based 'code listing 5', the solution MODEL, which is recommended in the article.

      SELECT * FROM xx_sales
        FIRST_DATE[RN > 1] =
          CASE WHEN XDATE[CV()] - FIRST_DATE[CV() - 1] >= 3
          THEN xdate[cv()]
          ELSE FIRST_DATE[CV() - 1]
    GROUP BY first_date ORDER BY first_date;
    FIRST_DATE            SUM_XQTY
    --------------------- --------
    2012/05/01 00:00:00         60
    2012/05/04 00:00:00         60
    2012/05/07 00:00:00         80
    2012/05/12 00:00:00        155
    2012/05/15 00:00:00         99

    If you 9i, there is no function model. In this case, I can give you a solution using START WITH / CONNECT BY that does not work as well.

  • How can implement you not with Tim Capsule and AirPort their simulation on the iMac?


    How can implement you not with Time Capsule and AirPort their simulation on the iMac?

    I don't know what you're asking.

    AirPort Extreme is a wireless router.

    A Time Capsule airport is an AirPort Extreme with a built-in hard drive for data storage.

    An iMac is a Mac computer.

    An iMac is not a wireless router, so he is unable to perform the functions of a wireless router.

  • My Clickfree automatic backup drive has stopped working, with my iMac, what is the best replacement to use with Time machine

    My Clickfree automatic backup drive I had for many years stopped working with my iMac, what is the best replacement to use with Time Machine.

    I can't even reformat the drive to try to start over, then think its time I invested in a high today but don't know where start looking so any advise would be a great help.

    Thank you guys

    A lot of users on these forums recommend OWC ( Mercury Elite Pro series JEP due to their durability, affordability and quality of construction. I have about 6 of them connected to my iMac and have never had a speaker to fail. When a hard drive fails, substitute is a 5-minute process to re - use the box. To help you get started, you can find the line to:

    You can find them in various ways and with a variety of configurations of connection so you can find the one that best fits your needs.

    Good luck!

  • Time Machine does not work with Time Capsule, after update of Yosemite to iMac 2011

    My Time Capsule features all work except when trying to access files with Time Machine. It is new and can be linked to an update in Yosemite. Tried rebooting both without success.

    You can mount the drive of TC in the finder?

    The old backup Time Machine may be usable via a direct opening so the sparsebundle to give it a try.

    If not, do you want to achieve... you want to migrate your files? Have you tried the migration assistant?

  • My emails are saved when I do a back up with time machine

    Mac Pro book. Will be backed up my emails when I make a back up with time machine. ?

    Yes. Note that attachments only will be saved if they download

  • process step by step new airport express from apple with time capsule base of connection (cable cat 5 150 Ft) with late 2008 macbook

    I would like a step by step process apple a new airport express with time capsule base of connection (cable cat 5 150 Ft) with late 2008 macbook.

    Connect one end of the long Ethernet cable (we assume that you have already tested the cable to make sure it works correctly) one of the three ports LAN <>- on the Time Capsule to the WAN port on the AirPort Express "O".

    We assume that the AirPort Express is new, is powered OFF... and has not been previously configured.

    Turning off the Time Capsule

    Wait a few seconds

    Put in the Time Capsule market and let it run a full minute

    Power of the AirPort Express and run a full minute. Currently, the indicator light of the Express slowly flashing orange

    On the MacBook, click the WiFi status menu icon and search for a list of the new AirPort access point

    Just below this list, click on AirPort Express

    Who will get the "Assistant" operational configuration. It will take a few seconds for the wizard to analyze the network and offer the correct setting in a display that will look like the example below, except that you can see your cameras and the name of your wireless network.

    In short simple name you want to call the AirPort Expressof type... .as OfficeExpress, for example

    Click Next

    Watch the next screen carefully to confirm that the AirPort Express is in place to extend using Ethernet, which confirms that the installation wizard recovers the wired between the Time Capsule and AirPort ExpressEthernet cable connection, so the settings correct configuration will apply.

    When you see the message Setup is complete, click done. Close the installation window, and you're done.

  • Cannot view or connect to the Wifi network of 5 GHz with Time Capsule from Apple 5th generation

    I have a new Apple Time Capsule 2 TB with 802.11ac network support. I have setup my base station in order to disseminate the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network SSID. I have 2 apple (iPad Mini and Macbook Pro) time devices can see and connect to Terminal 5 GHz network however I have also a Lenovo Vibe P1 phone (dual band wifi supported) and Samsung Galaxy Tab S compressed (dual band wifi supported) and these devices cannot see or connect to the network of 5 GHz of Base Station. I also have a Cisco router that has a dual-band support and all my devices can see and connect to the network of 5 GHz of this router.  So I wonder why I have this problem with time capsule?

    I have reset my base twice station and it is a new device purchased last month.

    Any help or suggestion is appreciated.

    Did you use the SMB compatible names for everything...?

    That is to say the alphanumeric short, without spaces and Pure...

    for example base station name... TCgen5

    name TCwifi wireless

    Have you also used the password corresponding to these requirements... but can be between 8 and 20 characters.

    If so, then you must give a different name to 5 GHz and delete the password and test... If it's not yet connect the test manually on channels 36, 44, and 149 for example if you are in the USA...

  • How to return to the earlier version of El Capitan (from 10.11.3 at 10.11.1) with Time Machine? My HP LaserJet M475dw MFP printer worked fine with previous versions, but fails miserably to recognize the device on the same Wi - fi network now?

    How to return to the earlier version of El Capitan (from 10.11.3 at 10.11.1) with Time Machine? My HP LaserJet M475dw MFP printer worked fine with previous versions, but fails miserably to recognize the device on the same Wi - fi network now with 10.11.3.  I would like to restore the previous version of the operating system without losing any data created in various applications since the 10.11.1.  Fortunately, I had only to use Time Machine is rare over the years, I do not know if you have to return the entire drive to the chosen date or it can somehow just go back to a previous state of OS.  Any suggestions, much appreciated.

    OS X El Capitan: revert to a previous version of OS X

  • E-mail restoration with time machine


    I have a problem with the email backups in Time Machine. Maybe someone can help me?

    Using iMac 21.5 OS X El Capitan 10.11.3.

    For more than a year I do (automatic) backups with Time Machine on an external drive. Works perfectly, the time that I needed.

    I now wanted to look for an older email. Open the Machine from the time to Mail in my Inbox, but all the backups that I can scroll to have an empty Inbox...!

    Only the last screen shows my present e-mails in the Inbox, but all other screens even since the last backup, see the empty Inbox.

    Read on the internet that more people suffer from the same problem.

    Someone has any idea how to solve this problem?

    Thank you!


    All mailboxes are empty in the snapshots, or just this one?

  • I can't get my new WD external hard drive to work with Time Machine.

    My Seagate 1 TB external hard drive, connected to my Airport Extreme, use the USB port, was completed (it stores up to 3 1 iMac and MBP), so I bought a Western Digital 2 TB hard drive to replace it. I formatted correctly, connected to my MBP, then connected to the Airport Extreme. When I opened the time Machine, it didn't appear. By selecting "Set up the new TimeCapsule" open Airport utility. By clicking on the router button gave me change. By clicking on the "Record" button showed my new hard drive. The "setup" button is grayed out, unless I unchecked and double-checked all of the options. He warned me that I would be offline for a while, but it did nothing; My wife MBP and MBP my son not a never lose their connection to the internet, and I lose mine, either.

    My Mac guy, who never met a problem he couldn't fix it, is puzzled. So I am. We tried all the usual ideas, restart my MBP, restart the Airport Extreme, reformat the external hard drive, with different numbers of partitions (and Yes, I chose the GUID), but we can not simply Time Machine to connect with the hard drive. It is a Western Digital My Passport Ultra. This external hard drive is not compatible with Time Machine?

    What version is your AE? Backup is supported only on the sector of Tower model.

    You are self feeding Ultra Passport? It really must be external powered... or plugged into a powered hub.

    My passport readers have been consistent in the past... but sometimes strange things... That is, they can change the USB chip without warning, resulting in questions. The USB hub can help.

    There is also something... Plug the USB key into one of your computers and start backup TM on this... proceed very long... but we need to start... Cancel backup... and then plug it into AE and see what happens.

  • Is it safe to remove files from my macbook air now that I have set up my time capsule and backed up with time machine? My boot drive is full. How can I access files of my time capsule once they are deleted from my computer?

    Is it safe to remove files from my macbook air now that I have set up my time capsule and backed up with time machine? My boot drive is full. How can I access files of my time capsule once they are deleted from my computer?

    1 n ° put them on a regular external drive and the value of Time Machine to back up as well; the files you want to keep should be at least two disks in case one of them goes down.

    2. they will not be usable until the restoration.


  • I used my new 4 to Seagate Backup Plus on my laptop. He said he had to erase files to make it compatible with Time Machine. Now to 4 is full and cannot be recognized. What should I do?

    I'm on OSX El Capitan 10.11.3 and I've never used before to Seagate Backup Plus 4. I wasn't able to put the files using the Macbook Pro. It was purchased only a few hours ago.

    After plugging in, he asked if I would use it for Time Machine, and it should be deleted so that it is compatible with Time Machine. This is my first time to use an external hard drive on my laptop, and it is also my first attempt to use Time Machine.

    My external hard drive appears only on the disk utility now. Help, please.

    In the above image, you click the physical drive. It does not show the available space. You will need to click on the item "Untitled" below to see the space actually available. "Untitled" is the real partition on the disk.

    You can find information on the following link useful-> - el - capitan.html

Maybe you are looking for