Keys Iphone SE 16g Silver

Hello everyone.

I have an Iphone MC 16 giga Silver for almost a month and I found an annoying flaw, the volume keys and market / stop move a little too and I feel an annoying noise caused by the present. The feature is still normal but it's embarrassing failure I'm not worse.

What advice would you me you? Go to Apple support or is this normal? answers carefully.

Thanks to you all.



Make an appointment at an Apple Store so they can check.

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    Hi, I foolishly broke my ESC key during the cleaning process, on my P200-1EE.

    I have 2 intact white key retainers and high silver esc key. I tried to plant back on myself, but it's too complicated and I did not understand how they fit together.
    My mother took in a PC shop and they want £15 for 2 hours work on it. I thought it would take much less time, while. It's really that tricky or they cheat me.

    I could really do with Save £15 and try it myself, but I don't know where to start. Someone at - it really detailed guides on how to reinstall the key and restraints. I saw a couple but they describe how restraint systems fit together and what order.

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    Is just plastic cover removed or deleted you also small mechanism under the lid?

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    There is no one reliable place on internet to look for IMEI numbers.  These sites are scams, pure and simple as it is simply impossible for them to have access to the data they claim.  Manufacturers and carriers do not only information accessible to the public.

    Your phone is working correctly?  Is there, in fact, nothing of evil in this?  If so, after what's happening with what is not normal and people can try to help you with the question.

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    Today, I visited the Apple store. Representative informed me that they cannot place an order for customer prepaid with any carrier (AT & T or T-mobile) even if you are willing to pay the total amount in advance.

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    IPhone 7 will accept multiple fingerprints using the key ID?  If so, how?

    My iPhone 5 allows you to set up several fingerprints via settings > Touch ID & password, I doubt that the iPhone 7 would have fewer features.

    (I asked for your message to be moved to the forum from iPhone to help, do not know why you decided to post on the forum to help iPad.)

  • I recently blocked my macbook pro using find my iphone app now, he continues to display in 'your computer is disabled. Try again in 60 minutes. I tried pressing the option key and also the R button at startup. same thing is happening.

    I recently blocked my macbook pro using find my iphone app now, he continues to display in 'your computer is disabled. Try again in 60 minutes. I tried pressing the option key and also the R button at startup. same thing is happening.

    Hi iambjan,

    I understand that your MacBook Pro has been lost by the intermediary of find my Mac mode. Fortunately, you can go to the off mode lost through the steps described below.

    You can disable the lost Mode by entering the password of the device, or by following the steps below. Alternatively, you can follow the steps below to change the details displayed on your lost device.

    Note: If your credit cards and debit to pay Apple have been suspended because you put your iPhone in lost Mode, when you disable lost Mode and reconnect to iCloud, you can continue using your cards.

    1. Go to find my iPhone on

      If you don't find my iPhone on, your account has fair access to the web features only iCloud. To access find my iPhone and other iCloud features, set up on your device iOS or Mac iCloud.

    2. Click on all devices, and then select the device that is lost.

    3. Click on lost Mode, then change the information or lost the stop Mode.

    If you cannot use lost fashion as find my iPhone is not configured on your lost device, see the article by Apple Support If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is lost or stolen.

    Remove credit and debit of the portfolio (or book) maps

    iCloud: use lost Mode

    Kind regards.

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    How can I access my itunes?  Last year my iphone 6 has been hacked and they took my apple ID all my emails and accounts as well as itunes.  Apple.  After a lot of stress, anger and begging has replaced all 3 of my iPhone.  However they refused to give me access to my itunes back!  which is what I want most.  More than 2000 songs of hard earned money are in my itunes and since I had stage 2 Audit not one * thing I could do.  I had over the phone.  and the pirates had changed the password and got a new recovery key!  I want my music thas it.  I've lost thousands of photos that when, in the cloud and that's life, but I paid a lot of money for these precious tunes I want them!  Can anyone help?

    Just provide evidence that the account is to you they probably asked.

  • Why you do not have your products with different colors? compatible with the colors of the iPhone or the iPad? Example: Gold Earpods, silver, BLACK and Rose Gold.

    Why you do not have your products with different colors? compatible with the colors of the iPhone or the iPad? Example: Gold Earpods, silver, BLACK and Rose Gold.

    You say Apple your wishes on the link below.

  • Had to crash my computer. Lost my recovery key. My iphone have paired with the previous installation. is it possible to recover the data?

    In order to upgrade my Windows xp computer to Windows 7, I lost access to firefox without thinking to generate a recovery key. Is it possible to recover my data?

    If the only thing you have coupled to the account is an iPhone response is that unfortunately not. Customer iPhone (Firefox Home) is just a 'consumer' of data Sync and can't do much.

    My best advice is to keep sync iPhone to access bookmarks and transfer it manually to your new profile.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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    I really miss being able to choose the key photo in Photos on my iPhone while it's the same as my albums on my Mac. It was lost with the disappearance of iPhoto. Someone has found a way to do it again? I use a MacBook Pro running El Capitan 10.11.4 and an iPhone with iOS 9.3.1 5s both up-to-date. Thank you!

    Key Photo for Album Cover - Photo app iMac

  • iPhone 6 s more - no SIM drawer key


    I bought an IPhone 6s more and it turns that there no key pay the drawer to SIM card in the box. Is this normal?

    Thanks for your replies.

    Yes, the new iPhone models seem to come without the SIM drawer tool.

    This might help: 4 ways to get a SIM card on an iPhone - wikiHow

  • MacBook Pro/Silver Keys/cleaning of the fans

    My "Silver key" Macbook Pro warms up and I see online there are a lot of videos to clean fan cooling, but not for money key Macbook pro units.  Is there a node where I can see how to do that my system?

    See if this helps:

    This is the Office Mac Pro forum. I asked that your post be moved to the MacBook Pro laptop forum.

  • Setting to music on the iPhone 6 s 16G


    I just got my iPhone 6 s 16G iOS 9.2.1 last week (from my iPhone 4). I would like to know if anyone knows where I can find information about the configuration of the music on the iPhone 6? I would like to know everything in there

    Have you tried this:

    With the help of the new music app - Apple Support

    Here is another source:

  • How can I copy iPhone 6 photos on a usb key?

    I try to copy the photos on my iPhone 6 on a USB / flash memory key connected to my PC in Windows 8. I can't figure out how to manually move the photos to the PC so I can save in specific files and view them on any PC. Is this possible? If so, how?  Thank you!

    Import photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod...

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