Mac pro 2 operating system upgrade

I have a Mac Pro 2, here are the specs. My question is, why can't update OS X Lion

Processor 2 x 2.66 GHz Dual - Core Intel Xeon

Memory 4 GB 667 MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM

Graphics  NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT 256 MB

Software  Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G 63)


Because EFI computer is 32-bit.


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  • Redownloading Photoshop Elements after the operating system upgrade

    I plan on the Mac operating system upgrade and worry by the Photoshop Elements software I bought. I bought it as a digital download from Adobe, and she is saved under my ID code Adobe After I upgraded my operating system, can I use my current product serial number to reinstall items? I'm afraid that when I update, I could lose some of the software then I control everything before going through with it. I know that some companies allow you to use the numbers series/product once, and I don't want to have to buy again. Any advice/confimation I may or may not do this would be very appreciated

    Hi Jobbers83,

    Please disable your software by clicking Help > deactivate and then uninstall photoshop elements.

    Then you can download photoshop elements and install on your system with the same serial number.

    Thank you

  • Requirements of the operating system upgraded to Photoshop CS4 CS5 on my mac.

    My mac is currently operating Photoshop CS4 with OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 version

    I have the opportunity to buy new unopened update to CS5 with required stated on the box: OS X 10.6 or 10.5.7

    I'd like to buy so I can improve my brushes (if limited in CS4).

    Should I or shouldn't I buy the upgrade and load?

    Hi valjonesart,

    We suggest you try first on the trial version of Photoshop CS5 on your Mac.

    Once you think of his work and love you so, yes you can go head and buy it.

    Download link for the trial: other downloads

    Kind regards


  • Mac Pro CPU and GPU upgrades

    Hello, I am looking to buy a Mac Pro 2008 and had a few questions. 1. I found I can pass of say a 2 X 2.80 GHz 2 x 3.0 GHz CPU, but I looked up a few processors (from my MacBook Air i5 2013) and one very well like i5 Core 6600 k in guides and found compared to my only MacBook, it is barely faster , but compared to the 6600 k, is pretty lame. So I would like to know if I can put a more modern, faster CPU in the Mac Pro. 2. I saw you pass GPU also through multiple models of Mac Pro, but a similar question, wondering if I can swap in a GPU more modern. I'd be by accepting a list of compatible CPU / GPU if it works.

    Thank you!



    ORS.html /.

    However, your options are limited since the latest processors will not functionally work in a 2008 although they will be inserted into the socket

    -For graphics, updated map see:

    I would not get a Mac pro prior to version 2009. They use the FB-DIMM memory that run hot and often fail. Get an MP 2009 or later

  • problem with restart operating system upgrade

    I recently bought a refurbished mac model identifier: imac8, 1... I bought and installed snow leopard operating system and I am now trying to upgrade further, the problem I have is when I do an upgrade that the computer does not restart, it just goes to the star screen and do not turn off and restart it, how do I solve this?

    If the computer still has installed 10.6.3 according to your profile and then download and install Mac OS X 10.6.8 v1.1 updated Combo. Then, open the software update (System preferences - software update) and see if there are several updates to the system. If there is, install them all!

    If you want to install a newer version of Mac OS X, then you will need to make sure that the computer has 4 GB or more of RAM (your sleeps 6GB) and then navigate to the Mac App Store and install El Capitan 10.11.1

    If you continue to have problems, maybe a visit to the dealer that you buy is in order or you will need to find a CENTER in your area that can help. Apple stores won't work on a 2008, it is considered a legacy machine.

  • The Windows operating system upgrade

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    I live in England and Portugal and I have an Acer laptop in each


    In Portugal, I have an Aspire 5750 G with Windows 7 Home Premium OS

    In Português. In England, I just upgraded my OS Pro 8.1 Windows

    English for Windows 10 Pro successfully.

    Is it possible to upgrade my Acer 5750 G with Windows 7 OS Portuguese

    without damaging my laptop computer Acer 5750 G.

    Then, I would like to upgrade my Acer5750G to Windows Pro 10.

    I welcome any advice on this problem.


    Dave Thomas

    Yes, you can, even if the two are identical, the upgrade one or two either way will not affect the other.

    Task of pre-required

    When you make significant changes to your computer for example updated operating system, you must always back up. See the links to resources on the backup by clicking the link for each version of Windows you are using: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1

  • Question about the Windows operating system upgrade

    If I were to upgrade to Windows Vista, when it is released in the future the warranty on my laptop is cancelled? And Toshiba install it for me at a lower price? (I know stupid Question but I was wondering)


    First of all at the moment the Windows vista is not official on the market. AFAIK this lead on Windows Vista operating system will come at the end of the year or next year. Second, this unit was delivered with another Windows operating system. The Toshiba service partner can install your device only with the delivered operating system.

  • Mac Pro (to 2008-ish) upgrade help requested!

    Hi guys,.

    I just turned on my Mac Pro after 5 years and would like to give him a good ol' upgrade '.

    The specifications are in the grabs form attached below.

    How would you recommend that I do? Should I buy Snow Leopard from the Mac store and then make all the upgrades and then on the Mountain Lion?
    Is the manual work that is robust enough to support one or two of these BONES?

    It is running CS3 programs, I have CS4 on my MacBook Pro that I don't use, so I hope I can migrate this package on somehow too.

    Read a lot of forums online, I think that CS3 programs running is possible up to Snow Leopard and CS4 up to Mountain Lion?

    Any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot for taking the time!

    Mac Pro1, 1 from a first generation Mac Pro and support for which ends in 10.7.5.   The only way to get to 10.7.5 via a purchase of 10.6, Yes.   If you want to spend money on this Mac Pro - rather than scrounging a somewhat more recent Mac Pro in the secondary market as a Mac Pro3, 1 Early 2008 model (which can run El Capitan) or a model later Mac Pro - add more memory.   Probably eight or maybe 16 years would be preferable, if you do any sort if intensive work with images or video.

  • 2009 mac Pro 8 core graphics upgrade advice

    Hi everyone, my Mac Pro crashed recently and wiped out the SSD drive and 8800gt graphic card in the process. I have since replaced the SSD but you want to replace the graphics card also. Can anyone recommend some links to maps of upgrade appropriate that work with this machine you?

    Take a look at macvidcards, they have a wide variety of graphics cards from amd and nvidia, from low cost to high power.

    In general, every current video card should work in your mac, but the 'pure windows versions' do not show an image until osx is fully charged and drivers are loaded.

    Versions of macvidcard are flashed so can show splash screens. Not normally necessary, but when that mind in the process of starting or when you need bootcamp boot selection screen, you will see the value of the additional monetary you spent for the funniest versions.

    I got my 980ti to them.

    Greetings from the Germany


  • Error received when operating system upgrade Adobe Flash Player

    original title: operating system error! (16287.103.502 - 73172312.80004005.fffffffff.0000000)

    I got this system Op error message when I tried to upgrade to Adobe Flash Player

    Troubleshoot installation of Flash Player for Windows

    Uninstall Flash by using the uninstall program Flash Adobe link above.

    Flash is sometimes corrupted.

    Reinstall Flash, after 1st unchecking / unchecking the Google Toolbar download option there.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Loss of blackBerry Smartphones of ringtones after operating system upgrade

    The Bold 9700 for 6.0 2534 operating system update.  The upgrade succeeded, but I now have a very reduced series of ring options.  In reality the available choices are now more suited to warning messages instead of call alerts.  How can I get the alert ringtone call options that were previously available for me. the current choices are not fit for purpose.  Advice appreciated.

    Article ID: KB25664 How to download ringtones BlackBerry legacy to a BlackBerry smartphone running BlackBerry 6

  • CS5 and the operating system upgrade to Windows 10

    I have Photoshop CS5 running on Windows 7 X 64. My operating system will be upgraded to Windows 10 in late July, through Windows Update. It will break my installation? I need to block the upgrade?

    Permanently disable before even trying! The activation system just don't like the changes made to the system, and most certainly will not work afterwards. A reinstall of the CS5 will probably be necessary anyway.


  • The Oracle database window operating system upgrade

    Dear Experts, we need your expert advisor on below asking.

    Current context:

    OS: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise x 64 Edition SP2

    Oracle: Oracle Database 10 g Enterprise Edition Release - 64 bit

    Required environment:

    OS: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise x 64 Edition SP2

    Oracle: Oracle Database 10 g Enterprise Edition Release - 64 bit

    We want to upgrade the operating system only, but want to use the same database of 2003 x 64 OS-2008 x 64 OS. Please guide.

    Thank you

    You should check the Certification on

    I get " Oracle database is not certified Microsoft Windows x 64 (64-bit) 2008 R2"

    Hemant K Collette

  • Services apps does not start after Linux operating system upgraded to 5.0

    Hi guys,.

    I'm really new APPS DBA and I'm stuck with this prob for the last days... I searched a lot but couldn't find a solution to him... could u pls help me...

    In fact, the Linux operating system has been upgraded to 4.0 to 5.0 and the old instance that was workin on 4.0 is now wrong in 5.0.

    I arrived at the database starts, but when I tried to start the services, but some services does not seem to start... I posted the below error log file... any suggestions r welcome...


    Activation of the service provider Oracle Discoverer DEL_server1 mode 2
    Service control script execution:
    /Oracle/D01/Oracle/delcomn/Admin/scripts/DEL_server1/ start
    Timeout specified in the context file: 300 second (s)

    script gave:
    **************************************************** version 115.14

    Osagent is already running.
    OAD is already running.
    Cannot start the Locator.
    Cannot bind to the ADO. Turn it back on...

    OAD is stopped
    Osagent is stopped
    Could not stop the Locator. No process id of file found.
    Could not stop the gatekeeper. No process id of file found.
    Could not stop the discoverer Sessions. No process id of file found.
    Cannot stop all preference discoverer. No process id of file found.
    Cannot stop any collector of discoverer. No process id of file found.
    Osagent began.
    Osagent log messages in the oracle/d01/oracle/delora/8.0.6/discwb4/util/osagent.log file.
    Waiting for the ADO start...
    ADOS has begun.
    ADO record messages in the file oracle/d01/oracle/delora/8.0.6/discwb4/util/oad.log.
    Cannot start the Locator.
    Registration Session discoverer
    The Collector registration
    Apply preferences file: /oracle/d01/oracle/delora/8.0.6/discwb4/util/pref.txt
    Finished the application preferences
    closure of the registry...
    Synchronizing registry files...
    Registration of preference discoverer repository leave with the State 1

    .end std out.
    /Oracle/D01/Oracle/Delora/8.0.6/jre1183o/lib/i686/green_threads/ symbol errno, version > GLIBC_2.0 not defined in file with link time reference (
    Failed to initialize threads: cannot find class java/lang/Thread
    Could not create Java virtual machine
    /Oracle/D01/Oracle/Delora/8.0.6/jre1183o/lib/i686/green_threads/ symbol errno, version > GLIBC_2.0 not defined in file with link time reference (
    Failed to initialize threads: cannot find class java/lang/Thread
    Could not create Java virtual machine
    /Oracle/D01/Oracle/Delora/8.0.6/jre1183o/lib/i686/green_threads/ symbol errno, version > GLIBC_2.0 not defined in file with link time reference (
    Failed to initialize threads: cannot find class java/lang/Thread
    Could not create Java virtual machine
    /Oracle/D01/Oracle/Delora/8.0.6/jre1183o/lib/i686/green_threads/ symbol errno, version > GLIBC_2.0 not defined in file with link time reference (
    Failed to initialize threads: cannot find class java/lang/Thread
    Not able to create Java VM
    .end err on.
    [Report on Service Control]
    The format of the report is:
    < Service > < Script > < status >

    Oracle DEL_server1 server Apache Started
    OracleTNSListener80APPS_DEL_server1 Started
    OracleConcMgrDEL_server1 Started
    OracleFormsServer-Forms60DEL_server1 Started
    OracleReportServer-Rep60_DEL Started
    Oracle DEL_server1 Client Metrics Started
    Oracle Server Metrics Started DEL_server1

    Oracle DEL_server1 server performance Started
    Oracle Discoverer services DEL_server1 down
    Oracle restricts Apache Server DEL_server1 disabled
    Oracle server Apache PL/SQL disabled DEL_server1
    Oracle SocketServer DEL_server1 TCF disabled
    Oracle DEL_server1 ICSM disabled
    ServiceControl dating status 1

    I guess upgrading the discoverer would be my last option... any ideas guys...

    As you use discoverer 4i... .only option is upgrading to 10g as indicated in the note, metalink mentioned by me in my previous post.

    Thank you

  • All-in-one Officejet 5610: lost all ability to scan after operating system upgrade


    First post.

    Tried to implement everything. Need for new perspective or someone just told me that the printer/scanner is not taken in charge any longer.

    Recently updated to OS 10.8.5 as well as extra memory.

    Have scanner only for the work of the company.

    The scanner just stopped working after update of HP software. I don't remember version. Nevertheless, today I removed all HD and started around, but nothing works.

    Start over means, I downloaded a new driver and the patch.

    Using a HP scanning Application. Now that the application does not appear even on the computer.

    Let's start with some basic questions and then go from there:

    Neither HP or HP scanning Application utility are now on the hard disk after you follow the instructions from HP to delete.

    What I need the original disks and to reinstall the software from it or can those be online?

    Thank you.



    Tried this approach (see link), but the all-in-one Officejet 5610 is not listed. I suspect the printer/scanner in is no longer supported?


    Second follow-up:

    I understand how to use of Apple's Image Capture application as a workaround. Not as friendly as HP Scan.

    Unless someone can tell me the HP and HP Scan utility always work in OS 10.8.5 for the 5100, I guess that will be sufficient.

    Thank you.


    For Mountain Lion, your printer software is provided via Apple Software Update.

    Follow the steps below under "Use Apple Image Capture" to scan with the Officejet 5610 on your operating system:

    If you are having problems scanning, be sure to follow these documents to install the latest drivers from Apple Software Update:

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