Microsoft Word 2010: Can't open Word Document


Help me please to fix the word document.

While I just changed a document suddenly Word crashed and the document became impossible to open: error during processing messages

Any help would be appreciated,


Open the document

  1. In Word, click file in the Ribbon, and then click Open.
  2. Click the damaged document, and then click Open.

You can also try this app - eRepair Word

Successfully, it reads and fix the text of all pages of the corrupted MS Word file

Best regards


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    Hello GIS_Person,

    Thank you for using the Microsoft answers Forum

    Is this a recent installation of Word or this facility has been working properly for a long time? What is the version of Office 2003 or Office 2007 Word? You have recently installed another program that could interfere with the functionality of Word? You could try to save all your Word documents, make sure you have the product key and the available media and then uninstall and then reinstall the program to see if that solves the problem. Have you tried to open documents on another machine and see if you get the same response from the file?

    You can also try a system restore to an earlier point, who could return to a time before the problem occurred. I am including the instructions below to access the system restore.

    Engineer Microsoft Support answers visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • MIcrosoft Word document opens, has content, but opens blank page

    I am running Word 7 on a Windows Vista-based computer.  I typed a document of 4 pages of search and saved (but not print).  Later, when I "opened", I've got was an empty document.  I tried a lot of things I could think of to fix this, but the best I could do was to open the file in Microsoft Wordpad.  Who produced a document unreadable, but I admit even that was somewhat satisfying!  I gave up after trying a couple of hours.

    It was yesterday.  This morning, I tackled the problem once again, but the computer wouldn't boot.  I ran the routine of repair the computer asked me and got a response that the problem was unknown.  However, the computer did start the next time that I tried and it works perfectly except the Word document.

    I was hoping that somehow this routine of repair had resolved my problem of empty document, but it does not.  Many of hours of research have been lost.  Anyone have any suggestions for me?  (P.S.  I did a full scan and no problems were detected.  Also, I made dozens or even hundreds of Word documents on this computer and never had any problems no matter what.)

    Hello Bob-O-Link,

    If you get a character 'A' then you not select properly. Keep your finger on the "shift" key while pressing the a button.

    The characters you see are ASCII characters and the only thing I can think is that somehow, the document has become corrupted. If the document has become corrupted, and that the "repair" option is not fix it, then there is not a lot you can do about it, unfortunately. As you say other documents you have created are very well, so one can only assume that the file is damaged.

    You could also post your problem in the Microsoft Office Word forum where you can get more help,

    This forum post is my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or the opinion of Microsoft, its employees or other MVPS.

    John Barnett MVP: Windows XP Expert associated with: Windows Expert - | | |

  • I can't open my documents, "there is not enough disk space or memory to open word" appears. I've deleted a lot & space. Help

    I was updating a Document required for Thursday.  I thought I'd do a spell check, could not remember which key to press-so I pressed each one of the F1 - 2, 3 etc & now I can't access any document says not enough disk space.  When I try to open some, he says trying to install Windows - install but it does not work too.

    Vista Home Premium, Office word 12.



    Hello, Jackie.

    Click computer in the start menu

    You should see the C drive, D drive, and DVD drive (usually E)

    Under the C drive, you should see a message like

    200 GB 300 GB free

    It will list how much free space on your hard drive?

    Click on start and type system restore

    Restore your computer system to a time before that happens.

    Once your system restarts after system restore ends, attempt to open a document.  And, if you receive a message any during an attempt to do so, please note verbatim and after return.

  • Hello! I changed my computer and I can't open a document in PDF format to convert it to a word on this PC

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    Hi Karen,.

    You have Acrobat / Reader DC installed on your system?

    Alternatively, you can convert using the web interface export in PDF format (if you have a valid subscription), here's the URL for the same thing:

    Kind regards
    Rahul Tyagi

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    Is there a way I can write a script to remove all hyperlinks (text AND formatting) of a document Microsoft Word 2011?


    This script works the Word 2016, it should also work on Word 2011:


    Tell application "Microsoft Word"

    tell the active document

    theCount value for count hyperlink objects

    Repeat with i from theCount 1 by-1

    remove the object from object hyperlink text I

    end repeat

    tell the end

    tell the end

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    In a dashboard is it possible to display a link to word document, so that once we click on this document, it should open the document.

    Thanks in advance.

    Place the image file in this folder:
    .. \OracleBI\oc4j_bi\j2ee\home\applications\analytics\analytics\
    or in a subfolder of that folder.

    Once completed, you can use this image file in your HTML page.

    Kind regards

  • Weird display of a microsoft word document.


    I try to add a word of editale document in the webcenter project, but when I look at his screen, strange symbols replacing letters. It's the picture of the problem:

    I also have a problem of permission for the file. It is at the Complutense University of MADRID and I use presenter content to display. I develop with JDeveloper.

    Thanks for your help!

    No need to excuse - at worst, you will not get your answer as the people watching this forum don't know.

    It is a question related to the content Presenter, which is characteristic of the WebCenter portal. But I understand why you thought that it belongs here. Anyway, if you want to use content Presenter, you must be aware of his behavior. Especially to your question, visit this link: and about.

    Namely, it says: "Documents that can be rendered in a browser (HTML, flash, PDF, and image)"".

    Arrival of PS3 WebCenter Suite (now, WebCenter Portal), one of my questions was why I can't use native documents and make them into WebCenter spaces/applications pages using content Presenter. Since that time I have not seen that this behavior could be changed, so I guess that this scenario is not yet supported.

    This that you can do, however, is to use SSXA - see here: - within your WebCenter portal application. All you need to do is Add Site Studio libraries to your project and follow the instructions to create cosmetics.

    Another way could use converter Dynamics (URL calling service to convert the document to html format) - If you do not want to change your document on the page, which can be a bit simpler.

    Both, SSXA and dynamic converter are characteristic of the UCM, so for them this forum would be correct.

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    No, you should be able to open .docx files, since you have Word 2007. It seems that something goes wrong with the attachment. Since I don't know what email client/system you are using, I don't know what goes wrong. Are these attachments only one person? If Yes, then the person is probably by joining the files incorrectly. If not, then have you ever able to open these attachments? If so, what has changed? What email program are you using? Win7 is not a native email program. MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

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    When I click on a PDF file, a new tab opens. It gives me the opportunity to open the document directly or save it - that's what I have set preferences to do. When I try one of these options, however, nothing happens. It doesn't open a new empty tab. My specs are lower. I have run all relevant software updates.

    System: OS X 10.8.2

    Adobe Reader: 10.1.5

    Firefox: 18.0.1

    I've seen this problem on other posts and I did some research on the web. I tried the solutions that were provided and worked for other people, however I have noticed they were running old versions of some software, etc. Interestingly, I CAN open PDFs that come to me or that I send through Gmail.

    I did the following in accordance with the notice that I saw:

    Erased my downloads list

    Tried to disable the NPAPI Adobe plug-in

    In my Firefox preferences: I put open Adobe PDF documents. I also tried with preview. None of them worked.

    I appreciate any help you can offer.

    That worked very well for me.
    In the case your application preferences file is corrupted, you could try rename or delete.
    Help > troubleshooting information > 'display the folder '.
    The file is named mimeTypes.rdf and if you rename or delete, there must be regenerated with a default the next time you restart Firefox.

  • Why I can not open My Documents, pictures, music files and video in my libraries

    Hello. I just formatted my laptop in an hour ago, and now I can't open all the folders inside the library. I try to Double click on the Documents folder, I hear the sounds by clicking but nothing happens. No error at all. Don't just open. Help, please. I am running Windows 7 32 bit by the way.

    In fact, I am referring to your user name folders which are the same as your lists of library / or should be.

    You have changed the menu Favorites and probably libraries by default,

    Right click the libraries list and click on restore default libraries.

    Right-click on Favorites list and click Restore favorite links.

  • Google Chrome browser that I can not open a document in Adobe Reader

    I have created a new google chrome and now when I open a document it won't let me upload it to adobe reader. How can I activate the Chrome open documents in adobe reader. The old chrome that I renamed default backup will work in adobe. The application doesn't let me open the document in adobe reader.

    Chrome has disabled the use of the plug-in in Adobe Reader. You will need to click the link to the pdf document, download it and open it from Adobe Reader.

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