Module Bluetooth for Satellite A80 129

Hi all!

Is it possible to upgrade my satellite A80-129 with a BT module or it is not possible at all?

And if possible, what then is the right one for my laptop?

BR, Kekec


Hi kekec

I found information that Bluetooth for A80 is not available. This means that there is no possibility of upgrade. In this case, the best advice is USB Bluetooth stick.

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  • Where can I find repair for Satellite A80 129?

    I want to find the service manual for the model satellite a80 129 because my screen is a little loosy.


    In general, manual service Toshiba is not available for end users. Maybe you can find help on the net, but if you n t with experience, it will be best to contact a qualified staff in some laptop repair center.

  • Satellite A80 129 No. wirless and Bluetooth internet

    Hi guys,.

    I have a laptop Toshiba I formatted yesterday is Satellite A80-129.
    After some googling I found the way to get the drivers for it, but those driver links two do not seem to work.

    Bluetooth stack
    Toshiba OS independent NA World Wide
    Wireless Lan driver
    Intel Windows XP s/o world wide

    Please help me get my WiFi and bluetooth
    I really need to use it.



    The laptop does NOT have Bluetooth!
    That's why you can not install the BT stack!

    Regarding the WiFi network:
    I'm not quite sure what you have but here the map Intel WLan is a beautiful m document how to find the right driver:

  • Mini-map PCI Bluetooth Toshiba Satellite A80

    Hello, I would like to know if the Toshiba mini PCI is a mini pci standard bus.

    The reason is I want to upgrade my A80-131 with a bluetooth card in the manual, I've seen this option but I Don t find a correct toshiba mini-pci card.

    So, if the mini-pci bus is a standard bus and the card have windows drivers, I could buy a standard bluetooth card and install it in my laptop?

    Thank you.

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    Hello Smith

    As much as I know your device isn't Bluetooth ready and there is no way to use a card PCI Bluetooth Mini for Satellite A80. The best solution is the small USB Bluetooth key. It's not expensive and configuration is very easy.

    Good bye

  • Problem of its satellite A80 129

    I bought the laptop Satellite A80-129 a few days ago. I decided to install Win XP Prof instead of Win XP Home, which came with the laptop. After installing all kinds of software, I noticed something weird. His knowledge was quite low.

    I checked all kinds of possible parameters of volume everywhere and it is set to max everywhere possible. Also, I checked the volume on the laptop dial and it is also turned to MAX I installed WM Player 10, RealPlayer, Quicktime and Winamp 5.08.

    After playing some of my music, I came across something interesting. While I was playing my music in Winamp, I also played a small video file in WM Player 10 and that's sound was really loud. Immediately I looked at which audio codec is used in this video and this is WMA 9 (64 kbit/s, 48 kHz stereo, (A / V) 1-pass CBR). When I stop the playback of this video, sound volume decreases again.

    I also tried sound in other software such as RealPlayer and Quicktime, and only after I read this audio video gets really strong in all players. Any suggestions?

    I would point out also that no matter if I play music (mp3, wav, audio CD..) or video (avi, mpeg, rm,...), audio is still low. Only after that I have play this specific video, the sound becomes strong to all players, playing music or video.

    I also have problems with energy saver. If I install it, everything I write in the world is so slow, it appears letter-by-letter although I already wrote the entire sentence. If I uninstall, then everything is back to normal. Why is this happening?

    I would really appreciate a response.

    Best regards, Kekec

    Hi Kekec

    It's very strange because that all tools & utilities should work fine using Windows XP Home and Professional. Have you had all of these problems at the beginning with OS preinstalled by Toshiba? The original operating system provided by Toshiba included SP2. Have you installed it too?

  • Modem for Satellite A80 Windows 2000 driver


    I can't find a driver of modem for Satellite A80 for Windows 2000. Is there any other driver which is compatible? Can I use the obe for Windows XP?

    Thank you


    Unfortunately, he was unable for me to find a modem driver W2k on the Toshiba site. Also I m not 100% sure if the Win Xp driver works, but you can try it. If it doesn't work, you can restore the system back or remove the modem driver.

    Good bye

  • Module need Bluetooth for Satellite Pro A300 - 2C4

    Hello world

    I was wondering if anyone knew if there is a * module Bluetooth * which would be compatible with my Satellite Pro * A300/2 4 * portable. I'd get a small dongle but I was hoping to get something that was out of the way and view and no need to connect and reconnect when necessary. The model above mine (Satellite Pro A300-28R) _ has Bluetooth but I can't find more information.

    Can just install the module form of the model above on mine? My laptop has bluetooth program already installed on it.

    Thank you

    + Bam +.


    A300 - 2C4 does not support the internal BT module
    I'm not very well if the motherboard supports a miniPCI for BT m module slot
    Usually it should support, but I recommend to ask the technician ASP in your country.
    Here, you can order the necessary BT miniPCI module and could request the installation

    I would not recommend upgrading yourself because you will need to disassemble the laptop and this means you lose the warranty!

  • Is there a Bluetooth for Satellite A100-225?


    I wonder if a bluetooth module exists for a Satellite A100-225 (PSAA9E series). What model?

    Thank you

    No, unfortunately, this laptop does not support the internal Bluetooth module and it cannot be upgraded with this module.
    If you want to use BT technology, you will need to switch to the external solution.
    Just buy a USB Bluetooth stick. These sticks are simply to use. Just plug in the USB port and configure it.

  • Where can I find a driver for Satellite A80 169 VISTA?

    Hi all

    I just installed Vista, but my sound doesn't work, because I do not have a driver for this.

    Where can I find it? On the Toshiba download page, there was nothing...
    My laptop is the Satellite A80-169.

    Thank you in advance,



    Alternatively, you can get the drivers by visiting * * and research his "Realtek ALC250' Vista drivers for the card. (It s the soundchip that is installed on your system)

    So, your sound should work perfectly with the authentic realtek drivers.


  • W LAN Chip for Satellite A80 121


    As I have a Toshiba Satellite A80 - 121 (PSA80E) configuration for a client, I've found that when you enter the description of the model to the Toshiba driver download area, you get no WLAN driver but a link to a how-to page. Here you have to choose between four different driver files... unfortunately I do not know the name of the integrated wireless LAN device, then... What can I do to find out which driver is the one I should install?

    Check the Device Manager or network settings did not help get all necessary information. operating system is Windows XP Professional SP3... any idea?

    Thanks for any help / ideas



    I think you have a WLan Intel card!

    Relative to the European Toshiba driver page you will also find a social driver WLan manufacturing/name and the page said an Intel.
    It also provides a possible Intel WLan driver versions; /

    So download Intel WLan driver from the Toshiba page and choose the or version

    Good bye

  • Need drivers for Satellite A80 - impossible to find on the site!

    Hey all

    I had to do a fresh install of windows xp on a friends * Satellite A80 * (model number PSA80A 05Z009) and theres a few drivers I can't find on the site of toshiba, can someone give me some direct links to the following drivers for the A80?

    Mass storage controller
    Multimedia Audio Controller
    Network controller
    Video controller
    Video controller (VGA Compatible)

    See you soon


    You will find the Satellite A80 on the European driver Toshiba page.
    But you don t do research in portable computer area but in the Archive for the A80 belongs to an old series laptop.

    You choose in the type of product (the first option) reach.

    See you soon

  • He can not find the sound controls for Satellite A80?

    Hi, Im a very recent user of a satellite A80, it only 4 days, I played a cd and could not find a graphic equalizer or sound. I enter the area of assistance to Toshiba, but it would not allow me to change the bass and treble, can someone help me with this.
    The cd automatically plays in Windows media player, is there a special program, already installed on the hard disk, CD, or is Windows media player should I use?
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Deb,

    You don't say what version of Windows Media Player you have. However, there will be a graphic equalizer option somewhere, but it can be well hidden.

    I recommend you to download the latest version from the Microsoft Web site.

    The graphic equalizer WMP V9 is available by clicking on an icon in the small window at the bottom left of the screen (if you move the pointer above it is called ' select now playing Options ") which gives a drop-down menu on which the third element is called IMPROVEMENTS. This will be expanded to show the graphic equalizer.

    Of course, you can use other software to read CDs. If you right-click on the CD-ROM item in your workstation
    you will be able to define which program you want to use to play CDs.


  • Need new compatible battery for Satellite C650-129

    * URGENT *:

    Hello. Y at - there anyone out there who can give information me on replacing the battery for satellite C650. (model No.: PSC14E-002001AR), with the battery model number: PA3816U-1BRS, PABAS227?

    I can't find the battery exactly by this model number... is there a compatible battery? -what I got on amazon are the following: HOKKG... . If you have experience with this replacement, please advice me.

    Thank you in advance!

    Unfortunately, I couldn't find any other compatible battery so I highly recommend you to use the original battery.

    What you can possibly check is compatible batteries for C650D:

    Google around a bit and see if you can use them with your C650. At least, you can contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They can help you with this.

  • Re: Need of BIOS for Satellite L750-129


    Please tell us where to find the next BIOS
    The BIOS version 1.70.04/19/2011
    THIS Version 1.60

    Official computers Toshiba Europe site at have no such data.

    I own Satellite L750-129 PSK30E-00F008RU

    Kind regards

    Hello Pavel

    If you do not find this BIOS update on the official page of Toshiba, the question is where did you find info on this version of BIOS update?

    You have problems with your laptop? I want to say is there a serious reason, why do you need BIOS update?

  • Bluetooth for Satellite U505-S2960 module


    I have Toshiba Satellite U505-S2960, but not brings Bluetooth. I want to buy an internal module, I need to know which reference module is compatible

    Thank you

    Hey Buddy,

    Do you need an internal Bluetooth module or an external Bluetooth dongle is also an option? Latter would be less expensive and installation is easier too.

    I founded an interesting offer on Amazon for $ 12:
    [IOGear USB 2.1 Bluetooth Micro adapter GBU421 | = 8-2]

Maybe you are looking for