My Firefox does not completely start upward and the window that opens is insensitive, black zero poster toolbars

My cursor also changes for the text cursor when I try to click anywhere on the page.

Hello MaggieMarx, please update Firefox 33.0.1 here:

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  • Inspiron 531 does not completely start upward after replacing the power supply?

    Hey people. This Inspiron 531 since 2007 and he has been a champion for me. In the past months, the power supply fan start getting real loud (intermittently) so I finally looked around and found the same feed Integrator Delta on ebay. Put him in this afternoon very carefully, but while doing the 'blue' cable hard drive that connects to the motherboard is out the motherboard. There are two connections on the motherboard, SATA 0 and SATA 3. I have no idea who it was so I tried it reconnection to SATA 0 (which was blue too) and all turned on. There, I sat on the DELL screen and no full boot. Shut down and tried the SATA 3 connector and basically the same thing has happened although there was some funky boss on the lower part of the screen and still no full boot.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

    Updated - I should also mention this power connectors P4 and P7 were not used until I swapped out.

    And also when I try and start I get the DELL screen that shows the F2 and F12 Boot Menu on the top right of the screen.


    The primary C: / SATA HDD, is connected to SATA 0 connector motherboard.

    Are the P1 24 pins and power connectors 4 pin P2, connected to the motherboard?

    Have you tried to remove and reinstall all the memory modules and the power data cables in front and all the readers and motherboard, to see if that makes a difference.

    Check the power LED button reading, is stable blue, flashing blue, Orange fixed, blinking Amber?

    Are there any 'beep', if there is, please publish the sequence of them?

    The Inspiron 531 Manual of use and troubleshooting is here:


  • What is no-WINS node? Does this mean he does not broadcast server service and the WINS service to resolve a name to intellectual property?

    What is no-WINS node? Does this mean he does not broadcast server service and the WINS service to resolve a name to intellectual property?

    Hi Adam,.

    essentially servers (nodes) Wins, run a program that turns the words we type in on Internet:

    ( in the actual physical address of servers.

    So no Wins use only the real 119.97.555.34 (not a real address) instead of words

    B Eddie

  • We use DW6. Whenever I click on a link on the home page, it opens upward in a newwindow fullscreen. How can I adjust the size of the window that opens?

    We use DW6. Whenever I click on a link on the home page, it opens upward in a newwindow fullscreen. How can I adjust the size of the window that opens?

    Remove the attribute target tags on the homepage.

  • Why firefox does not save some username and passwords and names of other not - especially for the same website?

    I use several different accounts LogMeIn, each with their own username and password. Is there a month, Firefox stopped asking to save the user name and password for the new accounts I have access. I even deleted all accounts and began more - most of the time I will ask you to save the information of connection but other LogMeIn accounts that I access Firefox will not be asked to save the passwords. You can provide any help will be greatly appreciated.

    I had this taken care. After removing all the old names of login and passwords, you must restart Firefox with a hot start.

  • 3200 Maxtor disk external drive (installed) does not systematically start upward. I get the message "code 10". How can I fix it?

    I did troubleshoot directions, uninstalled and reinstalled.  Also disconnected and re-connected.  Sometimes it works, but not always.

    It is a new problem.

    According to this thread support, the drive doesn't have enough power to start, and sometimes the player not spin up. It seems that, over time, the power supply provided by maxtor, when you bought to deteriorate and no longer provide enough power to the drive. When the player does not have enough power to the adapter, it can try to draw power from the USB. When the player draws too much error, windows it disconnects and gives you the error code. try to find another 12v adapter that matches.

  • Firefox does not delete browsing history in the address bar

    No matter what you with Firefox in clearing the browser history by going to the history-> delete history, recent and all delete or reset FF by accessing information from troubleshooting, Firefox does not browsing history. The Web site you have traveled still appear in the address bar.

    Several people have already complained about this (see thread and the response from the staff of Firefox is that it is be a malware. That's not true, I've seen versions of Firefox in own computers Windows and Mac with Firefox, do the same thing, or rather not do what it is supposed to do: clean browsing history.

    How dangerous is that. Where your privacy? Firefox must find a way to fix this glitch. Something tells me they do it on purpose because it has not been fixed after him complains.

    These modules can be a great help for the backup and restoration of Firefox

    FEBE (Firefox environment Backup Extension) {web link}
    FEBE you can quickly and easily backup your
    Extensions Firefox, history, passwords and more.
    Indeed, it is more than just backup - it will actually rebuild
    your saved individually into installable as files.
    It will also make backup of the files you choose.

    OPIE {web link}
    Import/export extension preferences

  • Computer Vista will not complete start up once the updates have been installed

    Office worked well on 20 January, until the update when you restart it should start going to black screen with cursor. I tried to fix it, but it does not work. I tried the system restore to an earlier date but gives the error. Does anyone have ideas, which is false.

    Thank you

    At this point if you have a way to back up your data, I suggest that do you so as soon as possible.  Start the XP that you have installed.  Then copy all your data from the original Windows folder to an external drive or a DVD.

    Then, to try to make this repair, boot from the XP disc and select the recovery option.  This will start you in the recovery console prompt.  From there, you can then run the commands to replace the sam file.  Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • videos app does not show me movies and TV shows, that I recently bought.

    Hi all, I have a problem with my iPhone 6 s, the problem is that the videos app does not show me movies and TV shows, I bought a few hours ago, and I realize that my iPhone 4S has not this problem. Both have installed the latest versions of ios.

    Don't show them where? In the video application itself? Tab in iTunes purchased? If they are not downloaded, go to settings > videos > show iTunes purchases > on.

  • due to virus infcetion I reinstall Windows xp since then I could not see my folder and the files that was in my area of connection. could you help with this thank you

    due to the infection by the virus I reinstall Windows xp, since then I couldn't find my file and the files that was in my area of connection. Even I couldn't see my field of connection. I don't have a hard drive formet. Help, please.

    Thank you


    On Monday, February 6, 2012 11:26:45 + 0000, tomato70 wrote:

    due to the infection by the virus I reinstall Windows xp, since then I couldn't find my file and the files that was in my area of connection. Even I couldn't see my field of connection. I don't have a hard drive formet. Help, please.

    When you reinstall Windows correctly, you start from the CD. Is it
    what you were doing?

    If so, the installation starts formatting the disk for you, then all the
    your files are gone.

    And by the way, reinstalling Windows due to an infection by the virus is
    almost always way exaggerated. There are several very good anti-virus
    programs that could probably removed the virus for you.

    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP (Windows desktop experience) since 2003
    Please reply to the newsgroup

  • Firefox does not completely uninstall

    All begins innocently enough that these things don't...

    I use a Dell Dimension 5150 XP Pro with Service Pack 3.

    When I finally (recently) has decided to install Firefox, I tried integrates with Win IE 8. I don't think not of what add-on I installed it, but it worked well with the exception of a single Web site. The password box automatically fills with an unknown password that disappears when clicked on. Normally, in the past with IE 8, when I typed the username and my password, it overrode the outstanding. It worked well once in Firefox, but after that the default password overrides mine and I can't access the site properly (it can be seen, just no model no downloads, poster or comment on the son or previews of the threads can be seen).

    So, I used CCleaner to completely erase history, the Cache, passwords, Firefox etc. That did not work. I uninstalled Firefox from the control panel in Windows XP Pro (but the case was still under Program Files and Firefox Mozilla desktop icon was always on the desk.

    So, I uninstalled Firefox, then uninstalled IE 8, restarted the computer and reinstalled IE 8 and always noticed that the Mozilla folder and icon were always on/in the computer. I also disabled MS Silverlight in Firefox (I never used in for example)

    So, how to separate Firefox IE 8 and how to replace the default password?

    Thanks in advance.

    COR - el,

    First of all, let me thank you for all the time and effort to try to solve this problem (actually, two of them).

    After several hours, making several system restores, uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox and I.E. 8, I finally decided to spend $129 (later it became $199 for software support coverage a year with Dell.) We spent about 2 hours (with the help of the free 30 day trial of Revo Uninstaller Pro to completely uninstall Firefox and I.E. 8 (with CCleaner and 3 Firewall de Comodo spyware blocking software I had installed on the computer.

    The main problem was in fact due to having the ClickFree of Iomega software installed as a backup of the system in the case of the blue screen of death. As an external hard drive, I can start the USB port with the software window. Now, I thought that as causing a problem, because to have it installed with the password to work and before installing Firefox. Also, I haven't had not updated of software (by plugging in the running) for some time. It runs in the background, in order to keep the changes as they are made, but as I said, I was refreshed (make a backup update) for some time.

    Regarding the password, wellllll... There is a saying about mercury retrograde (which excludes the communication and transport) havoc with the electronics and communications (letters or emails are sent or will be delayed or be sent to the wrong recipient or misread). When I went to type the password which ended in "ing" I had misread to read "uh." I can actually read enough good - usually - but not this time. DUH!

    If the problems are solved. Thank you once again. Your advice will not lose. I went to the links you provided and saved the pages for later use.

  • AutoPlay dialog box does not work; flashes upwards and disappears

    AutoPlay stopped working on my PC. First thing I noticed when I swapped a game disc (FEAR: Extraction Point), who had been in the car for a few weeks, for another (Gears Of War). No AutoPlay dialog box does appear. I opened and closed it again, AFRAID to put in, tried an audio CD. No luck.

    What is interesting, is that if I pay attention, AutoPlay Windows flashes up, but immediately disappears. The same thing happens if I 'force' autoplay via the context menu in Explorer.

    I tried the following:

    (1) obviously checked the auto run settings in the control panel. Reset by default, activated it and left, etc.

    ' (2) ' the core hardware detection ' is running and set to automatic. Checked through "services.msc".

    (3) applied a few registry tweaks for entries "NoDriveAutorun" and "NoTypeAutorun".

    None of the above have made the difference. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64.

    Please help! Thanks in advance.

    This same situation has begun to occurring with my x 64 installation Win 7 Ultimate and I tried to fix it for ten days.

    Something changed 14 10 days ago and I can't remember what it was. Too many days had passed for restoration help, because it does not restore earlier I had.

    I tried everthing tried dancingcarb. Even downloaded 'autoplay repair' and ' defaul Programs editor ", ran and still no joy. I searched the web and read a lot of posts, but nothing did. This post is one that describes more precisely what I saw.

    Settings for AutoPlay in Control Panel type of work. PowerDVD will launch when I insert a recorded DVD, Windows Media player launches when I insert a CD recorded and Explorer will launch when I insert a data disc. But, always selecting "ask" does nothing. I don't remember Autorun recently. I see the reading dialog box automatic box flash on the screen. I can click the drive and select autoplay, but the same thing happens - the dialog box flashes and disappears.

    I tried to uninstall CyberLink Suite and Nero. Nothing has changed. I wonder if a recent update of Windows changed how works the AutoPlay.

    I ran a full system virus scan.

    This is a new computer about a month old and I'm bored to choose what I want to do every time.

    It's like something (a manager of some sort maybe) Hung all non-application specific selections. If I had Win 7 secondary machine, I start this topic and then to compare registry settings between the two.

    I have not tried booting in SafeMode (will try tonight), but I don't have much hope.

    It is the last obstacle to overcome (and don't understand why it's happening). I hate the idea of starting fresh and redo what I spent the last month making (which involved about methodically mobile 1.5 TB of data and install apps from my last computer), not even know if it will solve the problem. I would be grateful if someone can point us in the right direction. I'm out of ideas.

    Thank you.


    Regarding the "check if auto execution works in safe mode." No, it isn't. Best I can tell, it is not yet available.

    As dancingcrab, sfc found nothing.

    Still stuck


    I don't know what just happened, but I lost my summary of the steps to solve the problem on my system troubleshooting. I can tell if it helps someone, but for now -.

    MotoHelper Service has proved to be the culprit on my system. Changed the service for a manual start and Autoplay now works as expected.

    I hope this helps.

  • Computer does not now start upward, HP splash screen nothing happens

    In my previous message I was seeking help because my computer a HP s3714uk issued an error BIOHD 08. Well it went now through the window. Now my computer will not start at all, I swapped the drives to see if it would be something but nothing is done, turn on the computer, it comes up with the blue HP startup screen, but that's all that happens nothing else, any ideas?

    Please help, as my wife doesn't like me using his computer - like I am right now, while she's at work )

    Any help will be received with gratitude,

    Peter pond in the United Kingdom.

    Thanks for your reply, but believe it or not, I have my computer running again, I couldn't he can initiate upward at all, and my wife's brain box she is suggested I change the MOUSE, I didn't believe her, but to keep her happy, I took the mouse (a mouse HP) and started the computer - it worked!    I so had to look around to find an old mouse, I had and I am now in place and running, and I hope I can swop readers before the old road fails.  Thanks again for your help

  • These days, Firefox does not completely Hotmail sign

    Windows Live ID
    Disconnection is not complete...

    You have signed out of these sites:

     MSN Account Services

    We couldn't you disconnect from these sites:


    The specific cookie, you need to delete is, and you must do this and refresh the page whenever you disconnect, until someone fixes it.

  • After a power outage my printer Photosmart C6150 does not completely start.

    Printer turns on, display stands, then a few seconds later it turns off, then it turns back on and repeats indefinitely.  I tried to reset the andpowerstrip power module it is plugged. No luck.  Is he dead?

    Hello Jpjacksonjr,

    Since you have already tried to reset the unit and who has not solved the question that we should try to use the most advanced resets.

    Perform the steps for reset provided by PrintDoc on this forum thread.

    Radio wireless guard fails on photosmart c6150

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