NetGear ProSafe VPN client (6.12.001) fails after latest version 10 of Windows update (FVS336Gv2)

Rokhaya, all,.

Windows most recent system update (KB 3124200) solved the problem NetGear VPN for me.

For no matter what Windows major release (since 8.1), be sure to repeat the following steps:

1. disable the IKEEXT service

2 re-install NetGear

Good luck!


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    Thanks for asking!

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  • NETGEAR ProSafe VPN Firewall SRXN3205 and port forwarding?

    Hi, this is a long shot, but I'm pulling my hair out at this point and can be a bit over my head, as I am new on network

    Small short story, I have two servers, one is the NAS box (IE if I connect via the internet to the site via public IP network from home, I get it that site says 'my actions' I insert login and pass and get access to them.)
    That is, everything is peachy.
    The problem is when I try to connect to my FileMaker Server I'm not and instead, he takes me to the login NAS box. So I think ok, I need to port forward (5003 for filemaker) to go to different PC local LAN(192. etc)

    Security > firewall > Add Service entering:
    Service: fmserver
    Action: Always leave
    Send to LAN Server: unique address 192. etc is filemaker installed on (and different on a NAS)
    Definition of Port number: 5003<-- is="" this="" right?="" how="" else="" would="" you="" indicate="" you="" want="" all="" connections="" on="" this="" port="" to="" go="" to="" this="" specific="" lan="" machine="" from="" internet="" instead="" of="" default="" which="" seems="" to="" be="">
    rest is default, I click on apply.

    Here's what I don't understand. In the table of incoming Services, (security > firewall) I have two local IP in the list, a SIN, the other for Filemaker. But only the top works and can be connected to. I can move every top position and it will work, but they will not work at the same time, just the one that sits on the top of the sad Smiley page

    and yes I read the manual again and again and don't know how I'm screwing up the port forwarding on this point, even if I am brand new to probably something stupid Smiley Happy (our work IT guy is gone so tried to get involved through this somehow)

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hello sinieq,

    There is a hierarchy on incoming service table, which is normal. I see 4 services added using "ANY" (ALL use any port number) you will need to remove/disable these because of the rule of the hierarchy on the table, all other services will be ignored when EVERYTHING is used. What is the port number used by the NAS Server? I don't see a port defined to access NAS. Try disabling services by using "ANY" and try again by adding the translation to the port number of the NAS.

    Let us know what happens.

    Thank you

  • Ethernet DHCP fails after that put 10.11.3 updated


    After that the updated 10.11.3 updated my ethernet connection fails to connect to the internet.

    The general link is fine; router OK, other computers will work properly; DHCP works for iPhones, iPads and WiFi on this computer are great

    • I have tried several things from other threads.
    • the cable is connected
      • but I realized during disconnection of the cable as the IP address and the subnet mask disappear (as must I guess) to reconnect the cable, it takes a few seconds and I have again the values for both:



    The connection says it is a self assigned IP address, but there is no connection to the internet.

    Any ideas?

    (Is there a way to reset/restart the DHCP client service for individual cards?)

    hardware problem identified with switch that solved the problem

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    Danielle Nys

    Try direct updates

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  • Windows Update 09/02/2016 fails to install on my Toshiba Satellite L655. I want to install this detected (Toshiba has not been used since 25/01/2016)

    I want to install the update 09/02/2016 W7 so I can move on to W10.  Did not use the Toshiba Satellite L655 since 01/25/20.  Want this ancient system to be available and up-to-date Windows down the line if IU need to use.  How can I work around this problem, or force the update to install

    Install the latest version of the windows update client.

    Make sure you do not have a search for updated online running in background during manual installation.

    Best regards, VZ

  • limited to 2 concurrent VPN clients


    I have two ASA5510 each with more security license and 10 licenses of SSL VPN, in Active mode / standby to version 8.4 (4) 1. It allows only up to two vpn (AnyConnect & SSL VPN) clients at the time, any additional vpn client receives the message "failed to connect".

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you


    Hi Simon,.

    If you have the 10 lic doesn't it appear in the worm HS or HS vpn-sessiondb summary of output?

    you need to check the connection simultaneous for anyconnet group policy.

    Also check if you have the VPN session limit order on the SAA and check if it is limited to 2

    change to something this link

    EG hostname #vpn-sessiondb limit-session-max 450


    change a simultaneous connection in associated for anyconnect group strategy

    internal Anyconnect_gp group strategy

    attributes of Group Policy Anyconnect_gp

    VPN connections simultaneous 200

    Thank you and best regards,


  • Cisco VPN client v5 and integration Active Directory 2008

    Hi all

    I need to know if I can integrate Single Sign On for my Cisco VPN Client v.5 with my Active Directory which run on windows 2008

    THX in advance

    No, unfortunately, Single Sign On is only supported on Clientless SSL VPN (WebVPN), not on the IPSec VPN Client AnyConnect VPN Client.

  • MS RADIUS and Cisco VPN client

    We currently have with a Server Windows RAS and IAS authentication with PPTP to users.

    I want to move a hub (we have two not used) and the use of the Cisco VPN client with IPSEC 3005, also using the RADIUS (IAS) in Windows to authenticate against Active Directory.

    I have a config to work for the client and it performs authentication, but I'm afraid that you can't configure IAS to work with IPSEC, unless you configure the policy for

    "Unencrypted authentication (PAP, SPAP).

    on the Authentication tab


    "No encryption".

    on the encryption tab.

    Are encrypted with IPSEC credentials to establish the tunnel of the Cisco VPN client?

    For RADIUS PAP authentication, the user name is clear and the password is encrypted with the RADIUS shared secret.

    To maximize security, you would use GANYMEDE + or IPSec transport mode and isolated VLAN. But for most of us, strong passwords and physical security prevents the RADIUS PAP to a significant weakness.

  • Please help router and vpn client

    Hi all

    I want to make a vpn between my PC (with version of the VPN Client) and a remote router (Cisco 2811) version of the software IOS 12.4 (9) T7 and the following configuration

    AAA new-model


    local VPNCLIENT from AAA authentication login.

    local AAA VPNGROUP authorization network

    Hello test user name password

    crypto ISAKMP policy 3

    BA 3des

    preshared authentication

    Group 2


    ISAKMP crypto client configuration group 3000client

    key cisco123



    pool ippool


    Crypto ipsec transform-set esp-3des esp-sha-hmac RIGHT


    Crypto-map dynamic dynmap 10

    transformation-RIGHT game


    map clientmap client authentication list of crypto list

    crypto isakmp authorization list grupo clientmap map

    client configuration address map clientmap crypto answer

    10 ipsec-isakmp crypto map clientmap Dynamics dynmap


    interface FastEthernet0/0

    DHCP IP address

    NAT outside IP

    IP virtual-reassembly

    load-interval 30

    automatic duplex

    automatic speed

    clientmap card crypto


    interface FastEthernet0/0/0


    interface FastEthernet0/0/1


    interface FastEthernet0/0/2


    interface FastEthernet0/0/3


    interface Vlan1 IP address

    IP nat inside

    IP virtual-reassembly

    load-interval 30


    IP local pool ippool

    no ip classless

    IP route


    IP http server

    local IP http authentication

    no ip http secure server

    IP http timeout policy inactive 600 life 86400 request 10000

    overload of IP nat inside source list 102 interface FastEthernet0/0

    access-list 102 permit ip any


    Line con 0

    line to 0

    line vty 0 4

    privilege level 15

    transport telnet entry

    line vty 5 15

    privilege level 15

    transport telnet entry


    When I connect to the public IP address of the router, that everything is fine and status is connected. But I do not have connectivity to the internet and I can only ping, but no other IP address of this beach.

    I would be grateful any sort of kelp.

    Thank you

    You must make sure that your internal traffic goes to the VPN client is NOT be NATT would be.

    You need to re - write acl 102 to something like: -.

    access-list 102 deny ip

    access-list 102 permit ip any

    HTH >

  • How to use Windows 7 64-bit cisco vpn client?


    I want to use the cisco vpn client to connect to my Institute.

    I use Windows 7 64-bit edition Home premium.

    I tried several options, but nothing has worked.

    Please suggest me the correct procedure to run on my Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium Cisco vpn client.

    Thanks in advance,


    VPNclient is not yet supported on 64-bit windows.

    However, there is a beta version of the next 5.0.7 version that does.

    Have you tried this version? If so, what are the exact symptoms?

    Edit: you can download the 5.0.7 beta here

  • Rejecting the VPN clients by version

    Is it possible that I can refuse access customers by their version which they run? Can someone send me a link on how I could do this?

    Thank you



    How are you? I think that's what you're looking for:


    ustomers Type & Version limiting build rules to allow or deny VPN Clients according to their type and software version. Build these rules exactly, using the formats, abbreviations and other specifications of rule below.

    Build rules in the format p [ermit] /d [eny]:, for example, d VPN 3002: 3.6*.

    The * character is a wildcard character. You can use it several times to each rule. For example:

    refuse *: 3.6* = deny all clients running software version 3.6 x.

    Use a separate line for each rule.

    Rules of order of priority. The first rule that matches is the rule that applies. If a rule later contradicted, the system ignores. If you set all the rules, all connections are allowed.

    When a customer matches any of the rules, the connection is refused. This means that if you set a deny rule, you must also set at least an allow rule, or all connections are refused.

    For software and hardware customers, customer type and software version must match their appearance (non-case sensitive) in the monitoring | Screen sessions, including spaces. We recommend that you copy and paste from this screen to it.

    "N/a" for the type or version to identify the client sends no information. For example: n permit / a:n / a = allow any client who does not send the client, type, and version.

    You can use a total of 255 characters for the rules. The line break between rules using two characters. To keep the characters, use p for permits and d to deny. Eliminate the spaces except as required for the type of client and the version. You don't need a space before or after the colon (:)).

    Configuration mode checkbox to use Configuration Mode with clients IPSec (also known as the method of setting up ISAKMP or Transaction of Configuration). This option Exchange with the client configuration settings while negotiating SAs. If you check this box, the settings of Configuration of Mode; otherwise, ignore them. The box is checked by default.

    To use the split tunneling, you must check this box.

    If you checked L2TP over IPSec as the Tunneling protocols, do not check this box.


    Please see the link below, you will need to have 4.7 running on your CVPN:

    My two cents,


  • Windows Update KB979482 always fails with 8007065E error code

    KB979482 fails with 8007065E error code. All other updates are successful.

    Running Windows Vista Edition Home Premium SP2.

    Here are a few excerpts from C:\windows\windowsupdate.log:

    ... ~ snip ~

    DnldMgr * updates to download = 1
    Agent * title = update security for Windows Vista for x 64-based systems (KB979482)
    Agent * UpdateId = {8D253BCE-EB56-47C2-AA58-E5D3F7173CC9}.103
    Agent * bundles 1 updates:
    Agent * {BD1DEFF4-A43A-455A-8174-6050A6010AE4}.103
    ... ~ snip ~

    Automatic update fails...

    ... ~ snip ~

    Manager of FATAL: UH: 0x8007065e: CreatePackage failed in CCbs::CreatePackage
    Manager of FATAL: UH: 0x8007065e: StartStagePackage failed in CUHCbsHandler::StageCbsPackage
    Generation of FATAL Manager: request for CBS full update with hr = 0x8007065e and pfResetSandbox = 0
    Manager of FATAL: Source of error is 106.
    FATAL DnldMgr: DM:CAgentDownloadManager:GenerateAllDownloadRequests: GenerateDownloadRequest failed with 0x8007065e.
    DnldMgr error 0x8007065e occurred when downloading update; notification of dependent calls.
    ... ~ snip ~

    So I tried to download KB979482 here: and run it standalone.

    However, when I try this, Windows Update Standalone install displays the message"this update does apply to your system."

    I can live with that (if the message is actually true). But if if this patch does not apply to my system, then why Windows Update keep trying to install it as an update 'important '? How can I get off the list so that the Windows Update log is not cluttered with all of the failed attempts?   Finally, I ran Windows Update Fixit tool available.  He fixed a couple of things (default location, another minor config) but not this problem.

    P.S. running BitDefender 2012 if it matters...

    To answer my own question, you can reset the status of the following method KB2509997 8 download and rename the folder C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution. It would be nice if there was a less force brute to do this, because she loses all your update story and settings, but at least it works.

Maybe you are looking for