New DVD-ROM for Satellite S1800-750


My Satellite S1800-750 DVD player not working anymore. My question is: can I replace it with the original SD-C2502 only, or are there also other (perhaps more recent) readers who register in the same dwelling?

The SD-C2502 does not support DVD + R discs for example, which would be quite a good service practice to have...

Thanks in advance


That means the user manual says?
Have you checked it?

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  • Need a new DVD player for Satellite 1800

    I have a Toshiba Satellite S1800-412 computer and I want to change my DVD - CD player, since he does not recognize DVD discs. Can someone tell me where I could find for this machine compatible readers (i.e. you can tell me a site or list with discs)? Thank you!


    I found information that the compatible DVD player for Satellite 1800 is Toshiba SD-C2502. It is not just DVD recorder DVD player.

    Good bye

  • Compatible DVD - ROM for Satellite Pro 4320

    Hi guys!

    I want to put in a DVD - ROM drive in my Satellite Pro series 4300 (SP4320) to replace the current cd-rom installed TEAC. I was wondering what dvd - rom readers would be appropriate.

    Would be especially drive DVD TOSHIBA sd-c2302 model and the drive DVD Teac DV - 28F be compatible with my laptop? Sites, I checked that the TEAC seems to be cheaper...

    In any case thanks for any advice!


    Hi Faisal

    I m not, of course, what car models are compatible with your device. In my opinion the best thing you can do is to contact a Service partner and ask for more information.

    Reach - Supports & downloads you will find a list of all the European partners in Service.

    Good bye

  • New DVD player for Satellite A30-754


    I am looking for replacement of the DVD - ROM SD-R6112 in my Satellite A30 - 754.
    Who are models of compatible DVD, multilayer perhaps are possible?

    Thank you!



    May I ask if you checked you user manual which must be preinstalled on your laptop?
    I downloaded the form the Toshiba support page user manual and find a list of compatible CD/DVD players

    Matsu * has SR-8177; UJDA750
    Toshiba SD-C2612; SD-R6112; SD-R2412; SD-R2512;
    TEAC DW-224TH; DV-W22E-85

    You should read the manual detailed ;)

  • A new DVD burner for satellite pro 2100

    Ive got a satellite pro 2100 and I want to change the recorder to a dvd burner. is there a template I can get which will be a swap of right for in-house or will I need an external dvd burner? Thank you.

    HI Jamie,

    DVD writers usually come in two varieties, IDE usually designates those intended for 'slimline' and Office Tower systems which are generally mounted in laptops.

    The physical form of the player is usually constant models (in this case Toshiba use different brands in their notebooks). The device will have various plastic components fittings attached to it which will need tro be transferred to your new unit and have threaded metal accessories which are used to secure the unit to the laptop. These must also be transferred to the new unit.

    You also need device drivers dedicated to this new unit that can are provided on a CD or even be downloaded on the website of unit manufacturers.


  • Need new DVD player for Satellite A30


    I am looking for the replacement of the mat of DVD - RAM * a UJ-811 in my Satellite A30-303.
    What models of DVD (rw) are compatible
    Thank you



    Please download the document of the user s manual and read page 9. There you can find the list of all compatible optical drives. Support & downloads

  • Compatible DVD - ROM for Dimension desktop PC

    Good afternoon. This is my first post on the forum so I hope I'm in the right subtopic.

    I have a Dell Dimension 2350C with a built in CD-ROM desktop computer. I am interested to get a DVD-ROM which would be compatible, but on the catalog current online the check and get account how many updates there since my Dimension has been produced, I'm not sure about which DVD player would work.

    Can someone advise me? If Dell is no more a compatible device: smileysad:can someone suggest another one that would be appropriate?

    Also, I've probably will install the drive myself. I still have my manual for my size. Will I need to "tweak" anything in what concerns the installation because I probably won't have the original DVD-ROM for the Dimension drive (I hope that makes sense LOL).

    Thanks for any help you can give me! : bravohelen:

  • Satellite S1800-750 - DVD ROM Drive doesn't recognize any CD or DVD

    Hello together,

    I have the following problem:

    In my DVD ROM drive are recognized any CD or DVD.

    But not fundamentally CD or DVD sometimes separate that sometimes the other!

    Where is that which can do here?

    Should I change the DVD ROM drive?

    Help me please!


    Hello JMK

    Can you please be more specific? You have this problem with the original media, self created or if you want to burn own media?

    As far as I know this unit is 4 years old and it is really possible that laser calibration don t work much more and it can happen that in short time you will not be able to use the DVD at all.

  • DVD burner for Satellite Pro 6000?

    I have a lite - on dvd slimline burner we don't work in the sp6000
    now, I want to know Witch one does not work in a satellite pro 6000?

    (DVD burner or a combination dvd/CD-RW)

    As far as I know that no engraver of DVD or combo for Satellite Pro 6000 driver is available. Download and review the Satellite Pro 6000 user manual. There are readers who must be compatible.
    I found these:
    Reader of DVD - ROM SD-C2502
    -Player CD-R/RW UJDA340
    -Drive CD-RW/DVD-ROM UJDA720
    -Drive CD-RW/DVD-ROM SD-R2102
    Reader of DVD - ROM GDR-8081

    But if you want to be 100% sure, you can contact the ASP in your country. There also order you the discs

  • CD/DVD-ROM for reading CD / DVD RAM only...

    I reinstalled Windows XP due to problems with my system works only with Win7.  I did a clean install.  Windows XP installed a generic driver from microsoft CD/DVD RAM.  For this reason, I am not able to access the DVD ROM discs, no discs as CD ROM and DVD RAM disks.  I know that there is a way to change things so the system sees that I have a DVD ROM and not only a DVD RAM.  It's just think WinXP that my readers are only DVD RAM drives work very well.  They work perfectly with CD and CDR/RW and will work with a store bought DVD.  I just can't figure how to change the generic Microsoft for DVD RAM DVD ROM driver  I had this problem before, I don't remember the fix. I deleted the registry entries, I deleted the readers, only for have reinstalled them with the original drivers.  I have 2 drives, both are LiteOn.  LiteOn has no drivers for the drive and says they are "plug and play".  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

    I tried this also.  He said: there is nothing wrong with my CDROM or it says that my CDROM is not able to write DVD and install one that can.  Thank you.

    To access device manager > right click on the CD/DVD rom device and choose uninstall. Restart the computer and allow windows to detect the new hardware.

  • DVD - rom on Satellite L30 does not work

    My dvd rom is not working, when I insert a cd or nothings DVDs arrive. I have a satellite L30. I have the latest version of the driver (I think).


    Your driver is listed correctly in the Device Manager and Windows Explorer?

    The description of your problem is quite short and I can just recommend that you test the drive using movies DVD and music CD.

    If you have time please post a little more on this problem. all info you can offer can be useful.

  • Need new ports USB for Satellite Pro L450D


    I ve tried to keep new ports usb for my Toshiba Satellite Pro L450D I ve called Toshiba and they said I have to put it in for repair, but the thing is - it's not is no longer in warranty so that I can t make and send to Toshiba for repair.

    for me would cost loads I ve asked Toshiba provide me for my laptop usb ports, but they won t so I would like to know where I can get these parts as one of my ports usb don t work because of my daughter in the first place to break them and the entire interior of the usb ports is broken.

    Help, please
    Thank you


    At first, I must say that Toshiba service doesn t sell these small parts such as USB ports. USB ports are soldered to the motherboard.
    Where to get the new USB ports? Good question.

    I don t know where you MFL, but perhaps you should I use Google in your country and check if you can find some independent repairer for laptop and ask for help.
    I fear it won't be so easy to find new ports of m.

    What you can try is to buy defective mainboard in the hope of USB ports are OK and are trying to replace them.

  • How to replace the CD/DVD-Rom on Satellite Pro 2100


    My laptop's dvd - rom drive is old and broken, now that I have here an other dvd - rom drive, but I don't know how to remove the old dvd - rom without removing all parts of my laptop. Is there some service manuals how to replace the dvd - rom drive?


    I m not 100% sure on the CD/DVD drive replacement on this laptop, but I assume that the procedure is very similar to other portable players.
    For the most part the ODD is secured with the screw at the bottom of the unit.
    You will need to remove this screw to get out and to swap the drive.

    But be careful and don t there if you have no experience!
    Moreover, not all readers are compatible and supported in reason parameters master/slave/c-salt. If you n t know which drives are compatible you should ask the ASP in your country for advice!

  • How can I get a DVD ROM for Portege My drive

    I bought an external DVD Rom type Toshiba PA3246E and Realplayer says that I need the native driver for topay DVD movies. Anyone know where/what should I download.



    I hope that your player works properly with all the media you are using. This native driver is obviously not Toshiba stuff and Google all over the place and pick up some information about this.

    Sorry, but I didn t understand what DVD movies you want to watch.

    Good bye

  • Need drive combo CD-RW/DVD-ROM for Tecra 8200

    I just bought an old Tecra 8200 with a CD-Rom drive in the SelectBay.
    I would change to a CD-RW/DVD-ROM combo drive.
    Could someone let me know the correct for this combo drive model number please?

    Best wishes


    How about this:

    * PA3073E - 1 CD 2 *.
    4 x CD - R, 4 x CD - RW, CD-ROM 24 x, 6 x DVD-ROM

    and it supports this media:
    (Read/write) CD - R, CD - RW (read, re-writing), CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, DVD - R (read only), DVD - RW (read only)


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