New SATA HDD are not detected on PowerEdge R710

Hi guys,.

I have a PowerEdge R710 with the reference number below

Service number: ADMIN NOTE: maintain the label removed by privacy policy > | Express service code:

ADMIN NOTE: kidnapped by the Express service code privacy policy >

I have 2 x 750 GB SATA HDD that are not detected at boot of the server. Obviously, the installation of Windows Server 2012 is not possible because it does not find any drive installed in the system

Please help as I am new to the hardware configuration.

Thank you in advance.

You must configure RAID first. If you use the RAID S100 controller on board, it is not compatible with 2012.

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    And once I worked in Vista, I've just going to boot XP and restarted just the note and it did not start more than just initialization on the post screen. It initializes everithing is nice and I can even manage BIOS but goes no further.

    After that, I tested each part if it does not my notes to start and this is the second HARD drive. I have tried to swich my HARD drives, but it does not work. Two SATA connectors work although I tested with the first HARD drive. If I comment on second HARD drive in BIOS, the system starts up nice, I can see the second HARD drive and work with it.
    But if this is not comment system does not further thant post-test after it initialized everithing!

    The strange is that it works well on my desk. Not a single problem with this HARD drive, I installed XP on it and it starts ok.
    I tried to format the HARD drive, in order to kill and create the partition, even to write own mbr... None of it worked)
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    Pls if people if anyone can help me with a post serious ideas here or send me an email - [email protected]

    Thank you

    How did you choose which OS should start?
    You use a boot manager?

    I have the Satellite Pro P300 with two hard drives (each with two partitions). On the fist one I installed Windows XP Home edition and Vista second. When I start my Windows laptop boot manager asks me what operating system I want to start.

    How it worked on your laptop?

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    Good evening everyone,

    I just noticed that when I install and open Skype, my built-in webcam and microphone are not detected by the application. He has worked in the past, but I've not had to use Skype for more than a year, so never noticed until now.

    I checked the Device Manager and there is no webcam or microphone listed. I tried to search for new hardware, but it found nothing.

    Specifications of systems:

    OS: Windows 8.1 Pro
    Processor: AMD A8 - 3500M
    Memory: 8 GB of RAM (2 x 4 GB Kingston sticks)
    HARD drive: 750 GB Seagate Barracuda
    The version of the BIOS: Insyde Corp. 2.10 (28/06/2012)

    If any other info is needed to help diagnose and solve this problem, then please ask and I will provide.

    Thank you very much


    I guess the laptop not was not preinstalled with Win 8.1 but updated you the Win 7 system to Win 8.1.
    Is this correct?

    I m application because it would be interesting to know if the webcam worked correctly using Win 7.
    The driver for the webcam using Win 7 to be installed to get the webcam recognised.

    To help to win 8.1 additional webcam driver is not necessary because it s already part of the Win 8.1 System. That is why the webcam should appear in the Device Manager without installation of the webcam driver.

    However, some models of laptop supports additional webcam POWER setting in the BIOS.
    Please check this option in the BIOS.

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    Filmmaker works with mini camcorders dv connected FireWire, the firewire driver is installed by microsoft, you should not need to reinstall it, apart from a few special cases.

    This device and cable worked before?

    If so, what was the alst time and have you made any changes to the computer since then?

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    Thank you very much for this tip, Nicholas,.

    I tried for a long time and it worked only when I pressed the button.

    I don't understand why this is not mentioned in the Quick Start Guide.

    Best regards


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    I have exactly the same problem. Is the returned message the Microsoft FixIt. No further details given. Nothing seems to be more information on the problem other than the claim that we exist.

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    Hello world

    I have a SanDisk USB 16 G with important files, when I connect to my pc windows 7, some files are discovered, I am able to read other files show as empty files and my pc don't its not able to open them.

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    Can some body please help me solve this problem?

    Hi Martin,

    This problem can be caused if the program for the particular file could not be installed on your computer.

    1. What is the file format or the extension of the files that you do not read or recognize in Windows 7?

    2. what exactly happens when you try to open empty files?

    3. have you made any recent hardware or exchange of software on your computer before the show?

    You need to check the files that are not open in Windows 7 and trying to install the software for files that are not opening and control.

    Let us know the status of the issue. If you need help, please after return. We will be happy to help you.

  • Re: Tecra 9100 - new HARD drive is not detected

    I have a Toshiba Harddisk provide a Tecra 9100. Checking the BIOS it shows "Enhanced IDE", but you are trying to boot from the disc does not work HARD. Even trying to install a new operating system present, that the HARD drive is not detected.
    From the laptop is also very long.
    Any idea?

    Your new HARD drive is larger than 120 GB? The HARD disk controller supports the 28-bit LBA and large drives as 120 GB will not be recognized by the BIOS.

    What you mean with Enhanced IDE? The BIOS recognizes the new HARD drive with model number?

  • Satellite M105-S322 - HDD does not detect

    My laptop does not detect the hard drive. I press F2 to go into BIOS and it says hardrive No. I reinstalled the hard drive, but it still says the same thing. I have test the SATA hard drive on the desktop and it detects its.

    What seems to be wrong? Help, please.

    > I have test the SATA hard drive on the desktop and it detects its.
    This looks like your HARD disk on the motherboard controller is faulty
    But before that you exchange the motherboard but I would test another HARD drive maybe the HARD drive is faulty and will recognize only on certain computers or mothers.

    If a new drive HARD doesn t work too, your motherboard needs to be replaced.

  • How to make the BIOS to recognize the new sata HDD on KT-600 AMD

    Anybody know a way fast & simple for my AMD KT - 600 BIOS to recognize my new western digital 500 GB sata HDD?


    I suggest you to contact the manufacturer of the computer for assistance concerning the changes made in the BIOS.

    BIOS WARNING: Change to the BIOS/complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) settings can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the configuration of the BIOS/CMOS settings can be solved. Changes to settings are at your own risk.

  • Second SATA hard drive not detected by Bios and Device Manager

    Original title: second SATA hard drive

    Hard drive not detected by the Bios and the device under Vista Home Premiun Manager

    Hi trinitario,.

    Because the hard drive is not detected in the BIOS also, it may be due to a hard drive configuration that should be changed or a rider. If you need to get in touch with a Local tech-store for assistance.

    Note: change in the BIOS/complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) settings can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the configuration of the BIOS/CMOS settings can be solved. Changes to settings are at your own risk.

    Hope this information is helpful
    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Since the L7680 installation my usb ports are not detected...

    It seems that something in the registry has been changed.  My Western Digital Passport (mass storage device) is not detected is not my SanDisk Micro (2G).  Western Digital will work in the USB from the printer, but don't the SanDisk.  I've lost the use of all of my USB ports on my computer processor and montor.  They used to work before installation.  I uninstalled and reinstalled, I check startup items in MSCONFIG.

    I read on the Microsoft support page which the hkey_local_machine\system\currentControlSet\Control...

    should be set to activate, but I do not have this folder in XP.

    Western Digital does not know what is happening, or not SanDisk.  HP really gave me the run around way to uninstall and reinstall, but I didn't get an answer that solves the problem.

    It seems to me that since it was drivers from HP which caused my other unit to pass unnoticed, HP should be able to tell me how to solve this problem.  I do too much research for a new product.  I know I'm very frustrated, and since this is a new printer I still have time to take it for something that's going to work.  I had a Dell that has worked well, I wanted to just an upgrade.  I guess I could have updated by Dell.

    Just about the evacuation, someone has an idea what the fix is for my USB not detected ports that have been replaced by the reader on this printer?

    I added a new HP printer to my set all my ports no longer works. None of my flash drives or removable hard disks worked. I tried everything and then read "ports must be updated". My computer is older than three years and the ports of origin are 1.1 and are of most new USB 2.0 devices. Long story short, I went to microcenter and bought new ports ($11.00) and add them to my computer. All ports are now functional.

  • Installation of XP Prof on Tecra A9 PTS52E - SATA HDD is not recognized

    Hi all

    I have a "nine" Tecra A9 (PTS52E) with Vista Business installed. However, I need XP Prof and a CD of XP - SP2 slipstreamed. The SATA drive is not recognized XP installation, so I need a driver of "F6."

    There are a lot of howtos on this for the 945 chipset, but I couldn't solve this problem on my A9 (Mobile 965 Express Chipset). I don't want to buy a USB floppy for one-time-installation drive. So I have to build the driver (iastor.sys and more) in the XP installation disc.

    A few problems: there seems to be no easy way to do this, because intel only provides files *.inf for the ICH8R (RAID =) controller, which does not exist in the A9. So I have to change the *.inf files, correct?

    Another thing: I saw in an another post here the discussion on switching to AHCI in the BIOS in compatibility mode. I can't find a way to change this setting.

    Aargh, I need this laptop for my work on an A8 (which is also mine), I installed XP without any problem.

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you


    Post edited by: michael-cologne

    Nice info I m interesting in the XP installation process.
    It would be great if you could post a few steps.

    Thank you

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    I bought my iPhone almost a year ago and he still has warranty valid

    If I want to get new headphones and charger but they are not otherwise defective

    so is it possible that I get new ones even if they are not defective?

    N ° guarantee replaces the defective do not part to which you have become dissatisfied.

  • New SATA drives will not be initialized

    A few weeks, I got a Western Digital Green 1 .5TB disc start coming out, so I quickly made sure I had a suitable backup and the reader sent in for RMA.  Then, I bought a new Samsung 2 TB and installed without problem.  Windows XP SP3 the drive recognized and allowed me to initialize the disk, the format and create partitions.

    Then I had to restart my machine due to a software update and when XP loaded up, I noticed in 'My Computer' the reader is no longer listed.  I checked the Disk Manager, and while the hard drive was recognized, he began to "uninitialized".  Yet once I went through the steps to initialize/format/partition the drive, which worked perfectly, but after a reboot, the same question has occurred.

    I tried to use another port SATA - no change in behavior.
    I tried updating the firmware of the player - no change in behavior
    I tried to use both methods of not formatting (quick and full) - no change in behavior

    Today, I got my hard drive replaced by the return of Western Digital post and couldn't wait to install it and do it with (what I thought) was a nightmare drive Samsung.  I got everything in place correctly and turned on my PC.  Read the BIOS the drive fine and Windows recognises the new hardware and began to install the driver (I have another WD 1 .5TB already installed, so I had very practical pilots).  I initialized the disc formatted and partitioned to discover that the SAME ISSUE was happening on this new album.

    I intend to try a new SATA cable when I get work in the hope that the question, but does anyone else have any suggestions?

    Hi chrixated,

    • What is the number and the model of the computer?

    See the link below to put on with similar problem and try all the steps mentioned, check if it helps.

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