Installation of XP Prof on Tecra A9 PTS52E - SATA HDD is not recognized

Hi all

I have a "nine" Tecra A9 (PTS52E) with Vista Business installed. However, I need XP Prof and a CD of XP - SP2 slipstreamed. The SATA drive is not recognized XP installation, so I need a driver of "F6."

There are a lot of howtos on this for the 945 chipset, but I couldn't solve this problem on my A9 (Mobile 965 Express Chipset). I don't want to buy a USB floppy for one-time-installation drive. So I have to build the driver (iastor.sys and more) in the XP installation disc.

A few problems: there seems to be no easy way to do this, because intel only provides files *.inf for the ICH8R (RAID =) controller, which does not exist in the A9. So I have to change the *.inf files, correct?

Another thing: I saw in an another post here the discussion on switching to AHCI in the BIOS in compatibility mode. I can't find a way to change this setting.

Aargh, I need this laptop for my work on an A8 (which is also mine), I installed XP without any problem.

Can anyone help?

Thank you


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Nice info I m interesting in the XP installation process.
It would be great if you could post a few steps.

Thank you

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    I recently bought a laptop Toshiba Tecra S3 and I'm happy with it, except for one important thing: I can not install Linux on it.

    I tried with the latest versions of Fedora Core and Ubuntu, the hard drive seems to be detected, but it is not recognized at the time of installation. I guess it's a matter of (too) new chipset Serial ATA.

    You have any recommendations or do you intend to contribute to the kernel modules in Linux/order that this model could be installed on Linux?

    Also note that I remember that I had the same problem when I tried to install Windows XP from a CD (not the recovery cd): the hard drive has not been detected and the installation failed.

    Thanks in advance.


    I can t believe that you can not install a Windows operating system.
    You formatait once again the HARD drive? I recommend to format the HARD drive completely, then install the operating system.
    In addition, if you want to use the Windows operating system, you must use the recovery CD because this image included all the necessary drivers.

    If you want to work with the Linux operating system, I recommend using the Knoppix distribution. In this case you n t need to install anything. This Linux you can start from the DVD or CD and it works as a Linux operating system normally

    Good bye

  • Tecra 8000: PC Wireless Card is not recognized

    I am trying to conect my Tecra 8000 to my wireless router, but the card is not recognized when I plug it into the laptop, it is recognized in my satelite. I tried running windows 98 and 2000 now but its made no difference.

    Is there anything else I should do?


    What wireless card did you use? Maybe the Tecra 8000 doesn t support this card.
    Check you manual user for the supported cards and compatible.

  • 20 GB of HDD is not recognized by Tecra 8100

    I just got this laptop Tecra 8100 and I am trying to upgrade its 12 GB with a 20 GB hard drive, a. I formatted the drive of 20 GB of my office using a portable USB Caddy before putting it in the laptop.
    When I boot up to install XP, and before she starts copying the installation files, it will give an error message telling me that no player has been found and restart.

    Any idea how do I get the new drive recognized?

    Thank you


    I discovered that Tecra 8100 supports only the 6 GB (9.5 mm thick), 12 GB (9.5 mm thick) and 18 GB hard drives (12.7 mm thick).
    It seems that the 20 GB HARD drive is too big and so the BIOS does not recognize the HARD drive and you can not install the operating system.

    Unfortunately, there is nothing to see.

    PS: You can try to update the BISO but I put t I think this will help.

  • Tecra S3: SATA hard drive not recognized after XP updates

    Windows has recently completed an automatic update on a Tecra S3 equipped with a 60 GB HARD drive SATA.
    After the reboot required for updaates windows generates a BSOD.

    I've traced the error and found that the system can not find the hard drive.
    Even when I use the XP cd and restore/repair console without a hard drive is located.

    When I check the BIOS hard drive is there.
    I removed the hard drive and used an external case and determined that the hard drive works fine.


    Tecra S3 supports RAID.
    In order to install Win XP RAID driver is needed!

    The RAID driver can be found on the European driver Toshiba page.
    It s a v 1.01.0005 for Win XP.

    You can include the RAID driver using nLite. This free tool allows you to include the RAID driver in the Win XP disc.
    Google for nLite for more details.

    Welcome them

  • Tecra A9 PTS52E - enable the remapping memory BIOS


    I just installed 4 GB of RAM on my Tecra A9 PTS52E; but Windows 7 tells me that he can use only 2.99 GB RAM. In order to make the most of the memory, I read that I need to enable "remapping memory" in my BIOS. But where can I find that? I have the BIOS version 2.10 - installed WIN... If I'm not mistaken it is the latest version for my model...?

    Thank you



    The graphics card shares a part of the main memory and this is controlled by the graphics driver.
    You cannot disable this or can transfer this manually.

    Welcome them

  • Tecra A9 PTS52E - can I use pixel & vertex shader?

    Problem: A malfunction on pixel & vertex shader
    Technical data:
    Model: Toshiba Tecra A9 PTS52E
    OS: Vista Business 32-bit
    RAM: 4 GB
    Chipset: 965 PM
    Graphics: (probably: X 3100)

    Details: Install some games (not new) it pops up the window that my graphics card is not shader pixels. I think - WTF - X 3100 and I965 Chipset families graphics cards have pixel shader - download graphics driver is useless-> graph avaible only version of the map is only on the - and this version too, I installed on my computer. Intel (WTF) does not support my chipset (965 PM)

    Question: Is there way/solution to update my graphics driver and be happy with pixelshadering & vertexshadering my games?


    Theoretically the Intel X 3100 graphics card supports Pixel - and Vertexshader 4.0 because it s DirectX 10 graphics card.

    In your case, I would try the new driver to display on the Intel site. Download the latest version and install it but first remove the old driver.

    In addition, it would be interesting to know what you are trying to play the games. Don t forget that Intel adapters are not the best for games and perhaps the games doesn t support this card.

  • New HARD drive is not recognized on Tecra M1


    I am new to this forum, so apologies if this is an old question.

    My Tecra M1 gave a quality service for the past 6 years, but recently, the Toshiba management console has put a message saying that the HARD drive will fail quickly.

    I loaded immediately turned off my main files before you remove the HARD drive. It is a Toshiba MK6022gax 60 gig IDE hard drive. I bought a new disc of gigabytes of 60 MK6022gax, but when I mounted this same I got the error message "error ide #0". Installation XP or the BIOS can see this new record.

    I then reassembled the old HARD drive, which started OK. I then mounted the new disk in a USB enclosure, initialized, partitioned and quick formatted using the XP disk management. He picked up OK. Then I copied some files to it and read them back with no problems, then the drive itself works very well. But when I plug as the main 'C' drive, I get the error message again and is not recognized by the bios or XP put in place.

    Clearly, there is some BIOS (?) or startup procedure I have to do to get this recognized record. Help!

    I have Tecra M1 long with 60 GB HARD drive. Right now, I've updated compatible HDD TOSHIBA HDD 2184 B.
    I can confirm that the HARD drive is recognized correctly and I actually have the new install of WXP Pro.

    In any case, have you tried to upgrade the BIOS to the default settings?
    As far as I know that nothing should be set before you put the new HARD drive and it must be recognized correctly.

  • Tecra A9 - protected password HDD data recovery


    My old Tecra A9 is dead, it does not supply power even on the splash screen more.

    Bad news is that my HARD drive is password protected, and it has some interesting data that I need to recover (from my last backup). I know that the HARD drive password because I walked whenever I started my Tecra.

    I removed the HARD drive and mounted in a USB enclosure to try to recover the data from another PC.
    But the drive is not detected by Windows, which is to be expected, I guess, because it is password protected.

    Yes, because I know the HARD drive password, is there a utility software available that will allow me to recover my data?

    If not, what other options may be available?
    I thought to buy an old Tecra A9 on eBay or elsewhere and inserting the HARD drive in it, but I don't know if it would work (I don't know if the password is related to the specific computer laptop serial number or something else).

    Any information would be appreciated

    I guess you could put the HARD drive in a laptop (any Toshiba or any brand?) and remove the password in the configuration of the BIOS.

  • LaserJet Pro P1102w installation problems - USB not recognized during installation

    Struggling to configure the P1102w - using the installation DVD that accompanies it, I go through the steps. When I get to ' turn on the printer, connect the USB cable to the computer ' the printer is not recognized. Is not dismiss it, he just can't get it - it is with Windows 8.1.

    Tried it on another laptop running Windows 7 - same problem. The installer sat on the market "in waiting to connect to the printer via the USB port.  When you connect, Windows recognizes a USB device and tried to install the device - came with an error that could not be recognized and need to contact the manufacturer for the installation files.

    Update Windows, computer rebooted several times, deleted the HP installation files and tried with drivers downloaded from HP website - same problem.

    Any ideas?

    I had the same problem when working on a clients computer.

    (1) it has been infected by viruses, so we had to make a Virus removal on his computer.

    So you want to make sure that your computer is virus-free

    (2) in most Windows 8 HP computers in particular, drivers automatically installs on the computer.

    Check your device manager and click on printers. It will show what is connected.

    On my computer it shows printers >

    HP P1102W

    I had to uninstall it, to install the software. Once I did that the computer was able to recognize the USB cable.

  • Tecra M9-185 - 750 GB HARD drive not recognized

    I have Tecra M9-185 (PTM91E-0G4045G3) with BIOS Version 1.90 dated the 29.02.2008.
    It came with HARD drive of 160 GB, which is quite old and needs replacement. I want to upgrade the HARD drive. I tried to use the 750 GB HARD drive, but it was not recognized by the BIOS.

    Is it possible to upgrade the HARD disk? Is there a limit to the ability of the new HARD disk that can be installed?


    Of course, the HARD drive can be upgraded.
    The laptop supports the SATA controller. The SATA controller is not limited to a special HARD drive size of my knowledge. 750Go should be supported too. But it might be possible that the BIOS is not able to manage these dimensions.
    Try a different SATA HDD with the smaller size.

    But question: why you n t choose an SSD (250 GB)?
    I have improved my Tecra A10 with a 250 GB SSD and the performance gain is amazing. The machine is running much faster and quieter

  • Tecra M3 (PTM30E) - new module of memory not recognized


    I have a Tecra M3 PTM30E 09X01LEN and am trying to upgrade the memory - addition to the 512 MB, it came with.

    I bought an upgrade memory of 1 GB Toshiba - PC2-4300 DDR2-553 and tried to install it in the housing B (leaving the original card where he was). As far as I know I've followed the instructions in the manual (which is pretty poor, since it is just of the drawings), but the new memory is not recognized.

    What can I do else?


    Strange but perhaps your new RAM module is defective or the second memory location.

    Have you tried the new memory module in the first place?
    What happens if you put the original 512 MB module in the second slot? The module is recognized?

    Check it!

  • Tecra M5 - DVD - Ram is not recognized


    This is my 1st post, so this is.
    I have a Toshiba Tecra M5 my old drive has just started to slow down, I bought a new drive Tsstcorp SN-S082H/baby.

    When I slot the drive in the Bay is not recognized by the system immediately unless I'm going to add harware and ASNA for new hardware, and then he picks it up,.
    When stop & restart lappy dvd - ram is not recognized by the system, or BIOS, the light on the flange of the discs is on but when I press the button open nothing happens. I installed the latest firmware, I also don't you any driver of indevice error messages sound as if the reader is not installed, but the light on the drive is turned on but does not open.

    Some1 can help me please?

    Model name: SN-S082H/baby
    Code OEM: TS
    F/W ver. SB01

    Follow the instructions posted by Akuma. Maybe this can solve the problem.

    Also, I checked the Tecra M5 user manual. There is a list with compatible DVD players, and your new drive is not listed. Not every drive is compatible with any laptop.
    If it doesn t work get the reader to the merchant computer buy a compatible player that is listed in the user manual:

    TEAC CD-224EN
    TEAC DV-28EN
    CCP UJDA770
    TSST TS-L462C
    Pioneer DVR - K16
    CCP UJ-841

  • Re: Tecra S3 - new 250 gb Sata hdd - windows does not recoginse

    Hi all

    I have a tecra S3-PTS30-E, which came from the company, I work for which was no longer necessary.

    I replaced the current 40 GB with two different - hdd

    Western Digital 250 GB WD2500BPVT

    Toshiba 120 GB - MK1252GSX

    I tried both separately and windows XP pro service pack 3 will not recognize either.

    I have downloaded the driver sata toshiba Web site and installed via F6 at startup, windows asks you what driver, windows 2000 or XP, I click on XP and you enter, windows continues until advising so none found HDD

    I also tried to download drivers intel after searching other threads, and it does not work through floppy.

    I also added the drivers toshiba XP ISO using nlite to create a disk slipstream and while xp is loading the disc, I noticed 'pilot toshiba raid' being installed. Same no result no hard drive found.

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you


    > Tecra S3 - new 250 gb Sata hdd - windows does not recoginse

    According to the specifications on this page:

    Your laptop's Ide interface, as far as I know on the old IDE interface there is a limitation of LBA 28 bits, which means that the laptop can only manage hard disks up to 128 GB.

  • Tecra S1: DVD ROM not recognized burner (Plextor PX-608AL)

    Hi all

    I bought a DVD ROM Writer (Plextor PX-608AL) that is not recognized by my Tecra S1 with XP Pro.

    I installed the latest BIOS v2.50 as well as the latest Windows patches.

    To the search, in the Setup of the BIOS (ESC during startup), the drive is not available.

    I tested the drive in my old non - Toshiba with Win2k laptop with no problems.

    Mounting frame is also OK (tested with the original Toshiba DVD ROM)

    Y at - there a trick to getting a 3rd disc part DVD working in a Tecra notebook?
    What is generally a problem

    Thanks for reading my ad and you answers or advice



    It won't be very easy get your new work of drive on your S1, I will explain why:

    Most DVD players for laptops (including your Plextor 608AL) do not have jumpers to set
    their place according to the requirements of the laptop.
    Three settings are available: master/slave/CableSelect

    Most Toshiba laptops require the CD to react as a secondary master drive, unfortunately
    a disc factory settings in bulk comes as a disk Primary Master or CS.

    There are two options how to get to missing jumpers to make it work.
    (1) thanks to a new firmware patch that has this option defined by the software based on Toshiba standard or
    (2) by a bridge of material on some pins to the back of the drive.

    As you can see, both options will cancel the guarantee of the reader and are not easy for a techie/technician.

    As for option 1) on the search for a suitable firmware... no there are none available now. I checked the official site of Plextor, but also sites of patch firmware... NO CONCLUSION.
    According to another Forum, business Plextor responded to a request for a firmware adapted with this answer:

    start of quote:
    Dear Sir.

    The drive is detected beeing as a master drive.
    This setting cannot be changed. Are there no rider to do so.
    How mount you the device to your laptop, it's up to you.
    It of different for every laptop and either found in the manual of books or you can request that information from the manufacturers for your laptop.

    Kind regards
    end quote (source: )

    As in option 2), it requires some skills with soldering and I do not think that this forum is suitable for me to explain this procedure. You should google around to find the procedure "pin 47 ashore" on your own, taking all the risks of losing the warranty and/or the drive on your own.



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