No sound through speakers, no sound through headphones, with the exception of a few videos.

DV7-6c90us w/Beats audio Entertainment PC. IDT High Definition Audio Codec. The drivers are "up to date". Device Manager indicates that this sound card does not work correctly. No sound through speakers. No sound of Blurays / DVDs. DVD reading slow and erratic. Sound will play with some videos, both on the hard drive and online. Sounds Windows play in the headphones. I did a scan of root of Avast Antivirus and PC Cillin Housecall. Not found any viruses.

Please, any help would be appreciated.

Download & save the last Audio driver. Go into the Control Panel, programs & features - software uninstall IDT. Reboot the laptop. After loading Windows, install IDT audio by using the downloaded file.

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  • Can I set up a surround sound 5.1 with the headphones?

    Can I set up a surround sound 5.1 with the headphones? I plugged in the headphones, but it doesn't seem to work very well.

    Great Question!

    The output on the laptop is 2.0, unless specified.

    Most of the 5.1 headphones do a virual surround sound experience unless they require multiple entries mini-jack, optical or cajolées.

    The only way to experience true 5.1 on a notebook computer is to have a 5.1 card internal (which is not included in the course HP laptop computers) or buy an external plug (USB or ExpressCard).

  • I have no sound on my PC (with the exception of BEEEEEEEPS!). I checked under the hardware profile and all audio devices work but when I go in the sound settings it says there is no device installed.

    I have a HP Pavillion PC that I am running Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2 on it.

    In the device section in the Control Panel, it says that all audio devices are working properly.  I even went to Microsoft Help on each one and there is no solution.

    When I go to Sound Devices, once again in the Control Panel, I see a message on each tab indicating that no device is installed.

    Other noise problem, I have no other problems.

    Help, please!

    Hello Sonier,

    Thank you for your message.  Do you know what type of sound card you have?
    Click 'Start' > right click on 'My computer' > click 'manage '.
    Click on Device Manager.
    In the right pane, click the (+) sign next to sound, video...
    Underneath, you should see your sound card.
    With this information you can go to the manufacturer website and download/install the latest driver for your card.
    Please let us know if this information was or was not useful for getting your problem be resolved.
    See you soon

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  • Family Vista premium SP2 - NAS - I can see it, can open its highest level, can go through it with the windows Explorer - strangely I can browse it with windows internet explorer 8 - what's up with windows Explorer?

    I have a WD NAS, who has worked through my Explorer windows until recently - now I can access only through Internet Explorer 8 using FTP.

    I use to be able to open the windows Explorer and able to 'network' and click on the NAS and enter my name/password and access all folders and files to the breast. Now I go into windows Explorer and I can see the NAS and I can click on it and enter my name and password, and it shows even the top-level folders-

    I can't do any further due to the standard contextual windows alert, and the message goes between the "network name is not available" and the message "already mapped the drive. I have not noticed a model and did not install anything at the same time. Don't try to do wireless, the NAS is ethernet wired to my router and my router to my computer - no router updates/changes - no updates/changes NAS - no I do not have the mapped drives sitting over there, yes I'm admin on the computer and the NAS server - there is no noticeble change I can find - not firewall , no anitvirus, no microsoft updates - anything good for troubleshooting?

    Anyone has an idea why only windows Explorer fails now to be able to access the NAS, esp when FTP with internet explore works fine? Thank you!

    Hi Dgbjr68,

    Try the following steps.

    Step 1

    Check the behavior in SafeMode with network and post back the result.

    Step 2

    You can also try to temporarily disable the firewall on your computer and check the status.

    NOTE: Enable the firewall after trying this step.

    Previous post: the results.

    Bindu S -Microsoft Support

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  • Looping/cycling through frequencies with the signal to create VI


    I am trying to operate a PZT with a given signal (of a formula) and to save the output of the sensors. I use a PXI of NI 5421 to generate the signal and an NI PXI 5105 to record signals. I made the attached code that works well, however, I'd like to be able to the frequency and the number of samples (the number of samples is function of frequency) in the VI of signal to create loop so that I can scan a range of frequencies. Could you please help me. I can't find a way to control the frequency outside the edit in the Properties window.

    Thank you


    Sanjay-thank you

    I just thought of it. I Redid the vi and when I ran an error that said come the input signal must be an integer value to a multiple of 4. I made a few simple changes to make and after that everything worked as expected. I guess that the entrance of waveform looked ok but not get operated by material, unless it is a multiple of 4.

    Thanks for your help,


  • Text, highlighted during the navigation through form with the mouse


    I have forms IAS When I click on text tabled in form with the mouse, the text within the field is not highlighted (selected), but the slider is set when I clicked.
    When I tried the same thing on the same form on IAS 10 g and Forms 6i, the text still highlighted so I can run directly over the text.

    Is there a solution (set in) also for 11 GR 1 material ( forms.

    Thank you and fr.

    The behavior has changed several times between the versions. If there is a situation where the text is not selected, but you prefer that he was, simply create a trigger in a TIMES - NEW - ITEM - INSTANCE and add the built-in SELECT_ALL*. This will cause the text to select when entering.

  • If you provided apple headphones with the phone, it is still under the first year warranty as well?

    I want a new pair o helmet

    You will need to bring to the Apple Store so they them.

  • Bluetooth connectivity for external headphones with the iPhone 5

    My iohone5 do not brand Jabra headset connect Bluetooth. It detects it well.

    can some body advise how to solve this problem?

    You need to put the headset in pairing mode. And if the lookup table is full, you may need to do a factory reset on it all first. Time to get out the manual for the headset.

  • Satellite M305D: No sound through the headphones but the speakers don't work


    I have a M305D I reformatted and installed Vista Ultimate. I installed all necessary drivers.

    However, when I plug the headphones in the headphone jack I have no sound in headphones and the loudspeakers continue to play.

    I don't know if the socket has worked before I refomrated.

    So I can't tell if it's a pre-existing condition.

    Assistance on the issue of the helmet would be greatly appreciated.


    Have you tested with another helmet?

    Maybe the little switch that is part of the headphone jack works not properly and doesn t switch between speakers and headphones.
    In this case the question would be related to hardware

    I m not very well if this problem could be related to a malfunction of the software, but it would be really interesting to know if the problem persists after installing the OS from the recovery DVD.

  • No output through headphones on Satellite A210

    Hi forum,

    My Satellite A 210 came back 2 travel of repair on the sound card.
    They changed the motherboard altogether.
    The speakers work again.

    I tested the connection headphone via the "sound" part and with the helmet on the control panel and it works.

    However, when I play a cd, for example, it only passes through the speaker even when the headset is connected.
    The helmet gets no noise at all.
    There must be some tweak somewhere to get the sound in the headphones and only by it.

    Help, please.

    Strange but seems to be resolved

    Bye the way. Check in the control panel-> Realtek HD audio manager an option above the micro and headphones.
    There is a folder icon. Activate this option!

  • NO sound when I play the MPG on Movie Maker preview

    My situation is as follows...

    Vista 32 bit Home Premium on Acre E380

    I try to read a file MPG to DV Camocorder file via Windows Movie Player, NO sound

    I try to play the same file in Windows Movie Maker, NO sound

    I play the video on the camcorder itself... Sound

    Hi Mytchstyle,

    You could a. read this file earlier?

    B. do you have the sounds on your computer with the exception of media center and Media Player?

    Have c. you checked if the sound is muted?

    Have d. you checked the speaker volume?

    Try the following steps.

    Step 1

    Open the link below and click on the cue, he touches.

    Step 2
    Restore default movie maker if you were able to play this file earlier.

    Step 3 set up the speakers to the media center.

      1. On the Windows Media Center start screen, navigate to tasks, click settings, click general, click on Setup of Windows Media Centerand then click on Set Up your speakers.
      2. Follow the instructions to configure and test your speakers in Media Center.

    Step 4: Install Codecs

    Download final codec on your computer, and try to read the files.

    Try these steps and let us know the result.

    Bindu S - Microsoft Support
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  • 7 adapter w/lightning iPhone headphones. The caller does not hear me

    When I make calls or receive, the person at the other end of the line can't hear me but I can hear them.

    In this case more than 50% of the time until now, in fact I would say more like 75% so far. Sometimes its fixed by pulling me on the adapter of the lightning and put it back in the phone.

    Today, I put through a few tests in-depth using three different sets of headphones and had the same problem with all of them.

    Anyone else having this problem?

    I'm having the same problem also. Pulling on the adapter of the lightning and reintegrate them into the port seems to solve it, but then happens again next time you receive a call.

    I used two different sets of headphones with the same results.

    The remote control also do not work and can not adjust the volume of the call.

    Assuming that he is part of the issues that have been reported and will be fixed in the next update?

  • speakers work not when you use the external monitor

    I use a laptop HP Envy and HP Pavilion 25bw external moniter connected via an HDMI cable. With the help of Windows 8.1. The sound is muted when the laptop lid is closed. If I open the lid I hear for about 2 seconds, then it turns off. If I remove the HDMI cable, the sound lights. How can I get the sound to work with the connected 25bw and close the lid?


    Please try to hell sound HDMI playback devices

    Right click on the speaker icon,

    Select playback device

    Click with the right button on HDMI sound

    Disable it.

    Kind regards.

  • System only through headphones - no music sounds. BUT... the music only through USB speakers. No system sounds. What is happening with this?

    I listened to the music on my computer through headphones regular plugged into the audio jack of 3.5 mm.  I could hear the computer through headphones - music, movies, YouTube, system sounds - everything.

    Then, I plugged my Microsoft Digital Sound System 80 speakers via the USB interface.  Windows XP found the speakers, loaded the right driver, gave me the message "your device is ready to use" and things started to play music that was running on the computer.  Sounds incredible.

    But now, I have a weird problem.  I can hear only the sounds system through headphones (beeps and dings that play during system events), but I can't hear the sound system on the USB speakers. AND... I can't hear the music/videos/YouTube, etc. on the speakers USB-interface, but I can't hear the sound system through the USB speakers.

    When I go to the audio tab of the sounds applet in the control panel and change the device for audio playback by default "SoundMAX HD Audio" to "Microsoft Digital Sound System", then I hear everything - system and all - sounds on USB speakers.  But then I hear anything through the headphones.

    I want to be able to Exchange music back to making the USB speakers.  How this is done?

    Yes, they are older speakers.  But they work a lot.  And the digital sound via the USB interface is excellent.

    Hi BitSpanker,

    The only option is to change the audio device by default for the device that you want to hear the audio.

    (a) click Start, click Control Panel, and then click sounds, speech, and Audio devices.

    (b) click on sounds and Audio devices, and then click the Audio tab.

    (c) in the sound playback section, under default device, make sure the audio device is the correct default audio device.

    (d) If this isn't the correct default audio device, click the drop-down list next to the device name, click the audio device you want, and then click OK.

    Change the audio device may require that restart you your computer.

    No sound in Windows

  • I have a problem with the sound to be heard through speakers and headphones.

    Original title: Ok, this is really annoying - need help (Audio)

    OK, so I have a motherboard Asrock z77 Pro 3 that supports the audio 7.1.
    But I have a stereo speaker 2.1 only. So I plugged in any case and began to use - the bizzare thing, is when I connect headphones through the headphone jack on the front, the sound is produced by headphones and speakers. I need to stop this.

    Is it OK to connect a 2.1 to 7.1 channel speakers? (by any channel 1 output).

    Realtek drivers installed.

    When you are using speakers stereo use decision-making (lime green) front speaker.

    Many cable front have two different connectors to connect to the motherboard.
    A (HD Audio if I remember correctly) allows to disable the outputs back when you connect the headphones to the output on the front panel.

    When you use the right connector you should see the option switch when you
    connect or disconnect the headset if you have Panel-Sound-open reading.
    Speakers should be 'default' when the headphones are not connected and when the reverse
    You then connect.


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