NOT86UA #ABA: computer laptop 15-af120nr

I don't know anything, I know you hate to hear that I open the box, place the battery in the seizure of power turn it gos on what sdtanderd of type I want? then give two options 1 turn off or truble shoot it's something wrong with her all ready therte? / I just want to know how to get this step goes [no matter how small] step of opening the box to go to youtube or downloading movies if you could point me in the path thatcan get me those answers I would be grateful




Let me welcome you on the HP forums!

I read your post about the problems with your new HP PC and wanted to help.

You should not have problems with a PC this new, especially not a screen offering the problems!

My suggestion is that you contact the HP customer support to see about maintenance and options at your disposal under warranty replacement.  If HP is unable to repair it, then you should be able to insist on a replacement - no charge!

If you live in the United States or the Canada, details are on this page:

If you live elsewhere, contact details are on this page:

NOTE: once you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to someone ' one - it can take a while!

Good luck

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    My computer laptop processor can be improved? I tried to find info but could not.

    product #: A7A84UA #ABA

    1.65 GHz AMD E-450


    The following link shows the specifications of your machine:

    It has 1.65 GHz VISION E2 technology from AMD with AMD Dual - Core E-450 accelerated processor, which is a

    Power outletFT1 413-Ball BGA


    This means that you need to replace the whole motherboard because the processor (CPU) is soldered to the motherboard.

    Kind regards.

  • Computer laptop HP Presario CQ57 (Windows 7) will not start.

    Computer laptop HP Presario CQ57 (Windows 7) will not start.

    Memory test: past

    Smart Check: spent

    DST short: failure

    ID Q7PS33-5T76ND-MFKR5F-60VV03 failure

    Product ID: QE321UA #ABA

    Hard drive


    The failure of DST short is normally indicative of a hard drive that has failed and must be replaced.

    The operating system and the software can be reinstalled using recovery discs that you made or purchased from HP.

    In order to use the recovery disks, you need to replace the hard drive with one of the same storage capacity or more.

  • Can I upgrade my computer laptop CPU and graphics Crard?

    I was wondering if I could upgrade my computer laptop processor and graphics Dev? I would also like to upgrade fans because of the heat. Here are my product information!

    Product name dv7-3080us product number VM187UA #ABA microprocessor 1.60 GHz Intel Core i7-720QM processor Memory microprocessor Cache 6 MB L2 Cache memory 6144 MB of system memory (2 Dimm) DDR3 Memory Max 8192 MB Video graphics Nvidia GeForce GT 230 M (GE NB10P) discreet up to 2815 MB memory graphics 1024Mo total Video memory 1024Mo ith dedicated Hard Drive 500 GB (7200 tr / MIN) Multimedia Drive LightScribe Blu - Ray ROM with burner DVD±R/RW SuperMulti Double layer screen 17.3 "diagonal HD + high-definition HP LED BrightView Widescreen Display (1600 x 900) Fax / Modem high speed 56 k modem network card integrated 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN, Wireless Connectivity

    • Intel WiFi Link 5100AGN
    • Bluetooth


    • Altec Lansing SRS Premium Sound technology with subwoofer

    Keyboard 101-key compatible keyboard full size with integrated pointing device Touchpad keypad with On / Off button and dedicated vertical scroll up/down pad PC Card Slots 1 ExpressCard/54 Slot (also supports ExpressCard/34) external Ports

    • 5-in-1 Integrated Digital Media Reader for cards Secure Digital, MultiMedia Card, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, or xD Picture Card
    • 4 universal Serial Bus (USB) 2.0, 4th port shared with eSATA
    • 2 headphone
    • 1 microphone input
    • HDMI
    • 1 VGA (15-pin)
    • eSATA + USB 2.0
    • 1 RJ-11 (modem)
    • 1 RJ - 45 (LAN)
    • expansion port for computer 1 cell 3
    • 1 IEEE 1394
    • irewire (4 pin)
    • 1 consumer IR (remote receiver)

    Other devices

    • HP webcam with integrated digital microphone

    Measures 16.2 "(W) x 10.9" (D) x 1.37 "(min H) / 1.70" (max H) weight 7.74 pounds safety

    • Location of Kensington MicroSaver lock
    • Turn on the password
    • Accepts 3rd party locking safety devices


    • Power adapter 120W
    • 8-Cell Lithium-Ion battery

    What's in the box of HP Mobile remote control

    1 of 3. Theoretically you can upgrade the processor as follows:

    Processor Intel Core i7-820QM 1.73 GHz, SC turbo up to 3.06 GHz with 8 MB of L2 cache
    and 1333 MHz front side bus (FSB)

    Frankly I would not worth it. The workload and potential will weigh much more heavily in the balance than the gain of performance negigible. An SSD would be much easier and would provide even more performance gain in any other game.

    The GeForce 230 M is the best graphics available in this series, so there is no motherboard better. Graphic design is not a replaceable but welded card to the motherboard. There is only one available for this model fan. Perhaps you could improve its performance with best chocks composed or perhaps thermal thermal but it's a cutting-edge engineering.

    If you have any other questions after return.

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  • Computer laptop Pavilion dv6 will not work

    Hello, I have a computer laptop Pavilion dv6 with product number QE023UA #ABA. It works under windows 7.

    So I was just playing and my laptop turns off suddenly as if he had run out of battery life. But he is in CHARGE. I didn't know what happened, so I just pressed the power button and nothing happened. I pressed it again but longer, still nothing.
    (btw, I use an extension) I thought something was wrong with the plug, but nothing was wrong. I heard a strange noise coming from the ac cable. That is what happened: Advanced... Tip... Tip... Tip... Tip... and so on. I tried to remove the battery and put it back in, but that does not solve anything. None of the lights are on. I don't know what to do more and I am looking for help.

    Sorry if my English is bad.

    The problem is solved, but thank you for responding.

  • Printing a Web page to a .pdf or .xps file generates a file but it is empty. How can I fix it? I have Firefox 40.0 on a new computer laptop for Windows 10

    When I print a Web page to a .pdf or .xps file, it creates a new file, but file Explorer says it's 0 KB in size. These .pdf files will open, but they are white - the only thing that appears is the outline of a page, without anything in the outline. When I print an .xps file, File Explorer shows that it contains 0 KB. When I try to open it, I get a message saying that the XPS Viewer cannot open the file. These things just started for me a few days after I installed Firefox 40.0 on a new computer laptop of Toshiba Satellite with 10 Home Windows operating system. I have the latest version of Flash Player (in fact, I just tried redownloading and reinstalling the current version; that does not solve the problem). I tried to change the format by default to print to .pdf file, but that has not solved the problem. I contacted the chat Windows support site; They told me that it was not a Windows problem. Is this a Firefox problem? If so, you can tell me how to solve the problem, please?

    Thank you

    First of all, try to disable the extensions to see if that helps this, then try safe mode.

  • Yahoo gave me the block www site; now unable to use firefox on computer laptop win7

    looking for something on yahoo mail. announcement above asked me if I wanted to block - stupid me clicked on it. Now impossible to open what anyone with Firefox. Internet Ex and other work programs. Ran AVG and MBAM and hard reboot, not change. I can try to uninstall Firefox and reinstall but worried this virus can do additional damage to computer laptop may.

    Ideas? I'm in the middle of trying to sell the property out of State.

    You use the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) that can block content (e.g., Adblock Plus, NoScript, Flash Block, Ghostery)?

    If you then click on their icons in toolbar and search the blocked items.

  • Pavilion 15-p108ne: my computer laptop p108ne I hope that I can install Windows 7 Windows 7 drivers. But what was not in the site

    My computer laptop p108ne I hope that I can install Windows 7 Windows 7 drivers. But what was not in the site


    You should be able to use the W7 x 64 drivers and software of p000-15 t on your model, except the BIOS and firmware files.

  • OMEN of HP for computer laptop 15-ax006no: best way to use the battery


    I bought a HP OMEN for computer laptop 15-ax006no ( & opt = UUW & salt = NTB) earlier this week and I wonder how is best to use and to keep the battery?

    -Should I disconnect the battery when I have access to outlet?

    - Or should I fully charge and then use remove the charger and only work on battery?

    Thanks in advance!


    Batteries and Chargers for modern laptops are now smarter than we thought. They stop to load when 100% full

    1. Should I disconnect the battery when I have access to outlet? You, the risk is down, you have no backup power supply and it can kill your machine, speciall if she had a normal HARD drive.
    2. Or should I fully charge and then use remove the charger and only work on battery? This isn't a good idea because the battery will run out and you will need to recharge which means increase in cycles and the charge battery will die earlier.

    My option: maintain the battery even when plugin

    Kind regards.

  • Pavilion G6 - 2163sr: Max RAM computer laptop HP Pavilion G6 - 2163sr


    I want to improve my laptop for 2 * 8 GB RAM. Motherboard supports this amount of memory?

    So understand, my motherboard model is HP 183rd (U3E1) but I didn't find its specification in the web.

    Thanks in advance.

    Here's the official specs:

    Basically, the motherboard is the laptop model. Laptops are designed of the earth upward by the manufacturer so there is no separate computer laptop itself set of specifications of the motherboard.

    The specs say 8 maximum of concerts, but it's a 3rd generation of processor Intel Core. However, the maintenance manual, which is usually more reliable than the specifications, said as 8 GB maximum and does not specify a compatible 8-gig module.

    Repair manuals

    Even Crucial said 8 maximum of concerts and they perform ongoing tests because if they can sell you larger modules they want to be able to do.

    So, bottom line, I think it might take 2 x 8 gig modules, but it would be a big gamble and I guess that it can take only 2 x 4 GB.

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  • HP Pav 23-1010t: connect HP Pavilion dm4 computer laptop to HP Pavilion 23 all in an office?

    I would like to connect my HP Pav 23-1010t All in One Desktop on my computer laptop HP Pav dm4.  For the purpose of switching between the two, using the HP Pav 23 video/monitor, keyboard and mouse to control what's on the laptop.

    A KVM will pass work?  Some swtich or other cables?


    No, this won't work KVM or other cables.

    Kind regards.

  • Satellite L300-1 has 3 and WXP - computer laptop is very slow

    I installed Windows XP computer laptop Satellite L300-1 has 3.
    After portable installation is very slow, I think that the problem in the SATA driver.

    Please send me the driver SATA for Windows XP Home edition, or please give me the solution.

    Thank you


    May I ask how you installed Win XP?
    Did you change the SATA mode on compatible in the BIOS settings?
    If yes then this problem is related to the missing SATA drivers!

    You can find the SATA drivers in the Intel Storage Manager which is placed on the page of European disk from Toshiba!

    Launch the .exe with the settings file a p

    For example (the files will be unpacked in the storagemanager folder):

    c:\downloads\iata_cd.exe - a c:\storagemanager Pei

    An accurate description, you will find in the Readme! Read it!
    Then you will get the unique file which could be included for Win XP CD using nLite software!

  • Equium A300D computer laptop completely shutsdown randomly times

    Equium A300D computer laptop completely shutsdown randomly times
    It could be overheating.
    He really can not cope when you try to restore the i-phone - I was unable to do what the laptop is not long enough
    Reading and / or burning media is also a problem
    Any thoughts on how to fix would be appreciated

    You are right. It may be overheating problem.
    Mobile is also pretty hot when suddenly stops?

    In my opinion you should clean it.

    A friend of mine had the same problem with its A350. After laptop cleaning problem has been resolved. With other words, laptop has been disassembled and cleaned properly.

  • Satellite L510 - computer laptop screen freeze on Win7


    I have a Satellite L510 computer laptop that I use at home, especially for browsing the net through LAN wireless.
    I bought it last February lately, he showed problems with its display. When I boot on Win7 (that is, moreover, the only OS installed), after about 5-7 minutes of operation, the brightness of the screen increases significantly and the screen just hangs.

    Then, within 20-30 seconds, it restarts on its own and everything comes back to the normal operating status. The behavior has been intermittent and random so far. I can't find a reason why this is happening. Pls help!

    Kind regards

    You see an error message when this happens, or even after reboot?
    Since when you noticed this behavior?
    Have you noticed intensively HARD drive activity before that happens?
    Is the option value for update windows automatically?

    Try to roll beck OS to an earlier time using System Restore tool.

  • Spectrum for computer laptop 13-v051na: connect more capacity power adapter Message

    After starting, I get the following message. "For maximum performance, connect a higher capacity Power Adapter.

    The power adapter I use is provided in the box with the notebook. So I'm at a loss on what to do and do not understand the impact with an adapter in addition low capacity.

    AFAIK, the ability for the laptop power adapters are not in the HP store.

    Details of the laptop;

    Spectrum of HP for computer laptop 13-v051na, part number; F6P95EA #ABU

    (Note that this laptop is a variant of PCWorld/Dixons cell phone spectrum HP Ref. 13 - v001na F4W33EA #ABU)

    Details of the charger supplied with the notebook; (markings on the charger)

    Power supply for charger USB - C;

    Model; TPN-CA02

    HP part No.; 848067 002

    HP Spare; 848293 850

    Entry; AC 100-240V 1. 4A


    5V 2A DC

    12V 3A

    15V 3A

    45W max

    Additional information about the message;

    Message; "For maximum performance, connect a higher capacity Power Adapter.

    In the taskbar, the icon indicates that the message is from HP system information.

    Application properties (found via the Task Manager) HP system information are;

    • File; USBCMSG.exe
    • Location; C:\Program Files (x 86) \HP\HP event system
    • Version of the file;
    • Version of the product;
    • Date of change; 20/06/2016
    • Original file name; SysInfo.exe

    Good news is that there is a difficulty.

    I was given further guidance to Support cat HP, including a link to the page software and downloads.  This shows a new BIOS Softpaq, which has not been suggested by HP Support Assistant. Details of the update of the BIOS are;

    HP Notebook System BIOS Update (Intel processors) F.26 Rev.A 15.4 MB 24 August 2016

    File name: sp77130.exe
    Communicate details
    Exit the: 12 August 2016
    Version F.26 Rev.A

    I have applied this update of the BIOS and the wrong power adapter warning message no longer appears.

    Problem solved. Thank you HP.

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