Note of disapproval of player not persistent in VI Toolkit 1.5

I've updated my VI Toolkit (the script thing) 1.5 1.0 Tuesday, and I discovered a problem with one of my scripts.  Changes to the road from IndependentPeristent to IndependentNon-persistent States no longer work, produces the following message:

: 12/02/2009 13:30:22    Set-HardDisk  C9875D59-A700-4FDC-AE1D-8DF0189623B9    Changing virtual hard
disk persistance from "IndependentPersistent" to "IndependentNonPersistent" is not supported. At
C:\vmbop\VMBOp.ps1:163 char:58+  Set-Harddisk -VM (get-content $strVMList) | Set-HardDisk  <<<<-Persistence IndependentNonPersistent

While there is a slight pain as the script is concerned, the reason is a bit more concerning.

The bit that changes the persistence of the car is as follows:

Get - hard drive -VM $objVM | Hard drive set -Persistence IndependentNonPersistent

I thought that maybe the syntax has changed in this latest version, so I ran help against the command Set - hard drive that showed me what follows:

Specifies the disk persistence mode. The valid values are: Persistent, NonPersistent, IndependentPersistent, IndependentNonPersistent, and Undoable. This parameter
is supported only when the disk type is set to "rawVirtual" or "flat". Note that the 'NonPersistent' and 'Undoable' persistence policies are deprecated and will be discontinued in future releases. Their
usage is not recommended because they do not work with snapshots and are not supported on ESX 3.5 and higher.

I changed the command to:

Get - hard drive -VM $objVM | Hard drive set -Persistence not persistent

Which resulted in the following:

Consider using another persistence policy because 'NonPersistent' is deprecated
and will be discontinued in a future release. Also it doesn't work with
snapshots and is not supported on ESX 3.5 and higher.

And then wrong with:

Set-HardDisk : 13/02/2009 14:15:53    Set-HardDisk    2A59A949-0BCF-4E7A-8837-4D3583D27C8A    Changing virtual hard disk persistance from "IndependentPersistent" to "NonPersistent" is not supported. At line:1 char:48
+ Get-Harddisk -VM MSIBenchmarking | Set-HardDisk  <<<< -Persistence NonPersistent

If VMware remove non-persistent features for disks, then this will cause me trouble, according to the circumstances, that I can't use snapshots.

Also, does anyone know how to fix the script so that it will work in VI Toolkit 1.5?

It looks like a bug. We change the behavior of this cmdlet, and I think it is because it is impossible to create discs of IndependentNonpersistent on 3.5. Which corresponds to your experience?

I asked the dev team to watch him.

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    Can you please help me with importing photos from an external hard drive.  92 000 images transferred, then import stopped with the message: IMPORT CRITICISM: THE PERSISTER MASTER FAILURE.  EXCEPTION CODE: EXC_1386_GPFLT.  A lot of pictures in the last implant, but was very blurry.  The 92 000 that has been imported successfully are very clear.  I re-tried the import process is the same.    could answer you to *

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    Really not post your e-mail address here on these public forums where she can by harvested by scammers. I asked that Hosts change for you protection.

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    Right, I found the problem: all the objects you want to persist must implement the Persistable interface. Too bad there is no word about it in the JavaDoc of PersistentStore and PersistentObject and too unfortunate that PersistentObject.setContent () takes an object as a parameter instead of an instance of a Persistable implementation. That probably has to do with the fact that the implementation allows implicit persistables objects as the Java object representatives for more than native data types Hashtable and vector.

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    This type of problem with saving settings often indicates a corrupt user profile.  I suggest test you in a different user account (create one if necessary) and see if the same problem occurs or not.

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    More info: even after the tiles disappear from the splash screen, shortcuts remain in the AppData/Microsoft/Windows/Start Menu/Programs/folder. Try to pin shortcuts in menu start again creates new tiles, for example ' website (2) ", and after the closing and opening Google Chrome again, that will disappear too.

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    Usually this problem is due to corruption of user profiles or reason to set another browser as default. I would like to know some information about this problem so that we can help you further.

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    Persistence of the message is defined by the attribute of mode of delivery for the producer in the JMS message client or it can talk together on a basis of messages in the send operation. The default value for the mode of delivery to the producer of the message is PERMANENT.

    WebLogic JMS has a function to override the shipping method defined by the producer of message. This is the configuration of the Destination where there is an attribute called the Mode of delivery replace which can take the values:

    Not provided: Mode of delivery of the message producer is not overridden
    Persistent: All messages are marked as persistent regardless of the message setting producer
    Non-permanent: all Messages are marked as non-persistent regardless of the message setting producer.

    All non-persistent messages are stored in the memory in case of normal use. If there is a stack to the top of messages, weblogic moves the body of the message the disk in what called a store of pagination for the JMS server, keeping only the headers of the message in memory. The characteristic of non-persistent messages, is that he cannot survive server restart. If these messages even when they are on the disk in the paging store custom survive restart of the server.

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    Solved the problem, it was caused by the AppData registry setting on my machine doesn't point is not a valid path. The key can be found here "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders" even though I think you need to change here 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders' and when you log in the process explore will evaluate the settings of user Shell folders and move them across Shell Folders (so you have to maybe restart the process explore to make it work)

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