OfficeJet J4680 does not recognize the password wireless


Our wireless printer is grateful is no longer the password wireless. It will print if connected via FireWire/USB and it does not recognize the network, but he thinks that the password is wrong. There is no Ethernet port, so I can't connect it to the modem or the router to see if it would work like this. I restarted the modem, the router and the printer, but nothing seems to work. The password is correct. What can I do else?



Nevermind - I went stupid but now solved the problem.

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    If you have questions try to find answer using the advanced search options.
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    Zero has changed since yesterday, when my printer was working fine. I used the same router for months, do not change any settings. Any thoughts on what may be the issue? A bad update happen?

    Thanks in advance.

    My apologies for the late reply. I managed to get this problem resolved by phone to customer service.

    The security mode of the router had to be changed to 64 WEP for wireless connection to be restored. According to Support HP, it's a common problem with the routers in Technicolor. There was no explanation as to why the printer has suddenly lost the ability to connect wirelessly when safety was created to WPA2-PSK. The network has been configured this way for more than a year.

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    Well, I appreciate everyone's input, but none of them seemed to work.  I tried but the encryption key for the Linksys router and that worked.  If the Mac is running.  Thanks for this interesting information which lead me to read on the airport of Mac and the connection with a program 3rd party!

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    PS Sorry for the bad English, I'm Italian.

    This right.  You must use the word blackberry to continue.  When you put the password again, it will appear as letters regular to avoid typos, etc.  Oonly you get 10 chances and the password is case-sensitive.  If the password has a number, remember to use the ALT key first.  I don't know if the number of password retries reset to 10 if do you a battery pull, but you can try.

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    The WiFi card is an option for this model for example. It is not included in all machines. You must purchase the correct module for W - lan to work.

    If the card is installed in the machine, you should see a yellow esclamation mark (!) or "unknown device" If you uninstalled hw.


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    Hello Mark

    Please do not give up so easy. Do you have password BIOS or Windows? If you have problems with installation for Windows what OS password again and the problem will be solved.

    Do you have the recovery DVDs?

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    I scoured the web & forums to find a solution to it, but without success. Please tell me how I can fix the problem! Thank you!

    Yup blue flashing light means that you are not connected to your routers SSID. For test purposes, remove your SSID of the router password. Now try to connect to your SSID unsecured? Are you successful? If so, go back and add a WPA2-AES encryption with your password.

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