On firefox memory leaks cause blue screens?

On firefox memory leaks cause blue screens?


If you encounter blue screen crashes, this majority refers often to an incompatibility with a device driver, especially the graphics drivers. Go to Firefox Safe Mode and disable the use of Firefox hardware acceleration of graphics.

Assuming that Firefox is closed:

Hold down the SHIFT key when you start Firefox. You should get a small dialog box. Click on 'Start mode safe' (not reset).

(If Firefox is running, use Help > restart with disabled modules to call the dialog box.)

In Firefox, open the Options of the Advanced tab dialog box:

the button Firefox orange (or the Tools menu) > Options > advanced

In the mini ' General' tab, uncheck the box for "use hardware acceleration when available.

This will take effect after you exit Firefox and start it up again (in normal mode).

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  • Skype causes Blue Screen of Death after a while in a call.

    Hello, I am currently having a problem with my Skype where it will make my computer BSOD after a while in a call, it only occurs during Skype calls, not during other communications programs of voice as the voice of steam call and the blue screen is more likely to happen when I'm in Firefox.

    The blue screen error I get is "clock interrupt was not receieved a secondary processor in the time interval allowed."

    Any help would be appreciated.

    I did clean install applicable drivers and even tried to Exchange pieces of equipment (including the negotiation on an old CPU and RAM value) and no change.

    Fortunately, a solution to the problem, which has been swicthing on Google Hangouts. They work much better because there is no decrease in performance, even streaming, has more features and does not cause a blue screen after a couple of hours.

  • Firefox memory leak <! DIFFICULTY! >

    Hello fellow Firefox users!

    For most of us, Firefox suffers from a memory leak crazy, this can cause slowdown and perhaps even crashes. This happens mainly because when you close the tabs, the RAM, they took is always taxing your computer. Among other things cause this annoying leakage.

    Recently, I switched to Firefox and has this leak. I would not put upward with him, so I put solutions. Here's what I came with.

    Some addons I've handpicked, which when combined, are extremely effective.



    MemoryRestart 1.1

    Firefox slow acting? Try these great modules!

    SpeedFox 0.9.11


    Get all these together and make a leak free and faster Firefox!

    Additional details of the system

       Windows Vista
       Firefox 9.0.1

    More information

    Front of Add-ons
    Firefox could take up to 512 MB and up, leading to problems.
    Firefox could take some time to load the tabs sometimes.
    Download was OK.
    After Add-ons
    Use Firefox NEVER more than 512 MB, typically stays around 300 MB.
    Firefox almost NEVER slows down.
    Downloads go up to 4 x the average speed.
    Computer information
    Windows Vista
    4 GB of ram Ram HQ
    Firefox version 9
    3.0 MHZ AMDPhenII QuadCore
    NIVIDIA, VideoRAM 2048 DDR2

  • Inserting a Flash Drives and cell phone causes blue screen - stop 0x3B

    Original title: inserting a few Flash Drives, but not all, and cell phone causes a blue screen of death

    Computer Dell Inspiron 518 Intel core 2 quad, 6 GB memory, office 2 years.
    HP Vista 64-bit, Service Pack 2, updated version 6.0.6002 fully implemented.
    No change to HW or SW immediately before the first detected failure, but the USB port which is not often used.
    History - off Ready Boost after a short experience and installed months ago driver and card Renesas Electronics USB 3.0.  This driver has been disabled through all of this, but I've not yet physically removed the card.  Disable ready boost was simply to stop - no other instructions not found for removal.

    Anitvirus BitDefender and Malwarebytes scans are both clean.

    A flash drive works fine, but three others cause seconds blue screen of death after installing into any USB port.   Bought a new flash drive and it also causes a crash.  Found cell phone also gives BSOD.  All work fine on another computer.  USB is currently led printer, external hard drive, digital camera downloads and keyboard/mouse very well.  Tried both USB ports with the same results and back and disconnected all other USB devices except the keyboard and mouse.  Remove and reinstall all USB drivers (6) one by one (the 1CH9 Intel USB controllers host family) and USB controllers enhanced (2);  also storage device USB and device drivers USB Composite and façade drivers card reader.  After each new facility, any 'bad' flash player causes immediate crash.  'Good' flash player's Centron Centon Pro 8 GB and one of bad flash drives is one attached PNY 8 GB, another a San Disk.  I think, but I don't remember, that the 'good' flash player was installed for Ready Boost test.

    Unable to find a failure code or no trace of several accidents in the problem reports.   Here is all the data of failure that I could find:


    I'm puzzled.  Thanks in advance.



    You must update the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) and the Pilots of the Chipset using the computer manufacturer.
  • Latest Skype causes Blue Screen of Death

    Whenever I have install/update Skype on windows 7 to the current version, I get a blue screen as I can't use older versions because he says "Skype cannot connect." Any help on any of these questions is accepted. Thank you.

    You have the well known problem of the Webcam HP HD [Fixed] .

    The last 6.16/6.18 Skype are causing BSOD on HP laptops with this installed webcam.

    You can try to uninstall the version 6.18 and install the previous Skype version using the download links provided here:


    Be sure to turn off the automatic updates.

    Tools-> Options-> Advanced-> automatic updates-> turn off automatic updates

    The other option is to uninstall the HP drivers and install generic Microsoft webcam drivers.


  • Re: Windows Update KB kb961371 causes blue screen when you try to connect with BT

    Just thought I'd share what he had me flumoxed for awhile.

    I found that Windows Update has published around July 16, 2009 cause BT crash and Wlindows to go back to a blue screen.

    KB961371 is installed automatically by Windows Update If you have set it to do.

    Unistalling it end the Bluescreens.

    BT Stack Version 6.40.00 (T)

    Windows Vista, but can affect other operating systems

    Update details



    Hey Ian, thanks a lot for this info.
    I'll test it on my machine.

  • HP Pavilion dm4-1024tx Enterta: upgrade to 8 GB of memory and is blue screen problem

    Product: HP Pavilion dm4-1024tx Entertainment Notebook PC
    Product number: XC651PA
    I have corsair Vengeance ram 8 GB (CMSX8GX3M1A1600C10) that as a result of the configurations as mentioned below:
    SPD 9-9-9-24 latency
    SPD speed 1333 Mhz
    SPD voltage 1.5V
    PC3-12800 (1600 MHz) memo speed
    Tested latency 10-10-10-27
    Tested 1600 Mhz speed
    Tested voltage 1.5V
    It passes the test of memory BIOS.
    BIOS VERSION: Hewlett-Packard F.27, 21/12/2011
    But when I boot windows 7, it shows the windows symbol and then it shows the blue screen with the error
    STOP: 0X0000007E
    If I replace memory corsair with the memory that has been delivered with the laptop the system only works very well.
    Corsair memory is not compatible with the system?
    I have a dual boot and installed ubuntu on this subject. Ubuntu loads perfectly fine, but after a while the system restarts automatically (IE open application).
    I tried memorytest86 to test the memory, but the application continue to crash and reboot and does not provide any results.
    Help, please.

    The RAM is not compatible. The system allows a maximum total memory of 8 GB and uses DDR3-1333 which downclocks at 1066 speed. You cannot use a single module of 8 GB. 4 gigs is the large single module supports the system. I suspect the memory that you have will work fine if you had modules of 2 x 4 GB instead of a single module of 8 GB. That's why memtest is not finished. The controller memory motherboard is not able to take up 8 GB of RAM by a single channel.

  • Updates to Windows Firefox blocking systems to blue screen since 09/02/10

    Since Windows 7 updates tonight (09/02/10) I have blue screen crashes when you run the Mozilla Firefox browser. It started just this evening with the latest Windows updates. I have reported this here and on Mozilla and hope that someone set quickly. If this isn't the case, I'll have to restore both of my laptops to the restore point before applying updates. We running Windows Home Premium 32 bit, and the other is WHP 64-bit, so I know the issue is not limited to one specific machine.

    Firefox bug Forum sent me this reply. Not specific to Win7, but leads me to think it may be something similar...

    This has nothing to do with your problem if you can start your computer Win7 (not Firefox) without getting a BSOD.

    CF. http://blogs.technet.com/msrc/archive/2010/02/11/restart-issues-after-installing-ms10-015.aspx

    Meanings not necessarily bear, if you experience one or more of the updates that you have installed on or after that 09 Feb-10 is at the origin of behavior...

    For individuals, please visit the Microsoft Solution Center and antivirus security for resources and tools to keep your PC safe and healthy.  If you have problems with the installation of the update itself, visit the Microsoft Update Support for resources and tools to keep your PC updated with the latest updates.

    Home page of Security Support consumer & Microsoft Update Solution Center also offer support options

    For more information about how to contact your local Microsoft subsidiary for security update support issues, visit the International Support Web site: http://support.microsoft.com/common/international.aspx

    For enterprise customers, support for security updates is available through your usual support contacts.

  • Y at - it virus? -Causing blue screens and random reboots

    Y at - it of viruses out there that are affecting the computers and blue screens and random reboots of the origin?

    There is, but your problems could be caused by other issues too,

    Tell us the information on your computer and we give information about the problem.

    you do something specific when you get the blue screen?

    you have anti-virus (what kind)

    did you install any software/hardware recently?

    a good way to fix a wide variety of pc problems is to run a chkdsk

    1. Hold the windows key
    2. Press R
    3. in the box that opens type of command, press enter
    4. type the following echo Y | CHKDSK C: /r
    5. Restart the computer

    It will scan your hard drive for errors that can be caused by being improprley stop, as when the death bluse screen occurs.

  • opening of Skype call causes blue screen

    ORIGINAL TITLE: Urgent... Help, please... Blue screen

    When I'm about to open Skype call my laptop screen always turn blue, then I downloaded view blue screen then he told me that my driver is broken and he is ntoskrnl.exe, how can solve this problem the bluescreen on always keep coming and then restart. He said something as preparation to dump...

    Help, please. because I just brought this computer... Please help... How can fix the ntoskrnl.exe driver?


    Check with the help of Skype and their forums, as it may be known issues.

    Skype - Support

    Skype - Forums


    Ntoskrnl.exe is a component of Windows which means than anything else he has led astray. More likely
    the root cause on top of my head are the WiFi (wireless) or network (wired) NIC drivers. Check with
    system manufacturer (manufacturer of motherboard for customized systems) or the actual manufacturers. (See
    driver update methods below.)

    Pick up the pieces after a computer crash

    Check this thread for more information using BlueScreenView, MyEventViewer and other methods
    to troubleshoot the BlueScreens - top 3 responses (+ 1 other).


    We can analyze the minidumps if make you it available to the SkyDrive or another file
    sharing sites (such as MediaFire). If you have problems to download the copy of minidumps
    for the office or in the Documents folder and download them from there.

    ZIP or download the content of the C:\Windows\minidump

    Use SkyDrive to upload collected files


    Also this, so you can see the probable bluescreens.

    Windows Vista restarts automatically if your computer encounters an error that requires him to plant.
    (also Windows 7)


    Check out these utilities to see if information may be collected:

    It is an excellent tool for displaying the blue screen error information

    -Free - BlueScreenView scans all your minidump files created during 'blue screen of death '.
    hangs and displays information about all accidents of a table.


    MyEventViewer can be verified at the time of the blue screen (BSOD) for a second or less
    the time of the BSOD for more information on the possible cause - see TIP.

    MyEventViewer - free - a simple alternative in the standard Windows Event Viewer.
    TIP - Options - Advanced filter allows you to see a period of time instead of the whole of the record-
    Set it for a bit before and after the time of the BSOD.


    AppCrashView - free - a small utility for Windows Vista and Windows 7 which shows details
    application of all accidents occurred in your system. The information breaks down is extracted from
    the wer files created by the Windows Error Reporting (WER) of the operating system component
    whenever an accident occurred. AppCrashView also allows you to easily record the list of accidents
    text/html/csv/xml file.


    Control Panel - network - write down of the brand and the model of the Wifi - double click top - tab of the driver - write
    version - click the driver update (cannot do something that MS is far behind the pilots of certification). Then
    Right click on the Wifi device and UNINSTALL - Reboot - it will refresh the driver stack.

    Look at the sites of the manufacturer for drivers - and the manufacturer of the device manually.

    How to install a device driver in Vista Device Manager

    Download - SAVE - go where you put it - right click – RUN AS ADMIN.

    You can download several at once however restart after the installation of each of them.

    After watching the system manufacturer, you can check the manufacturer of the device an even newer version. (The
    manufacturer of system become your backup policies).

    Repeat for network (NIC) card and is a good time to get the other updated drivers as Vista like
    updated drivers.

    I would also turn off auto update for the drivers. If the updates Windows suggests a just HIDE as they
    are almost always old, and you can search drivers manually as needed.

    How to disable automatic driver Installation in Windows Vista - drivers
    http://TechNet.Microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc730606 (WS.10) .aspx

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • NTFS.sys crash causing blue screen?


    I get this crash blue screen for few days now randomly. Don't know what the problem where the reason why I'm here.
    I provided a dump log file, so I hope you can shed some light on the question. Please help me :(
    Dump file: Mini012912 - 01.dmp
    Crash time: 29/01/2012-12:33:07 AM
    Bug Check String: NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM
    Bug check Code: 0 x 00000024
    Parameter 1: 0x001904aa
    Parameter 2: 0xb52299e0
    Parameter 3: 0xb52296dc
    Parameter 4: 0x8801172d
    Caused by the driver: Ntfs.sys
    Caused by the address: Ntfs.sys + 572d
    Description of the file: NT File System Driver
    Product name: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
    Company: Microsoft Corporation
    File version: 6.0.6000.16386 (vista_rtm.061101 - 2205)
    Processor: 32-bit
    Plant address: ntkrnlpa.exe + cdb3f
    Stack address 1: Ntfs.sys + 19fff
    Stack address 2: Ntfs.sys + 17976
    Battery 3 address: ntkrnlpa.exe + ad218
    Computer name:
    Full path: C:\Windows\Minidump\Mini012912-01.dmp
    Number of processors: 2
    Main version: 15
    Minor Version: 6002
    Size of the dump file: 198 544

    Share with everyone - others more savvy I can watch it. It increases the chances of getting a solution.

    Name the folder and change the permissions to share with the person concerned.

    Important note : You can share the file with anyone if there is no private/sensitive information (for example the screenshot of a prompt error message). For so and so, just select the option "Everyone (Public)" in the share with"" checkbox. Please refer to the following screenshot:


  • pilot ntkrnlpa.exe ntkrnlpa.exe + 4dfd9 IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL causing blue screen

    I get the BSOD and have no idea how fix and or repair.

    I ran a memory test using cd ISO and memory checks very well.

    Errors seem to be due to

    Mini090610 - 05.dmp 06/09/2010 19:23:24 IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL 0x0000000A 0 x 00000078 0x0000001b 0x00000001 0x81eda5ae Ntkrnlpa.exe Ntkrnlpa.exe + 4dfd9


    Mini090410 - 03.dmp 04/09/2010 16:49:22 UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP 0x0000007f 0x0000000d 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 Ntkrnlpa.exe Ntkrnlpa.exe + 4e74f NT kernel & system Microsoft® Windows® operating system Microsoft Corporation 6.0.6002.18267 (vistasp2_gdr.100608 - 0458) 32 bit   C:\Windows\Minidump\Mini090410-03.dmp 2 15 6002

    I can do when I'm trying to download the video corder cam panasonic HDD. Whenever I go to some video and am trying to download to my hard drive I get the blue screen every time.

    Any ideas or suggestions?


    Remember, test the memory and pay attention to the argument in the above troubleshooting utility
    This memory test intercept all errors. Try to run with less than sticks and change the place-
    Order lying sticks to try to ensure faster (even if the same card) is installed in the front

    Have you checked on the other Bug_Checks to FaultWire? 1, 1 a, FE, 8th and D1? When you get this
    several BSOD is its best for a very broad approach basis for trying to limit problems. Which
    means, update ALL your main drivers, BIOS and drivers of the low-level chipset. Remove your gift
    antivirus/security programs and run the removal of their creator tools. Do the same for others who
    never been in the machine, not used, or uninstalled. See below for recommendations of use
    during the test, however in permanently would be even better.

    BCCode: 7F 0x0000007F which is the same as 0x1000007F<-- read="">
    * 1304.html http://www.faultwire.com/solutions-fatal_error/Run-a-System-diagnostic-Utility-supplied-by-your-0x1000007F-

    BCCode: 0a 0x0000000A<-- read="">
    * 1025.html http://www.faultwire.com/solutions-fatal_error/IRQL-not-less-or-Equal-0x0000000A-

    BCCode: 01 0x00000001<-- read="">
    http://www.faultwire.com/solutions-fatal_error/APC-index-mismatch-0x00000001-* 1016.html? order = votes

    BCCode: 1a 0x0000001A<-- read="">
    http://www.faultwire.com/solutions-fatal_error/memory-management-0x0000001A-* 1041.html? order = votes

    BCCode: FE 0x000000FE<-- read="">
    http://www.faultwire.com/solutions-fatal_error/BUGCODE-USB-driver-0x000000FE-* 1251.html? = date order

    BCCode: 8th 0x0000008E<-- read="" this="" read="">
    * 1151.html? order = date http://www.faultwire.com/solutions-fatal_error/kernel-mode-exception-not-HANDLED-0x0000008E-

    BCCode: D1 0x000000D1<-- read="">
    * 1210.html? order = votes http://www.faultwire.com/solutions-fatal_error/Driver-IRQL-not-less-or-Equal-0x000000D1-=.

    If a PC remove ALL power and reinstall the cards memory and cables (at both ends where possible)
    -in fact, remove and replace - do not just tight. Clean the dust bunnies and ensure that the
    fans are running (when the case is enabled). Try using a small fan blowing in the intake to reduce
    the effects of the heat. On a laptop computer on all you can do is to reinstall the memory, clean the vents, and
    try using a small fan.


    List of tools to clean/uninstall anti-malware programs

    Here's what I use and recommend: (these are all free and very effective versions.)

    Avast and Prevx proved extremely reliable and compatible with all I have
    launched on them. Microsoft Security Essentials and Prevx have also proven to be very
    reliable and compatible. Use MSE or Avast and Prevx, Prevx 3 but not all.

    Avast Home free - stop any shields is not necessary except leaving Standard, Web, and
    Operation of the network.

    Prevx - Home - free

    Windows Firewall

    Windows Defender (is not necessary if you use MSE)

    Protected IE - mode

    IE 8 - SmartScreen filter WE (IE 7 phishing filter)

    I also IE always start with asset if filter InPrivate IE 8.
    (It may temporarily turn off with the little icon to the left of the + bottom
    right of IE)

    Two versions of Avast are available 5.x and 4.8 x

    Avast - home - free - 5.x stop shields you do not use (except files, Web, network, &)
    Shields of behavior) - double click on the icon in the Notification area - real time Orange - click on the
    Shield that you want to stop - STOP. To stop the Orange icon to show an error indicator-
    Click on the Orange icon - top right - settings - click on the status bar - uncheck shields you
    disabled - click OK

    Avast 4.8 x - home - free - stop shields, you don't need except leaving Standard, Web,.
    and the network running. (Double-click the blue icon - look OK. - upper left - Shields details
    Finish those you don't use).

    Or use Microsoft Security Essentials - free

    Prevx works well alongside MSE or Avast

    Prevx - home - free small, fast, exceptional protection CLOUD, working with other security
    programs. It is a single scanner, VERY EFFICIENT, if it finds something come back here
    or use Google to see how to remove.
    http://www.prevx.com/   <-->
    http://info.prevx.com/downloadcsi.asp  <-->

    PCmag - Prevx - Editor's choice
    http://www.PCMag.com/Article2/0, 2817,2346862,00.asp

    Also get Malwarebytes - free - use as scanner only. If you ever think malware and that
    would be unusual with Avast and occasional Prevx running with the exception of a low level cookie
    (not much), to UPDATE and then run it as a scanner. I have a lot of scanners and they
    never find anything of note that I started to use this configuration.


    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • Sony DV Camcorder Driver causing blue screen with Windows 7 Edition LeAPC_INDEX_MISMATCHErreur Home Premium

    I've been uaing ULEAD VideoStudio 11.5 Plus Edition to capture video in Windows XP without any problems via ilink cable 1394 and I just new PC of Dell Studio XPS 435 t Intel i7920 2.67 Ghz 9.0 GB of RAM Windeos 7 Home Premium 64 - bit operating system. I thought that the problem was with the Corel/Ulead software but I get the same blue screen when trying to import using Windows Media Center, so I think it could be a nuisance pilot, but do need help from Microsoft try to identify the root cause. Looking for someone with the same problem who might already have a solution.
     Sony DV camcorder
     AVC\Sony & DV - VCR & video CAMERA & DV

    Blue Screen details showing stack crash
    123109-20311 - 01.dmp 31/12/2009-22:25:06 LeAPC_INDEX_MISMATCHErreur 0 x 00000001 00000000' 75602dd9 00000000'00000000 00000000' 0000ffff fffff880'07d8aca0 ntoskrnl.exe ntoskrnl.exe + 71f00 NT Kernel & System Microsoft® Windows® operating system Microsoft Corporation 6.1.7600.16385 (win7_rtm.090713 - 1255) x 64 C:\Windows\minidump\123109-20311-01.dmp 8 15 7600

    I discovered that my Creative Live! installation caused a bluescreen drivers (LeAPC_INDEX_MISMATCHErreur) when you try to access mstape.sys from (in my case) the Sony HDR - FX1 (Sony DV) or Microsoft DV.  My machine has Windows 7 x 64, 8 GB RAM, processor AMD X 6.

    After I uninstalled the Creative Live! software everything works perfectly!

    So, I see that your PC has "Creative Live!" Power stations "installed on it;  my suggestion is to uninstall this application, restart and try again.

    For info. I also switched to the 1394 "native" driver for my NEC firewire adapter.

  • Satellite A500 - updates causing blue screens

    Hi all

    An update happens, I get blue screen every time crashes, System Restore to a previous point, but then wants to redo the updates?

    I'm going along in circles

    No idea what to do?

    Thank you

    Take a look at your first thread on the same topic:

  • Satellite L20 - 101 - Sound driver causes blue screen

    1. my laptop is a Satellite L20-101. It worked fine until yesterday when I reinstalled the system (from recovery cd) after 3 years. I have updated the bios to version 1.70 (drawn from the toshiba site). Devices audio conexant could not be recognized, and if I run the installation of the latest audio drivers (sound-20080604145033), it fixes the problem, but when you restart the system and login as administrator I get a blue screen. Any help pls?

    2. given that the LAN card is working, there is a message for the installation of a driver for a network device!

    3. when the system starts up, I get an error 0 x 57 for toshiba power saver. Even when I reinstalled ver 7.03.02.I from toshiba Web site the problem remains.

    Thanks in advance

    Hi maxco,.

    About its pilot I n don't know why you're getting a blue screen with the latest version, but I advise to use the preinstalled version of Toshiba recovery disc. So try a point-to-point previous system restore.

    Driver LAN and Toshiba Power Saver, you can download from the official site. Relocation of these tools should work!

Maybe you are looking for

  • Satellite L500-1ZP - key to enter the BIOS version 2.10 and the upgrade of RAM

    Hello I have two questions: 1. I recently updated my bios version of laptops to 2.10 and replaced the hard drive with an SSD.However, it seems that I can't enter the BIOS more. I tried several buttons, but it just won't let me get bios of the laptop

  • remove the threshold values of table

    Hello I would like to get help to complete my program where I am removing values above a threshold in a table and establish the curve according to the values above the threshold (from-45 in this case) is deleted.  I still seem to have a few values gr

  • error 193 OXC1 while trying to install PCMatic Supershield.

    I try to install PCMatic Supershield.  I get the error server must be started to install the service.  I went to Services.msc click Server.  It is in automatic mode, but I can't start.  I get the error code 193 OXC1.  I opened services that depend on

  • Dell Dock works not

    The dock on my office has encountered a problem, do not know what the problem is.

  • ACS 5.1 allowing accountants

    Hello I'm working on version 5.1 of the ACS. My customer requriements are supposed to check everything that things has authenticated the user did an AAA clients. For that I have to activate the posting. But my problem is that I don't see any option i