Pavilion dv6t-2000 - cannot recover from the recovery partition

Hey there. I'm trying to restore my laptop with Win 7 settings, but I can't seem to restore from my recovery partition. I tried the F8, F11 key and on the ways to office with no luck. In some of them, recovery option is grayed out, but using the recovery on the Desktop Manager, I have recovery option, but he says to insert disk 1 before continuing. I have no disc and I already have a previous restoration set the last time I got my laptop (about 2 years ago).

When I click on my computer I see the c drive and d drive - what is labeled a recovery partition. I did a check of the recovery partition and there are no errors. It seems to work fine, except that my laptop is not to be used to recover. I know it's a major road, so I've never tested with it.

Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated

It is more likely that some of the files were corrupted on the recovery partition. At this point, since you have no recovery disc, I would phone HP to order recovery media.

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  • recover from the recovery partition

    I found several entries by searching in the forum, but nobody seems to be similar to my problem:

    I want to recover my windows vista system partition using the partition recovery on my T61p.

    It worked very well for me last time. But in the meantime I installed Ubuntu which was installing the grub loader, I think that what causes the problem all to rewrite the mbr.

    By pressing the Thinvantage key while booting does not show me the usable entries. If I boot from the Thinkpad - Recovery Boot disk iexpect only after pressing 'next' linux partitions and data will be deleted also.

    But especially as I could finally recovery... "Select the partition you want to use as the system partition" or another message like this.

    I remember, I was delighted when I saw this message. Because at the time, I was doing this I was expecting something like that. But today, that would be great, I don't have to reinstall Linux.

    Can you please tell me how I'm going to continue?

    Thank you

    For 3 or 4 days I'm looking a solution for my problem.

    I tried many things and spent a lot of time reading about similar issues.

    Windows Vista Ultimate on my T61p is not able to upgrade to SP1. I did it via ThinkVantage System Update, Windows Update function function and I downloaded the SP1 of

    Meanwhile my games installed do not work, I reinstalled them and then got an error message like: ereg.exe does not work.

    Installation completed then and I got the same error as before, at the start of the game.

    I had a serious accident before 4 months and I spent all the time in hospitals. My only satisfaction now is my new T61p and I don't get to work.


    Maybe I did something wrong before update so I tried to use the recovery feature to set windows to the same status as when I got the laptop.

    I tried using the CD Boot Vista added, disk 1-c and the last c. I also tried using the recovery partition which I did not have to work when I started this thread.

    During this time I installed the rescue and recovery 4.2 and now he got the correct menu entry. When I select this function (F11) starting the computer was 'normal' and I had the selection of GRUB menu...

    I also found a scandiskpatch.exe which should correct some problems of RnR using Vista and 4.2 RnR. But when I doubleclick on it, I get a message that my computer do not have good condition for the correction of program (or something else, I use the German language pack.

    I want to restore my computer, and then try to update and if this doesn't work I still will have to find a solution for this.

    Please help me with this very annoying problem.

  • I want to use the recovery disc for re - install my pavilion dv6, but cannot boot from the recovery disc?

    Now my system Windows 7 Home premium canbe accessed, but with a lot of problems. That's why I want to reinstall it. I burned my own recovery (totally 4 disks) successfully disks. I insert the first disc of recovery CD-rom and restart my laptop, but it can not recognized but in win 7 automatically. could you tell me how to use my recovery disks to reinstall the system win 7 when that is not totally broken?


    Probably go to BIOS and configuration of the machine to boot from the CD/DVD ROM. Please follow the instructions from HP:

    Kind regards

  • How can I configure Satellite A300-148 boot from the recovery partition?


    I had some problems when trying to install MAC - OSX, for her, where the partition table is deleted, then I retrieve the entire score as it is, but I can not start in any case.
    Then I decide temproraly install another copy of vista drive Vista (not the partition), then set up my laptop to boot from the recovery partition and reinstall the good copy.
    My problem is, it's all here, the only problem is, I need to configure the system to boot from the recovery partition.

    My device is:
    Satellite A300-148

    Thanks to the device.


    If you have already changed the partitions of HARD drive and deleted files from the HARD disk, then your HARD drive recovery is too bad!

    But to make sure that the HARD drive recovery is not possible please press F8 immediately after the power of the laptop. Usually a start menu should appear and you should be able to choose the option called fix my computer. Then you should be able to choose recovery option.

    But like I said that this is only possible if your HARD drive was not formatted!

    If you have formatted the HARD drive and changed partitions then you will need a Toshiba DVD recovery that you have not because you didn t he create at the beginning. Is this good? Well, then you must order the recovery DVDs if you want to retrieve the laptop to factory settings.

    Welcome them

  • Clean install from the recovery partition

    Hi all

    I had a lot of problems with Vista.  In a different thread, it was recommended that I have do a CLEAN install, but not from the disc, but rather from the recovery partition.  I have a Dell Studio XPS 435mt.  I see the possibility to do a factory reset, but I don't know how to do the clean install from the recovery partition.
    Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you!


    The Dell recovery partition resettlement process will reinstall Vista configuration; in other words, the way in which you bought it new.

    Here is the information from Dell on how to use the recovery partition.

    And here's how to use the Dell recovery disk.

    See you soon.

  • XPS 12 / Win 8: how to boot from the recovery partition / reinstall Windows?

    Messed up things on a newly purchased 12 XPS in Windows 8, and I want to boot from the recovery partition and reinstall windows.

    Support online pages point by pressing F8 during startup, but this does not at all.

    How can I access the recovery partition?

    To access to the menu of, , press F2.

    To enter the boot options menu, press F12.

    Because the XPS 12 boots so fast, it is better to repeatedly press F2 or F12 after restarting the machine. During the startup process, texts for options should appear at the bottom right of the screen. If you enter Windows, you will need to restart again and press F2 or F12 until it works. However, I don't think there is an option in the BIOS to restore the computer to its factory condition. The previous post by DELL-VIKRAM M describes how to properly restore the machine to its factory state.

  • Satellite A10: Cannot boot from the recovery CD after the replacement of the motherboard

    Heres one in your brain is going...

    I recently started a format hard drive via the normal recovery CD, but it never finished as long as the power cut.

    Not to worry I thought, I kept all my data and a new motherboard was on order.

    The fitting of the new Council, I tried to boot from the recovery disc and all I get is 'non-system disk '.

    Then I replaced the HARD drive with a former to check the functionality of the Cd. The old disks (I tried two) both still booted from the cd and their HDs has worked fine once in windows.


    When I try to start any of these 'good' HDs from the cd nothing happens, nada zilch. In fact they will not start even to a 'Beginner PC' recovery disk either, so it's not the Toshy recovery disk.

    Another weird thing is when I go into the bios by pressing ESC the power upward and then F1 and try to change the boot sequence and press end to exit and save, nothing happens.

    If the CD is not defective because it is recognized in windows
    The recovery disks may not be at fault because the other disks also fail to start.

    This is not a drive problem hard as other HDs start normally (but not Cd)

    This could be a fault on the new motherboard, perhaps a problem with bios, or the sequence of events suggests something else?

    Any suggestions would be welcome

    Paul h


    Long story. In my opinion you should write is a little shorter but with more useful information.
    I am interested in one thing: have you got a new mainboard or used one?

    To be honest, I'm also confused with the recovery disc you are using. The history is confusing.

    > so this isn't the Toshy recovery disk.
    Can you please tell us what kind of recovery CD are you using exactly?

  • HP pavilion 15 laptop: how to create the recovery partition?

    By mistake, my little brother have formatted the recovery partition. I'm not able to refresh the PC through update & recovery option in the settings of your laptop... I have the unique language of HP Pavilion 15 8.1. Please guide recreate me the partition...


    Thanks for posting in the HP Support forum. Welcome!

    I'm afraid that you can't create partitions of recovery if they are deleted. End users cannot do.

    If the computer is originally shipped with Windows preinstalled by HP (OEM of Windows for example), you can buy HP recovery media. They are generally cheap. You can use it to restore your computer to factory default condition. Here's how:

    > >

    > >

    And once you receive the recovery [DVD or USB pen drive] media, here's how to use it to restore default factory/Windows to a condition:

    > >

    > >

    If the computer is originally not is not come with Windows pre-installed, but you install on your own after that, then you need to use the Windows installation media to reinstall Windows. You can get Windows installation ISOs from the Microsoft web site and then burn it to a DVD > >

    > >

    Please, let me know if this helps and works for you. Feel free to post for follow-up questions.

  • Satellite L300 - I can recover from the hidden partition


    The vista on my L300 will not start.

    I try to use the modem for the first time, but he could not communicate with the line. So I delete in "Device Manager".

    After the reboot, vista boot screen appears only for 3 seconds then restart the laptop. There is no way, no safe mode...

    Contact the hd as an external drive XP say 'unknown' 0 bytes, with Linux just like named 'vista' and I could open all the files.

    I have no recovery. DVD burning with the Toshiba Recovery program has failed tree times and so I give up.

    the hidden partition is ok. On my laptop from a different manufacture, I can recover from this hidden partition. Is it possible to do it on my L300?

    Thanks for the information



    The hidden partition you want to say has nothing to do with the Toshiba recovery image.
    There are files for system restore, and it is a feature of Vista, not Toshiba. If you want more information about the restore of the system here is a good article from Wikipedia:

    The HARD drive recovery folder contains the original recovery image and if you don t have access to this folder and do not burn the recovery disc, you need a new.
    You can get one from an ASP, but you can also order a disc here:

    Good bye

  • HP Pavilion 15 n208 tx: accidentally deleted the recovery Partition

    I have the recovery accidentally deleted partition and was formatted with Linux, when restroing I had unilingual edition from 8.1 to win, I installed it and merged UEFI is enabled once I was online.

    now I want to redo the recovery partition.

    I need recovery Assistant F11 to work during the start, now it doesnot work, please help me in re create the recovery partition and reactivate boot F11 recovery option.

    My laptop works fine. I'm very curious to make as it was when I got my laptop.

    Thanks in advance,


    devag221090 wrote:

    I downloaded Win 8.1 demo (basic single language editing) of microsoft to reinstall the operating system.

    Once I have re-installed, my merged UEFI key has been activated when I am connected online.

    I have the factory records with my laptop. I was asked several times by Recovery Wizard to make a copy of the discs, but I ignored, now I want to have the F11 key to work.

    Help me if possible, also to guide me to the link for the download of recovery disks (HP Pavlion 15 n208-tx).

    Thank you


    You can not download the recovery disks, they must be ordered:

    If you live in the USA/Canada, call this number...  1-800-334-5144.

    If you do not live in the USA/Canada, call the support number HP business PC for the country where you live. usiness_desktops/6005us_332630_007.pdf

  • Windows 8 clean install from the recovery partition

    Hello, I just purcased a new computer, last week. It contains a copy of the widows 8. I just got a new ssd 240 GB and I want to do a clean install of windows 8 opperating system not a ghost copy. I do not have a windows disk with my computer but I have a recovery partition on my current hard drive. How can I get windows to reinstall on my new ssd with only the recovery partition?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    A primary role of a set of recovery disks is to rebuild a machine after the failure of his HARD drive, in Exchange for a bigger HARD drive (capacity)) or Exchange a HDD with a SSD. I do not see why we cannot use the game in this case.

    Kind regards.

  • Try to restore from the recovery partition

    I'm trying to restore my laptop to its original state by using the restore partition.  I formatted the C drive, but the recovery partition was left in place.  Is there a way to do this?  I, unfortunately, do not appear to have the recovery CD I did a disk with Acronis image that seems to be a joke as it will not restore anything.  Would appreciate any advice you can give me at this point.

    My laptop was a Vista Home, if that helps.

    Thank you


    Recovery disks must be always available for your laptop.

    These links are dead to 99% of the numerous times, reported, several times.

    Contact HP you Chat, email and phone options here. Personally I had good results with the cat.

  • Satellite M40 - cannot boot from the recovery cd after format HARD drive


    After my Satellite M40 - 133 being affected by the virus of security internet I had to wipe my hard drive. The virus wouldn't let me do anything, boot without failure or system restore. I wiped the disk and it still wouldn't load up. That's why I had to do a full erase of the disk including the hidden partition.

    After doing his now do not let my boot from the CD of restoration as it says invalid partition as his search for files that must be on the hidden partition. What can I do to get it started. I'm not bothered about to recover anything on the disc. If I remove the hard drive and put the recovery cd in, it excludes the disc and begins to start until he fails to see the hard drive.

    Outwardly I can link the drive to another pc and he sees it as a storage device so I'm glad that there is nothing wrong with the hard ware - help please


    Can you see the HARD drive with all the details in the BIOS?
    If this isn't the case, then this means that the HARD drive is faulty or not fully compatible.
    If you can see the HARD drive in the BIOS, then this means that the HARD drive is compatible.

    But this should not affect booting from a bootable CD.
    Even if the HD would not be recognized in the BIOS, you should be able to boot from the CD. For example a live Linux CD has not only any disk HARD because the BONE would not be installed on the HARD drive, but it loads into RAM.

    The question is; Why you are unable to boot from any CD?
    Maybe the discs are scratched or the CD/DVD drive cannot read the disc more because of problems of laser lens
    If possible, try to copy/burn the Windows CD using another computer, and then try to start using the copied disc.

  • Satellite A200 - cannot boot from the recovery disc - code 1

    I have Vista business and my laptop is running slow and is full of rubbish.
    I have in the past used my drive recovery to completely re - install vista and start from a fresh version.

    However, I tried this once and it says that it cannot boot from cd - code 1.

    Can someone tell me what it is and how to reinstall vista?

    Hmm. strange.
    Are you sure you have the right recovery disk?
    Are you abele to boot using another drive as MS Win XP CD or Linux CD bootable?

  • Qosmio G35: Cannot boot from the recovery disc

    I'm in trouble from the screen of my Qosmio G35 showing lines vertical, gel, then a loop on and outside.

    I used the Toshiba factory restore disc to reformat and the problem remains, I went further and chose the maquis of the HARD drive option. Bad choices made by this beginner, because now it does not recognize the drive at all, prompting me to "initialize".

    Lines remain, but it is not the material of the screen happens during some process that I follow, OK.

    A friend more computer over the phone prompted me to go into the BIOS, but we cannot access them. Research on the web, I tried the F12 suggested, but this does not work, just push me through in a screen offering 'Safe Mode' etc.

    Any help would be welcome. Thank you


    Usually the vertical display lines looks like a hardware problem, in my view, it could be related to GPU failure.

    In any case, we should start first of all the problem of CD/DVD drive you must check if the disc is properly recognized in the BIOS.

    For this, it must Access the BIOS press the ESC (if Toshiba BIOS) or the key F2 (if Phoenix BIOS). Please check these two options because I m not 100% sure what the BIOS the Qosmio G35 uses.

    But like I said earlier the issue looks like a malfunction of the graphics card and you must contact the ASP in your country for assistance.

    Best regards & friend good luck

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