Portege R400-600 - the harddive access is extremely slow

Any advice? The driver is "up-to-date", but it still takes ages. Often, MS Outlook 2007 hangs for a minute etc.


The Portégé R400 is a tiny unit and if I m not mistaken the small HDD 1.8 supports a speed of 4200 RPM with the IDE (ATA-6).
Access time is not very long

But be aware that many additional applications are preinstalled on this laptop to control different features of R400. All or most of these programs is loaded at the start and run in the background of the BONE. This highlights the CPU and memory, and it's why a lot of different programs need a little more to start own service.

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  • Portege R400-600 - the Infineon SW is old for MS Office 2007

    The Infineon software that came with the laptop is old enough - and does not support the new office. Is it possible to get a free upgrade?

    What software or application do you mean exactly?

    Generally, every driver or utility that were preinstalled on your laptop can be downloaded from the page of European driver of Toshiba.

    Please check if there is a new version. If this isn't the case, then check out the website of Infineon.

  • Portege R400-600 - installed some SW and everything has stopped working...


    I installed a few SW and:

    1. the menu that appears at the top of the screen when you press the Fn key with something arrested appear.

    2. the blue icon on the front of the machine that displays the status of the WLAN has stopped working, although the WIFI does not work always.

    3 Toshiba Flashcards started popping up with an error saying they have stopped working - are there flashcards in this machine at all?

    4 then, Control Panel / programs and features / turn Windows features on / off - whatever it is, I would like to add, it ends with an error - "an error occurred when installing the sw.

    5. in addition, tried to upgrade to the latest Toshiba Bluetooth stack. The installation is never - ending crashes

    6. access the hard disk is really slow. Do not know why. Any idea?

    In the old notebooks from Toshiba, I would setup just a package of COMMON MODULE, but I can't find something like this for Vista.

    Any help on this appreciated. Please, send them to [email protected], too.

    Hello Jiri

    As a first step, I will confirm what Robin wrote on the package of added value. Back to your problem: no one knows what kind of software you installed and t is possible that now you have some negative influence on the functionality of Flash cards. Please try to reactivate the flash cards. You can do this next start - all programs-Toshiba-Utilities-Restart Flash Cards.

    To be honest, after installation of some software there are many issues with your laptop nice Portege and maybe you need to restore the operating system to an earlier time using System Restore option. After having done that, I'm sure that everything will be OK again.

  • Portege R400-600 - Windows Vista Ultimate - power functions

    . Windows Vista Ultimate - Control Panel / programs & features / turn Windows Feature on / Off - it is impossible to turn on anything, because she always ends with an error "an error occurred during installation".

    I've seen other threads on your Portégé R400 and to be honest I n don't know what you've done with this device.
    Generally, the laptop should work correctly with the preinstalled software.

    Perhaps you have confused the OS and therefore all this problem happens who knows?  :|

    Why you n t use the Toshiba Recovery CD and try to reinstall the entire operating system.
    The recovery procedure will take about 10-15 minutes and all the drivers and tools will install also.

    I hope that after this procedure, all the questions will go away

  • Portege R400-600 - Bluetooth stack

    battery Toshiba Bluetooth update of the Toshiba site never installs all the way. It crashes. Previous good work.

    Any advice?

    Maybe you will need to first remove the old battery BT the OS completely. Then clean the registry by using the free application called CCleaner and again after restarting try installing it again!

    Please note that the page of the European driver Toshiba Bluetooth Stack and Bluetooth Monitor

  • Portege R400-600 - Toshiba flashcards - WLAN does not work

    (Toshiba flashcards) menu that appears when you press Fn + Fx - works fine, but the wireless - Fn + F8 has dimmed in the menu item with the commands of triangle on a vertical line with two vertical lines next to him: I think it's the wireless status symbol. It is impossible to turn it on.

    In the same way, the blue LED on the front of the computer that displays the status of the Wireless is definitely off, although the wireless works

    Have tried reinstalling WLAN driver but could not have found anywhere.

    Any advice?


    In addition you must activate the antenna switch WLan on the side of the laptop, if you want to activate and use the wireless LAN!

    If the laptop was equipped with BT and Wlan then the FN + F8 toggles between these two work.
    Please don t forget it.

  • Portege R400: How to enable the TPM in the BIOS

    I have the Porteg R400.
    The TPM is asking me to activate it TPM chip by setting the bios, but the bios setting there is not the activation setting.

    This means that it is not the TPM chip installed?


    AFAIK the Portégé R400 supports the TPM chip, but it must first be activated.
    The special BIOS upgrade is required to activate this option.

    But it's a little tricky to my knowledge only the Toshiba certified maintainer can do that.
    So I would recommended contacting the service guy and ask a technician for more details!

    Do you know how to contact the ASP?
    On the Toshiba page you will find a list with ASP available worldwide.

    Check it ;)

  • ADE 2 is extremely slow in the presentation of the ACSM files

    I bought a document that is in the format of the CMHA.  I don't know about this format.  ADE 2 appears to download the data and displays the pages, but is extremely slow in the pages of scrolling.  So slow they are useless.  Any change takes forever to accomplsh. I use an Apple MacBook Pro OS 10.8.3.

    I have no problem with reading all the ADE 2 "Getting Started" of the file that is unfolding as I wish the application to run.  I am considering the removal of 2 ADE and download it again, but am worried how that would effect the process of validisation.


    If you reinstall it shouldn't change validation/authorization.

    ADE is a way to get approval involved; If she's not bad

    CTRL-SHIFT-D to ADE to remove the old authorization (cmd-shift-D for you on a Mac)

    Restart ADE



    You can find the old version v1.7.2 better, much more reliable in many ways that ADE2.0 that is a load of bug riddled with garbage.

    Version 1.7.2, is a little hard to find, available on the website of Adobe for Windows and for Mac.


    The forum software is sometimes corrupt the link above.  It should not be a white in "editio ns.  What follows is a redirect to the same page: http://tinyurl.com/diged172

  • emails are performing extremely slow

    After I installed my new Dell PC with Windows 8.1, I wanted to start using Thunderbird as my emailprogram.
    I downloaded the version 31.6.

    However, it seems to me that the performance of the e-mail is extremely slow. Sending and downloading of emails are nice, but move an e-mail to the following in the Inbox takes up to 20 seconds! Removal of e-mails, same thing! In both cases, I get the message "TB is not responding.
    Switching between my two accounts is also a process frustrating, which lasts even longer.

    Pleae, which ca help me in telling me what I did wrong?
    Thanks in advance.
    Kind regards

    Computers Dell seem to come with McAfee security/antivirus software pre-installed, and if this applies to your system, it is recommended to stop the McAfee analysis of the mail files:

    https://wiki.Mozilla.org/Thunderbird: test: Antivirus_Related_Performance_Issues #McAfee

  • MP4 is extremely slow in Compressor 3 - upgrade?


    I work a lot with the files mp4 (or m4v) and I use a compressor to encode them to the ProRes format - and then to the FCP 7. Currently using Compressor 3.5.3

    The problem: it is extremely slow. When dragging a mp4 file (say about 10 min) causes of compressor to think and reflect and think - and then dragging the parameters is the same. Compressor 4 is more favourable to mp4 files and would be faster? Or is it my computer which makes it slow?

    The MacBook Pro 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

    Thank you

    BTW, what I'm trying to do is to convert mkv in ProRes files. I do it in two steps: first Handbreak, then compressor. It is a tedious process, so if anyone has a better solution I would be happy to hear.

    If your Mac is the "thought", my guess is that it is not your version of the compressor or your MBP this os the cause. The source file - maybe something suspicious on the handbrake conversion

    A plain vanilla MP4 to transcode Pro Res must be handled smoothly by Compressor 3.5 - and fill a bit faster than real time.

    Try this. Take a one minute or two QuickTime movie and convert it to MP4. Now that import compressor and transcode to Pro Res.  OK it works?

    Also, check that your system drive has sufficient free space - say, a minimum of 10 to 15%.  And make sure that your destination disk has of space as well.

    Your question about compressor 4, the answer is Yes. The latest version (4.2) is quite a bit faster than 3.5 - especially for fairly new Mbps and iMacs. It is also an improvement by other means - including options for extended encoding, greater stability and ease of use. (But keep in mind that there is no shipment to capacity of compressor from FCP 7 4.2.)

    Good luck. Post back and we do know.


  • Dequeue through LabVIEW API extremely slow?

    Hi I am storage step results in a queue. For this I use the movie Post result enter redial list file.

    Dequeue I use Labview API function, which waits for the next result and removes it for further processing.

    If my LabVIEW application retrieves the results, Teststand gets extremely slow. If I stop my application, it is extremely fast.

    It seems that there is a lock on the queue.

    How can I avoid this?

    You pass 'true' for the processMsgs argument to Dequeue? If this is not the case, try to do. Also, if you do this a step in a sequence from a call of code module in a labview VI, pass the step sequence context in to the sequence context parameter.


  • app store is extremely slow

    Hello guys.

    I use a College LAN, that gives me speeds of about 8 to 15 Mbps. However, the app store seems extremely slow when downloading. For example, I was freely upgraded to windows 8.1 and it appears that a 3.62 GB file should be downloaded. However more that had spent an hour and always download might not exceed more than 2%. Y at - it a remedy to fix the problem?

    Hi Abhishek,

    It's problem can occur if there is decline in the speed of the internet, or if the Windows store settings are corrupt.

    1. have you checked the Internet speed when this problem occurred? (It's just to make sure that your Internet connection works fine at this instance)

    2. What is the make and model of computer?

    Cancel download of current Windows 8.1, to do this, refer to the steps below:

    a. press on Win key + R key to bring up the run button, and then type the following command.

    MS-windows-store: installprogress

    b. click on Cancel.

    Perform the following steps and check if you can switch to Windows 8.1:

    Step 1: Disconnect all unnecessary external devices connected to the computer (except the mouse and keyboard).

    Step 2: Install all available updates.

    Step 3: If you use a third-party antivirus software, you can uninstall it and check if you can switch to Windows 8.1.

    Note: Even if you disable the third-party antivirus, Windows Defender will still work in the computer. This will protect your computer against malicious software and viruses.

    Step 3: I suggest you to reset Windows store the cache and check if it helps.

    You can follow the steps to do this:

    (a) on the screen, press the key Windows and R to open the Run dialog box.
    (b) type WSReset.exe and press ENTER.

    Step 4: Run the Windows Update troubleshooting tool and check.


    For more information, see the suggestions from the link below:

    Update to Windows 8.1 of Windows 8

    Hope this helps and let us know if you need help.

  • Administration console extremely slow to save changes

    We are duplication event bookings in Business Catalyst to create new dates on our site (we sell face-to-face courses).

    Our admin team had trouble with the last 4 + months. The administration console is extremely slow save changes and will sometimes disconnect you with:

    "Error code: 0Message: Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerServerErrorException: an unknown error occurred while processing the request on the server." The status code returned by the server was: 0 "

    Any ideas on how to make admin console user friendlier for those minor updates?

    We contacted our Web designer who can't seem to reproduce the problem on their end.

    Thank you

    This seems also spent a few years in the EU Admin Console takes forever to save

    This seems to be something more for the moment.

    Could you do a real support, ticket say that there are several partners and messages of the forum on this issue more and more and see where you get with that.

  • Download of virtual machine using extremely slow browser data store


    Why download VM files totalling nearly only 8 GB in vSphere Client v4.1.0 (from 4.1.0 ESXi) via a Gigabit LAN would take more than 1800 minutes (30 hours)? Well now after about 5-10 minutes to download, it is said 1560 minutes but still, why is it so slow? I thought that perhaps is that the estimated time remaining is miscalculated, but this isn't the case. The download is just extremely slow.

    Not only that but vSphere Client (VpxClient.exe) constantly uses 25-45% of my cycles while all CPU's do the downloading of files. This slows down the PC I am running vSphere Client. The local network on the server and the client connections are Gigabit too.

    UPDATE: download time now has increased up to 1924 minutes back and it becomes difficult to use my PC for e-mail in Outlook, etc. because vSphere Client seems to use as many cycles CPU.

    UPDATE 2: 2 hours for download via vSphere Client and remaining time jumped up to 2287 minutes. I'm going to cancel and try to download via the web browser interface.

    See the attached screenshots.

    Thank you


    Yes. Choose to export to the format of the workstation.


  • Portege R400 - how to get the fingerprint device to HDD unlock

    Portege R400 model PPR40E-00901LEN

    I've had this laptop since 2007 new (approximately). I put the BIOS and disk passwords HARD and the biometric to unlock the BIOS, HARD and Vista drive. It worked well until recently. Result of an incident when someone tried to crack into the machine, it unlocks is no longer the HARD drive

    The attacker confessed to the use of BACKSPACE to work around the footprint digital, correctly guessed the password of BIOS and going on to make several attempts to enter the HDD password.

    Now when I try to access the computer by using the fingerprint reader, it unlocks the BIOS ok, so he remembers clearly to me. However, it is not open HARD drive. Apparenlty the fact that 3 + failures to enter the master password disk HARD text forces text of this password and no biometric entry. At least, there seems to be something like that.

    My questions are

    (1) in these circumstances, the BIOS anterio-rite the biometric to forget the HARD drive password?

    (2) or is still piometric my disk HARD but the BIOS password feature is not asking him?

    (3) if 3 or something similar, so this password is always in the biometirc device, how to tell the device to provide this password?

    Please note that I can't in the BIOS right now, because do not unlock the HARD drive prevents the POSITION to perform.

    Of course, I know what I really need to do is type the HARD drive password. Unfortunately in about four years, I forgot it. I hope that I can get into the BIOS if I remove the HARD drive physically, but wonder if there is something else I should do first in order to avoid making things worse.

    Thanks to hope
    River ~ ~

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    All I know is that the fingerprint for Win 7 software is created by UPEK company.

Maybe you are looking for